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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 410 — The Vengeful Spirit Mordoro

Chapter 410: The Vengeful Spirit Mordoro


Zhang Yang reengaged into battle with the Black-Rock Spectre. Raising up his [Sword of Purging Devourer], he swung it straight towards the Spectre.

"Argh---" the Spectre once again let out a roar of rage, and the sound had this powerful force that blasted Zhang Yang a few meters back. The damage inflicted on Zhang Yang was almost similar, about 4,000 damage points!

"What the f*ck!" Zhang Yang could not take it anymore and cursed. As he had already used his {Charge}, he could only run towards the Spectre again, on his feet. Meanwhile, the Spectre was floating slowly towards Zhang Yang as well. As they once again clashed into each other, Zhang Yang was once again thrown a few meters back, right after slicing the monster with his sword, just once! How long will it take for him to kill this god-d*mn Spectre, if this goes on?!

"Hahaha!" as she was looking at Zhang Yang from the sidelines, seeing Zhang Yang being bounced back every time he tried to get near the boss, like a leather ball being tossed around, instead of helping him, she actually laughed at him heartlessly!

This monster is really annoying! It could only activate a single skill called the {Repelling Screech}. With just one annoying skill, it gave a hell of a time to Zhang Yang to even approach it! Zhang Yang was not able to channel his damage output onto the monster peacefully!

After laughing for quite awhile, Wei Yan Er finally engaged into battle to aid Zhang Yang.

And so it began, two leather balls being bounced around like mad people, trying to play a game of pong with the Spectre!

"Hahaha! Gegege!" Wei Yan Er really enjoyed this new style of battle, being ‘bounced’ around. She was laughing and giggling all the way throughout the entire battle.

Although the spectre had 0 defense and players should be able to unleash high value damages onto it, because of the waves of {Repelling Screech}, Zhang Yang and Wei Yan Er could only run around and try to approach the spectre by picking and rolling around, having no way at all to focus their assaults on the monster! Any melee profession players would face the same problem as the players would have trouble staying by the side of the monster and attacking!

After battling and repeatedly being bounced around for 2 minutes long, the god d*mned Spectre was finally slain!

"Hahaha! Interesting fight!" Wei Yan Er was still laughing.

The three of them continued to push forward, as there were more Spectres coming out from their hiding spots behind the pillars, causing great trouble to the three of them. It took them about one and a half hour just to get rid of those annoying Spectre. Finally, Zhang Yang and the ladies arrived at the bottom-most section of the palace chamber.

There was a throne chair placed on the higher ground, by the far end of the chamber, there were at least tens of steps of stairs that allowed people to walk up to the throne chair. The throne chair was huge and was completely made out of gold. Many diamonds and gemstones were crafted onto the surface of the throne, making the chair look magnificent!

Right above the throne chair, there was a man in a black robe, sitting on it. Even the head of the man was covered in a black scarf, protecting his face from being seen by others. However, his gender can be identified by just looking at his body figure. Right beside the black-robed man’s right hand, there lay a sharp-edged long spear that surged with a gloomy aura.

[The Vengeful Spirit Mordoro] (Violet-Platinum, Undead)

Level: 89

HP: 8,900,000

Defense: 2,500

"Should we call uncle Hundred Shots and the others over here?" Wei Yan Er asked.

Zhang Yang took a look at the boss and said, "I don’t think it’s a good idea. Look at the beneficial effect of the boss!"

Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er looked at the boss again.

[Undead Regenerative Aura]: Recovers health points once every 2 seconds. Recovers 2,000 health points as a basic amount of recovery. Healing amount of the boss will increase, based on the number of living souls within the effective range of the aura. One extra living soul within the effective range will provide the caster an additional 100% healing effect. Range of the aura: 100 meters radius out, with the caster as the center point.

"The more people present, the more amount of health the boss can heal!" Zhang Yang frown.

So now, it’s just up to the three of them and one pet. The boss could basically heal over an amount of 16,000 health points every second. The math was simple. The basic healing amount was set at 2,000 health points every second. So, each living soul within the effective area will boost the healing amount of the boss by up to 4,000 health points per second. When a second living soul is present, the healing amount will be increased to 8,000 health points per second. And, the third living soul will be boosting the healing amount of the boss up to 12,000 health points per second! Turtle is also a living soul, so that makes the fourth living soul that boosts the healing amount of the boss up to a total of 16,000 health points. And after applying the effect of {Destructive Smash}, the boss would still be able to heal 4,000 in every second, lowering their DPS altogether by 4,000 points!

