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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 415 — Titan Set Armor Completed!

Chapter 415: Titan Set Armor Completed!

‘Ding! You have completed a quest: Slay Anelia, acquired 5,000,000 experience points!’

The mesmerizing sound of the system notification sounded across the ears of Zhang Yang and the two ladies. Those were the sweetest sound notifications they have heard for the day.

"Please do not engage a boss with only 3 members in a party, that was so tiring!" Han Ying Xue shook her head again and again. Her mana bar had dried up once, and now it got sucked dry once again.

But Wei Yan Er was happy about this, "Sister snow, the fewer we are, the more gold coins we get after slaying the boss!"

Han Ying Xue immediately revealed a conflicted expression right on her face.

Then, Wei Yan Er went on to pick up the loot dropped by the boss. With a joyful smile on her face, the little girl picked up 20 gold coins, and that was the moment when she discovered a pair of gloves glittering in a shiny violet complexion. She picked it up and went to Zhang Yang, "Noob tank, come worship my incredible lucky hands! Take a look at what my hands have picked up for you!"

[Titan Gauntlets] (Violet-Platinum, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +80

Vitality: +282

Strength: +81

Agility: +40

Equip: Absorbs 162 damage points when being hit.


Required Profession: Guardian

Required Level: 80

Titan Set Armor (8/8)

Finally! It’s complete! All eight pieces of the armor set were in place! Zhang Yang filled his face with tears of joy, as it was really a long journey - full of hardship and patience. Ever since he got the first piece of the Titan Set Armor [Titan Greaves], it had been a long 5-month journey, 5 months!

Without having the patience to wait until the equipment is identified, Zhang Yang equipped it on straight away right after tossing his [Earth Spirit Hand Guards] off into his inventory. There, he finally acquired the special effect when all eight pieces of the Titan Set Armor are together in one place: When you are hit, there is a 1% chance that you will acquire the Titan’s Blessing, and the attacker will be stunned for 10 seconds. This effect is effective on the bosses of Violet-Platinum or lower grade.

This effect is wicked sick if it’s ever triggered in a boss fight! It can save a life, no, save lives!

Wei Yan Er grew envious of Zhang Yang, and she teased, "Now that noob tank has one complete set of Armor Set, I have only two pieces of my Armor Set. How long do I need to wait before I can complete my Armor Set too! Months? Years? Wu wu wu."

Zhang Yang smiled and said, "If the bread can get it, the butter will get it too! Haha!"

"You sarcastic son of a beach!" Wei Yan Er harrumphed and proceeded with her looting.

[Battle Flag of Recovery] (Consumable)

Use: Installs a battle flag on the ground, heal members of your party (Maximum 10 players) by 2,000 health points every 10 seconds, members must be within the 30-meter radius of the area, with the flag as the center point, lasts for 5 minutes.

Required Level: 80

Well, this was actually a useful piece of consumable convenient for Party Battles! It’s like an AOE healing skill, it was definitely practical for battles! Zhang Yang quickly called dibs on it and kept it into his inventory.

"Yan Er, stop fooling around with the inferior stuff and get on with the armor set equipment!" Han Ying Xue urged the little girl.

"Alright!" Wei Yan Er replied with a strong nod and quickly looked for any possible items that glowed violet!

[Blade of Endless Abyss] (Violet-Platinum, Dual Weapon)

Attack: 2,356 - 2,956

Attack Interval: 3.8 seconds

DPS: 699

Equip: When hitting a target, there is a 1% chance to reduce 5% strength of the target. Can stack up to 3 times. Lasts for 10 seconds.


Required Level: 80

"The weapon attack is really good, but the special effect is little underwhelming." Zhang Yang commented. The attack of a boss is usually fixed, so it would be pointless to reduce the strength of a boss. And in player vs player mode, unless it’s a battle of attrition where the one lasting the longest wins, it would be impossible to wait for so long until the effect triggers 3 times and stacks onto each other!

"If we sell it, it will still be worth quite a fortune!" Han Ying Xue nodded, but she was not really into this kind of selling and buying business. She preferred to get the gold coins in her hands, as it’s more exciting to pick up the gold coins by herself, and holding them in her hands felt more practical and real.

