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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 406 — Eliminating the Necromancer!

Chapter 406: Eliminating the Necromancer!

Wei Yan Er placed all the [Tooth of a Zombie] onto the floor as if they were presenting treasures to him. "Respected Elder, take a look. We’re good, aren’t we? To be able to complete the quest in such short time! You must not be stingy, please give us more rewards!"

Oh my god, this little girl has been thinking all about the money and gold, she even tries to negotiate with an NPC!

Kyle Dylan smiled awkwardly, "Little girl, you are fighting in the name of justice, so it would be rude to judge your courage with gold pieces!"

"Don’t you worry about it!" both of her eyes began to glitter as she spoke, "You can just throw tens of thousands of gold on me!"

Kyle Dylan burst into laughter, then he continued, "Little girl, you’re funny! Alright, jokes aside. Adventurers, you have done it again, completing the quest perfectly!"

‘Ding! You have completed a quest: Tooth of a Zombie, acquired 5,000,000 experience points!"

Wei Yan Er filled her eyes and cheeks with tears, staring at the NPC with a spiteful glare and having thoughts to herself in silent --- Did she really look like she was joking at all?

Kyle Dylan kept all the [Tooth of a Zombie] and turned to Zhang Yang and the ladies, "You have cleared out the nest of these skeleton soldiers and zombies, but there are still other undead creatures existing in this area! So, my young and brave adventurers, are you willing to carry on the will of justice and proceed with a new quest?"

"You stinky old man, you think can get us to work without paying me? No chance!" Wei Yan Er put up a sour face.

Zhang Yang quickly pulled Wei Yan Er to the side and smiled, "Respected elder, this little girl just loves to joke around, so don’t take it too seriously! Haha! As adventurers of justice, we are willing to fight on against the undead, so you can count on us for any upcoming quests!"

Although the second quest did not reward them with any gold and equipment, the experience points given from this single quest were substantial, like the amount of experience points earned from main quests and hidden quests! And for that amount of experience points from each single quest completed, Zhang Yang would complete the remaining chained quests! Furthermore, this was a series of Story Linking Quests, the final quest would more often than not, give good rewards. There might even be some sort of [Armor Set] being part of the rewards!

"Hahaha! I can tell that this little girl loves to joke around!" Kyle Dylan laughed.

Wei Yan Er continued to fill her eyes and cheeks with tears, as she wasn’t joking at all about the gold!

Kyle Dylan coughed gently and said, "Other than the skeleton soldiers and the zombies, there is the necromancer of the undead! These foul creatures are hidden by the Tomb of Lune. Every time the blood moon rises, they will attack the villages outside the canyon, causing chaos and unnecessary losses! So my fellow adventurers, please investigate the Tomb of Lune and eliminate these foul necromancers, and bring back 30 [Bone of the Necromancer] back as proof!"

‘Ding! The Grave Keeper Kyle Dylan has given you a quest: Eliminate the Necromancers, accept or decline?"

After accepting the quest, the three of them made haste over to the Tomb of Lune. The location was not far from the cottage as well. It was just around the middle area of the canyon.

The entrance of the tomb was rather obscure. The metallic door by the entrance had rusted thoroughly, due to years of exposure to rain and frost without any repairs, causing them to be broken and permanently open. With the doors half open, revealing part of the view behind them, they could see a dark path before them.

A cold breeze was felt, and they could hear the howling of the wind across the dark path that lay before them.

Han Ying Xue went to the back of Zhang Yang and hugged him from behind, as Wei Yan Er walked in casually like it was nothing. It was as if she did not know fear!

"Let’s move!" Zhang Yang said, but he did not move at all.

"Yes! Let’s move!" Han Ying Xue said in a haste.

"… how can I move when you’re hugging me so tightly?" Zhang Yang sighed.

"Oh, I’m just too nervous." Han Ying Xue let go of Zhang Yang and went on to grab hold of Wei Yan Er.


Zhang Yang kicked down a metallic door and shouted, "I’m home!"

