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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 433 — A Smooth Clearance

Chapter 433: A Smooth Clearance

10 seconds was enough for Fantasy Sweetheart to run into the ‘safe zone’ area.


Immediately, a stream of white dazzling light emanated from the entire body of the pretty faced pair of huge boobies, radiating out into the surrounding. But there was no one around within the effective range of the effect, so the attack was the equivalent of shooting bullets into the ocean. Pak! Fantasy Sweetheart was inflicted with 1 point of damage.

Right after the effect faded, Fantasy Sweetheart returned to her position and continued to do her duty on the battlefield.

Although Zhang Yang and his party were lesser in number now, that was also an advantage for them, as there was no more space for them to run, when someone is being inflicted by the {Strength of Madran} effect without having to worry that others would be wounded when the skill explodes!

"Although we are slow in progress due to our small numbers, we have the time to slowly torture the boss!" everyone saw a glimpse of hope to win the battle.

"Let the lightning swallow your souls!" the boss let out another roar and pointed his staff at Zhang Yang to activate another {Lightning Storm}!



After the lightning landed on Zhang Yang and inflicted him with about 15,000 damage points, it leaped straight over to Fatty Han and instant-killed him!

"Wah! You bastard, little Yang! You sacrificed me now! Are you happy now? We are now short of yet another DPS player in the party!" Fatty Han could not accept his own death.

"Don’t worry! You died with honor, and the honor is mine! Because you have confirmed for us that this lightning attack can only jump by about 5 meters long!" Zhang Yang laughed while raising his shield up to block the staff assaults from the annoying boss.

Another DPS player has died. There were only 3 players with high DPS left, that was Zhang Yang, Hundred Shots and Daffodil Daydream. The total DPS of the entire party had been reduced down to less than 20,000 points! So, the progress of reducing the health bar of the boss had become extremely slow.

90%, 80%, 75%!

"My followers, reveal yourselves, and fight for your master!" Madran raised his staff up high in the sky and commanded loudly. 12 streams of dark lights came out from the staff and shot across to the 12 different corners of the area.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Skeletons were breaking out of the ground one after another. They looked really familiar! Each of the skeletons had a different sort of weapon on their hands. Four of them were riding on skeletal horses! The skeletal horses were stomping their hoofs on the ground, roaring out angrily!

It turned out that, these skeletons were actually the 12 disciples that Zhang Yang and his gang had met and engaged! Their names were labeled on each of them, crystal clear! However, they were now no longer bosses, instead, they were just elite monsters that have 200,000 health points on each of them. Even though their strengths are much weaker now, but to battle one boss with 12 elite-grade disciples at the same time, Zhang Yang and his incomplete formation of his gang would definitely be faced with an extreme challenge! The boss and the monsters had an absolute advantage over Zhang Yang and his gang!

"Slaughter them all!" Madran let out a furious roar and pointed his staff at Zhang Yang and his gang. He gave the command for the 12 disciples to launch their assaults towards Zhang Yang and his gang!

Instantly, these 12 skeleton monsters let out a miserable screech and stomped their way through, charging towards Zhang Yang and his gang.

Zhang Yang quickly left the boss aside for the moment and used {Charge}, aiming for the skeleton monster that was nearest to him, followed by a {Thunder Strike} that inflicted quite some damage to all of the monsters within his attack range.

"Rawgh ---" the 12 skeleton monsters were enraged, and they wielded their weapons, charging at Zhang Yang. Although some of the disciples were Spellcasters, they were all currently melee type monsters after having been resurrected.

Zhang Yang quickly flitted left and right, moving between the 12 monsters, dodging as many attacks as possible to minimize the damage he received.

"I shall not rest my rage as long as you pests are still alive and well! I’ll tear you into pieces!" The skeleton monsters weren’t actually scary at all, what really scared them was the fact that there was a boss commanding these skeleton monsters! Although Madran did not have a mount, and he was a Spellcaster that was supposed to be weak and slow, he was spry and fast! After using a ranged attack with his spell attack, he ran very swiftly to Zhang Yang before Zhang Yang could even react! Then, the boss swung his staff at Zhang Yang!


Zhang Yang blocked the attack, but the boss seemed to be addicted to melee attacks! Tock! He immediately swiveled and gave another knock on Zhang Yang with his staff.

