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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 409 — The Obsidian Gargoyles

Chapter 409: The Obsidian Gargoyles

Right before the battle began, Zhang Yang quickly unsummoned Whitey and summoned the Mythical Turtle out. Things might get difficult, and he needed another powerful ‘tanker’ by his side.

"Hehehe, actual, living, breathing souls, stepping into this place! Can you recall how long ago was it since the last living soul set foot into our lair, Gillock?" Marginte was speaking in a sharp, weird voice, and he would make some weird noises as he spoke.

Gillock paused and gave some thought before replying, "Should be… about 15 to 16 years ago!"

"So it’s been that long already? Hiss hehe!" Marginte suddenly unfurled his wings and flew up into the air, and the next thing was him flying at Zhang Yang and the ladies, "This is going to be a hell lot of fun! Weehee! "

"Hahaha! Marginte, please restrain yourself a little bit here! You’re scaring our guests! At least leave one alive for me!" Gillock was also flapping his wings and began to fly into the air, and followed suit!

Zhang Yang quickly raised his shield up high and blocked the first attack of Marginte, and slashes at its belly as if flew past!

"Argh ---" Marginte was deflected away by the shield Zhang Yang wielded and took some damage. Although he was only inflicted with a damage of approximately 3,000, it provoked him well enough! The boss raged and let out a deafening growl, trying to gauge at Zhang Yang’s face with its claws!

"So, which one do we hit first?" Wei Yan Er asked.

Under normal circumstances, it would be wiser to focus on bringing down one of them first. After being done with one of them, players will have plenty of time to take down the other boss. However, in the case of two bosses appearing at the same time in the same stage, there might be a possibility that when one dies, the other one will revive the dead one back to life, at full health, or something equally unfavorable! Who knows!

Better to act than have too much thought about it. Zhang Yang decided to take down one of the bosses first, because it wouldn’t take long for them to take down a boss with merely 2,000,000 health points!

Zhang Yang put a mark onto Gillock and said, "Focus fire on the marked boss first!"

"Alright!" with a clear assignment at hand, Wei Yan Er began to act. She laughed evilly and took up her giant axe, and swung it across the body of the marked boss vigorously! Light flashed off the surface of her axe each time she raised it up for an attack.

Zhang Yang smashed five layers of {Cripple Defense} onto Gillock first, and then did the same to Marginte whenever it was convenient. Both Zhang Yang and Wei Yan Er had AOE skills, so it was actually wise to smash {Cripple Defense} onto Marginte as well, as it can increase the damage inflicted upon Marginte. Plus, the duration of the {Cripple Defense} lasts for 30 seconds long. As long as he keeps on smashing the skill onto the boss before the effect fades, the effect will last forever. More importantly, it won’t affect the efficiency of his damage output at all.

"Puny living creatures! Tremble before the power of darkness!"

"Flame of darkness shall engulf every corner there is!"

Gillock and Marginte were roaring together as they shot greenish beams of light at Zhang Yang.

‘Ding! You are inflicted with the Devouring Void (Black) Effect! If Gillock hits you, the damage inflicted will be increased by 50%!

‘Ding! You are inflicted with the Devouring Void (White) Effect! If Marginte hits you, the damage inflicted will be increased by 50%!

In just an instant, Zhang Yang received two negative effects!



The two bosses slashed at Zhang Yang and inflicted him with two large damage values! The damage output of these two attacks can be compared to the attack of a Violet-Platinum Boss! It was like Zhang Yang was being attacked by two Violet-Platinum bosses at the same time!

He realized that the god-damn ‘Black and White’ effects were terrifying, so he quickly commanded [Mythical Turtle] to focus its assault on Marginte!

[Mythical Turtle] activated its {Spirit of the Flame} and {Madness}, which obviously boosted up its attack power like mad flames! After attacking for some time, [Mythical Turtle] managed to attract the aggro of Marginte, lifting half of the pressure from Zhang Yang. Although the giant turtle does not have any passive skills that granted it immunity from damage, but as a powerful Violet-Platinum grade [mount], it had a defense of over 2,500! Without having the ‘Black and White’ effects on it, the boss could only inflict a damage of approximately 9,000 on the [Mythical Turtle].