The tomb was exceptionally spacious, and repetitive heavy echoes of Zhang Yang’s voice immediately echoed back repeatedly, ‘I’m home’, ‘I’m home’. Han Ying Xue got even more cowed until she began to babble in some non-human language and her two arms grabbed on tighter until the little girl could not breathe, her tongue sticking out and asking for help.

"Don’t scare me! You moronic Zhang Yang!" Han Ying Xue scolded in a trembling voice.

The path by the entrance of the tomb was very dark and spooky, but after walking forward for about 50 meters, the path started getting brighter as they walked in deeper, because there were lit-up torches on the walls on two sides of the path, illuminating the remaining long path that lay before them.

"How do these necromancers know how to light up torches? Are these torches burning on infinite fuel?" Wei Yan Er was bored, and she began to feel curious again.

"You'll lose if you take it too seriously!"


They walked in deeper and realized that the surroundings were beginning to change. There were rooms on both sides, coffin chambers! Zhang Yang led the ladies and slowly approaching the first door of the coffin chambers. As they were approaching it somewhat comfortably, a skull that was surging with a dark light shot right in the face of Zhang Yang!


Zhang Yang was inflicted with damage! He was caught off guard and let out a surprising yell. Then, he activated {Charge} and rammed into a necromancer in a black robe, interrupting the second enchantment of the {Shadow Bomb}.

[Black-Rock Necromancer] (Elite, Undead)

Level: 87

HP: 87,000

Defense: 450

These undead necromancers were just skeletons wrapped in skin, and they were extremely skinny and dry! Their two eye sockets had evil flames dancing within them, just like a ghastly flame.

"Spellcasters are truly different!" Zhang Yang sighed lightly. Regular elites that were Level 80 and above, such as skeleton soldiers and zombies could only inflict damage ranging from 500 to 600, but this necromancer can damage him by more than 2000 damage points!

Fortunately, although their damage on Zhang Yang was rather high, but these necromancers did not gather around in a group. They were all scattered around the place. Therefore, they could only be eliminated one by one! As this area was an indoor environment, only Zhang Yang could bring along Whitey, while Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er had to dismount from their pets and carry on by foot.

For the three of them, it would be more efficient to lure the monsters into one place and kill them all at once! Zhang Yang took advantage of the special terrain of the passage that lay before them. He lured in tens of necromancers and got a solid hold on their aggro, and then he used the wall to run out of their view, gathering the monsters at the entrance of a coffin chamber. There, he began his killing streak with his AOE skills.

Kiting so many monsters at a time, especially when his defense was useless against these spellcaster type monsters, gave a lot of pressure to Han Ying Xue! The good thing was that Zhang Yang had many life-saving skills like {Berserker’s Heal}, {Shield Wall}, {Blood of Life}. He could just activate the skills in turns to stay alive while killing the monsters because these skills had short cooldown duration! So it would be a waste to not use them!

As they passed by, the coffin chambers were cleansed of the foul monsters, and Zhang Yang had picked up two pieces of [Zombie Moss] along the way. Unfortunately, there was no sign of the recipe for [Zombie Potions]. Zhang Yang could only let out a breath of sigh and wait for another chance.

There was no telling how many floors there were in the Tomb of Lune. Since they had only managed to collect 10 pieces of [Bone of the Necromancer], which was only one-third of the amount they were supposed to collect. So, they ventured deeper on into the area.

After just a while, the three of them had arrived at the deepest floor of the bottom area. A set of stairs that was made of stone led them down deeper, but they could only see as far as 20 steps before the passage turned down a corner, out of their sight. Only God knows what was waiting at the other side of that corner.

Zhang Yang and the ladies followed the stairs down to the corner. After just a while, they had arrived at a new floor of the tomb cave, the second floor. The view remained the same, being the same one long passage, with many coffin chambers at the two sides.

"Let’s begin clearing out the monsters and wrap this up!"

