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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 429 — Shaloni

Chapter 429: Shaloni

"Do you want me tank the boss?" Endless Starlight took the initiative to propose. He had just acquired two pieces of Violet-Platinum equipment. Although he still could not equip them, his confidence level had been boosted very much! Furthermore, the boss before them was a Spellcaster type boss, so it was also more suitable for a Knight to tank the boss, in theory.

Wei Yan Er could not help but laugh, "Hold up there, you have not even reached Level 90 yet! That means you can’t even equip them yet! So, what are you trying to show off then?"

"Lost yourself in the excitement eh?"

"You people just love to blow me in the face!" Endless Starlight smiled sheepishly, and he also sucked up his butt cheeks while doing that.

"Argh---" the ladies could not bear to see him do that, so they shouted out in unity.

Zhang Yang pulled out his [Sword of Purging Devourer] and said, "Old rules, try it out first, figure things out along the way!"

"Silly Yu, just be careful, the effect of my {Rise Anew} is still under cool down period. It can only be used again after 5 minutes." Han Ying Xue reminded Zhang Yang.

"Alright, I’ll keep that in mind." Zhang Yang nodded, and then he charged towards the boss at a high speed. As he was charging, he swung out his right arm forward and threw out a {Spear of Obliteration} straight towards the boss!


Shaloni was inflicted with damage by the attack, and the attack succeeded in provoking the boss. Shaloni waved his staff up and aimed the tip of the staff at Zhang Yang, and shoof! A stream of dark light emanated out and formed a gigantic skull. The gigantic skull had its gigantic jaws wide open, and it seemed ready to crunch on Zhang Yang!


The skull came through, and Zhang Yang was inflicted with a high damage value. Since the attack was a magical type, the skill {Block} was totally useless. Zhang Yang could not do his usual move, that is to activate the superb skill {Block}that immunized him from receiving damage, followed by a {Shield Bash} right after.

After the first attack landed on Zhang Yang, Shaloni began to move towards Zhang Yang with big steps. He spoke in a very low voice, "You little ants, how dare you crawl all the way in here! Roxburgh is a fool to allow ants to pass his defense, he was too weak! He is not worthy to follow in the footsteps of our ‘Son of God’!"

Wei Yan Er immediately reacted, "Stinky boss! What are you so proud of? You’re about to be stepped beneath our feet!"

"Haha! Other than the great gods and the great ‘Son of God’ who can make me lower my head, other mortals are just like dust to me!" Shaloni took a few steps back and took up his staff to point at Zhang Yang again, and then he sent another gigantic skull attack at Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang kept moving backward until the boss moved forward to a spot about 3 to 4 meters away from the Turtle, before he charged to engage the boss. About 10 meters from the boss, Zhang Yang used {Charge} and clashed into the boss.

There it began. Zhang Yang began to pull the aggro of the boss, while the rest of the gang stepped up and unleashed their assaults on the boss. They channeled every single drop of their firepower onto the boss, as if they were unleashing tsunami waves and volcanic explosions onto the boss.

"Mortals, you can stop your useless act and struggle, tremble before the great power!" Shaloni raised his staff up high, and a casting bar of a 3-second chanting spell appeared right below the boss’s head. The spell attack was called the {Stardust Explosion}.

"A large ‘explosion’?" everyone was intimidated by the name of the skill for a while there. The Fatty Han said, "Little Yang, where should we hide?"

"…just follow my lead! From behind!" Zhang Yang almost got choked to death by what Fatty Han just said. This wretched fatty has experienced so many boss battles already, why is he still such a wimp?!

The boss finished the chanting of his spell very quickly. In just an instant, many oval white balls with smooth and shiny surface appeared all around the ground, they looked like a bunch of large white eggs standing straight up. Some of the white balls were crowded in some spots, but some were further away from each other. There was nothing else much about the situation.

The face of Zhang Yang immediately changed, the moment he saw these white balls, "Get as far away as possible from those white balls! Quickly! Do it now! Those white balls will definitely explode!"

Dodging around like a bunch of chickens dancing around, the gang realized that those ‘eggs’ were not really placed into the surrounded evenly, as some of the spaces between the ‘eggs’ were a little ‘wide’. So, they quickly scattered out and scrammed, looking for a safe zone to stand.

