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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 425 — Requiem

Chapter 425: Requiem

"Weepee! I hope that the bosses will give us some awesome stuff!" said Wei Yan Er with an innocent smile.

Zhang Yang, still huffing from the fatigue of the fight, said, "Don’t get your hopes high girl, lest you be disappointed. If Yellow-Gold bosses drop Violent-Platinum gears, I’d be running all day searching for them! If the boss does drop Yellow-Gold equips, then…wait for it. There’re no Yellow-Gold equip stronger than a Violet-Platinum!"

Wei Yan Er listened but Zhang Yang had already lost her halfway through his explanation.

Daffodil Daydream interjected in and said, "Yan Er, don’t worry too much. A Yellow-Gold drop is still worth a lot of money!"

Only after Daffodil Daydream had explained it that way, Wei Yan Er had smiled and walked away happily.

"Daffy. I heard that you’re moving out of your old house?" asked Han Ying Xue, while waiting for the little brat to pick the loot.

"That’s right. Before guild master had hired me, my previous job’s salary was too low for me to have a room of my own. That is why I have been sharing a room with someone else. However, I was having a bad time, since my roommate is a lazy, sloppy…woman."

Daffodil Daydream had suddenly got agitated. There was a glint of anger in her eyes.

"We had already agreed to clean the place once a day, on alternate days. However, when it was her turn to do the cleaning, she would always give all sorts of excuses to skip the work! In the end, I had to do it myself. The girl had always been taking advantage of me. Whenever I did some cooking, she would always invite herself for dinner and eat for free. Worst of all, she would leave without even saying thanks! If I were to have one of her fruits in the fridge, she would be nagging at me for a week!" said Daffodil Daydream.

Everyone was stunned. Never have Daffodil Daydream expressed herself at that level of magnitude, besides trashing Endless Fantasy.

"Well. There’re 9 billion people in the world and you’ve just happened to bump into one of the scrappiest!"

"What a tool!"

"I’d slap her but I’d rather not get dungs on my hands."

Everyone nodded their head.

"I’m not finished!" said Daffodil Daydream. "Last week, when I had not logged into the game due to a major flu, I had asked for her help to get some medication but she didn’t even care! That b*tch even blasted the stereo for the entire day! GRAH! I’m so mad!"

"Now that I have some money in my bank account, I decided to get myself a room of my own, and live there peacefully!"

"Sister Daffy, why don’t you come to Zhao Su?" said Wei Yan Er. "It so happens that noobie wants to buy a house. Let's get a bigger one and live together!"


Zhang Yang frowned at the little brat’s endless means of disrupting his peaceful life. On the other hand, there was a slight happiness in Daffodil Daydream’s eyes. She looked interested but did not say anything.

Han Ying Xue joined the conversation and said, "Daffy, my girl. Living alone is not safe for a girl. Come and live with us. I’d say, the more the merrier! Plus, it’s easier for us anyway!"

Daffodil Daydream smiled happily and nodded her head. "I’ll get a plane ticket tomorrow, then."

Zhang Yang literally cried. These three women had made their decision without Zhang Yang’s opinion. Han Ying Xue had invited Daffodil Daydream to live in his house without asking him first! He then sent a private message to Han Ying Xue saying, "Aren’t you a little worried about her making a move on me?"

"Please, don’t flatter yourself. You’re not a rare specimen and not every woman would want you! Then again, if she does make a move, could she even compete with me?" said Han Ying Xue. She then winked and sent a flying kiss to Zhang Yang, which made his heart skipped a beat. It was of fear.

"You minx, don’t play with fire! I’m still staying with you under one roof!" said Zhang Yang with anger.

"Come at me! I’m not afraid of a monk! By the way, I never lock my door when I sleep. You already know that I wear nothing beneath the blanket," said Han Ying Xue with a sinister smile.

"Tch. Prepare to get dirty tonight, then."

"Oh please. Like you would."

Wei Yan Er had picked up three hammer fragments and had given them all to Endless Starlight. She had also picked up two rather strong Yellow-Gold equipment.

[Abyssal Mask] (Yellow-Gold, Leather Armor)

Defense: +24

Vitality: +302

Strength: +121

Dexterity: +274


Level Requirement: 90

"Phew! These Level 90 equipment sure are strong!" said Fatty Han. "That’s probably worth a mountain!"

"Erhm. Fatty bro. Could you please be a little more open-minded? Why are you always thinking of money?" said Fantasy Sweetheart. Since they both were in the secondary party, her relationship with Fatty Han was as close as Zhang Yang and Daffodil Daydream. Close, but not too close, like Han Ying Xue.

"Perhaps, he’s trying to earn enough money to get a certain part of him enlarged! HAHAHAHA!" said Endless Starlight.

"WHAT!? I don’t need to get it enlarged! I can prove it to you! Mine is the biggest! The biggest!" Right then, Fatty Han proceeds to strip all his equipment.

"Stop! Please Stop! Alright! You have the biggest one! Alright!" said Endless Starlight. If anyone laid eyes on that Fatty Han’s manly part, no one would have any appetite for a week!