An hour later, the second floor of the monsters had been cleaned out thoroughly. But they were treated far worse this time. They managed to get only 9 pieces of the item quest. Going deeper down the tomb cave, the three of them arrived at the third floor of the area and began their ‘wiping operation’. Slowly, the number of [Bone of the Necromancer] had finally increased from 19 pieces up to 20, then 25, and finally, 29!

"So, now what? This is the last coffin chamber. If we can’t get the final piece of the quest item, then we will have to wait until the monsters respawn!" Wei Yan Er stared into the endless darkness of the passage and sighed.

As they had already hit the end of the passage, there was only one last coffin chamber that had yet to be cleaned, so if they fail to get the last piece of the quest item, they will have to go back all the way up to the first floor of the tomb cave and wait for the monsters to respawn.

"Hey! Humans! Fantastic! It’s just marvelous to see a few humans down here!" Right down the corner of the coffin chamber, there was a red-bearded dwarf battling seven necromancers at once. His health points were low. He was so delighted to see Zhang Yang and the ladies, that he immediately cried out for help in joy!

It’s… it’s that Rhine Wildhammer! Rhine Wildhammer the same tomb raider, who is always getting himself in trouble! He was the one dwarf who will give players a necklace that would grant them immunity to skill effects!

This dwarf was really loving his job a little too much. He had just survived the Tomb of Despair, and now here he was, digging up trouble in the Tomb of Lune! Well, he was indeed a passionate ‘archeologist’! It’s just like Merlinda and her knack of getting captured, this NPC here is always in danger of being hacked to death by the undead!

Zhang Yang activated {Charge} and rammed into the necromancers, and then he activated his {Blood Rage}, increasing his rage point by 30 points, followed by a {Blast Wave}, boom! A shockwave was emitted across the monsters, stunning the seven necromancers while inflicting every one of them with damage values of ‘-1,088’.

The special effect of the [Sword of Purging Devourer] kicked in and did it’s job, inflicting more damage to the necromancers! And again!

After the 4-second stun effect, the necromancers were left with not more than 3,000 health points. All of them were crying in rage and turned to Zhang Yang as they began to cast their {Shadow Bombs}.

"Thank goodness!" Rhine Wildhammer quickly took out a bandage and patched himself up. The way he patched himself out showed that he had already been doing this for so many times that he could do it in his sleep!

Wei Yan Er charged in and joined the battle. She went up to the monsters and began her hacking and slashing on the necromancers like a mad girl.

After just a brief moment, the seven necromancers were reduced to dust, and fortunately, the final piece of the [Bone of the Necromancer] finally appeared!

"Wow --- you guys really are good!" Rhine Wildhammer did not hold back on thanking Zhang Yang and the ladies, and then he turned over and cursed the monsters, "These impenetrably, thickheaded, mindless piece of… Necromancers! They are already dead, but they seemed to be still guarding some sort of precious treasures here! It’s not like they can eat it or anything!"

After spitting and cursing for a bit, Rhine Wildhammer turned to Zhang Yang and the ladies, "Hey, do you want to do some trading? I will give you 10, no, 20 pieces of gold!"

This red-bearded dwarf said it out like he was about to break his wallet.

"No can do! 20 pieces of gold are too little! You must give us at least 15 pieces of gold!" Wei Yan Er was shaking her head around and said.

"Deal!" Rhine Wildhammer quickly replied.

Zhang Yang, "…"

Han Ying Xue, "…"

‘Ding! Rhine Wildhammer has given you a quest: Hey! You’re hired! Accept or decline?"

The three of them accepted the quest at the same time.

[Hey! You’re hired!] (Difficulty: C)

Description: Escort Rhine Wildhammer out of the tomb. If Rhine Wildhammer dies, the quest will be deemed as failed.

Completion: Escort Rhine Wildhammer out of the tomb 0/1

"Wait just a second!" Rhine Wildhammer ran to the back of a coffin and took out a backpack that was larger than himself. He then put the backpack on his back slowly with care, and said, "Alright, let’s move!"

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