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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 402 — Lost Love

Chapter 402: Lost Love

Zhang Yang laughed manically and bellowed. "Old man vampire! If you want to marry my woman, you would have to go through me first!"

"*ahem*" Han Ying Xue coughed a little and glared at him.

What a woman! She would even be jealous of a fictional character!

Zhang Yang’s attempt to piss off Madros was a huge success when he snarled and bared his fangs at Zhang Yang. Madros flew away from Sherryl and approached Zhang Yang with a strong killing intent that would scare off any weak-willed fighter. "You’re nothing, but a being that triumphs over the apes in the forests. Don’t get cocky, boy! Your species are but food for the vampire clan! You’d dare raise your voice in the presence of the King of Vampire? You dare to threaten me?! You dare take away my wife-to-be!? When I’m done with you, you’ll pray that death would be the only thing you know!" Madros raised a hand at Zhang Yang and snapped his fingers. A shot of compressed air burst out and tore through the air at a speed faster than sound. That was the same skill that Madros had used to attack Zhang Yang in the beginning.

The skill was something like Zhang Yang’s {Spear of Obliteration}, a type of range skill which required a fix distance from the target, before activation. If not, the boss would have continued using it from the beginning till the end. The attack was fast and quick, not to mention, the color of air itself. There was no way Zhang Yang could have dodged the attack. Within a fraction of a second, after Madros had snapped his fingers, Zhang Yang took a huge damage.

Sherryl took the opportunity to run away from the table and to Zhang Yang’s side.

"Warrior! You must not let Madros get to me!" said Sherryl with a determined expression. "In the worst-case scenario, I want you to kill me! If the vampire gains the power to walk under the sun, all of the humans in the world will perish!"

Zhang Yang went silent for a good 30 seconds before speaking. "You…knew about your heritage?"

Sherryl nodded her head lightly and hummed without saying anything else. There was a glint of sadness in her eyes that Zhang Yang did not miss. Zhang Yang would have praised her if the character was a real person and the situation she was in was real. The shock of realizing that the people you have been living with for 16 years were not your real parents would have shaken anyone psychologically. The girl was brave.

Zhang Yang sheathed his sword and grabbed Sherryl with his right hand. With the shield in his left arm raised up, Zhang Yang pushed Sherryl behind him and said, "Relax, I’ve seen the future. You would live and have grandchildren singing your birthday song when you’re 80! The only person who is going to die tonight is Madros!"

"Insect!" Madros brandished his saber. His eyes glowed with an intense crimson red of rage and bellowed. "Return my rightful bride to me!"

"Screw you. Old pervert!" Zhang Yang jabbed.

"So be it. Death shall be of you!" Madros walked, instead of dashing towards Zhang Yang, and he understood why. There was a visible aura emitted around him. Something about it spelled incredible trouble for Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue.

‘Ding! Madros has gained the effect {Lost Love}. Madros has gained a 10% increase in attack power! For every minute Sherryl refuses to go back to his side, Madros will continue to gain 10% attack power every minute!’

That was not something Zhang Yang could take lightly. An attack buff on a boss is something Zhang Yang hated the most in a boss fight. Madros had a strong basic attack. The stronger he becomes, the weaker Zhang Yang would be. His Defense value, damage absorption and damage reduction would be rendered useless if the battle is dragged on.

Shing! Crack!

Madros had only taken out his saber and swung his blade to the ground. It seemed effortless and harmless on sight, but the sheer power he held created a clean cut in the earth they stood on. It was as if someone had just run a huge cutter through the floor! Furthermore, his powers were clearly shown with each step he took. Gravel and pebbles floated, resonating with his aura and breaking into fine dust after he walked past them.

With nowhere to run from, Zhang Yang braced for the worse. Madros swung his sword hard and had even proc the sword’s {Light of the Blood Race}. With lightning speed reflex, Zhang Yang blocked the sword’s attack, sparing himself from taking the hit. "Ayy! Snowy, summon your servant now! The boss still has over 50% HP and he has already gone berserk!"

Han Ying Xue nodded her head and summoned the servant [Money-Greed Florick] out. A sly old man appeared in the field and proceeded to sneak behind the boss. With a quick hand movement, there was a bag which seemed to be a money bag appearing in his hands. It was Florick’s {Stealing} skill.

"Bring it!" Han Ying Xue summoned her servant back to her and reached her hand out, demanding the booty that he had just stolen. With a saddened face, as if Florick’s mother had just passed away, the servant lowered his head and surrendered the bag to Han Yang Xue.

Zhang Yang laughed and asked, "How much did he steal?"

"Sigh…Hard to tell, the chance of failing the steal is rather high, you know?" said Han Ying Xue with a heavy sigh.

From back when Zhang Yang had known Han Ying Xue, he had already guessed that she was a money hoarder. When it comes to money, she would bend over backward just to make sure no one would get their hands on her money. There were times that when he had not noticed, the woman would do some sleight of hand! That probably was happening now. Zhang Yang was at a loss of words and merely laughed at her comment.

With his own sleight of hand, Zhang Yang summoned his own servant, the gigantic, Decepticon transformer, Devastator!

As its name implies, the servant was even bigger than the building there were in! Right at the second it appeared on the battlefield, the servant had already demolished the entire ceiling. Half of its body was outside the room as it used its bulldozer parts to completely trash the entire roof, making room for itself to move around and maneuver freely.

"What are you doing!?" Madros was furious, and he had every right to be. The room was built as the most sacred ceremonial station, but it was wrecked into pieces by some person who had completely ruined his plans! Enraged, the vampire had no need to rush to the massive, over-sized servant and delivered a god-like blow to it, dealing 17,234 damage to Devastator.