5 seconds later!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

All of the white balls exploded at the same time, and the flashes of explosions were blinding! Fortunately, the radius of each explosion was only about two meters out. As long as they find a spacious spot in between the white ‘eggs’, they could dodge the impact of the explosions. On the contrary, if they stood in between the spaces where the white ‘eggs’ were concentrated around, they might even get ‘lucky’ and get blown up by two or three, or even four explosions at the same time!

As no one was blown up by this skill, Zhang Yang could not predict the damage that these explosions could cause to players. But, they would definitely cause super high damage, because regular skill attacks from bosses won’t be ‘cheap’ on trying to kill the players! After all, the boss had already wasted 3 seconds to chant a skill, and they were given another 5 seconds to get clear of the explosion zones. If the damage of these explosions were not high and merely ranging by the thousands, then it would be very humiliating for the boss!

Shaloni kept himself close to Zhang Yang, while trying to bash Zhang Yang up with his spells. As his regular attacks did not require any chanting period of time, he only needed to point his staff at Zhang Yang and launch his assaults at Zhang Yang. However, there was a 2 seconds cooldown for every attack that the boss launches, so, it might as well treat these cool down period as the same thing as 2-second of chanting time!

But, the benefit of using instant spells, is that players would not have the chance or the time to interrupt the boss with their long ranged attacks, because the boss can instantly launch the attack without having to chant!

"Hahaha! Let us have some fun!" Shaloni let out a loud laugh and raised his staff high up in the air, pointing it towards the sky.

Shoof shoof shood!

Suddenly, 13 streams of dark light were shot right out of the staff of the boss, burying themselves deep into the bodies of Zhang Yang and his gang, including the three pets among them!

‘Ding! You have been affected by the {Touch of Soul}, lose your mind and blur the line between friends and foes, all damage from the player will be converted into health points of Shaloni, lasts for 10 seconds!’

After the system notification, black chains formed from dark lights appeared around the 10 players and the three pets! Their body masses were enlarged by a few times! Everyone lost control over their own bodies, and they could only see their own in-game avatars attempting to slaughter their own friends.

What that was even worse was that this skill could not be canceled or nullified! Although Zhang Yang and Daffodil Daydream activated their skills such as {Warrior’s Will}, {Ice Barrier} and {Sacred Protection}, they were just wasting their skills. Well, trying was better than doing nothing.

Fortunately, after being turned into ‘puppets’, their attacks were greatly reduced. It did not matter whether it’s the tankers, the DPS profession players or the healers, all of them became melee type players for the time being. Every single attack only inflicted about 2,000 damage points, and the defense points of the players did not affect the damage received as well.

Shaloni did not take advantage of them as they were vulnerable ‘puppets’, he only stood aside and laughed like a madman. If the boss actually joined in and unleashed hell on them, then it would have become a total mess for them! Even Zhang Yang would be killed within the 10 seconds of chaos!

As they observed familiar faces hitting each other like enemies, everyone was filled with anxiety. And finally, the weird and fearsome moment of 10 seconds had passed! The chains around everyone vanished into thin air and the size of everyone’s body had returned back to normal. They had finally regained control of their own bodies!

"Hahaha! Are you having fun yet?" Shaloni resumed his assault on Zhang Yang, pointing his staff, shooting black gigantic skulls that tried to crunch Zhang Yang alive.

"The boss recovered about 100,000 health points!" seeing that Shaloni only managed to recover about 1% of his health bar, everyone felt relieved. Actually, the calculations were simple enough for everyone to realize. The attack of everyone had been reduced down to about 2,000 points, and everyone was able to hit once every 2 seconds. Because everyone had been turned into melee type combatants, they would need to approach their targets in order to hit, which required time. Therefore, each of the players could only attack about 3 to 4 times within that 10 seconds.

However, although the 10 players and 3 pets only recovered about 1% of the boss’s health, think about it, what would happen if more players were in this battle against this boss? If there were more players around, when the skill of the boss activates, surely the amount of health points that the boss can recover would be far more!

