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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 412 — The Resurrected Anelia

Chapter 412: The Resurrected Anelia

"Why do I have a bad feeling about this…!" Wei Yan Er beat on her chest and said.

Meanwhile, Zhang Yang let out a breath of sigh and said, "I really hate these types of dramatic quests, always making us look like fools!"

Kyle Dylan was laughing madly like he was about to drown himself into madness, as if he was being possessed by a demon! He gazed at Zhang Yang and the two ladies, "I must really show my gratitude to you adventurers! You worked so hard, aiding me in collecting all the ingredients that I need to resurrect my Anelia in the name of Justice and some treasures and coins! Thank you so much! For twenty years, twenty years! I have waited for so long, and today is finally the day!"


A powerful quake trembled across the ground for just a brief moment, then everything went quiet.

"Can you hear that?" Kyle Dylan was looking madly passionate, "That’s the sound of my Anelia, resurrecting! I really have to show my gratitude! The Vengeful Spirit Mordoro was the strongest undead there is, and with his heart, my Anelia shall have unlimited power!"

This NPC just turned into some evil character with a savage face, "Those bloody villagers, they must have grown envious of me for being the richest man in the village and took all my properties right after I escaped! Humph! When my Anelia’s resurrection is complete, I shall bring her to the village and rain chaos upon them, let those filthy scum villagers pay for what they have done!"


The ground shook again, and again! Boom! Boom! Boom! The quakes were getting stronger and stronger, as the plants in the surrounding trembled as if they were human. Boom! Boom! Boom! Tall trees began to fall, as sand and dust were kicked up by the impact of the fallen trees.

"Noob tank, this looks a little too ‘magnificent’!" Wei Yan Er gripped her axe a little tighter.

"Sigh, why do we have to battle no matter where we go, can’t you give me some time to rest?" Han Ying Xue was sighing with a helpless tone.

The Spartan Warriors quickly backed off while hugging each other tightly.


Suddenly, a gigantic white-boned arm emerged from beneath the surface of the ground! This arm was huge! It was about 3 or 4 times thicker and larger than the arms an average person would have! Upon a closer look, the white skeleton arm was obviously combined together by many thigh bones, definitely not some natural human bone. It made sense now, that was most probably why Kyle Dylan had asked them to collect so many [Skeleton Bones], [Tooth of a Zombie], and also [Bone of the Necromancer]!


Another white-boned arm broke out of the ground! The two huge arms were like bulldozers pushing across the ground, pushing away the soils on the two sides. In that instant, dust and sands were everywhere in the air, all they could see was shattered rocks and marbles flying all over the place!

"Hahaha! Come out! Come out now! My Anelia! My beloved Anelia!" Kyle Dylan was jumping about joyfully, with a crazy look, as if he just had drugs! "Now, no one will stand in our way! No one! No one! Hahaha!"

‘Ding! Grave Keeper used you to provide him the necessary ingredients to resurrect his late wife. This terrifying existence of undead will bring catastrophic consequences to the human nearby! You must be responsible for what you have done, warriors!’

‘Ding! You have automatically accepted a quest" Slay Anelia! If you give up on the quest or you cannot complete the quest within 1 day, you will receive a penalty of Level -1!’

What the hell!

Zhang Yang and the ladies stared at each other, and cursed in unison! For everything that had happened, it’s all because of the system guide, isn’t it? If the game could just give some sort of notification to inform the players, nothing of this sort would have happened right?

This is just helpless, and hopeless! Since things have already escalated to this, they just have to go with it!

"Silly Yu, should we kill those five Spartans first?" Han Ying Xue took a quick glance at the Spartan Warrior and his 4 party members. After all, they had been slaughtered by Zhang Yang and the ladies once, revenge was a sentiment that they most likely harbored.

Before Zhang Yang could reply, a gigantic white corpse broke out of the ground! The corpse was about 3 meters tall, and the white bones on it seemed all thick and strong, but the size of the human skull and brain above the neck were of a regular human size, sticking right on top of the gigantic body! It was really disproportionate to look at!

[The Resurrected Anelia]

Level: 89

HP: 8,900,000

Defense: 2,500

"My dear Anelia ---" the eyes of Kyle Dylan grew gentle as he looked at the face of Anelia with an obsessed face. He was looking at Anelia as if she was not a gigantic white-boned undead, instead, he believed that she was still his beautiful wife! He must have lost his mind!

Zhang Yang smiled bitterly, "It’s another drama mode, we can’t move, again!" Fortunately for him, he managed to summon [Mythical Turtle] out right before all these happened.

"Kyle? Kyle Dylan?" Anelia was speaking out in a very low and husky voice, looking down at Dylan from the tall and huge body of hers, "Why have you become so short all of a sudden? That’s not right, why is everything becomes so small around me? Argh! My hands! My legs! My body! What is going on with me! Argh ---"

"My dear Anelia, please listen to me first!" Kyle Dylan quickly told Anelia every single detail about her death and her resurrection.

"I… I’m already dead?" Anelia was feeling lost, as she reached out her hands up around her face. She was shivering as she was filled with despair. She placed her shivering hands onto her face and said, "My face, is my face also changed? Like my body and hands?"

"My dear Anelia, no matter how you change, I’ll always love you!" Kyle Dylan told her gently and looked at her passionately.

"That’s just so touching!" Han Ying Xue could not move, but she still could talk, "If only someone, some man would tell me that, my life would be perfect!"