Meanwhile, a priest is naturally good in AOE healing. Han Ying Xue is a powerful healer with a high capability of healing, so they did not have to worry about her not being able to heal them up.

10 seconds had passed, and the two bosses had once again activated their {Devouring Void Effect} effects onto Zhang Yang and [Mythical Turtle]. Since there were two of them, Gillock activated his {Devouring Void (Black Effect)} onto Zhang Yang, while Marginte activated his {Devouring Void (White) Effect} onto the turtle! However, the effects would only kick in when the ‘Black’ and the ‘White’ effects were activated together. As there were two tankers, the ‘Black and White’ effect could not be activated!


Gillock had landed his claw on Zhang Yang, but the damage Zhang Yang received was halved! Without the {Devouring Void Effect} running its course, the assaults of this Yellow-Gold boss had been reduced back to its original state!

With one hand raised, Zhang Yang summoned his servant [Devastator] to boost his damage output. It was time to end the fight! Since the cool down period of a Silver-tiered Servant was 30 minutes long, by the time they are done with the bosses, the cooldown period should have ended already!

Han Ying Xue also summoned her own Servant out after she saw Zhang Yang’s [Devastator]. Wei Yan Er only had a servant who was a Green-Copper grade Level 40+, and she was ashamed of it. Therefore, she did not even summon it out.

Under the bombardment of two powerful attackers, with the aid of two powerful servants as well, the health bar of Gillock decreased steeply! After just a brief moment, the health bar had dropped down to the dangerous level of 20%!

The boss let out a deafening roar out of a sudden and wrapped himself within the two large wings behind his back. Every part of his skin all around his body began to petrify into rock, and in just a few seconds, the boss had turned back into a statue of rock.

[Petrifying Recovery]: Recovers 5% of health in every second, lasts for 10 seconds. During activation period, the user is immune to all damages.

"What the f*ck!" Zhang Yang cursed, and he quickly turned towards Marginte and began his assault --- the effect of {Destructive Smash} on Gillock could still last for another 5 seconds, and Zhang Yang’s {Destructive Smash} still had 3 seconds left before it completely cools down. So instead of wasting time on Gillock while waiting for the 3 seconds to pass, he turned his assault to the other boss.


A healing value appeared right on the body of Gillock, but thanks to the 75% healing reduction effect the {Destructive Smash} had caused, the amount of healing value had already been reduced steeply.

The 3 seconds had passed, and Zhang Yang quickly turned back to Gillock and activated his {Destructive Smash} straight onto Gillock! Even though the boss was immune to all damage, the effect of the {Destructive Smash} had been applied onto the boss, and the duration of the effect had been refreshed! 10 seconds later, Gillock only managed to recover another ‘+22,000’ of health, and only managed to recover his health bar back to 31%. If Zhang Yang had not applied the effect of {Destructive Smash} onto Gillock, things could have turned out to be much worse!

As the boss has returned to normal, no longer immune to damage, Zhang Yang and Wei Yan Er immediately turned their focus back to Gillock and unleash their worst onto the boss!

25%, 16%, 7%… Gillock was bombarded with so many powerful strikes that he could not even breath, and his health points were decreasing madly! The special skill - {Petrifying Recovery} seemed to have a cool down period, so the boss had nothing left up his sleeve. All Gillock was able to do was to roar pathetically, flapping his wings, trying to stir up some wind.


"Argh ---" as Gillock roared miserably, his wings spazzed out, lifting himself up into the air about 3 to 4 meters from the ground, before smashing back to the ground in a lifeless heap!

"You living scums!" Marginte was enraged by the death of Gillock. With a powerful flap of his wings, he carried himself into the air, "You murdered Gillock! You killed him like an animal! Unforgivable! Unforgivable!"

Zhang Yang laughed and said, "Really sorry for ruining your ‘partner’! Or let’s have it this way, I’ll be doing you a good service, by sending you to the afterlife to continue your ‘gayness’ with your ‘partner’, so that you can enjoy your ‘anal’ relationship! Haha!"

"Noob tank, what’s ‘gayness’ and ‘anal’ relationship?" Wei Yan Er asked, out of her curiosity.

Zhang Yang got a headache suddenly, how could he forget that there was a good, little, untainted girl here! He tried his best to think of a way to explain, and then he quickly answered, " ‘Gayness’ is some kind of happiness, and ‘anal’ is actually a kind of annual funding, you know? Where you invest money with a partner and check on it every year!"