"Wu wu wu, so after all that we have been through, battling the boss, we only get three pieces of Violet-Platinum equipment as our reward? And only noob tank gets to complete collecting all eight pieces of his armor set equipment! This is really unfair!" Wei Yan Er lamented

[Cryonic Warrior Greaves] (Violet-Platinum, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +80

Vitality: +564

Strength: +161

Intelligence: +80

Equip: Absorbs 162 damage when being hit.


Required Level: 80

"… doing all the heavy work for this Starlight boy I see!" Zhang Yang let out a sigh, because this equipment was specially designed for a defender, as it increases the intelligence of the person who equips it.

"Humph! At least get 100,000 gold coins from him as service charge!" Wei Yan Er bared her ‘fangs’ as she spoke. She wasn’t in a good mood, as she did not get any of her armor set.

Zhang Yang kept the remaining Yellow-Gold equipment into his inventory and said, "Since the boss is slain, and the quest is completed, let’s go back now!"

He was eager to identify his [Titan’s Gaunlets].

The two ladies nodded, but both of them requested Zhang Yang to teleport back to the main city and use the [Party Summon Order] to summon them back.

These ladies were capable of squeezing oil out of stones, so Zhang Yang had nothing to argue with them and just did what he was asked to do.

Arriving back at the White Jade Castle, Zhang Yang went straight over to the Identifying Shop to identify his newly acquired [Titan’s Gaunlets]. Then he inserted the [Level 3 Vitality Gemstones] onto his equipment, powering it up by 50%! Now, he finally had a complete set of Level 80 Violet-Platinum armor set on him! Initially, the Titan Set Armor only glittering in a vague and gentle violet glow. But, the moment he identified the final piece of the armor set equipment and equipped it, this set of Titan Armor Set suddenly began to bloom in a dazzling violet glow that catches the eyes of the public! He looks awesomely ‘shiny’, in that sense!

There were many players nearby at the Identifying Shop as well. Seeing Zhang Yang suddenly transformed into some sort of godly existence, everyone was exclaiming on how cool he seemed to be. Some of them were quick on reflexes as they already activated the function of the recorder in the game. If this magnificent scene is uploaded on the forums, this would definitely win a large number of clicks!

Zhang Yang was caught by surprise as he had never thought that the armor would glow so bright, attracting so much unwanted attention to him! So he quickly deselected the ‘Show special effect of your armor’ in the option menu and instantly, his [Titan Set Armor] became dimmer. Only the lucky ones with quick eyes could see him glowing in ‘holy’ violet light.

If he had not switched the ‘special effect’ on his armor off, he would have become a huge 1000-watt light bulb running around in the city! Wherever he goes, he would shine upon the place!

As he was rounded by a bunch of players, Zhang Yang quickly summoned his mount and rushed towards the auction house.

Every time when he returns to the main city, he would visit the auction house to try his luck. Oftentimes, he would find something useful.

As usual. He would first seek for the skill books for pets. Although he did not find any high grade skill books, but he had managed to secure two [Pet Skill Engravement Scrolls], and it was worth his time! But when he went over to search for [Skill Books] for Professions, he was out of luck that day.

Now that he had acquired a full set of Titan Set Armor, he did not have much equipment needs for his next 20 levels journey. The only need he had left was to switch the two rings and two accessories with better ones! The Armor Set effect of his Titan Set Effect would remain irreplaceable until Mythical grade equipment appears, and the [Sword of Purging Devourer] still had two seals that had yet to be unsealed. So, as long as he stays on track and completes all the quests related to the sword, the ‘Holy’ sword will be able to ‘grow’ even stronger!

So now, leveling up is the priority!

As he had been so busy with so many quests that had provided them so much experience points, along with slaying so many elite grade monsters while progressing through his quests, he was just one small step away from reaching Level 87! And he had only used one day to complete leveling up to Level 87, becoming the first player in the entire China server to ever reach Level 87!

All he ever wanted was to grind his level up further, however, accidental situations tended to befall on him at the best ‘suitable’ times!

As Silky Soft Holdings was trying to rebuild their business base, many of their business partners were beginning to treat their partnerships a little differently. So the Silky Soft Holdings must be very cautious on every move they make in the future. This time, his company had a contract related to getting a large company in Northern Beijing City, the Crimson Cosmetic Holdings. The two large companies were attempting to work together for once, taking a bundled sales strategy to fight a ‘war’ with a price.