Furthermore, if there were too many players joining into battle this particular boss, then it would become much harder to dodge the explosions! The reason was simple, the ‘safe zone’ of the area was limited, and the body mass of the players in {{God’s Miracle}} could not overlap each other. If players cannot get themselves a spot in the ‘safe zone’, then they would have no choice but to suffer the impact of those explosions!

"I can see that the bosses in this area are very cocky! They love to show off and throw empty insults! Haha!" Wei Yan Er laughed.

Zhang Yang laughed out loud and said, "Little girl, are you sure that you’re not talking about yourself?"

"Humph! You stinky, noob tank! Are you asking for another big tortoise to be stuck on your back?" Wei Yan Er said fiercely.

"Alright, you win! Fine!"

"Ancient Demonic Souls, pay heed to my summons, and get rid of these disgusting pests!" Shaloni suddenly paused all his attacks and once again, he raised the staff in his hands up high in the air and began to chant a new spell.

‘Ding! Shaloni has summoned Demonic Souls, lasts for 30 seconds!’

Immediately, 10 monsters with entirely black bodies dug themselves out from the ground. Their heads were especially huge, about one-third of the mass of their entire bodies. Their bodies were triangular in shape, and they had no legs at all, hovering in the air.

[Ancient Demonic Soul] (Normal, Summoned)

Level: 1

HP: 50

Defense: 0

Hoof! The legless monsters began to float towards Zhang Yang and the gang. They weren’t particularly fast, and they ignored the pets and went straight for the players.

"Hehe, what kind of funny business is this! Level 1 monsters? Are they here to serve us? Let me handle them!" Fatty Han finally felt like picking up soft fruits again. So, he released an arrow at one of the monsters that were floating towards them.


The arrow landed on the Ancient Demonic Soul, and the monster shattered into pieces. But, the pieces then began to move and reform, becoming two Ancient Demonic Souls!

Seeing that Fatty Han did not believe in ghost tales and stuff, and that he was ready to shoot again, Zhang Yang quickly shouted, "Fatty! Stop!"

"Huh?" Fatty could not understand, "Little Yang, these monsters are just Level 1, what are you so afraid of?"

"Are you sure it is that simple?"

Just as they were arguing, Shaloni began to chant the spell for {Stardust Explosion}!

Pak pak pak! In just an instant, countless oval-shaped white balls, with smooth and shiny surfaces, appeared all around the ground just like before, filling up the area.

"Get clear! Get clear!" Everyone began to pick and roll, searching for safe spots.

This time, things were a little different. 11 Ancient Demonic Souls were pursuing them as they were trying to avoid touching the ‘eggs’!

As they were in a hurry to search for a safe spot to avoid being blown up, Fatty Han and Hundred Shots did not manage to avoid the Ancient Demonic Souls that blocked their way forward. They charged through the Level 1 Ancient Demonic Souls, thinking that these low-leveled monsters would not inflict any high damage.




Two high damages were inflicted upon Fatty Han and Hundred Shots! What a coincidence that the values of the damages were the upper limit of their health points! So, the two were out of luck and they were instant-killed on spot!

"Owh ---" the two Ancient Demonic Souls that killed Fatty Han and Hundred Shots suddenly expanded in size, and they opened up their dark mouths, screeching out chilling roars. After that, they began to pursue the other remaining players in the surroundings, at high speed!

[Bloody Ancient Demonic Soul] (Elite, Summoned)

Level: 95

HP: 300,000

Defense: 500

"Starlight, lure the two monsters in, and kite them!" Zhang Yang quickly made arrangements to handle the two Bloody Ancient Demonic Souls. Although the two monsters had acquired much more health points, it also meant that their attacks had become ‘normal’ as well!

"Understood!" Endless Starlight quickly activated his {Finger of Justice} and {Shield Toss}, hooking the aggro of the two ‘new species’ Ancient Demonic Souls over to him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Right at that moment, the smooth white balls suddenly began to explode, spreading out blinding and glittering streams of white lights all around the area!

"Very good! Two dead! And more will follow! By the end of this, everyone will be dead!" Shaloni let out a thunderous, mad laugh.

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