Wei Yan Er stuck her tongue out at Zhang Yang and said, "Do you think I’m stupid? They are all game bosses, why would they have to fund anything annually?!"

"Well, it’s a long story…" Zhang Yang started making up some stuff, and fortunately for him, he managed to ‘convince’ little girl into believing him.

After slaying Gillock, Marginte was like a vegetable, ready for them to chop and cook! So they handled it with ‘care’.

Zhang Yang unleashed everything he got, hooking Marginte’s aggro back to him from the [Mythical Turtle]. And finally, Han Ying Xue felt relieved of her pressure. Although the turtle had a very thick skin, its defense was still inadequate, and turtle only had a 20% damage immunity on it, unlike Zhang Yang, who had a total of 50% damage immunity!

Cling clang cling clang! Marginte was beaten up so badly to the point that he could only constantly hissed in anger, which was weird. Although he used his {Petrifying Recovery}, it wasn’t enough at all! With Zhang Yang’s {Destructive Smash} which had a 75% reduction in healing effect, the boss could only heal himself by a little at a time and delay the inevitable.

Another 3 minutes passed, and Marginte collapsed onto the ground and went on to meet his ‘gay’ partner.

"Hahaha! Those two bosses were like vegetables! Fresh and easy!" Wei Yan Er was laughing with pride.

"Stop talking nonsense and pick up the loot already!" Han Ying Xue said.

The bosses had dropped quite a ‘handsome’ amount of coins; Gillock dropped 10 gold coins, while Marginte also dropped 10 gold coins, so there was a total of 20 gold coins dropped! Wei Yan Er was so excited and happy to see the amount, that she was smiling to the point where her eyes had been kneaded into a pair of crescent moons!

Other than that, of course, the two bosses dropped a large amount of loot, as there were two of them! 5 of them were Yellow-Gold equipment, and 13 of them were Gray-Silver equipment. It was a great day, with a great amount of loot! However, only one ring among all the equipment had a decent effect, while the other equipment shall be sold in Zhang Yang’s Little Merchandise Shop.

[Petrification Ring] (Yellow-Gold, Ring)

Vitality: +67

Strength: +61

Equip: 1% rate to stun target when hitting target, lasts for 3 seconds.


Required Level: 80

"If the special effect of this little fellow can be triggered during a PvP match, it can turn the tide around, for sure!" Zhang Yang said.

Wei Yan Er’s eyes were beginning to glitter, with stars blinking all around her, "So, if I wear this ring, does that mean that I can defeat you?"

Zhang Yang laughed out loud and said, "Even if you wear 10 of these rings, you will never defeat me! Haha!"

"You! I hate you!" Wei Yan Er was angry, but she still kept the ring into her inventory, because rings, necklace, accessories were really hard to come by in the game, so one must not ask for too much!

"Let’s continue with our quest!"

The three of them went right into the main chamber of the palace. All they could see was a building, tall and vast, supported by many columns of pillars that were about five or six meters thick. However, the atmosphere of the surrounding was a little gloomy, making the sacred place look ghostly.

Phew ---

A chilly draft passed by, followed by a vague shadow of ghostly existence floating away from the shadows behind one of the pillars. There was no sign of any legs beneath the shadow, as if the shadow was floating in mid-air, and the shadow had a pair of large and thick arms, and a face that only a mouth on it, with no nose, no eyes, or ears. It seemed to be a spectral-kind-of monster.

[Black-Rock Spectre] (Elite, Undead)

Level: 88

HP: 200,000

Defense: 0

"Huh?" after seeing that the monster had 0 defense, Zhang Yang, Wei Yan Er and Han Ying Xue were surprised. It was just too weird!

"The system will not be so kind to us! This monster must have some sort of powerful skill!" Zhang Yang stood in front of the two ladies and pulled out his sword and shield. With a shake of his [Sword of Purging Devourer], he charged forward and attempted to attack the Spectre.


"Argh!" the moment when the Spectre was hit, it immediately let out an angry roar into the sky. Followed by a sound of ‘Boom’, Zhang Yang was blasted four or five meters backward, at the same time, he was inflicted with a damage of ‘-3,623’!

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