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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 421 — The Four Horsemen

Chapter 421: The Four Horsemen

"The system must be cheating! This boss must be a Violet-Platinum boss, masking as a Yellow-Gold!"

"F*cking prick, must be thinking of saving Violet-Platinum equipment. That’s why he paid the right people off to be classified as a Yellow-Gold! Sheet is still as difficult as a Violet-Platinum fuck!"

"Yeah! D*mn! It’s not what we signed up for!"

Everyone was pissed off when the fight between Mardavos was so much tougher than Julio, even when both of them were of the same tier.


"The Lord had wished for land, and the earth sprung new land for the Lord!"

Right after the boss had finished talking, a large meteorite fell down from the sky, smashing down on them. From the words that the boss had just said, they were expecting something to come out from the ground! None of them was prepared to defend against the falling rocks!

It was not one, but an endless cascade of falling rocks. The skill dealt the same basic damage as the previous skills that the boss had cast, but compared to the ice pillars and the flaming tongues, this meteorite shower was falling continuously! Eventually, it proved to be impossible for both Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart to heal everyone. Zhang Yang and Endless Starlight had already used {Vanguard's Aggression} during the previous skills. Luckily, Zhang Yang was still able to use {Rearm} and reactivated {Vanguard's Aggression} just for one last time.

A blue spherical barrier was placed and had protected everyone. However, safety was nowhere to be seen. By the time the barrier had expired, the meteor shower had not yet finished falling. However, during the protective duration, Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart were able to heal everyone. After {Vanguard's Aggression} had ended, the continuation of the meteor had dealt so much damage that the party had lost the HP they had painstakingly recovered.

The decisive moment had arrived, just when both sides had little to no HP left. The party was left with a few drops of HP, while the boss still had over 4%. Zhang Yang and everyone else gritted their teeth hard and rushed forward without the need to care about their lives any longer. The last spurt of power had cost them Hundred Shots and Daffodil Daydream.

After the boss was killed, everyone still stared at the corpse warily. Taking the chance they had, they had quickly taken out recovery snacks, and had healed themselves with every second they had. There was lingering silence among them, and no one was willing to let their guards down. After a good long while, everyone finally relaxed. However, there was still tension between them. If the boss had such a strong power since the "first" half of the battle, he would have already wiped them all clean before Marvados was even required to heal himself with the soldiers’ lives. If the first boss was already this tough, how would be for the next 11 bosses?

Compared with the rest of the party, Wei Yan Er, being the youngest and most carefree person, had skipped towards the battle drops while whistling happily.

[Boots of Meditation] (Yellow-Gold, Cloth Armor)

Defense: +8

Vitality: +151

Intelligence: +137

Spirit: +60


Level Requirement: 90

Even though it was not a Violet-Platinum tier, this Level 90 Yellow-Gold equipment was still an incredibly good item, even by the current standards. The boots was then given to Fantasy Sweetheart. The sweet, busty girl then bowed down happily and thanked everyone for the item. Her actions were earnest, yet her movements were so aggressive that she did not realize that her gigantic badahoonkers were bouncing around, causing the pervy Fatty and Endless Starlight to cover their pants.

Han Ying Xue sneaked a peek at Zhang Yang and whispered in his ears. "Don’t stare too much though, you might be hypnotized!"

"Hohoho. Jealous much? For she still has it, and you’ve lost it?"

"Lost it? I did not lose anything! I can get it whenever I want!"

"Nope. You’ve clearly lost it. She’s got the charm. You’ve got nothing."

"Please. I could steamroll over her with one of these!" said Han Ying Xue as she grabbed hold of her left mountain of delightful flesh and jiggled it at him.

Zhang Yang fell silent. He had completely regretted about taunting the jealous little woman.

[Fragment of Hammer of Sanction] (Yellow-Gold, Weapon Fragment)

Use: Combines 12 Fragments of Hammer of Sanction, and one Hammer’s Hilt of Hammer of Sanction to form a complete Hammer of Sanction.

Level Requirement: 90

"Another Assembled Weapon!" cried the party.

The previously assembled weapon that Zhang Yang had wielded for a long time now had made everyone drool for it. Who would not want to own such a powerful killing tool! Since Violet-Platinum weapons were available for Level 80 players could be farmed in Level 80 maps, there were Assembled Weapon there as well, but they were mostly Gray-Silver tier. The end result would only be at the same level as a Yellow-Gold tier. None of the party members were interested in owning such a weapon. However, the Level 90 area was different. A drop of Assembled Weapon would automatically be one of the Yellow-Gold tiers! Which inevitably meant that the end result, would create a Violet-Platinum tier weapon!

"What!? It’s a hammer fragment! Awesome! Hell yeah!" cried Endless Starlight happily, since his class had the Hammer Mastery passive skill, which granted the player a boost of strength when using a hammer type weapon.

Zhang Yang laughed and gave the fragment to Endless Starlight. "There are 12 Disciples in this fight, and a final boss. I’m guessing that each of the Disciples will drop a piece of the hammer fragment, and the final boss would drop the hammer’s hilt."

"Oh man! This is just too great. It’s like a dream come true!"

While everyone was happy for Endless Starlight, Lost Dream muttered something disgruntledly. "Hmph. Just hope that it’s not a two-handed hammer."

A Defender could only use a one-handed hammer.

Although Lost Dream was muttering softly, his voice was able to reach Endless Starlight’s ears, slightly annoying him.

"Alright guys. We’ve had our rest. Time to move on." Said Zhang Yang. He sensed something was coming up between the two of them, and tried to prevent something that might affect the party’s performance. They still had 11 more Disciples to kill.

