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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 408 — Book of Experiences

Chapter 408: Book of Experiences

It was really an unfortunate thing that the paired skills - {Blizzard Sky} and {Luna’s Dew} were still under a cool down period. Or else, they could have kited the monsters in the entire area and unleash hell upon them with the paired skills. The amount of experience points that they could have acquired by doing so would have definitely been substantial, and it would have been a very satisfying experience!

However, Zhang Yang could only frown whenever he thought about that. That One Sword Stroke and Liu Wei are really two lucky suns of beaches! They actually managed to get their hands on two sets of paired skills! Although one set of paired skills had a very long cooldown period, if used wisely, every set of paired skill can unleash hell onto the monsters in an area, and vacuum in a sea of experience points for the players!

So, Zhang Yang could foresee that One Sword Stroke will definitely be leveling up like mad and catch up with Zhang Yang!

However, Zhang Yang still had a heavenly weapon, that is the [Sword of Purging Devourer]! The special effect of this [Sword of Purging Devourer], after absorbing the special effect of the [Dark Enigma Sword] had turned the sword itself into a new generation of legendary AOE weapon! The high defense of Zhang Yang aided in triggering the special effect of the [Sword of Purging Devourer] as it will keep him alive long enough to do so! If other players tried to rope in entire crowds of monsters like he did, they would have never been able to survive long enough before the special effect of the sword could take off. To be rounded up by so many monsters at the same time, let’s not talk about grinding up first, these normal players would not survive longer than a few seconds, and they will be torn into pieces in split seconds!

Pak! Pak! Pak!

In just a few seconds, the monsters were falling to the ground one after another, right before Zhang Yang and Wei Yan Er, and they dropped countless copper coins and some [Silk].

The three of them did not clear up the area, instead, they simply tried to open up a path for them to get into the palace. So they only clear those monsters that were in their way into the palace. The reason was simple, because their main aim was to slay the boss, Shaman Mordoro, nothing more. They need not have to go through all the trouble of battling every single monster in the area. In just a short while, they had already let themselves into the palace.

The number of monsters inside the palace were surprisingly small, but all of them were Death Knights on battle horses!

Zhang Yang let out a breath of sigh and said, "I really hate this kind of monsters!" These foul Death Knights had a skill called {Death Strike}, which can double the damage done to their targets, and if the player is out of luck that day and the hit becomes a critical attack, then the damage will become 4 times higher!

"Well, look who’s talking, I should be the one who needs to be complaining right! I’m the one who should be stressed up because I need to heal you guys! Not you!" Han Ying Xue snorted after she complained.

"I was being considerate for you, that’s why, I said I don’t like these monsters at all!" Zhang Yang smiled at her.

"Well, at least you still have a heart!"

Wei Yan Er could not take it anymore and said, "You two are being so ‘sweet’ that I’m about to throw up! Please go get a room, and stop disgusting me!"

"You little rat!" Han Ying Xue gave the little girl a cold stare.

Zhang Yang charged towards a Death Knight with big steps. Death Knights could mount themselves on a horse no matter where they are, but a player cannot. This area of the palace was considered an indoor environment. So, the three of them were forced to dismount and proceed on foot. As Zhang Yang had gained a suitable distance from the Death Knight, he threw out one shot of {Spear of Obliteration} at the one Death Knight that he had approached. After the strike landed on it, the Death Knight charged over on its battle horse.

[Black-Rock Death Knight] (Elite, Undead)

Level: 88

HP: 200,000

Defense: 900

What a powerful set of attributes this monster had there! It’s two times better than the regular elite monsters’ attribute stats!

"Living souls, must, die!" a low voice came from within the metallic helm of the Death Knight. This Death Knight then raised up its sword and swung it towards Zhang Yang’s head!


As the sword slashed through Zhang Yang, he was inflicted with a damage that almost reached 1,000! Elites undeads like the skeleton soldiers and the zombies out there could only inflict a damage of about 500 to Zhang Yang with each of their attacks. So, this Death Knight can actually do double the damage that those elites could inflict! And this attack was not even the {Death Strike}!

Of course, Zhang Yang did not have to worry about such small amount of damage, because in the end, this was just a mere elite grade monster. Its threat was far less than the threat that Yellow-Gold and Violet-Platinum bosses present to Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang is strong enough to single-handedly take down a Yellow-Gold boss, so there is no reason at all for him to fear a mere elite graded Death Knight!

Cling Clang Cling Clang! Zhang Yang and Wei Yan Er were like predators cutting up their preys, with all their slashing and chopping. With ease, they had taken down the monster, and the monster collapsed onto the ground and dropped some coins and a piece of yellowish paper page.

