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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 434 — Herb Foraging Familiar

Chapter 434: Herb Foraging Familiar

Wei Yan Er was still sulking, and she kicked and stomped on the dead body of the boss, "Stinky boss, how dare you try to kill me and waste so much of my time! Humph! Now you should know, I’m not a person you should be meddling with!"

Fatty Han laughed and said, "Little Yan Er, you’re actually raping the dead body of a boss! Careful and don’t spill out of the stomach of the boss!"

"Aiyo!" all the ladies could not stand that wretched fatty anymore, even Sun Xin Yu could not help but twitch in anger.

Wei Yan Er was about to bend down to pick up the loot that had been dropped from the boss, but, the moment she recalled what Fatty Han just said, she could not bear to bend down anymore. If she really did accidentally ‘squeeze’ something out from the stomach of the boss, then it would be horrifically disgusting!

"You wretched f*ck! You’re so wretched that you’re almost on the same par as a master of the century already! How could we never discover your true ‘talent’?" Zhang Yang shook his head and took over Wei Yan Er’s job of picking up the loot.

With a touch, Zhang Yang grabbed up a piece of heavy armor that glittered in a gold complexion. This piece of equipment looked simple and unsophisticated.

[Greaves of Giant Elephants] (Yellow-Gold, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +40

Vitality: +302

Strength: +274

Agility: +121


Required Level: 90

Zhang Yang laughed, and then he threw the piece over to Wei Yan Er, "Little girl, catch! This pair of greaves suits you very much!"

Wei Yan Er was very happy at the beginning, but she immediately jumped in rage when she realized Zhang Yang’s intention, "Stinky noob tank! You’re saying that my legs are as thick as the legs of an elephant, aren’t you! Rawgh!"

"Aiya! When did you become so clever, little girl?"

"Humph! Humph! Humph!" Wei Yan Er rolled her large eyes in disdain. Although she did not speak anymore, it was obvious that she was not willing to give in to Zhang Yang’s teasing.

"Silly Yu! Don’t always bully little Yan Er!" Han Ying Xue stepped up for the little girl.

"Sister Snow is always the best!"

"Yan Er can only be bullied by me and me alone!" Han YIng Xue giggled as she used her two hands to pinch and rub Wei Yan Er’s face.

Wei Yan Er, "…"

Zhang Yang reached out his hands again and picked up another piece of golden equipment.

[Demonic Whirlpool] (Yellow-Gold, Accessory)

Use: Exiles the target into a chaotic whirlpool full of demonic aura. Targets that are within the Demonic Whirlpool cannot be inflicted with any damage, at the same time, the targets will be immobile. Lasts for 15 seconds.

Required Level: 90

"It’s great for PK battles! You can go one against two with this precious piece!" Zhang Yang weighed the accessory in his hand and asked everyone, "So, who wants this?"

"Me! Me!"

Everyone was trying to talk at the same time with the attempt to get the accessory piece from Zhang Yang as most of them were PvP maniacs. Furthermore, with this piece of accessory, a player could activate miraculous effects when battling two or three enemy players at the same time! While in the dungeons, the player who holds this accessory can also use it to restrict the movement of a monster when there are too many monsters around. In that sense, the player can reduce his or her own stress in dealing with many monsters at the same time.

After rolling for who gets the accessory, this masterpiece was finally taken by Sun Xin Yu herself. Han Ying Xue tried to provoke her, because she wasn’t happy with the result of the dice-throwing, "The dog that bites never barks!" That enraged Sun Xin Yu to the point that she almost lost herself to her own rage.

Zhang Yang was having a headache about these two pretty ladies. Although the two of them were not close to each other, at least, these two would not provoke each other in the first place. However, as time had passed, the two of them have begun to show signs that they could not ‘co-exist’! Whenever they meet, they would cross eyes like two enemies about to slaughter up each other!

Sigh, if only the two ladies would succumb to his ‘charm’, then his life would have been so much easier.

Zhang Yang put down the thoughts for the moment and went on picking up the loots. He bent down and picked up a shield that radiated with a purplish light.

[Kingdom’s Heart] (Violet-Platinum, Shield)

Defense: +1,512

Vitality: +1,058

Equip Effect: Absorbs 537 damage points when being hit.

Equip Effect: Increases 2% of the damage immunity.


Required Level: 90

"Holy mother of cow! This equipment is dope!" Endless Starlight was already madly admiring the piece of work. He charged down and hugged Zhang Yang’s legs and said, "Boss, boss! Please give me the shield! You’re like a father to me! I’m willing to do anything for you! I can die for you, cry for you, and ‘come’ for you!"

Zhang Yang was disgusted by Starlight and tossed the shield straight into the face of Endless Starlight, "Get lost!"

After taking the shield into his hands, Endless Starlight went aside with joy. Although he was not hurt or wounded in any kind of way, there was an obvious mark of a shield on his face. But, he was contented, as he had already gotten his hands all over the shield.