If it was just an attack from a mere regular monster, Zhang Yang could have dodged the attack with ease. But, the attack of the boss was swift and merciless! It seemed almost impossible to dodge that attack!


Zhang Yang felt the knock of the boss’ ‘stick’ in his head, and that attack actually stunned him! Although he had activated {Warrior's Will} right after that, the luck of Madran struck the jackpot! Out of 7 hits from the boss’s staff, 2 of them that triggered stun effect on Zhang Yang, rendering him immobile! The monsters started ganging up on him!

The assaults from the boss were unceasingly unleashed onto Zhang Yang and his gang. {Eye of the Illusive Soul}, {Strength of Madran} and {Lightning Storm} were spammed thorough the battle. The powerful oppression from the boss had finally crippled the party of Zhang Yang. At one time, Han Ying Xue was healing up Zhang Yang. But one of them was inflicted with the {Strength of Madran} and they did not manage to isolate the explosion from the remaining members of Zhang Yang’s party! The explosion took out all of the remaining party members, except Zhang Yang himself, and Han Ying Xue!

Ching chiang ching chiang! Zhang Yang activated his life-saving skills one after another and fell under the claws of the boss and his 12 disciples, an expected outcome.

"Finally! Everyone got wiped out! Haha!" Wei Yan Er was happy, "I can finally join into battle the boss!"

Only this little girl would be so happy after the entire party has been wiped out!

"Haha, only our little girl is truly enjoying the fun of playing this game!" Everyone released their souls and began to run back to the boss in their soul states. Zhang Yang sighed a little and said, "Every one of us has already obtained a certain level of material gain, so now, we should be more focused on getting more equipment drops from the bosses, not savoring the process of battling bosses!"

But Fatty Han said shamelessly, "I’m just a regular guy who loves to count gold coins, silver coins, or whatever coins that are valuable! That’s the most interesting part of the game, for me!"

The Graveyard was just located at the upside of the island. So, it did not take long for them to get back to their own dead bodies. After approximately 10 minutes, everyone in Zhang Yang’s party had arrived back in the lair of Madran, and resurrected themselves. Then, they quickly picked a safe spot and took [Snacks] to recover their initial states.

"Fortunate for us, that Mythical grade boss was not reset!" right in the middle of the boss area, Madran was still standing there with an angry face, whilst surrounded by his 12 skeletal disciples. Meanwhile, Cazacrol remained as a pile of shattered stones.

If Cazacrol was also resurrected, they would have a lot of problems battling all of the monsters together! One must not underestimate the remaining 1,000,000 health points on the Mythical boss! The penalty oppression on the levels’ significant difference between the Mythical boss and Zhang Yang’s party members was the largest problem that they had! If they did not have the paired skills such as {Blizzard Sky} and {Luna’s Dew}, it would be extremely difficult for them to defeat the boss!

"After we begin to engage with the monsters, I’ll kite the monsters, while Endless Starlight kites the boss! Everyone will focus on taking out the monsters first!" Zhang Yang commanded. As they had already spent a significantly long period of time understanding the skills of Madran, Zhang Yang then decided on how they should carry out the boss battle, "If any healers or tankers get affected by {Eye of the Illusive Soul}, then DPS players will need to step in and replace the healer or the tanker to hold off the boss for the time being!"

"Then, what should we do if 1 tanker and 2 healers are being affected?" Wei Yan Er blinked her large pair of eyes and asked.

Zhang Yang immediately roared at her, "Can’t you be more optimistic about this?"

"We should always be ready for the worst! If we can handle the worst scenario already, then what else is there to be afraid of?" Wei Yan Er was huffing at Zhang Yang.

Everyone was laughing at their conversation. Then Zhang Yang praised the little girl and said, "I can’t believe this little girl is wiser now, and she might be as wise as a gorilla, now!"

"Wah! You stupid noob tank! Would it kill you to not insult me for once!" Wei Yan Er growled at Zhang Yang.

"But, if we really encounter such a fate, what should we really do?" Hundred Shots was beginning to feel worried.