Wei Yan Er saw it and acted very quickly, and she picked up the both the coins and the paper sheet! She wouldn’t miss anything, of course! As the little girl took a quick look at the description of the paper page, her face was filled with joy in an instant. Then, she quickly kept the paper page into her backpack.

Zhang Yang could not resist his curiosity on what on earth did the little girl got into her backpack, so he asked, "Little girl, what previous stuff did you just stuff into your backpack? Why are you being so mysterious?"

"Humph! Not going to tell you!" Wei Yan Er stuck her tongue out at Zhang Yang, followed by a funny weird teasing sound.

Zhang Yang did not mind much about it, and he continued to kite and slay the monsters. In the process of slaying 7 Death Knights, a total of 3 of these paper sheets dropped from the slain monsters, and they were being snatched and kept into the little girl’s backpack. Zhang Yang was getting more and more curious and he got interested to find out what it was all that about. So right after they slain another 3 Death Knights and the fifth sheet of paper dropped, Zhang Yang was one step ahead of the little girl and snatched the paper from the ground before the little girl could reach it.

"Oi, noob tank! That’s mine! Give it back!" Wei Yan Er felt offended and began to make noise about it.

Zhang Yang took a good look at the description of the paper and understood why the little girl was being so persistent to get all the paper sheets.

[Beginner's Residual Page of Experience Book]

Use: Combine 10 pages of Beginner’s Residual Page of Experience Book to from a Beginner’s Experience Book. Each Beginner’s Experience Book can give 1,000,000 experience points.

"You’re such a selfish girl, little girl. You actually tried to keep this all to yourself!" Zhang Yang said.

"Hehe!" Wei Yan Er stuck out her tongue at Zhang Yang again as usual.

Han Ying Xue then realized and said, "Oh, then if a player is rich enough to spend money in the game, and with this experience book, that player can level up from Level 0 to Level 300 in an instant right?"

Zhang Yang shook his head and said, "You’ll find out, that it’s impossible to do that soon enough!" He passed the residual page over to the little girl and aided her in collecting the remaining 5 pages of the residual pages so that she could later combine the pages into a complete [Beginner’s Experience Book].

The drop rate of this [Beginner’s Residual Page of Experience Book] was not low at all. They had picked up the remaining 5 of the pages required after killing another 10 Death Knights. After getting all the 10 pages altogether, Wei Yan Er combined them together, and in that instant, a stream of blinding light flashed by and the 10 pages of the residual pages in her hands had turned into a complete yellowish book, which seems kind of an old book, more like ancient!

[Beginner’s Experience Book] (Consumable)

Use: Immediate gives you 1,000,000 experience points. Cooldown: 72 hours. Any use of an Experience Book will make all other different levels of Experience Books enter the same cooldown period.

Level required: Level 80

"Haih, what a letdown. This book can be used only once a day?" Wei Yan Er sighed. Yes, the in-game time 72 hours was equivalent to 24 hours in real time.

Zhang Yang smiled and explained, "Of course, it’s natural to set it up like this. Or else, if a rich player gets his or her hands on this book, then he or she could just tap the book and level straight up to Level 300! With a complete set of Yellow-Gold armor equipment, the player can rule over the entire server, not only in China, but the entire world! He or she will become strong enough to slay any boss in the game! And that, would make the game so unfair to the other players."

"Speaking of rich, aren’t you rich now?" Han Ying Xue curled up her lips and said.

"That’s right, noob tank. How much money do you have now? I mean your properties and cash and all that!" Wei Yan Er had her eyes glitter with stars the moment she talks about money.

"To be honest, I’m not so sure myself!" Zhang Yang shook his head. Now that the number of players above Level 50 was increasing, the income he earned from the territory was unimaginably high, and he still has his Little Merchandise shop! Still, the earnings from the Little Merchandise could be compared to the earnings from the Teleportation Circle placed right in the territory. However, the earning from that shop was endless, and the number was definitely not small at all.

Wei Yan Er tapped the [Beginner’s Experience Book] against her body, and a stream of golden light surged through her entire body. Just like that, she acquired 1,000,000 experience points immediately. Although the amount was not really that big of a deal, it was free! It would be a loss not to take it, since it’s free! Furthermore, one must slay at least 120 Level 85 elite monsters just to get this amount of experience points. So, it should be worthwhile to get this amount of experience for free!

