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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 417 — Kill Cynapor

Chapter 417: Kill Cynapor

[The Lone Survivor] (Difficulty Level: D)

Quest Description: As the lone survivor of the eerie massacre, you feel a sense of guilt, and the obligation to report the incident to a higher authority. Hurry over to the Island of the Sacred One and bring this matter to the Public Safety Officer Julio. Inform him of the incident and allow him to make preparations to prevent any deadly attacks of the Naga.

Progress: Inform Julio 0/1

Zhang Yang controlled the Mythical Turtle and turned around, and shot towards the Island. Although the turtle did not have an engine powering it, it was still as fast as the ship itself, before it was sunk. Splitting the waves as he sped through the water surface, Zhang Yang had arrived land in just 5 minutes. Once Zhang Yang stepped on land, like a bullet train arriving at the station, the turtle suddenly moved ever so slowly that Zhang Yang had jumped down and started to walk on his own two feet. Zhang Yang immediately swapped the turtle for the bear and rode towards the designated direction.

The rainforest on the island was thick and flourishing. The place was like Eden; especially when there were occasional deers, wild rabbits, and other fauna running around happily, around the skyscraping trees. After the thick forest, the presence of humans started to get heavier. From where Zhang Yang stood, he could see that there were many people looking at the same general direction. There were many kinds of expressions on their faces when he arrived. Some were crying, some were happily smiling, and some were so grateful with tears pouring out of their eyes, they were bowing down on all fours.

Zhang Yang proceeded to investigate the location of Julio, and once he had obtained reliable information, he arrived at a small station, situated at the side of a small hill. There were elite tiered guards everywhere in the station. Some were patrolling around, while the others were standing guard. At the center of the entire group of guards, was a taller man with a well-built physique. Beneath the huge, heavy armor, the man looked like he could kill a bear with a single punch.

[Public Safety Officer, Julio] (Yellow-Gold, Humanoid)

Level: 95

HP: 1,900,000

Defense: 1,700

Zhang Yang rode his way towards the officer and stopped a few meters away from him. He saluted the man before reporting the entire incident. "General Julio. I have grave news for you!"

The stoic and calm expression on Julio was immediately replaced with rage and madness when he heard Zhang Yang’s story.

"I knew the Naga were nothing but warmongers! But this time, they have gone too far! They had slaughtered the loyal followers of the Sacred One! This is an open act of blasphemy! Adventurer! I do not care who you are or where you came from. But since you had obeyed the summons from the Sacred One, you have to follow my orders! I hereby command you to go to the Naga’s lair, located at the Ruins of Apolli and kill their leader, Cynapor!"

‘Ding! The Public Safety Officer, Julio has a quest for you: Kill Cynapor. Will you accept it?’

Zhang Yang frown disgruntledly and said, "Sir, I am but alone. You wish to have me to make my way to the enemy’s lair and kill their leader alone?"

"Excellent. You seem to have a perfect hearing!" Julio nodded his head.

Perfect hearing?! You won’t need to have a perfect hearing when you hear me screaming in your ears!

Zhang Yang was so angry that he could just jump on him and take his head instead! With great effort, Zhang Yang calmed down and proceeded on with the quest. At least there should be a reward which would make it worth his while.

[Kill Cynapor] (Difficulty Level: A)

Quest Description: The Public Safety Officer Julio has commanded you to invade the Naga’s lair and kill their leader, Cynapor. You must bring his head back as proof. The wretched Nagas lair is situated at the Ruins of Apolli, 500km west of the Island of the Sacred One, under the sea.

Progress: Severed Head of Cynapor 0/1

Quest Reward: Julio’s Appraisal.

[Julio’s Appraisal] (Gray-Silver, Ring)

Vitality: +120

Use: Increases 50 points - all attributes. Last for 30 seconds.

Cool Down Time: 5 Minutes.

Level Requirement: 90

Zhang Yang slowly read through the quest description and closed the quest window with a sulky face. What a f*cked up quest…

Although Zhang Yang had never seen or heard of Cynapor, he knew that when even his subordinate was already a Yellow-Gold tier, would not Cynapor himself be someone of a higher tier? It had to be a Violet-Platinum boss, at least! Furthermore, being the leader of the Naga race, Cynapor would definitely be heavily guarded by all the elite forces of his races! To kill the leader, he would have to go through countless of obstacles and strong bosses! It would be a waste of time! Such a troublesome quest should only be rewarded with a Violet-Platinum! Not some cheap Gray-Silver piece of crap! Who would be willing to do it?!

If not for the Dimensional Key Fragment, Zhang Yang would not have even care about the douchebag. But having gone so far, it was simply something he had to do for the fragment!

After thinking about it for some time, Zhang Yang finally decided to put this quest on the sidelines. Since each player could receive as many as 100 quests at the same time, Zhang Yang was better off trying to complete a few better ones around the island before attempting the troublesome one.

Zhang Yang had ventured through the entire island and found many different types of the most down to earth kinds of quests. There were extermination quests, collection quests, guarding quests, and much more similar kinds. In his ventures, he had found that he was unable to enter the palace, like building centered on the island. There was some kind of magical seal protecting it, that even {Burrow} and {Shadow of the Void} could not penetrate the shield. Alas, Zhang Yang had no choice but to take on the stupid quest and kill what’s-his-face.