Zhang Yang gave it some thought and said, "So, let Endless Starlight be the main tanker. We can assume that the boss won’t inflict the main tanker with his skill effects. If the boss really picks me and the two healers of our party, there will be nothing to fear as well!"

After considering, based on the damage output capability of Zhang Yang, everyone nodded without any worries on their minds.

"Alright, everyone knows the deal about {Lightning Storm} right? This skill will strike the player with the boss’s aggro first, then it will start jumping about! So, listen up! Any DPS profession player must not get the first aggro of the boss. Everyone has to make sure that you are at least 5 meters away from the main tanker, then nothing bad will happen to us!" Zhang Yang reminded everyone.

"Take note! Anyone who is inflicted by the {Strength of Madran}, you will have to stay away from everyone, as far as possible! Don’t be like a certain someone and just stand there!"

"Silly Yu! What did you say? I dare you to say it again!" Han Ying Xue also growled at Zhang Yang with rage.

"Hahaha! Get ready for the battle guys! Time to kill some monsters!" Zhang Yang raised his shield and sword up, "Starlight, let’s rock!"

The two tankers maintained a space of 5-meters in-between them as they were engaging the boss. Together, they charged towards Madran!

Pak! With a {Shield Toss}, Endless Starlight initiated the first attack at the boss, grabbing hold of the aggro of the boss.

"It’s another bunch of imbeciles that knows no fear about death, eh!" Madran let out a thunderous roar. It seemed like Madran had totally forgotten about Zhang Yang and his party members. Madran raised up his staff and pointed the tip of his staff at Endless Starlight, "Kill them all!"

The 12 skeletal disciples charged at Endless Starlight immediately, after Madran gave the command.

Zhang Yang charged straight up and crashed into one of the elite monsters, followed by a gulp of an entire bottle of his {Rage Potion}. He activated his {Thunder Strike}, delivering a powerful strike on the ground, dealing damage to all surrounding enemies within his attack range, successfully hooking over the aggro of all the monsters!

Right after that, he quickly kited the monsters away from the boss as far as possible. After his 1-second common cool down period had passed, he immediately activated {Blast Wave}. With the special effect of the [Sword of Purging Devourer] triggered, more damage was inflicted upon all 12 skeletal disciples, and Zhang Yang succeeded in maintaining their aggro on him.

Wei Yan Er had lost her patience long ago as she sat on the floor, while waiting for the party to be wiped out earlier on. Of course, she would charge in with her, er, {Charge} and begin her onslaught on the monsters!

The attack power of the 12 elite skeletal monsters was not that bad either. However, without their boss to command them, they were all but a dozen of skeletal soldiers without an aim. They could be inflicted with stuns, and movement reductions! One more assault of {Thunder Strike} was enough to make them suffer. With Zhang Yang’s exquisite skills of dodging around, all of them could only roar around in misery.

But Madran was not standing by the side idly. Although his {Lightning Storm} would only affect Endless Starlight alone, his other skills like the {Strength of Madran} and {Eye of Illusive Soul} could still affect the remaining members of Zhang Yang’s party, giving all of them some chaotic moments in the battle.

1 minute later, the 12 elite monsters were finally cleared out. Everyone was finally able to focus back on bombarding the boss with everything they got.

"You bunch of damned imbeciles! Kill one and another comes back! It’s worse than killing cockroaches!" Madran began to curse, and he was waving his staff round and round, throwing a bunch of skills at Zhang Yang and the gang!

The most threatening skill of the boss was summoning his 12 disciples! Fortunately, that skill would only trigger once each time the boss loses 25% of his health bar. If that skill was activated randomly, then Zhang Yang and his party would have to waste a lot of their firepower on taking out the disciples, and through that process, a substantial amount of mana points would be exhausted, and healing would become impossible in the latter stages of the battle.

75%. 50%, 25%!

After surviving the assaults from that wave of summoned disciples, everyone already knew that victory is within their grasp! Everyone was already agitated with joy as the battle would soon be coming to an end!

Zhang Yang was even more agitated, as he was about to obtain the final piece of the [Fragment of Dimensional Key]! This long-winded Main Quest is about to come to an end! This is the final step already!




"No ---" Madran let out a scream of despair as his last drop of health points were blown away by Daffodil Daydream with a fireball. The boss collapsed onto the ground and stayed dead.

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