Everyone laughed it off.

[Hell’s Lord Chest Plate] (Yellow-Gold, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +40

Vitality: +312

Strength: +121

Dexterity: +60

Equip Effect: Absorb 115 damage on attack.


Level Requirement: 90

"Tank’s equip! Hell yeah!" cried Fatty Han, whilst jumping with joy. Fighting a boss would definitely require a strong tank. Thus, tank equipment were always expensive, especially strong ones. It was one of the reasons why Zhang Yang had worked so hard to get the recipe to craft the shield in the Level 10 dungeon.

"Hm…I’d say, it would be worth 300,000 to 400,000 gold coins." said Daffodil Daydream. She was the treasurer of Lone Desert Smoke, working with money had made her exceptionally sensitive to the appraisal of items.

"Jackpot!" Fatty Han screamed.

This was the benefit of being ahead, in terms of level. Having a higher level than the average player gave you the advantage of farming higher leveled equipment. One could sell the highest leveled equipment in the game before anyone could and would manipulate the economy. On the other hand, when players are already reaching Level 90, how much could the Level 60 strongest sword could be sold for? When it first appeared, it could be sold for the same price as the chest plate, but now, it could go for as much as 10,000 gold coins.

"Have you noticed anything? Ever since we had fought here, the number of equipment drops have been getting lesser and lesser!" cried Endless Starlight.


Level 80 Yellow Gold bosses would normally drop 2 to 3 Yellow-Gold equipment and 6 to 8 Gray-Silver equips. However, in Level 90 maps, Julio had only dropped 1 Yellow-Gold equipment, and 2 to 3 Gray-Silver drops. It was a significant drop in value.

The Three Saints had dropped 3 Yellow-Gold equipment, and 6 Gray-Silvers. It was much less than what a Level 80 map boss would drop.

[Skill Book: Requiem]

Use: Teaches you [Requiem]

Class Requirement: Priest, Sacred Knight.

Level Requirement: 90

"What does this skill do?" everyone asked. Even the name of the skill seemed special for a Priest and Sacred Knight to have.

"Noobie tank, what is that skill?" asked Wei Yan Er.

Zhang Yang laughed bitterly and said, "Even if I am a beta player, it does not mean that I know every single detail of the game!"

There were too many skills for every class and sub-class in the game. There was no way for Zhang Yang to remember every one of them, when he still had other details of the game to remember in the first place! At most, the only class that Zhang Yang could clearly remember was the Guardian’s and Warrior’s skill.

Having more skills did not harm a character. Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart rolled the item, which was won by Han Ying Xue who learned it immediately after obtaining it.

[Requiem]: Sings a despair requiem. Converts all HP to MP. Limits to 1 HP at minimum. Cooldown time: 10 minutes.

"Holy…This is good skill! I won’t have to worry about MP anymore!"

In normal circumstances, a player’s HP would always be higher than their MP. In a state of full health, it could recover all MP back. Han Ying Xue had over 30,000 HP. She would only consume close to 800 MP to restore herself back to full health. Her maximum MP was 16,000 in total (Sincerity Set effect: Increases MAX MP by 5,000 points).

If the skill had a lower cooldown rate, she could practically have an endless supply of MP!

Zhang Yang smiled and said, "It’s good. Yes. But be careful when and before you use the skill. Don’t stand in the attack range when you use it, or you’ll be killed!"

"Please. Do you think I’m as dimwitted as that little brat?" said Han Ying Xue while she pouted her lips.

"Erhm…sister Daffy. What is dimwitted?" asked Wei Yan Er as she nudged Daffodil Daydream.

"Well…erhm…it’s a synonym for stupid…" said Daffodil Daydream awkwardly.

"Hey! HAN YING XUE! CALL ME DEEWITED AGAIN AND I’LL CUT TIES WITH YOU!" cried the little brat. She had even mispronounced "dimwitted".

Everyone laughed. Hundred Shots quickly interjected everyone’s happy time before things got out of control. "Guys, let’s continue with the quest. Remember, the clock is still ticking. Even though the quest does not have a time limit, but time in real life is still flowing."

Everyone nodded and Zhang Yang was proud of what Hundred Shots had turned out to be. The party hurried on, and made their way to the ninth pool.

The guards were as easy to deal with as before, making it easy for the team to proceed with the rescuing of the prisoners. After releasing them from the cages, the party proceeded to the boss room only to find it empty again, for the third time! Knowing that, the team had no reactions. Since it was already a norm, the team moved onto the next boss without hesitation. This time, before they knew it, the 10th boss was there, along with the 9th boss.

The pair was a couple. The man was stoic, bold, well-built, and handsome. The woman was beautiful, tall, and had long red hair. Both of them were sitting in one chair, cuddling each other lovingly.

[Ezali] (Violet-Platinum, Humanoid)

Level: 95

HP: 9,500,000

Defense: 2,600

Note: One of the 12 Disciples. Logan’s wife.

[Logan] (Violet-Platinum, Humanoid)

Level: 95

HP: 9,500,000

Defense: 2,600

Note: One of the 12 Disciples. Ezali’s husband.

