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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 414 — Powerful Summons!

Chapter 414: Powerful Summons!

Thud! Thud! Thud!

The Death Knights did not even allow the party time to prepare themselves. They came up, wielding their heavy swords at Zhang Yang, as if they were about to slay a god!






The five Death Knights directed their heavy swords right at Zhang Yang, and one of them was able to score a {Death Strike}, inflicting a horrific damage on Zhang Yang!

The boss did not just stand there and watch as well. She reached out for them with her massive arms. Fortunately, Zhang Yang was ready. He had reserved his {Block} just for her! With his shield raised up high, he activated {Block} and repelled the arms, preventing himself from being damaged even further.

Zhang Yang could not care whether the damage output of Turtle was reduced or not at this time. He immediately flipped himself over onto Turtle, boosting his maximum health points up to 130,000 to increase his own survivability.

{Blast Wave}!

All five Death Knights were hit and they were stunned, giving Zhang Yang and the ladies a brief moment to breathe and buffer a little.

"Focus on one monster, and kill it first!" Zhang Yang quickly marked one of the Death Knights with the symbol of a ‘sun’ and commanded the ladies to attack it.

Han Ying Xue also took a moment of her time to activate {Putrefying Poison} on the Death Knights, all five of them. Then, she turned her attention towards healing Zhang Yang with everything she had. The damage output of one boss and five elite monsters combined was very powerful! Even Zhang Yang’s defense would not hold up for long. With all the damage done to him and Han Ying Xue healing him, his health bar was like a roller coaster, going up and down, breaking even at around 50%.

This time, he wasn’t just pretending. It was because Han Ying Xue could not keep his health points up!

[Devastator] and [Money-Greed Florick]1 were summoned to increase their damage output in an attempt to end the battle a little faster. As for the centaur servant that Wei Yan Er had, the power level of this servant is just too weak compared to the other two servants. So it would be pointless to summon it out.

{Force Blast}

[Devastator] blasted the 5 Death Knights 10 meters back the moment he was summoned out, followed by a powerful {Blast Wave} from Wei Yan Er in attempt to restrict the movement of these elite monsters.

But still, Zhang Yang’s health bar was still decreasing madly, and it was about to hit the bottom!

{Berserker’s Heal}!


A healing value that left Han Ying Xue speechless and impressed at the same time appeared right above Zhang Yang, healing him back to his full health state!

In terms of AOE attacks, Wei Yan Er was no match to Zhang Yang! But, Zhang Yang is currently inflicted with a {Fatigue} effect, causing his attack to decrease tremendously. The defense of these Death Knights was uniquely high, causing the attack of {Blast Wave} and {Thunder Strike} which already had low damage output, to become even weaker, reducing the effectiveness of their initial damage output capability!

It seemed that it would be wiser to level up the skill {Eagle Eye} up to Level 10 as a priority!

When this skill is at the maximum level, it would allow the player to ignore 95% of the defense of the target! So, it could have surprising effects when used to engage multiple monsters at the same time --- of course, it did not make sense to use {Cripple Defense} on the monsters one by one when there are many monsters around!

50 seconds later, the first Death Knight had finally been slain!

"I’m the master of the undead! Spectres, arise from your slumber and fight for your master!"

Another minute later, Anelia began to summon her little minions. But this time, there were no corpses for the boss to use, so Anelia was just wasting her breath and her expression!


Another 40 seconds have passed, and the second Death Knight was slain!

Although they were focusing on one monster at a time, some of their skills such as {Tornado Cleave} and {Horizontal Sweep} would inflict damages to the other monsters around them. That was the reason why they were getting faster in slaying the monsters!

The third one followed, and the fourth one, then last but not least, the fifth one! All have been slain! Zhang Yang and the ladies had finally made it through the dangerous situation they were in!

Han Ying Xue staggered in relief, "It was really lucky for us that there were only 5 of them dead! If there are more corpses on the ground, then we won’t have been able to pull it through! Any party would not survive if more elite monsters were spawned!"

Anelia possessed the [Mordoro’s Heart], and all thanks to this [Mordoro’s Heart], Anelia had earned a new ability. As Kyle Dylan had used the heart to resurrect Anelia, it had given her the ability to raise the undead! And Anelia had many very powerful AoE skills. So the more players present, the higher the death rate would be, and the number of elite monsters that Anelia could summon would be much higher as well!