Zhang Yang commanded the machine to attack Madros as soon as it could get free of the building’s top. Even though the Devastator was powerful, it was merely similar to a player at the same level with a full Yellow-Gold equipment set. Its HP was merely a thin sheet of paper, ready to be pulverized by the boss!

Once Devastator had made a hole big enough for it to move around freely, it then clenched its fist together and clobbered Madros! While taking the attack, Zhang Yang, the Mythical Turtle, and Florick had surrounded Madros and launched their attacks at the same time.

Since the boss would gain 10% attack bonus every minute, Zhang Yang could not spare any second to waste! He had to make sure that the attack DPS would be at its maximum if he wants to survive and win this fight. Luckily, the servants that were summoned had 5 minutes active time before they disappear. At least, within the 5 minutes duration, Zhang Yang felt confident that they would have time to defeat the boss before he defeats them.

"Demon! I will kill you myself!" cried Sherryl as she slid out her silver dagger and joined the battle.


Zhang Yang was puzzled. The dagger in her hands no longer had the ability to deal 100,000 damage. However, it was obvious that the dagger could be used for more than three uses as long as it was in Sherryl’s hands. Each slice would deal strong, consistent damage which had made the boss lose his elegance as his HP dropped.

"Bind!" screamed Madros. He was already fighting for his life before this, and when Sherryl joined the fight, it made it worse. Sherrly was obviously an important person for him and he had to somehow keep her alive, but at the same time, he could not afford to ignore her attacks. In a desperate situation, he had used "Bind", and immobilized her for 30 seconds.

46%, 38%, 30%…

Though the Violet-Platinum boss had a long HP gauge, under the focused fire of everyone, he would still be receiving a great deal of damage. The problem started to form when the {Spirit of the Flame} on the Mythical Turtle had ended after its 10 minutes active duration. It was when the boss was only left with 27%. With the turtle’s magical attack capabilities removed, the overall DPS had dropped significantly.

By the time the boss had less than 7% HP left, both Devastator and Florick had disappeared. Zhang Yang and the Mythical Turtle were the only attackers left in the field.


"Death…is…not possible! I’m immortal! I AM IMMORTAL!" Madros had suddenly gone mad. With a sudden flash, his entire character had turned into countless of actual bats which flocked and attached themselves to Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang was suddenly rendered immobile by the bats. Even his vision was covered by the hairy mammals! All he could feel then was a prickly sensation that had penetrated his metal armor and his skin. Besides that, there was a strong urge to just fall to the ground and sleep.

‘Ding! You have received the effect: {Bat’s Attack}! Fatigue will overwhelm you! Lasts for 10 seconds!’

Screw that! {Warrior’s Will}!

Zhang Yang immediately regained his senses and vigor. However, he was still being covered by bats! The skill was still ongoing! Obviously, the boss’ skill had two effects. One was to immobilize the target, and the other was to heal himself!

Right then, Zhang Yang had just removed the immobility on him, but the boss was still recovering himself nonetheless.

"Dummy! That’s actually quite gross! Are you actually enjoying that? I thought you have already used {Warrior’s Will} to dispel the skill!"

"You think I enjoy this?!" Zhang Yang was too busy to think of a smarter jab that that. He quickly activated the skill {Heart of the Death Knight} and gained 10 seconds Invincibility. If he had known earlier, he would have just used the accessory instead of his skill! A complete waste of an OP skill!

The bat was instantly repelled off his character and reformed back into Madros himself. The boss had already recovered 17% HP!

‘Ding! Madros has gained {Lost Love} (Stack 7). Gained 170% attack bonus!’


With more than 1,500,000 HP still on the boss, it was proving to be an impossible fight! A 170% attack bonus, Violet-Platinum tier boss was not something Zhang Yang could take a hit from!

Even though Zhang Yang still had the {Dance of Heaven and Earth}, and the {Chaotic Dance of Electric Current}, accounting the {Dance of Heaven and Earth} on Han Ying Xue, they would only deal 300,000 damage! There’s still the problem of 1,200,000 HP!


Zhang Yang’s quickly took a strong blow from the boss the second when the Invincibility effect on Zhang Yang had worn off.

"Quickly, think of something, dummy! If this goes on, we cannot defeat him!" said Han Ying Xue as she started to panic. The boss’ current attack power had already exceeded her healing capabilities.

Zhang Yang had used {Rearm} to reset all his skills. While consuming potions, using skills, his eyes were constantly scanning the field to search for a viable location to have the battle. The problem was, the entire field was flat! There were no walls, no pillars, no desks nor wardrobes for him to cower behind, for even a second!

"Hahahah! Vile vermins! Give your blood up to me!" Madros laughed sinisterly and thrust his saber at Zhang Yang.

"You would have to go through me first!" Sherryl screamed. Her character suddenly appeared in front of Zhang Yang, protecting him by becoming his meat shield.

"Curses!" Madros cried. Before the final ceremony was completed, Sherry must not die! Without her, he could never gain the power to walk under the sun! With great force, Madros pulled his saber back and stopped his movement by extending his wings. With a strong push, Madros had flown into the ceiling and had tried to attack Zhang Yang from another angle.

With the sudden interruption, Han Ying Xue was able to finish her chanting, just in the nick of time to heal Zhang Yang. Madros shot down from the sky and tried to slice Zhang Yang head. This time, the rage in him was so great that it created a pressure that could be felt from a distance.

However, all was well. Zhang Yang laughed. Sherryl had not bought time for Han Ying Xue, but had also allowed Zhang Yang’s {Block} to finish its cooldown, just in time.

He waited for Madros to reach him and blocked his attack with his shield.

Sparks burst and filled the environment around Zhang Yang and Madros, announcing the successful blocking of Madros’ attack.

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