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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 430 — Ancient Demonic Souls

Chapter 430: Ancient Demonic Souls

Hundred Shots and Fatty Han quickly reflected on what that just happened.

But what that had happened had already happened, nothing good would come from blaming anyone! Fortunately for the remaining surviving members of the party, the {Stardust Explosion} was over, leaving behind a spacious area for them to avoid being touched by the Level 1 Ancient Demonic Souls that had the ability to instant-kill!

Endless Starlight kited the monsters away to a quiet side of the area, while everyone else felt not hurry attack the two monsters, because these summoned Ancient Demonic Souls would just last for 30 seconds. So, all Endless Starlight had to do was to kite them around until the time was up, and let them vanish on their own.

Soon, 30 seconds had passed.

Pak! Pak! Pak!

The summoned Ancient Demonic Souls let out a screech and vanished into thin air. However, the two Ancient Demonic Souls that already tasted blood did not vanish like the others, they were still beating Endless Starlight up!

"What the f*ck! So these Ancient Demonic Souls will no longer be restricted by the time limit and vanish! Let’s turn our attention towards the little ones!" Lost Dream quickly said.

Zhang Yang nodded and said, "Everyone, DPS players! Focus fire on the two ‘little ones’!"

Sun Xin Yu and the others quickly turned their attention over to the two Bloody Ancient Demonic Souls and began their heavy assault! As the healers on the party were experiencing tremendous stress in keeping everyone alive, they only had one choice, that was to slay the two monsters first. Only were they able to lighten the stress that was being placed on Lost Dream!

Hundred Shots and Fatty Han were feeling even more embarrassed, as they were the ones who caused all this. If it wasn’t for their carelessness, the others would not have to turn their focus away from the boss and onto the other two monsters instead. They had to do extra damage and extra healing just to take down the two monsters.

Although the two DPS players in Zhang Yang’s party had been killed, Sun Xin Yu and the other 3 DPS players were very powerful. It only took 15 seconds for them to take down the first Bloody Ancient Demonic Soul! Fortunately for them, the monster did not die and reform back into two! Or else, the ‘crime’ that Hundred Shots and Fatty Han committed would have become even more serious!

However, when they brought down the health bars of the Bloody Ancient Demonic Souls to 7%, Shaloni suddenly let out a thunderous roar and raised his staff high up in the air, pointing it towards the sky again, "Hahaha! Let us have some fun!"

In just an instant, 9 streams of dark light shot right out from the staff of the boss, burying themselves deep into the bodies of Zhang Yang and his remaining gang members, including his pet Turtle!

‘Ding! You have been affected by the {Touch of Soul}, lose your mind and blurs the line between friends and foes, all damage from players will be converted into the health points of Shaloni, lasts for 10 seconds!’

What the f*ck! The boss is using {Touch of Soul} at this time? What a great timing!

Everyone lost control of their avatars once again, punching and kicking at each other mindlessly, causing as much havoc as possible.

Fortunately, the Bloody Ancient Demonic Soul did not lose its aggro on Endless Starlight. It was still beating on Endless Starlight without any moment of pause!

1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds…

Everyone worriedly they kept their eyes on the health bar of Endless Starlight. If he was to be killed by the Bloody Ancient Demonic Soul within that 10 seconds, everything would become hell for them!

"Little Starlight! You better don’t fall asleep!" Fatty Han was lying down on the ground in his soul state, but he had been entertaining himself, talking to Starlight.

"Brother Fatty, if I ever become a king, I shall take you in as my queen!" After being chained down and controlled by the {Touch of Soul}, Endless Starlight could not do anything other than to stare at the surroundings. So, he took the time to have fun with Fatty Han, as they began to talk nonsense!

9 seconds! 10 seconds!

The control has been lifted! Endless Starlight was only left with 892 health points! He was still alive!

Right before the palm of the Bloody Ancient Demonic Soul could land on his face, Endless Starlight quickly activated his {Sacred Protection}, protecting himself with a semi-transparent force field that made him invincible for 5 seconds!

Ching Ching Chiang Chiang! Under the heavy assaults from everyone, the Bloody Ancient Demonic Soul had finally been slaughtered! And finally, they have gotten rid of the mess that Hundred Shots and Fatty Han had left behind for them!

Turning their focus back towards the boss, now!