But as for how they are going to divide the profit, it was a large problem. Because portion as small as one out of one thousand ratios of in and out, can be about millions of dollars for the both companies. So they cannot just simply act on it!

Therefore, although Zhang Yang did not really understand anything about this, he still had to present himself at the Crimson Cosmetic Holdings’s headquarters in Northern Beijing City and have a meeting with the CEO of that company. He had the obligation to handle the details of their partnership. Although he was just an observer, but his presence would mean the sincerity of the Silky Soft Holdings in their partnership!

This was actually the biggest step that Silky Soft Holdings would be taking ever since they started rebuilding their business. Therefore, they valued every part of their company. They had already arranged the managers of all departments in their company to get involved in the operation this time around. Zhang Yang thought that he did not have to worry about anything as he was the CEO. There would be a car escorting him to the airport, and when he arrived at the destination, there would also be a car escorting him over to the hotel. That was all in his own thoughts.

On the April 29, he brought 3 of his secretaries along. But when his car arrived at the destination, Zhang Yang realized that they were not at the airport, but they were at the train station instead!

The three pretty secretaries were giggling and smiling while they were trying to pull him up to the train. They informed him that the negotiations would only take place on the day after tomorrow, and they would have plenty of time to be sentimental and have fun ‘shaking’ on the train!

Now that he was surrounded by three young and sexy women who kept on ‘luring’ him in, who knew how many men on the train, being envious of him, quietly to the point that they were drooling to themselves! The secretaries had booked their very own Soft-sleeper seats, and the decoration for the coach of the train was very luxurious! The bathroom even had a bathtub in it! The standard of the coach was comparable to a 5-Star hotel!

No wonder one ticket was worth more than three times of the price of a plane ticket! It was all worth the money, just by looking at the coach now!

At first, all six of Zhang Yang’s secretaries wanted to tag along. But Zhang Yang thought that it would be way beyond exaggeration for a mere contract meeting, so after picking his troops more carefully, he finally managed to reduce the number of people following him down to only 3, and it was actually still too many! One secretary was all he needed! These three pretty women were giggling all the time. All three of them went into the bathroom of the coach to take a bath, and had come out with only bras and panties on them, walking around, shaking their boobies right in front of Zhang Yang, trying to get on his ‘nerves’!

It was really fortunate that he had brought along his game helmet. So, after Zhang Yang put on his helmet and lay down on his bed, he went on and played his own game.

All the while on the coach, the three secretaries pampered him to the point that he only needed to hold out his hand to be dressed, and open his mouth to be fed! They were about to turn him into a lazy person! But the duration of the journey from Zhou Su City to Northern Beijing City was about 16 hours, add or take. So they arrived at the station in less than a day.

So, they arrived at the designated hotel to meet the negotiation team of Crimson Cosmetic Holdings. After a night of rest, Zhang Yang and his main team departed for the company office of the Crimson Cosmetic Holdings, ready to begin their 3-day negotiation on the details of their partnership.

The CEO of the Crimson Cosmetic Holdings was a charming lady, with an outstanding appearance and personality. She was aged at about 28, with a slender and yet attractive body figure. Her boobs stood at attention, and she had a fair face, with a little blush on her face. An angelic face like this would attract most men to take a quick glance at her - both intentionally and unintentionally.

An attractive lady at this age is really mature and attractive. This woman had a strong impression to be kept in admirable order. Every word and every move she made really showed that she was so much more mature and attractive than those young and simple-minded pretty girls that he had met before.

Xu Lan, that is her name.

Zhang Yang took a good look at the woman, and he was shocked! He could not help himself and let out an obvious exclamation, "Snow Seeker!"

"Zhan Yu!" Xu Lan was also very surprised to see him.

So, this Xu Lan is actually the Guildmaster of the Crimson Rage in the game. The two of them actually met once during the Soaring Sword Competition that was being held in Shang Hai.

"Haha! I should have guessed it earlier! How could I not connect the dots! Crimson Rage and Crimson Cosmetics are of course, related!" Zhang Yang laughed.

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