Zhang Yang sighed heavily and stomped the ground like a pampered kid. He then rode the bear and came to the west side of the island. There, he switched to the Mythical Turtle and sped through the water, towards the west. Since the Mythical Turtle granted underwater breathing, Zhang Yang had taken the opportunity to harvest some [Devil’s Algae]. Back on the island, Zhang Yang had taken a quest that required him to farm some materials. Zhang Yang swam close to the monsters that were guarding the herbs and killed them for their drops. The ingredients gathered could be traded to the cooks in the islands and they would whip up something for Zhang Yang to eat.

After swimming for 2 hours or so, Zhang Yang found the place where he had intended to be. It was an old, underwater castle, which was surrounded in ruins. The castle was obviously created by humans at a glance, since there were many statues that were made to look like regular humans. There were statues of Warriors, Hunters, and even Spellcasters.

Perhaps, this castle had once belonged to an actual island. Perhaps, a war had erupted at some point in the past, that had caused the entire island to be destroyed and lost in the deep sea.

Outside the castle were many Nagas patrolling. The males were holding spears, while the females were carrying bows and arrows. None them looked friendly to begin with. They were all Level 94 elite tiered monsters, with HP bars reaching as high as 94,000. There was no other way to enter the castle, other the front door which was heavily guarded. Looks like Zhang Yang would have to dye the water red in order to breach the door.

Zhang Yang swam close to the nearest male Nage and threw a {Spear of Obliteration} the moment he was 30 meters away from him.


"Sssss! Filthy human!" cried the warrior Naga. With a quick swing of its tail, the Naga rose from the ocean floor and swam like a torpedo towards Zhang Yang.



The devastating attack was purely from the Mythical Turtle. The attack was one normal attack and one {Tear}.

After reaching Level 90, Zhang Yang merely gained a new skill and some skill points to use. Since there were no changes in terms of equipment, Zhang Yang had not gained any improvements to his HP limit or his attack power. On the other hand, the battle mount was different. It would receive an upgrade with every 10 levels gained!

At Level 89, the Mythical Turtle’s average attack power was only 7,579. After reaching Level 90, the average attack power of the Mythical Turtle had reached 8,428! An 11% gain in attack power!

"It’s futile to fight us! The water is our realm! You’re powerless here!" cried the warrior as he thrust his spear to attack Zhang Yang. It was true that the Naga thrived in water. They were moving beyond the speeds of a human on land. It was a pity that, as they were fighting Zhang Yang, be it on land or water, an elite tier monster would only be treated as a normal tier. Together with the Mythical Turtle, Zhang Yang had practically butchered the poor Naga.

Zhang Yang had ended the battle quickly and proceeded to loot the battle drops. He picked up a clamshell and when he opened it, there was only meat, but no pearl. Though it was unfortunate, Zhang Yang felt nothing about it and continued to kill his way towards the royal palace.

After some time, Wei Yan Er, Fatty Han and the rest of the team had entered the Level 90 map. Every one of them cried out to join him in his fights. Zhang Yang had no choice but to allow them. He had asked them to visit the guild storage and bring along Underwater Potions. When everyone had made their preparations, Zhang Yang had used the [Party Summon Order] to teleport them to his side.

Since Zhang Yang had only procured one [Mermaid’s Lung] which was forcefully taken away by Wei Yan Er, the rest of the team had to use the [Underwater Breathing Potion] to breathe underwater. Since Zhang Yang had the skill Alchemist’s Intuition, some of his potions were Transmuted, granting a bonus ranging from a 10% to a 100% increase in swimming speed. The little brat, even though she was already wearing the [Mermaid’s Lung], she had still consumed a [Grade 10 Transmuted Underwater Breathing Potion] to increase her swimming speed to 100%. However, even with the speed buff on them, Zhang Yang’s and Han Ying Xue’s battle mounts’ were still faster. Everyone was envious, yet they enjoyed their time underwater.

Zhang Yang tried sharing the quest to everyone and succeeded. However, every one of them immediately complained about the quest when they saw the reward.

The 10-men party was gathered and had punctured through the barricade of Naga like a nail and hammer, and entered the palace’s compound.

At first glance, the first area they had entered was supposed to be a garden. Now, instead of flowers, many types of seaweeds were thriving in the area. There were many different kinds of small fishes swimming around freely. Tempted, the turtle turned its head left and right as it saw the fishes swimming past it. Finally, after it could take it anymore, the turtle turned its head up to Zhang Yang, trying to ask for a brief moment for it to have a feeding frenzy.

Zhang Yang sighed and patted the turtle’s head, saying, "Let’s finish things up here first. I’ll let you have your feast after!"

The Mythical Turtle lowered its head sadly and proceeded to swim forward.

With the entire elite team with him, Zhang Yang easily cleared the monsters in the garden area and had stumbled upon the first boss without a hitch.

[Group Captain Jue Was] (Yellow-Gold, Humanoid)

Level: 92

HP: 1,840,000

Defense: 1,700

Once they had taken a good look at the boss’ HP, the party snickered. Lost Dream said, "Man! The bosses these days sure are easy as pie! Come on! Not even 2 million there! We could kill it in two to three hits!"

"Yeah, easy for you to say. Without a tank, let’s see you manage that!" said Endless Starlight. He hated pompous brats and have never found peace with Lost Dream.

Lost Dream scoffed lightly and replied disgruntledly. "Give me 10 well-equipped Thieves, and we could take turns to use {Blur} and {Vanish} to erase aggro, I’m sure we could defeat the boss easily!"

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