"Ancient Demonic Souls, please answer my summons and get rid of these disgusting pests!" after a brief moment of battle, Shaloni suddenly paused all his attacks and once again, he shouted to the sky and summoned another 8 Ancient Demonic Souls from the ground!

Everyone had learned their lesson well from the first time, so no one was stupid enough to run into the seemingly harmless monsters. Everyone was avoiding any contact with the monsters, staying away from the monsters, as far as possible.

However, Shaloni would also activate his {Stardust Explosion} right after summoning these foul creatures, making the players dance even more vigorously - like a bunch of loose chicken! Maybe the boss was designed to enjoy such a sight!

Pak pak pak!

In just an instant, countless oval white balls, with smooth and shiny surfaces, appeared all around the ground just like before, filling up the area. They may look nice and smooth on the outside, but they were deadly from the inside!

Zhang Yang frowned and said "Avoid touching the Ancient Demonic Souls. If you really can’t avoid touching those explosive eggs, you can at least activate your life-saving skills to stay alive. Although I’d say that the explosions will still inflict great damage, it would definitely be better than getting killed by the Ancient Demonic Souls and turning them into something far more dangerous!"

Everyone nodded to express their acknowledgment, and they made it their first priority to avoid the Ancient Demonic Souls at all costs.


10 seconds later, every single one of the oval white balls exploded! The white flashing lights were terrifying and beautiful at the same time!

Wei Yan Er was caught in one of the explosions as she was trying to avoid all the Ancient Demonic Souls that were pursuing her. Her health bar was reduced by a lot, about 20,000 health points lost!

"If I had known earlier, I would have rather been blown up than to feed myself to the monsters and make them stronger!" Fatty Han regretted charging straight into the monsters. If he was well and alive now, he would definitely be kicking the boss hard and contributing more now. If not for his ‘dead’ status now, he would have thumped his chest and stamped his feet to express his sorrow and anger.

"One white ball inflicts about 20,000 damage points, so if you’re hit by two at the same time, the explosions will still kill you!" Zhang Yang calculated and told Fatty Han.

Following the boss’ spamming of the 3 skills over and over again, Zhang Yang and his party members familiarized themselves to the assault pattern of the boss. After all, everyone who has arrived at this stage of the game in this very boss stage is not an idiot --- well, the idiots have already been killed in action by now!

80%, 70%… the health bar of Shaloni was reducing slowly, but constantly. Because of the {Touch of Soul}, the boss could still recover a small portion of its health points, and everyone needed to pick and roll at the right timing to avoid taking unnecessary damage. Plus, they needed to bear with the 10 seconds of being controlled like puppets, hitting on each other. All these factors had caused the reduction of boss’s health bar to be super slow!

The boss only had a total of 9,500,000 health points. If everyone could just stand their ground and unleash their damage straight onto the boss without much interruption, they could have taken down the boss in about 4 minutes! But now that they are picking and rolling for around two-thirds of the entire time during the boss fight, and the boss could recover its health over time, and they took about 10 minutes to take out half of the health bar of the boss!

Tactically speaking, everyone was very clear about what they needed to do. However, being clear about the tactics is one thing, carrying it out perfectly is another! Especially when the duration of battling the boss is prolonged, not many people can actually keep their concentration up all the time. Most people would feel anxious and frustrated. So, some of them could not avoid touching the ‘eggs’, and they were hurt by the impact of the explosions.

Fortunately for them, none of them had been struck two explosions at the same time - yet. Other than the two tankers, Zhang Yang and Endless Starlight, only a few players had more than 40,000 health points. So if they were to be caught in between two explosions at the same time, they would surely be killed in an instant!

40%, 30%!

"Wa! Ya! Ya! What the hell! This stinky boss really has a long health bar there!" Wei Yan Er got caught up in another explosion, blowing her up, until she was shouting in pain.

If the difficult part about the previous bosses that they had encountered before along the way was their horrifying damage output, then the difficult part about fighting this boss was the duration of time required to defeat him. Players cannot afford any single mistake during this long duration of time, because that one small mistake would risk getting the party wiped out!

"Come, tell a joke!" as everyone had just avoided the {Stardust Explosion} and the situation seemed to be stable at the moment, Zhang Yang smiled and asked for a joke in an attempt to ease down the tensed mood of everyone.