If more players are coming, although their total amount of DPS will increase substantially, but the healing amount of the boss will multiply on as more living souls are present! With another one additional living soul presence other than the three of them, it would increase the healing amount of 16,000 by another 100%, making it into an amount of 32,000! So now, it is wiser to just keep the number small, like now, just the three of them and one turtle, narrowing the healing amount of the boss down by at least 16,000 health points.

This boss was purposely designed to limit the number of players.

With this kind of aura effect, if the number of players were more than 10, then the boss would become invincible already! Even a Level 300 player with a full set of legendary armor will not be able to defeat this boss if the player cannot end the boss within 2 seconds. The boss will just heal back to its full health state!

"So, just the three of us then?"

"Four! You forgot Turtle!"

Zhang Yang patted the turtle’s head, and with his sword pulled out readily to engage into battle with the boss, he let out a cry, "Have some potions and get ready!"

Shoof! Business as usual, he began by throwing the {Spear of Obliteration} straight at the boss!


A damage value appeared as the spear went by his head, quickly followed by a raging roar from Mordoro. The initiated attack triggered the boss to stand up from the throne, and with his right arm reaching out to the side, he grabbed the long spear that lay by his side. Two ghostly green flames ignited right at the eye pupils of Mordoro as he walked towards the direction of Zhang Yang, as if he was having a walk in the garden, but his movement speed was astoundingly fast! In just a split second, the boss had already reached Zhang Yang and he began to swing the long spear in his hands towards Zhang Yang.


At that instant, the effect of the {Undead Regenerative Aura} kicked in and healed the boss. Without the effect of {Destructive Smash} to weaken the healing effect, Mordoro was healed by an amount of 32,000 health points, healing him back to his full health state!

"You insolent living scum! How daring of you to come forth to me with such misguided intent!" Mordoro spoke in a very low voice, as if the sound of thunder was rumbling in a rhythm forming up into audible words, trembling across the ears of Zhang Yang and the ladies, to the point that their ears hurt!

Zhang Yang quickly raised up his shield to block the long spear that was about to stab him, and ‘Ding!’, the shield and the spear clashed! Zhang Yang could feel a powerful force trembling across his shield, pushing him two steps back! He could also feel that the force had numbed his shoulders and arms! He had almost let go of his weapon in his hand as he could not hold it in his hands!

What a powerful boss!

He was struck back a little, but he stood firm and re-engaged into battle with the boss.

Because the boss had an aura skill that heals him overtime, Zhang Yang quickly activated {Destructive Smash} onto the boss, followed by layers of {Cripple Defense}. Then, he worked together with Wei Yan Er and smashed another 5 layers of {Cripple Defense} onto the boss.

"Imbeciles, there is no point in resisting the inevitable, kneel before the great power of darkness!" Mordoro was looking down on them with disdainful eyes as he wielded his long spear and stirred up a strong current of wind across the area. It was as if the boss was charging up for an attack! As expected! The boss charged toward Zhang Yang with his long spear, like an enraged dragon, piercing towards Zhang Yang!



While giving a blow to Zhang Yang, the boss was healed with 8,000 health points at the same time!

To increase the damage output of Zhang Yang and Wei Yan Er, Han Ying Xue healed up Zhang Yang with the time gap she had at hand, then she cast a {Putrefying Poison} onto the boss. Although the damage was not really affecting the boss much, the decaying effect could reduce about 10,000 health points from the boss, providing an overtime damage of 600+ for every second!

"Hahaha! Tremble before despairing darkness!" the aura skill wasn’t the only skill Mordoro had. After engaging in battle for just awhile, he reached out with his right palm open, and tens of small black balls emerged around his hands. The black balls then dropped onto the ground and formed into puddles of black water that were wriggling like worms, it was disgusting! These black liquidated balls then gushed over Zhang Yang and [Mythical Turtle].

The movement speed of these black water puddles was extremely slow, slow enough for players to dodge with ease, but not for the turtle!

The movement speed of Turtle was much slower than the movement speed of the puddles of black water! After just a short while, the black water had caught up on Turtle.


The black water puddles exploded violently, doing an area splash on Zhang Yang and the ladies, inflicting each of them with a damage value of 10,000 Shadow damage!

"Stupid Turtle!" Wei Yan Er yelled.