If the death counts of the players reach a certain extent, then the boss would bring disastrously high damage to all players by just summoning elite monsters, causing more deaths. When there are more death counts on the players, the boss could just summon elite monsters with her ability, and the number of the monsters she can summon will increase together with the increasing death count. The boss could simply overwhelm the players in that manner!

Zhang Yang then said, "I hope those 5 nincompoops won’t come back and die again!"

After clearing the five monsters, Zhang Yang dismounted from [Mythical Turtle] once again, allowing the mighty and powerful Turtle to unleash its best potential in battle, channeling the highest damage output it could!

70%, 60%… the health bar of the boss was constantly reducing.

For every one minute, Anelia would attempt to summon something. But, unfortunate for her, there were only Zhang Yang and the two ladies breathing with life. So the strongest ‘special ability’ of the boss had become totally useless!

Pak! Plak!

The bones on Anelia were clashing violently against the sword and axe, causing them to fracture bit by bit. The fracture-lines were beginning to form deeper cracks, as pieces of bones were beginning to fall from her body as if she was oppressed! As the boss’s health bar was around 50%, one of her leg was actually hacked off by Wei Yan Er with a powerful blow, literally!


The body of the boss collapsed, as she lost balance, and the impact of her falling trembled cross the ground, leaving a wave of rumble and a stir of dust into the air.

"God damn human! Insolent living souls!" Anelia could not stop cursing, trying to support her large body with her other leg that was still attached to her body! She repeatedly slammed at Zhang Yang in rage and hatred!

In this game, there is no such thing as a wounded or weakened status, meaning that, as long as one is still alive, it would not matter if the health bar is full, or if there is only 1 health point left, the attack of a monster or a boss would not undergo any difference --- unless they are affected by status effects from skills such as stuns or movement speed reduction. Although Anelia was only left with one leg, but she could still jump around as if she had both legs!

"Hahaha! This boss is like a kangaroo now!" Wei Yan Er could not help but to laugh out loud!

But this kangaroo is definitely the deadliest one there is in the entire world. As her body was badly wounded, the boss was enraged even more. Although it had not yet increased her damage, but it would likely trigger some sort of skill or effect that she had yet to use!

Red visible lights were flashed violently across the eyes of the boss, as her right arm suddenly turned bloody red, and it looked like her hand was covered with endless blood, flowing around like armor, up her entire arm!

Zhang Yang felt a chill down his spine, it had been a while since he felt fear! As his {Shield Wall} was still under cool down period, he activated his [Heart of the Death Knight] without hesitation, entering a 10-second state of invincibility!


The right arm of Anelia extended far out and stabbed straight into the chest of Zhang Yang like a long spear!

‘Ding! Anelia has unleashed Fatal Bone Spear!’


After the boss stabbed him in his chest with the skill, he suddenly realized that the boss had acquired a negative effect on her.

[Overstressed]: Suffers 20% additional damage when being hit, last for 15 seconds.

Although Zhang Yang was not aware of how powerful the {Fatal Bone Spear} was, as he was invincible at the moment, but after realizing the new added negative effect on the boss, he knew that the moment had finally come!

With the boss having the negative effect to receive 20% additional damage, it was a great chance for Zhang Yang and the ladies to hustle up! Time to strike violently!

40%, 30%, 20%… the health bar of Anelia had almost hit the bottom, but Han Ying Xue’s mana bar was almost depleted as well! After all, the boss has many means in her AOE attacks. To have her healing Zhang Yang and Wei Yan Er with higher skills of healing, even with her {Divine Soul} activated, which reduces 75% of mana consumption, she would not be able to hold up so long as well!

And she had also been taking [Mana Potion (Grade 10 Transmutation)], or else, she would have been done for, since the beginning, and forced to stare from aside, doing nothing!

When the health bar of Anelia was reduced down to 10%, the right arm of the boss turned bloody red again!

{Shield Wall} has completely cooled down, so Zhang Yang did not hesitate at all and activated it right away!


That was really terrifying! Zhang Yang was still inflicted with almost 40,000 damage even with his {Shield Wall} activated! Fortunately, he still had about 80,000 health points on him at the moment, or he would have been instant-killed!

