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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 427 — Knock Down!

Chapter 427: Knock Down!

"Boss, I’ll love you for eternity for taking care of me so much!" Endless Starlight let out a weird cry.

"Get lost!"

The effect of the {Defiant} had been stacked up to 6 layers, and the attack of the bosses had become a little too powerful for the players to handle. One single hit onto Zhang Yang could inflict about 20,000 to 30,000 damage! Fortunately, {Block} could immunize the user from any damage every 6 seconds, and it did not matter how strong the attack was. That reduced the DPS of the boss down to about 7,600 points.

Although this amount of DPS was still beyond the healing capability of Fantasy Sweetheart, with appropriate timing, using life-saving skills and some [Potions] on hand, Zhang Yang could still manage! On the other hand, since that the [Fatigue (Scroll)] had already reduced the attack of the boss by 10% and he had Han Ying Xue the super healer to back him up, Endless Starlight could still manage to hold on.

"Brothers and sisters! Increase your damage output even more! I’ve used up every single thing including the cost for marrying a wife and the cost of my own funeral! If we can’t take out these bosses, I’m literally going to become naked poor!" Zhang Yang roared out in tears, trying to inspire his members one more time.

Everyone was laughing, as they already realized that it is already impossible to increase their damage output, even more, they were already doing far more than they have ever done in the past!


Enter the ‘slaughtering’ state, everyone suddenly got a leap on their firepower when they were supposed to not be able to perform even better already! Especially Wei Yan Er! As she was activating her skills without even thinking about the consequences, her damages were mostly critical attacks! Whenever she attacked, she inflicted the bosses with about 80,000, each hit, with her giant axe!

So there she went, elevating all the way to number one on the list of personal damage output! But the damage done by [Mounts] and [Servants] are calculated as part of the damage output of their owners. When the calculation goes that way, although the personal damage output of Zhang Yang was lower than that of Wei Yan Er and Sun Xin Yu, with the aid of a Violet-Platinum [Mythical Turtle] and a [Devastator], he became the number one on the list of total damage output!

As Sun Xin Yu and the others did not have the skill {Pet Taming}, they could not use [Pet mounts] in an indoor environment. All they could do was to stare at Zhang Yang as his Turtle wreaked havoc in the indoor environment.

Wei Yan Er was irritated by the fact and she clenched her teeth, "Noob tank! I’ll give you 3 days to get me one Violet-Platinum [Pet Mount]!"

Zhang Yang laughed out loud and said, "I won’t do something that does not benefit me!"

"Hehe!" Wei Yan Er continued to slash the boss without holding back and she said, "You give me a Violet-Platinum [Pet mount], and I shall give Cousin Snow or sister Sun, or maybe sister Daffodil as your wife! Or if you want, you can have sister Fantasy as well! You can pick!"

"No way you getting Sweetheart! She belongs to our second party!" Fatty Han quickly shook his head and responded.

Endless Starlight was triggered as well, "That’s right! I can use my body and strip naked for the boss! But Sweetheart is the spiritual support of our second party! Boss cannot lay his finger on her, not even one finger!"

"F*ck! When did you guys learn to talk so much nonsense! Focus on the boss, now!" Zhang Yang roared in fury.

16%, 12%, 9%!

In the ‘slaughtering’ state, the health bar of the bosses was reducing very rapidly.

6%, 4%!

The effects of {Touch of Frost} and {Touch of Flame} on everyone had already stacked up to 10 layers once again!

"Don’t mind about it anymore, just continue!" Zhang Yang did not bother neutralizing the effects this time around. The reason was simply because picking and rolling would consume a lot of time, which would undoubtedly prolong the battle even further. Now they needed to end the battle as soon as possible, so there was no time to waste at all, not even one small millisecond!


"The followers of the gods will never perish!"

"Devotion of faith will bring us back to life once more!"

The two bosses began to state their final words as if they already knew they are going to meet their doom.


It still remained uncertain if Zhang Yang and his gang members would win for sure! The two bosses were still left with a total of 380,000 health points on their shared health bar. If any of the tankers suddenly fell and died, it would give Logan and Ezali enough time to slaughter up everyone for a couple times over!