Zhang Yang, "…"

But, Anelia did not seem to be able to listen or accept any of this. After clutching her face in a daze, she suddenly let out a thunderous raging roar towards the sky and began to slam on the ground with her hands. The slamming caused the ground to shake and tremble as if the water was boiling, constantly fluctuating! She then roared at Kyle Dylan with rage, "Why! Why did you resurrect me! I wasn’t born a monster, and I sure didn’t die as one! So what meaning does it hold, for me to live like this! I hate you! I hate you!"

"Anelia---" Kyle Dylan intended to comfort her.

"Shut up!" Anelia continued to roar.

"My dear Anelia, please calm down first!" Kyle Dylan made another attempt to comfort his resurrected wife.

"I said, shut up!" Anelia roared in anger yet again, but this time, she raised her huge white-boned arm and slammed it across the ground straight at Kyle Dylan! With one powerful sweep of her arm, flesh and bones of Kyle Dylan splatted right across the air onto the ground, he was instantly smashed into a pulp! "No---" Anelia shouted as she lost her voice. In the past, she was still an ordinary woman, but now that she has become a Violet-Platinum boss, of course, she would lose control of her new strength, of course, she wouldn’t know how strong she had become!

"Argh!" Anelia began to scream in a sharp voice, and her body began to radiate with terrifying a sense of power.

"You---" Anelia raged and looked straight at Zhang Yang, the two ladies, and the 5 Spartan Warriors standing further from her. Her eye sockets were ignited with an evil flame, "My husband is already dead, why are you still alive? I want to kill! Kill every single one of you! The world does not need a single living person!"

Right after she was done talking, Zhang Yang and the players in the area had finally regained control, and they could finally move!

Wei Yan Er pointed straight at the nose of Anelia and said, "You old b*tch! You ‘re the one who killed your own husband and now, you’re trying to blame this one us? What a b*tchy Pan Jin Lian!"

"Zhang Yang could not help but to laugh, "If she’s Pan Jin Lian, then she must be the worst looking Pan Jin Lian there is in the entire history!"

"Bastards!" the boss began to stomp the ground with her white-boned feet, charging towards Zhang Yang and the two ladies! Well, they were standing so much closer to the boss, of course, they would be the ones who would get the aggro of the boss first.

A boss battle was already upon them, and having no time to even look at the five players of The Spartan Warriors, Zhang Yang quickly equipped the [Party Summon Order] on him as a precaution. What if the five of them, The Spartan Warriors, decided to ambush Zhang Yang and his party when they are in deep trouble? With the [Party Summon Order], let’s see who will be the one doing the looting by then!

{Spear of Obliteration} fired away! Zhang Yang charged in a few steps forward and engaged the boss in battle.

"Go to hell, and meet my husband!" Anelia let out a cry of sorrow and slammed her white-boned hand at Zhang Yang.


Without wasting every single second, Zhang Yang raised up his shield and blocked her slam, then he raised his [Sword of Purging Devourer] and began his assault!

"Hey, old ugly b*tch! Eat my axe!" Wei Yan Er let out a roar and went to the back of the boss. Wielding her giant axe, she directed the swing onto the white bones of Anelia, and her strikes sent sparks flying as the axe was sliced across the surface of the white bones! That hit gave a good crack on the huge thigh of the boss!

After all, the body of the boss was just made up of some bones of elite monsters, how can this boss be compared to the other Violet-Platinum bosses!

"Argh ---" Anelia roared at Zhang Yang with her mouth wide opened. Although her head is just as large as a regular human being, her mouth is large enough to swallow down a full-grown pig! As the mouth was wide opened after the boss roared, black fumes engulfed Zhang Yang! Countless black skulls moaned and roared within the black smoke!


A very nicely rounded up damage value was inflicted on Zhang Yang, and Zhang Yang had also acquired an additional negative effect!

[Fatigue]: reduces 10% of both damage dealt and healing effect, lasts for 15 seconds.

What that was even worse, was that this negative effect could be stacked by up to 5 times!

Zhang Yang quickly informed, "Witch Snow! Don’t stand on the same line as me and the boss!"


Meanwhile, after seeing Zhang Yang and the ladies engaged in battle with the boss, the five players of The Spartan Warriors stabilized their trembling hearts and let go of their fear.

"This is a great chance!" Ten-Times-of-Grass was agitated with excitement.

"That’s right! They’re engaged with a boss, and it’s a Violet-Platinum boss! Strong as f*ck! So three of them plan to slay a Violet-Platinum boss? Dream on! We can’t even bring down a Yellow-Gold boss with all five of us!" Freezing With Heart was a little agitated with excitement as well.

"Let’s wait! They won’t be able to hold on much longer against this powerful Violet-Platinum boss! When Zhan Yu is about to die, we shall charge in and take the advantage the god has given us! Kill him! Kill Zhan Yu! And after we upload the playback of us doing so to the forums and official websites… Haha! We shall become the first in the entire China server to ever kill Zhan Yu!"

First! Number one!

In online games, who wouldn’t want to get the title of ‘Number one’! Number one on the Leveling list, number one on the profession list, who cares! As long as it’s a ‘Number one’, it was a majestic-looking title wherever you go!

"Hehe, if we can even get a few pieces of Violet-Platinum equipment after we kill them, then we will be rich and powerful!"

The five of them were getting pumped to do it as they talked on. Then they turned their eyes towards Zhang Yang and the two ladies without any fear anymore. Instead, they were looking at Zhang Yang with greedy eyes as if Zhang Yang was already destined to be killed by them.

"Anyone who has seen this look of mine must die!" Anelia was getting crazier, and because she was beginning to get used to her new body, she became more comfortable in advancing and retreating, basically, all of her movements became smoother. And now, she had finally begun to unleash the power of a Violet-Platinum boss!

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