Everyone chose to give up on the shield, and he quickly put the shield into his inventory with much joy on his face.

"This [Kingdom’s Heart] is definitely the best shield there is in this game at the moment!" Hundred Shots said, "Starlight has finally become more powerful!"

Zhang Yang nodded to express his agreement. Judging from the attributes of this shield, it was actually even better than the [Titan Wall] that Zhang Yang had! However, after considering the Armor Set effect, Zhang Yang would definitely not break up his Titan Set Armor just to equip this [Kingdom’s Heart] as his shield. It just did not make sense, as the special effect of the Titan Set Armor would give him a lot more advantage! Well, at least he won’t be doing this until he gets his hands on the Mythical grade equipment.

And there came the shameless Endless Starlight again, "I’ve always been very powerful, alright?"

"Haha!" everyone laughed at him.

Zhang Yang reached out and picked up another piece of equipment. The final boss Madran was not stingy on dropping good loots at all. Zhang Yang actually picked up another piece of Violet-Platinum equipment! This time, it was a piece of leather armor with a simple and unsophisticated design. There were countless runes crafted all over the leather armor.

[Chest Plate of the Abyss] (Violet-Platinum, Leather Armor)

Defense: +48

Vitality: +635

Strength: +181

Agility: +420

Equip: Increases 2% rate of healing or damage inflicted.


Required Level: 90

"No wonder this is only dropped after we slay the final boss! It’s just too powerful!" Fatty Han was staring at the attributes of the equipment without even blinking at all! He looked just like Endless Starlight did when he saw his previous shield. Fatty Han charged up and snatched the chest plate from Zhang Yang before anyone could react.

"Let’s decide who gets it with the dice!" Zhang Yang nodded.

The four of them who wore leather armor did not have to be polite at all. They tossed the dice one, after another to try out their luck. At the end of it, Lost Dream was the winner in securing the chest plate.

"Anymore Violet-Platinum grade equipment?" all of them were looking forward to see what came next.

"Let me see!" As Zhang Yang was looking through the loots, he suddenly came across with another piece and smiled, "There’s another one!"

[Cloak of the Dark Wings] (Violet-Platinum, Cloak/Cape)

Vitality: +159

Equip: Increase 3% healing or damage inflicted.

Use: You can fly! Increases movement speed by 300%! Lasts for 10 minutes. Cool down: 1 hour


Required Level: 90

"… it can make us fly!" The gang widened their eyes after seeing the special effect of the item!

It was every human being’s dream to be able to fly in the sky! Although Zhang Yang mentioned before, that players can capture a flying battle mount after they enter the Chaos Realm, that would be in the far future as they still had 10 levels to go before they could enter that realm, which would take approximately 3 months to achieve! And now, this item was offered a ticket to early access of that! Of course, everyone would be agitated with excitement! Who wouldn’t want to fly now?

Zhang Yang nodded and said, "This equipment also boosts attack, other than vitality, so any profession can have this. Let’s throw the dice and decide who gets it, then!"

"Hehe, One Sword Stroke will definitely be jealous when he finds out about this! He might even bang a wall after knowing about this!"

Pak pak pak! Everyone tossed their own dices, and by the end of this, it was Han Ying Xue, the lucky witch, who won the prize! She took the equipment, taking away everyone’s dream of flying!

Zhang Yang did not join in on tossing the dice. Firstly, he already had the [Titan Cape], which was actually almost as good as the [Cloak of the Dark Wings]. Secondly, he was already tired of flying in his previous life, and he did not care if he could fly a little earlier in this life. However, although Han Ying Xue got the [Cloak of the Dark Wings] already, Zhang Yang took it over from her, saying that he would return it to her when she reaches Level 90, because she cannot use it until then, anyway.

Han Ying Xue spat at Zhang Yang and said, "Filthy Yu! You expect me to wear it after you use it? But nevermind, I’ll just take it as the offer you made, to help me identify this cloak first!"

‘Ding! You have acquired the Dimensional Key Fragment 1!’

Finally, the final piece of the Dimensional Key Fragment had fallen into Zhang Yang’s hands. What a long journey! He had given so much time into committing to this quest!

And after Zhang Yang picked up one [Sacred Thread] and a [Hammer of Sanctions - Hammer Handle], there was nothing left on the ground anymore.

"So, it seems that the [Sacred Thread] can be obtained from Madran. Then, does it mean I would need to wait until Madran respawns first before I can get enough materials to make one [Incandescent Electrical Robe]?" Daffodil Daydream let out a sigh. She was planning to start gathering the required materials one she returned back to the main city. She intended to make two [Incandescent Electrical Robes] and give them to Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart.

"Like I said, the system won’t let the value of Violet-Platinum equipment be washed away." Zhang Yang nodded as he said.