As they are on the brink of tasting victory, everyone was even more focused on slashing and bringing the bosses down to their knees. There was once a wise man who said, the last part of an endeavor is the hardest to finish. If they are to be wiped out by the bosses when their health bar is only left at 1% health points, everyone will surely sink into depression!


Finally, the health bar of the two bosses had been emptied out! As the two bosses let out a miserable cry, both of them collapsed onto the ground at the same moment.

The moment right after the bosses were dead, everyone quickly sat down and had their [Snacks] to heal up. They were all carrying 12 layers of the negative effects on them, half of them were carrying {Touch of Frost} while the remainder were carrying {Touch of Flame}. Every single one of them was inflicted with 6,000 health points in every 3 seconds, and the effects would last for 10 minutes!

"What the f*ck, man! One [Snack] cost 10 gold coins and it’s more expensive than a meal of fast food already!" Fatty Han revealed a very painful expression on his face, like he just felt a sting in his heart! So by the end of the day, he decided not to use any of his {Snacks}. Because one death only reduces 10% durability of all equipment, and it only takes about 50 gold coins to repair them all. Although one [snack] seemed to be cheaper than the repair fee, the problem was that the DOT effects on them lasted for 10 minutes long! It meant that each of them had to take about 30 [Snacks] to stay alive until then! So it would be wiser to just die and respawn later if a player ever wanted to save some money.

The effect of these two negative effects cannot be deactivated with skills like {Warrior's Will}, {Ice Barrier}, and {Sacred Protection} as well. So, there are only two ways to stay alive while carrying these negative effects. One, is by having [Snacks], and other than that, either - players are being healed by healers, or they will have to report themselves back at the nearest graveyard.

"Sis, heal me up while I pick our loots up." Wei Yan Er could not sit still anymore while knowing that their ‘trophies’ were still lying on the ground. So, she quickly went up to pick up all the equipment and the items the two bosses had dropped.

[Frosty Freeze Boots] (Yellow-Gold, Cloth Armor)

Defense: +8

Vitality: +151

Intelligence: +137

Spirit: +60


Required Level: 90

"This pair of boots is not bad at all, having no rubbish kind of attributes!" Zhang Yang nodded.

Unfortunately, the three professions that required clothing armor have not yet reached Level 90 yet. Although Daffodil Daydream called it and took it for herself, she would not be able to equip it for the moment. However, the player with the lowest level among them was Fantasy Sweetheart, and she had already reached Level 87, while Sun Xin Yu had just been elevated up to Level 89. That being said, everyone was not far from becoming Level 90 already.

[Robe of Lividity] (Yellow-Gold, Cloth Armor)

Defense: +8

Vitality: +302

Intelligence: +274

Agility: +121


Required Level: 90

The attributes of the equipment are very good, but when everyone saw the shocking name of the equipment, everyone was looking at each other. They were all shocked by the special design of the equipment.

"At least pretty ladies will not be wearing this piece, I guess!" Endless Starlight took up the robe and turn the robe around to take a closer look. In {God’s Miracle}, it did not matter if it is a robe or a dress, the equipment will show out as a robe on its appearance when male players equip it, while the equipment will show out as a dress on its appearance when female players equip it.

The robe seemed to be unclean as if it has not been washed for very long, and there are patches of plaque on the chest part, the back part and the butt part of the robe. There was an uncomfortable vibe just by the looks of it. Male players did not care so much about appearance, so they could just put it on. But for the ladies who worried about every single inch of makeup on their faces, they would definitely die first then put it on.

Unquestionably, Han Ying Xue and the ladies shook their heads, decisively refusing to take the robe. So, this robe could only be sold at the Little Merchandise.

"What a waste!" Zhang Yang kept the [Robe of Lividity] into his inventory. Judging by the attributes alone, this robe was definitely the best Level 90 Yellow-Gold cloth armor there is, in the current game!

[Crimson Blaze Hand Guards] (Violet-Platinum, Leather Armor)

Defense: +48

Vitality: +318

Strength: +91

Agility: +210


Required Level: 90

After seeing the attributes of the handguards, Fatty Han widened his eyes and stared straight at it, "What exaggerated attributes!"