Zhang Yang brought up the battle log to check: Anelia’s Fatal Bone Spear has inflicted 37,554 physical damage on you (160,456 damage immune, 1,990 damage absorbed).

This… this is just outrageous! A basic damage of 200,000!

Without activating skills, no tanker at the current stage of the game could sustain that amount of damage and survive!

This was just domineering! No wonder the boss became weak for the next 15 seconds, so this was her ‘end game’ plan! A total damage of 200,000! It would still be worth it, even f the boss stayed weak for another 1 minute!

Even a Level 80 tanker with a full set of Yellow-Gold equipment would have only about 30,000 health points. Without a pet mount to boost the maximum health points, the tanker would still die without activating {Shield Wall}, without a doubt!

So the future was very tough on those tankers without pet mounts. They will definitely be struggling a lot!

During the first hit of {Fatal Bone Spear}, as Zhang Yang was invincible due to his activation of [Heart of the Death Knight], Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er were not aware of how powerful the skill is. But this time around, the damage value appeared on Zhang Yang took their breaths away, leaving them speechless.


While the boss was still under the influence of the negative effect {Overstressed}, Wei Yan Yer quickly took a bottle of [Power Potion (Grade 10 Transmutation)] and swung her axe with full strength! Instantly, she inflicted the boss with a horrific value of damage! It felt really awesome!

"Wow!" Wei Yan Er was agitated and she screamed in excitement!

Zhang Yang nodded and praised her, "That value of damage is really a little overpowered. It can be compared to an attack of a boss! Too bad, the cooldown is a little too long as well."

"Humph! It’s not just overpowered by ‘a little’ alright? It’s overpowered to the max!" Wei Yan Er was feeling flattered. This little girl really loved to show off.

18%, 16%, 14%… as Anelia was being weakened by {Overstressed}, her health bar was reduced incredibly fast within the 15 seconds!

"What a waste, that all our {Dance of the Heaven and Earths} are still on cooldown period!" Han Ying Xue sighed. If one could just activate {Dance of the Heaven and Earth} while the boss is in her weakened state, it could bring about 170,000 damage to the boss, a terrifying damage value indeed! But the unfortunate thing was that this skill had a 24-hour cooldown period, and they had just activated their {Dance of the Heaven and Earth} during the battle with The Vengeful Spirit Mordoro, so they would need to wait for another 20 hours before they can activate it again!

"Power of darkness, please grant me unlimited power to exterminate these imbecile living souls!" Anelia looked up into the sky and let out a sharp and yet thunderous cry. Her large body began to give off the cracking sound of bone joints as the body shrunk smaller and smaller by the moment!

In just a brief while, Anelia had shrunk down to the size of a regular human person, and at the same time, she also gained a double edged effect. The effect is beneficial and harmful to her at the same time! How so?

[Unholy Strength]: Damage increases by 30%, however, loses 10,000 health points every 3 seconds, last for 5 minutes.

At that very moment, the boss still had 5% of health left, a total of 440,000 health points left!

Theoretically, if Zhang Yang and the ladies could hold on for 132 seconds, then they did not have to hit the boss, they only had to wait for the effect of {Unholy Strength} to reduce the health to zero and kill the boss! But the key here now, was that Han Ying Xue was already at her limit. Her mana bar was about to it the bottom already! Now that the boss had somehow gone ‘berserk’ and the boss’s attack had increased substantially, this final stage of the battle where the 5% health must be reduced to 0 will become very difficult and dangerous!

{Titan's Shield}!

Zhang Yang had finally activated his final trump card! He activated his Titan Set Armor’s additional effect skill{Titan’s Shield}, giving him the ability to absorb 300,000 damage!

"Let’s slay this thing fast!"

After going into berserk mode, the boss could inflict a damage of 16,000 in a single hit! Even the {Titan’s Shield} can only withstand 19 hits from the boss!

With everything they got, Zhang Yang and the ladies unleashed every single possible hit onto the boss!




Pak! The {Titan’s Shield} was broken at last!

Fortunately, Han Ying Xue’s mana bar had regenerated a little over the period of time when they were engaging the boss, so she had enough mana points to heal Zhang Yang in the nick of time!


Finally, Anelia screamed in misery and collapsed onto the ground heavily.


1. [Money-Greed Florick] - before the amendment, the name was [Codger Florick].

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