To be in an intense and yet stressful battle, only Sun Xin Yu would be able to handle it with a calm mind. As for Zhang Yang, he was already used to such boss battles, as he had already encountered many similar boss battles in his previous life. Sun Xin Yu could do it because of her profession in real life. Compared to being a trained cop, a mere tens of minutes of stress is a walk in the park for her!

Fatty Han was immediately riled up the moment he heard Zhang Yang asking for a joke, so he quickly said, "Let me tell first! Let me!"

"No! Don’t! Anything that comes from this wretched fatty is definitely ‘tainted’!" the ladies were trying to stop Fatty Han from saying another word.

"Endless Starlight too! No jokes from you!" Just as Endless Starlight was about to open up his mouth, he was shot straight down. He blushed after being shut up by a bunch of ladies!

"Then, allow me to tell you guys a joke!" Lost Dream took over this ‘sacred’ mission and said, "It all happened yesterday when my little brother came back home. He came to me and said to me with pride, ‘Bro, I’m no longer a virgin!’"

The ladies blushed when they heard the words ‘no longer a virgin’, while Zhang Yang and the other men were all revealing their ‘wolfish’ faces and smiled like a bunch of perverts.

"So I told him to sit down and tell me slowly." Lost Dream continued his story, "But my little brother tightened his teeth and clutched up his ass, and he said, ‘I cannot sit, Ow!’"

"Pff --- " Zhang Yang and the men started to laugh out loud.

Han Ying Xue and the ladies were looking at each other, as they were not aware of the meaning of the joke.

Wei Yan Er did not get it at all and asked, "Is that some sort of joke? What’s so funny about it?"

Zhang Yang gave it a long thought and said, "A man will never understand what is pain, until they are poked from behind!"

"It’s ‘girl’! You moron!" Wei Yan Er immediately corrected Zhang Yang.

At that moment, Han Ying Xue, Daffodil Daydream and Fantasy Sweetheart had finally got the meaning of the joke, and they blushed. Only Wei Yan Er was still trying to understand the meaning of the joke, scratching her own head.

After fooling around for a while there, everyone eased down a little, and they felt more relieved, increasing their efficiency in battle.


Time to enter the ‘slaughtering’ state of time! Everyone in the party immediately unleashed everything they had, and the health bar of the boss began to reduce a little faster.

"Impossible! You are just a bunch of ants! How can you manage to hurt my sacred body!" Shaloni, who was already wounded badly, started bleeding more. Although it did not affect the boss’s capability to battle, but he was looking really fatigued.

"Stinky boss! Just give up already!" Wei Yan Er swung her axe until strong currents of wind could be felt. She went in irrationally, taking her [Power Potion (Grade 10 Transmutation )] that filled up her rage gauge and went on to activate all her skills without considering anything else at all!


Within that 10-second period, the damage output of this little girl was terrifying! Even Zhang Yang, Sun Xin Yu, Lost Dream or Daffodil Daydream could not go near her damage output!

16%, 13%, 9%!

"Ancient Demonic Souls, please answer my summons and get rid of these disgusting pests!" Shaloni was almost out of breath, this particular summon seemed to be his final attempt to summon the foul Ancient Demonic Souls!

Everyone quickly started scattering to avoid any contact with the foul monsters. They had already reached this far, if they failed there, it would definitely be a crime that cannot be forgiven for a thousand years!

7%! 4%! 1%!

"I… I’m the… in… invincible… in…"

Pak! The health bar of the boss was finally emptied out! Shaloni collapsed onto the ground and dropped out a number of loot all over the ground.

"Haha! Stinky boss is finally dead!"

Everyone let out a breath of relief. It took them almost 30 minutes to defeat the boss, everyone was exhausted! Another word to describe this is - tedious!

Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart quickly went up to bring Hundred Shots and Fatty Han back. When it came to Fatty Han, the two ladies decided to use ‘paper scissor stone’ as the deciding factor --- of course, the loser would have to do it! Naturally, Fatty Han started sobbing there and then. After being rescued, he went to a corner and drew circles on the ground to reflect upon himself.

"Yo! Time to reveal the equipment!" Wei Yan Er was filled with joy, even her face showed it all. She had already leaped over to Shaloni’s dead body and began her ‘touch’ on the loot.

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