In {{God’s Miracle}}, equipment for the head, the chest, and the leg added the most value of attribute points to a player. The gloves and the boots, handguards, and greaves? Not so much. They only added half of the attribute values to a player even though they were the same grade, same level as the equipment of the head, the chest, and the leg. Next were the necklaces, capes, and rings. These equipment added even less value of attribute points to the player, about half compared to the handguards and greaves.

Compared to the [Frosty Freeze Boots], the attribute points that this [Crimson Blaze Hand Guards] can provide is almost two times that amount! It seemed that Violet-Platinum grade equipment are really so much more powerful!

But, after tossing the dice to decide who gets it, this pair of hand guards went to Lost Dream, and Fatty Han could only drool on as he witnessed Lost Dream keeping the equipment into the inventory.

[Perfectly Smithed Greaves] (Violet-Platinum, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +80

Vitality: +635

Strength: +181

Agility: +90

Equip: Absorbs 179 damage points when being hit.


Required Level: 90

The moment when the attribute points of this equipment were presented, it was Endless Starlight’s turn to widen his eyes and stare straight at the equipment piece, "Great stuff! What an incredible power up it would give!"

Zhang Yang smiled, and then he took the equipment over from the little girl and threw it to Endless Starlight, "I already have my [Titan Set Armor], I’m not going separate my Armor Set pieces to equip this. So you can have it."

Normally, tanker equipment that gives agility attribute points should go to Warriors, while tanker equipment that gives intelligence attribute points should go to Knights. But, the main attribute of a defensive equipment that tankers seek were the vitality attribute points and the damage absorption points. Because some mere agility and intelligence attribute points would not make much difference for a tanker.

Other members had given up on tossing the dice, so Endless Starlight got to keep the much-wanted equipment.

Unfortunately, the two Violet-Platinum bosses only dropped two pieces of Violet-Platinum equipment. Everyone was ranting and complaining about how stingy the system was. They felt that they had put much more effort and deserved better than that!

There were 4 pieces of Yellow-Gold equipment in total. Other than the {Frosty Freeze Boots} and the {Robe of Lividity} that came out earlier on, the other two Yellow-Gold equipment were a little underwhelming to look at as their attribute points were a little weaker. The gang basically ignored the two pieces. Of course, the two fragments of [Hammer of Sanctions - Body Hammer] were nevertheless presented to them as their rewards as well. So from there on, there were finally 10 pieces of fragments of the [Hammer of Sanctions] in the inventory of Endless Starlight!

"I believe that the bosses in the upcoming battle won’t be squeezed in one stage anymore, would they?" Fantasy Sweetheart was speaking out of her hopes.

"Very hard to tell!" Wei Yan Er began to speak her ‘special’ mind out loud, "And the final boss might come out together with the two remaining bosses!"

If that’s the real case, everyone should just wash their heads and get ready to die!

As the gang proceeded forward, they killed a couple dozens of monsters and completed the great rescue of the Followers by the 11th Blood Pool.

With their restless hearts, everyone charged into the boss stage to meet the boss.

A middle-aged man wearing a set of red-blood armor stood right in the middle of the room, with an unusually awesome aura. The man was very tall and sturdy, and his two arms that were exposed on the outside of his armor were so thick that they were comparable to the size of an ordinary man’s thigh! His hands were holding a hammer that was half of his own height, and he had golden hair that was about one foot long, floating softly in a gentle breeze. There were strange looking runes on the hammer itself, blinking from time to time, looking extremely mysterious.

[Roxburgh, the Warbringer] (Violet-Platinum, Humanoid Creature)

Level: 95

HP: 9,500,000

Defense: 2,600

Note: One of the 12 Disciples, representing the strongest force.

"Luckily, it’s just one boss this time!" the gang let out a breath of relief.

"Don’t let your guard down so soon. Although it’s just one boss, this boss is definitely not going to be easy to take on!" Hundred Shots reminded the gang to stay cautious.

"Let’s get on with this and complete the ‘Breakthrough the Cage of Prison’ quest! This quest has a limited time frame!"

"Right, and we have no idea what kind of skills or tricks this boss has on his sleeves, let’s test it out once and check it out!" Zhang Yang pulled out his sword and shield as he charged towards the boss with big steps.

So, it began with a with a {Spear of Obliteration} that shot out straight from Zhang Yang’s hands.

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