"Turtles are just born slower, it’s not his fault alright!" Zhang Yang laughed, but the remaining puddles of black waters were still pursuing them, slowly! He quickly unsummoned the Turtle back into his inventory as the Turtle would become dead meat if all the black water puddles touched it!

It was really an unfortunate thing to do, because Turtle the turtle was an indispensable attackers! Plus, Zhang Yang could not summon Whitey out, as he was now currently engaged in a battle.

But the good thing about this was that the healing amount of the boss had been reduced to 4,000 health points every 2 seconds.

Zhang Yang kited the boss by picking and rolling around the area, dodging whatever black water puddles that were pursuing him. It was a fortunate thing that they had already cleared most of the monsters in the palace. Now that the palace had been cleaned of the monsters, they could roll around with the boss without having to worry about being ambushed by monsters.

"Hahaha! Tremble before the despairing darkness!" Mordoro would cast the black water puddles all over the ground once every 20 seconds, giving no time for Zhang Yang to slack at all. All he could do was to move around, dodging those ‘things’ while kiting the boss at the same time.

It was really a fortunate thing that the area was vast enough, and that the movement speed of the black water puddles were really slow. As long as they were more aware of their surroundings, they did not need to fear being touched by the black water puddles that would explode upon touch!

90%, 80%… even though the health bar of the boss was reducing very slowly due to the {Undead Regenerative Aura}, after bombarding the boss with all that they had for 10 minutes straight, Mordoro was soon left with 50% of his health!

"So, it seems that I have underestimated you!" the greenish flames on the eye pupils of Mordoro flashed all of a sudden, as his right arm began to ignite in flames, and the greenish flames began to blaze on all the way down to long spear in his grip!

Zhang Yang tightened up his *ss, as he could not afford to make any mistake at this point!


Mordoro raised up his long spear and plunged the tip of the spear straight into the ground of the place. The moment the spear plunged into the ground, the earth shook as if there was a 10 magnitude earthquake striking the area. The ground began to shatter into pieces, as the pieces of the ground were stretching unevenly across the entire area. Boom room room! The pieces of ground were being crushed into dust, which surged across the air!




Zhang Yang and the ladies were inflicted with a high value of damage as the air surged all around them! That wasn’t the end of the attack, it was just the beginning of it! 18 streams of green flames beginning to ignite and grow right from the ground surrounding the boss, with the tip of his spear as the center point. These flames then expanded out towards eight different directions into the surroundings, and across the ground in an instant, expanding out into the shape of a spider web!

As the green flames spread across for quite a distance, they started to come to life from the ground at a high speed, forming blades at the tip of each flame. These blades were all about 3 meters long! Right after they formed, they reached out into the surroundings at high speed! Like thick whips of flames, with bladed tips, each of them reached out for their targets!

"Rawgh!" as he heard some weird noises, Zhang Yang could see that there were many terrifying human faces with horrifying expressions drilling their way out from within the green flames, moaning with weird noises, and grimacing at Zhang Yang and the ladies. While they were at it, Zhang Yang could also see their white teeth gnashing, as if they wanted to chew him alive! Are you kidding me? Green flames with bladed tips that can flexibly pursue targets, while having scary faces drilling out from the flames? Fortunately, the tenacity of these flames was really good. Even though these faces were trying to drill themselves out from them, but after reaching out for about one or two feet, they would be held back by the elasticity of the flames.

"Dodge!" Zhang Yang quickly shouted, aware of the damage they were about to receive if they just stood there and did nothing.

Actually, Zhang Yang did not have to shout to inform Wei Yan Er and Han Ying Xue, because the moment they saw the faces drilling out from the flames, they had already began to run from them! So, it would be impossible for the faces to get near, or to touch them!

"Hahaha! Listen to the song of misery straight from hell!" Mordoro pulled his spear from the ground and pursued Zhang Yang. Waving up his left hand, it was another wave of black water puddles splashing onto the ground, making the place even merrier!

"To hell with this man! They expect us to survive all this?" Zhang Yang began to lose his composure and he cursed as he kited the boss, running all around the area like a mad man!

However, the 18 streams of green flames were like living beings, they actually tailed Zhang Yang and the two ladies! As the green flames spread, the human faces continued pushing out from the flames, crying out in sharp voices that stacked together. It was really disturbing to hear all that! What that was even worse was that the area where the green flames spread across would stay burning!

"I can smell the scent of despair and terror!" the boss laughed in a very low and bassy voice, "Shake in fear! Fear! And finally, subdue yourself to the power of darkness, become my loyal servant!"