As it was with the previous group boss battles, Ezali and Logan shared the same HP gauge. However, this time, they were both Violet-Platinum tier, with a massive 19,000,000 HP!

"Yes! Finally! Violet-Platinum!" everyone was excited at the opportunity of fighting a Violet-Platinum boss. However, they had only seen the rewards of it. Neither of them besides Zhang Yang had a full set of Violet-Platinum equipment. They were blinded by the rewards, but not the path to getting it.

"Looks like we are lucky to have, not one, but two Violet-Platinum bosses! It seems after the 9th and 10th, from here on out, the bosses would be all Violet-Platinum!"

"Haha! One Sword Stroke can suck my d*ck! He would be jealous of us!"

"Sigh…why must there be two of them! Why can’t they just live alone!" said Han Ying Xue. She had always loved to slack in battle and heal only with {Regeneration}. She hated battling tough opponents since they required actual, constant healing!

"Starlight. Which one would you take on?" Zhang Yang asked with a smile.

"Heh! I’m surprised that you still need to ask me, boss. I’ll take on the woman!"

"Haha! I like your style! Perverted fox!" cried Fatty Han.

"Bro! You’re calling me a pervert? It’s like a pot calling a kettle black!" said Endless Starlight.

"Oh please shut it! Both of you have the brains of a tuna fish!" said Daffodil Daydream. "Could you at least think of a way to defeat the boss? We just had our butts served to us by three Yellow-Gold bosses! Right now, there are two Violet-Platinum, that will, probably, be even tougher to defeat?"

Everyone agreed with Daffodil Daydream’s angry statement. Especially when she had confessed about being smacked around by the previous bosses. No one knew how the two boss this round would kick their sorry butts.

Zhang Yang laughed and calmed everyone down. "Relax. Never try, never know. Starlight! Take on the woman. I’ll handle the wolve— I mean…Logan. Yeah. Sorry about that. Alright! Drink up your potions and let’s get started."

Zhang Yang went ahead but waited for Endless Starlight to match his speed. At the same time, both Zhang Yang and Endless Starlight cast their first skills.

{Spear of Obliteration}! {Shield Toss}!

"What is this bunch of rats!?"

"You dare to defile the Holy grounds?"

The bosses were greatly annoyed at having their "cuddling" session disturbed by the party. Both of them stood up and growled loudly like a certain character from a certain Japanese animation film. There was a glow of light which seeped out of their body and soared upwards. At the beginning, the light shared the same color, but eventually, both Ezali and Logan gained their own specific colors of light. Logan released light of snow white, while Ezali emitted light of crimson red. Both lights expanded and shot out as far as 40 meters and remained there.

‘Ding! You have received the effect: Icy Touch (Stack 1). Receive 500 Ice Damage every 3 seconds, for 10 seconds. Icy Touch can be dispelled by Burning Touch after 10 stacks.’

‘Ding! You have received the effect: Burning Touch (Stack 1). Receive 500 Fire Damage every 3 seconds, for 10 seconds. Burning Touch can be dispelled by Icy Touch after 10 stacks.’

Since both of the bosses stood together, both Zhang Yang and Endless Starlight had received both Icy Touch and Burning Touch at the same time. Sadly, the melee attackers who were following Zhang Yang closely behind had also received both the DoT effects.

"Starlight. Kite your boss further away!" cried Zhang Yang as he kited Logan away from Endless Starlight as he kited Ezali in the opposite direction.

Even though Icy Touch and Burning Touch repelled each other, they still required a certain condition. The DoT effects had to be stacked by up to 10 stacks. Before the stack count reaches 10, none of the DoT skills could be dispelled and will continue to stack further.

One or two stacks posed no problem. But when the stack counts reach a dangerous number, it could prove fatal.

‘Ding! You have received the effect: Icy Touch (Stack 2). Receive 1,000 Ice Damage every 3 seconds for 10 seconds. Icy Touch can be dispelled by Burning Touch after 10 stacks.’

Even though Zhang Yang and Endless Starlight had retreated rapidly, the boss’ DoT auras were triggered once every 6 seconds. On the second time, Zhang Yang had only taken the Icy Touch, while Endless Starlight had only taken the Burning Touch.

"Snowy B*tch! Heal that boy! Fantasy! You’re with me!" said Zhang Yang. Since Zhang Yang’s equipment was much stronger than Endless Fantasy, Fantasy Sweetheart’s weaker healing could keep up with Zhang Yang. Vice versa, Han Ying Xue had the better healing power, which was suitable for Endless Starlight since his equipment was weaker, and would take more damage from the boss’ attack. If it was the other way around, it might be fatal for Endless Starlight. This matching was the best since it was to balance out the differences in both tanks and healers’ capabilities.

Fatty Han started laughing. "Little Yang. You can’t behave like that. I know the number 1 rule is "New is always better". But you can’t always stick to that!"

"What number 1 rule? I never said that! F*ck you, f*cking fatso! You could keep quiet and 1 hour and no one would call you a mute!"

"That’s right! Fatty bro always loves to make things up!" said Fantasy Sweetheart, pouting her cheeks.

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