The three of them proceeded forward and slew about 50 to 60 Death Knights along with their way. They managed to collect enough pages to combine the second and the third [Beginner’s Experience Book], and one was given to Han Ying Xue while the other was given to Zhang Yang. But those were all of the Death Knights that had spawned in the palace. They had already run out of Death Knights to slay after they got another 3 pages of the [Beginner's Residual Page of Experience Book]. So they replaced, their targets with the Abominations that were lurking in the surrounding.

[Black-Rock Abomination] (Elite, Undead)

Level: 88

HP: 200,000

Defense: 900

Han Ying Xue could not help but to feel surprised, "These monsters are so much stronger than the ones outside the palace!"

Zhang Yang merely nodded to express his agreement on this. Then, it was business as usual. He threw a {Spear of Obliteration} at one of the Black-Rock Abomination to kick off their slaughtering.

"Rawgh!" That Black-Rock Abomination let out a roar and turned it’s fat, distorted body towards Zhang Yang and charged forward. This Abomination had a ruptured, leaking belly that exposed it’s intestines and inner organs, and there was some sort of green liquid dripping out through the holes on its belly. As the monsters charged forward, the greenish goo trailed across the ground and melted its surface! There was a rotten smell flowing through the air that would disgust anyone who breathed in the scent, it was absolutely disgusting!

This monster was equipped with an Aura Effect that spread across a radius of 20 meters, damaging all targets within the effective range by 2,000 Nature Damage every 2 seconds. The body of this monster seemed to be protected by a layer of greenish fog that billowed around it.

Zhang Yang charged into the monster and with his [Sword of Purging Devourer], he locked onto the monster and began to slash like crazy!

"What a disgusting monster! Yuck!" Wei Yan Er went around to the back of the Abomination and began to channel her damage onto it. Launching assaults on the back of a monster can avoid taking damage from the monsters and also increase the rate of hitting the monster as well.

But, who would have guessed this, the Abomination suddenly stuck up its ass and splattered a pile of greenish goo onto the little girl! The goo splattered all over the little girl ‘nicely’.

"Argh --- yuck! Pui! Argh! Bastard!" Wei Yan Er was so disgusted and angry that she started screaming like a banshee. She then raised up her giant axe and increased her speed in slashing up the monster like a mad lady! She has lost it!

The splattering piles of greenish goo on the ground were extremely dangerous! Anyone who accidentally stepped on them will be inflicted with a Poison Effect that caused 2,000 poison damage every 3 seconds! It also removed a 1,000 defense points! It’s just outrageous and ‘ferocious’!

"This kind of aura skill should only be given to bosses! This isn’t fair!" Han Ying Xue began to complain already, "If a mere elite grade monster can have such powerful skill, how are players going to survive this! It’s not fair at all!"

It was fortunate that they had Zhang Yang around to kite this monster! Zhang Yang was currently equipped with an almost complete set of Violet-Platinum [Armor Set], and he had a total of 2,280 defense! A regular tank with a full set of Yellow-Gold Armor Set would also have about 1,000 defense or so. If they ever encountered such a monster with such an annoying aura, then their defense would have definitely been reduced down to almost zero!

The tanker, the Berserker and the bear were joining forces to slay the Black-Rock Abomination, and it didn’t take long to finish it off! But unfortunately, after all the efforts, there was no sign of any [Beginner’s Residual Page of Experience Book] at all.

As they pushed forward, Zhang Yang engaged with another Black-Rock Abomination, and they killed it. Although the monster dropped quite a number of Gray-Silver equipment pieces, there were no signs of any [Beginner’s Residual Page of Experience Book] still. Well, it seems that the residual page would only be dropped from the Black-Rock Death Knights.

After battling continuously for almost an hour, the three of them had finally cleared out every single monster in that floor of the place, and they finally planted their feet into the main chamber of the palace.

"The scent of the living!"

A sharp voice came from somewhere in the area. Then, two gigantic statues made of rocks that stood by the entrance of the main chamber suddenly began to move!

Koom! Koom! Koom!

Dust and debris were falling from the statues as the two statues started standing straight up.

They were in humanoid form, but they had an extra a pair of large, bat-like wings on their backs. They had these weird and unmistakably demonic faces, with two horns on their foreheads. There seemed to be an incision between the two horns. It looked more like a third eye that was currently shut!

[Obsidian Gargoyle Gillock] (Yellow-Gold, Undead)

Level: 88

HP: 1,760,000

Defense: 1,500

[Obsidian Gargoyle Margheeta] (Yellow-Gold, Undead)

Level: 88

HP: 1,760,000

Defense: 1,500

Outstanding! Two Yellow-Gold bosses appeared at the same time!

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