"Stop bragging, you stinky sheet! Just wait until we chop your god d*mn doggy head down and kick it like a football!" Wei Yan Er replied defiantly, clearly more annoyed than anything else.

"Give up on this futile resistance, tuck yourselves into the embrace of darkness!" Mordoro spun his long spear so fast that there were visible ripples in the air!

Zhang Yang quickly took a few steps back. The movement speed of the black water puddles were extremely slow, but the green flames were moving extremely fast! He had to keep moving around without stopping at any one spot at all times to prevent those horrifying faces from biting him!

The 18 streams of green flames were like 18 gigantic pythons, twisting and turning all over the place, trying to catch up to Zhang Yang and the two ladies, forming walls of flames along the way, trying to cut the three of them off. Countless human faces were crying out into the area, just like the sound that could be heard, only from hell. It was just terrifying!

"It’s time to speed things up!" Zhang Yang was frowning. Although this palace was vast, but as the 18 stream of green flames spread across the area, cutting off ways for them to run, if they delayed this battle a little more, all three of them would definitely be trapped inside the green flames and be burnt alive, or should we say, bitten to death, alive!

40%, 30%… The boss had the {Undead Regenerative Aura} that would recover his health overtime, so even though Zhang Yang and Wei Yan Er had been giving everything they had into bringing down the health of the boss, their damage output efficiency had been reduced by almost 20%! With all the interruption from the black water puddles and the green flames, it would be hard to maintain the rate of their attacks on the boss, and that led them down to not being able to reduce the health points of the boss quickly enough.

"Keep it up, guys! You guys are doing great!" Han Ying Er was in charge of healing Zhang Yang and Wei Yan Er. Other than that, she needed to time herself and cast the {Putrefying Poison} onto the boss, leaving her with no time at all to chant the {Punishment Ray}!

"This might just work!" looking at the one quarter of the entire area that was not yet being occupied by the green flames and the remaining 20% health bar of the boss, Zhang Yang was confident that they might just pull this off! Plus, all three of them had not yet activated their super skill - {Dance of the Heaven and Earth}!

"Devastator!" Zhang Yang summoned [Devastator] out with a wave of his hand to aid them in battle.

--- as servants were not counted as living souls, they would not affect the {Undead Regenerative Aura} of the boss and consequently increase the healing amount of the boss.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Right after [Devastator] joined the battle, he used his large fists to punch the boss hard. The boss looked puny standing right before the huge body of [Devastator]!

17%, 14%, 11%… the health bar of the boss was getting lower and lower, while the surface area that had been engulfed by the green flames was getting larger, the party was almost drowning in a sea of green flames already!

[Devastator] had the disadvantage of having a very huge body mass! Although Zhang Yang and the ladies still had space to stand apart from the flames, the huge fellow had no place to stand anymore. It was during that moment, when everyone knew that [Devastator] was doomed! The green flames touched [Devastator], and the flames began to spread across him!

In an instant, the green flames had spread all over [Devastator]. Countless human faces were drilling through the body of [Devastator], the scene was really horrifying!


The huge body of [Devastator] was reduced to bits in one short instant, and the 20,000 health points were reduced to zero in just a blink of an eye!

"Holy cow! What a mess!" Zhang Yang was shouting in shock.

If players were to be touched by these green flames, they would be instantly killed!


"Take some [Power Potions], and let’s activate our {Dance of the Heaven and Earth}! Together!" Zhang Yang took a bottle of [Beginner’s Power Potion (Grade 10 Transmutation)] first, and then activated his {Dance of the Heaven and Earth}, followed by the special effect of {Chaotic Dance of Electric Current}!

Meanwhile, Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er had also taken their own [Power Potions] and had activated their {Dance of the Heaven and Earth} as well!

Shoof! Shoof! Shoof!

Three shadows wielded their swords, cutting through body of the boss, slashing like crazy! The body of the boss was suddenly surging with streams of white electrical radiance, as the old beastman started hammering strikes of lightning strike onto the head of the boss.




The health bar of the boss was reducing crazily, as if a water pipe had ruptured, and the liquid in it was flowing out!


Mordoro was already at the brink of his death!

But, the green flames and the black water puddles were approaching the three of them, trapping them in a corner!

Zhang Yang tightened his teeth and shouted, "Charge into the black water puddles! I’ll activate my skill - {Vanguard’s Aggression}!"

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