Zhang Yang led the way, while Endless Starlight was the rearguard. The party moved in a single file and proceeded beyond the dome hall. After passing a doorway, the team was immediately ambushed in the dark. There was not enough light to see the enemy. However, it did not take long before Zhang Yang realized that the pathway was the same as the previous pathway that had led them to the dome hall. It was another dormitory for the soldiers.

Zhang Yang and his team lowered their guards a little, since the enemies were the same elite soldiers that they had fought before. With no trouble, Zhang Yang slashed his way forward, collecting more [Inscribed Cloth], before coming upon a large room. The room was an exact copy of the first gigantic hall from before. It had the same blood pool, and a ridiculous number of cages that were all filled with prisoners.

It was all a repetitive process. Zhang Yang and the party member silently split up to rescue as many prisoners as they could. Amid the chaotic rescue, came a group of 12 elite guards, who were all killed by Zhang Yang and the team with relative ease. After they were done with the guards, the party continued to release all the prisoners, and went to the same doorway from which the guards had just come out from. They walked down a similar pathway with the same dormitory, and came to a similar dome-shaped hall, except for one issue. The boss was nowhere in sight.

Everyone started to get a little worried.

Bury the Secret was the quest that the party had accepted. The quest had required them to kill Madran and his 12 Disciples. If anyone of them was not killed, the quest would never be completed. This was bad. Among them, Endless Starlight was trembling in fear. The hammer fragment that he was carrying needed to have a total of 12 pieces, if either one of the bosses were missing, he would never form a complete hammer!

"Did someone come before us and kill the boss?" ask Daffodil Daydream.

Zhang Yang looked up and down, before answering her. "I don’t think so. In fact, I know so. Currently, I am the only Level 90 player in China. There is little no chance that other players would have come to this island before us. Besides, we have just walked through the only pathway. How do you explain the first boss being there? It must be another reason."

"How could it be?"

"Perhaps the boss got lonely and decided to move to the neighbor’s hall for company!" said Fantasy Sweetheart, giggling.

Zhang Yang cried, "It could be that!"

"…Wait a second…Does that mean that we have to fight two bosses at the same time?" cried Han Ying Xue as if she was about to bawl. The woman hated working hard.

"I’m afraid, it could be that."

Everyone left the empty hall and proceeded through a doorway which Wei Yan Er had found. The party repeated the same thing over again. They walked through the pathway, killed more elite guards, came into a large hall, rescued more prisoners, killed more elite guards, and finally arrived at the next boss room. Except, that the third boss was not present!

"What is the meaning of this!" cried Fatty Han.

"I’d say, we’ll be fighting three bosses in the next hall!"

"I bet that the next boss will not be there as well!" cried Wei Yan Er.

Zhang Yang frowned worriedly. Words that came out of Wei Yan Er’s mouth always came true, especially when it was something bad. Zhang Yang signaled the party to move forward, and they had killed and rescued their way to the next boss room. Lo and behold, Wei Yan Er’s premonition had come true. The fourth boss was not around as well.

"Haha! Perhaps we could fight 4 bosses at the same time! The system must be thinking highly of us!" said Hundred Shots laughing. There was a hint of annoyance buried shallowly beneath his laughter.

"Keh Keh Keh! I knew it! Perhaps, the next boss would also be miss---HMM!! HM!!"

Before the little brat could finish talking, Han Ying Xue had already pushed her jaw back up and sealed it firmly with a headlock.

"The boss will be in the next room!"

Everyone prayed out loud. Even though everyone had wished for the best, having the thought of fighting just one Marvados had made them tremble in fear, thinking that the next foe they would be fighting, were four bosses.

The party moved on and proceeded after the fifth blood pool.

After completing the same repetitive process, the party had reached the fifth doorway that led them to the boss hall.

"Come on! May the bosses be there!" cried Fatty Han as he squeezed his eyes shut, and pressed both his palms together.

Zhang Yang turned back and glared worriedly at Fatty Han. In his previous life, 1 month from now, Fatty Han would get involved in a series of fights which had ended with a metal baton striking his skull, hard. The strike had cost him his life. This time, in this lifetime, Zhang Yang had made many changes which had led Fatty Han completely off the previous life’s route. Still, who knew what destiny called for. Zhang Yang swore to protect him. He had to prevent the incident from happening at all costs. No matter what happens, Zhang Yang would not let Fatty Han get into any fight!

After the party proceeded through the doorway, they arrived at the fifth boss’ hall. Expecting the worse, Fatty Han opened his eyes and had never felt so happy to see a boss. Still, the horror of facing four bosses at the same time had kicked in. All three bosses that were missing from their halls, were all there, with the fifth boss.

[Bellroy, The Four Horsemen] (Yellow-Gold, Humanoid)

Level: 95

HP: 1,900,000

Defense: 1,700

Note: One of the 12 Disciples.

The other three bosses, lined up in a straight line, where Mecca, Gray, and Cindy. All of them carried the title - "The Four Horsemen". They were all Level 94 Yellow-Gold tier, and were riding large handsome horses, hence the title. There were large swords on the side of the horses.

"Crap…It’s really four bosses," said Fatty Han. Everyone had mixed feelings about the boss. Even though they were hoping that it would be four bosses, but at the same time, they had wished that it would not have to come to that.

"Let’s just be thankful, it’s four instead of all eight," said Daffodil Daydream firmly, even though she herself was trembling with fear.

"Hold up. There’s an aura effect on the boss!"

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