"Let’s go. We need to turn in our quest to the old fisherman! Completing an S-rank quest should be very rewarding! At least give us something better than what we just got here!"

After Madran died, the magic barriers outside vanished without a trace. Zhang Yang and his party got onto the island without any difficulties at all. At that time, the Island of the Sacred One had already descended into chaos, as a large number of Believers were engaged with the guards already. The once peaceful and beautiful island had been filled with fresh blood and miserable screaming. It looked more like a hellish island now!

"Good job!" King of Naga - Psyborna revealed himself before Zhang Yang and his party all of a sudden, as he was lurking from the shadow with his long snake body. He slapped Zhang Yang on the back for completing the quest.

"It’s another Violet-Platinum boss! Should we slaughter him up?" Fatty Han had already killed so much that his sanity was already going.

"Stupid wretched fatty! Even if we are really going to do it, we must wait until he gives us the rewards of the quest first!" Wei Yan Er is a battle maniac. She held her giant axe in her hands, ready to smash the fatty.

At the same time, 10 Nagas lurked out from behind Psyborna. All of them were above Level 90, and all of them were Yellow-Gold graded! They lined up neatly behind the King of Naga, cutting off the steam of Wei Yan Er and Fatty Han who had planned to attack them.

"Fellow adventurers, you have taken down Madran and averted a major crisis!" Psyborna looked at everyone and praised them with joy and sincerity, "You did not just save mankind, but you have also helped us, the Nagas! I hereby represent the entire race of Naga in expressing our highest form of gratitude, to you all!"

The King of Naga bent his back down a little and bowed towards Zhang Yang and his party members.

"Look at you! They are so sincere, and you intended to kill them and take their fortunes away! You should be ashamed of yourselves!" Zhang Yang teased the two of them.

"Pui! They’re not sincere at all! Look at how they bowed at us! They did not even bow completely! It’s not like they have backaches or something!" Wei Yan Er quickly started to defend herself.

"These are just some small gifts, I hope you will like it!" Psyborna waved his hand and 10 streams of light ascended onto Zhang Yang and the remaining 9 members of his party.

‘Ding! You have completed a quest: Bury the Secret, acquired 5,000,000 experience points! Completion Rating: Perfect!"

‘Ding! You have acquired items: Whistle for a Herb Foraging Familiar!’

Zhang Yang was shocked and he took out the item in a hurry. It was a whistle that glittered in a silver complexion. Judging from its appearance, it did not differ much from the other regular whistles.

[Whistle of Herb Foraging Familiar]

Use: Blow the whistle to summon a Herb Foraging Familiar. Herb Foraging Familiars will search for [Herbs] on its own and gather the [Herbs]. One hour later, the Herb Foraging Familiar will return to you and put the [Herbs] that it had managed to gather into your inventory. You must make sure that your inventory has enough space in order to acquire the [Herbs] collected, or else the [Herbs] collected will vanish. The Herb Foraging Familiar is very good at keeping its tracks hidden, so it is very difficult to be discovered by monsters. You are required to pay 1,000 gold coins for each summon of the Herb Foraging Familiar. Last for 1 hour. Cooldown: 30 minutes.

Bound upon pick up.

A new item had just appeared in the game!

So this was exactly like obtaining an auto function on gathering [Herbs]! Zhang Yang could not help himself but to laugh in joy. Having a Herb Foraging Familiar was like having a Herb Collecting assistant. Furthermore, he would not have to worry about the level of this little fellow. This little fellow would follow Zhang Yang into any area or territory, no matter how hostile the environment was. This little fellow could gather herbs in any area in the game!

But, the only weakness of summoning this little fellow was that one would have to pay 1000 gold coins!

Now, Zhang Yang still had no idea on how capable this little fellow was. Was it efficient enough to keep up with Zhang Yang’s capability in gathering herbs? If its capability is about the same as a player, then it would be an absolute loss in terms of gold coins! Because no player could actually collect herbs that are worth 1,000 gold coins within an hour!

But the main problem was that, there were no Herbalists in the entire game at the current stage who can keep up with Zhang Yang’s level now! So, there is no way that Zhang Yang can just bring someone weaker, and charge into high-level maps to gather herbs! Zhang Yang was also a Herbalist himself. He would not spend so much effort and time in gathering herbs. So, with this little fellow around, Zhang Yang would save a lot of his time, and Zhang Yang was willing to pay for that!

For him, this was really a great fortune that would benefit him for a very long time!

Zhang Yang looked at the remaining members of his party, and he saw that everyone was very joyful. It seemed that everyone had acquired something good for themselves as well.

He smiled and asked, " What good stuff did you guys get?"

"Haha! I got an ‘exclusive’ hammer that can be used to forge equipment. It would give a 1% additional effect to the equipment I forge!" Wei Yan Er was beaming with joy.

Daffodil Daydream, "Hmm, I got a sewing needle instead. While crafting clothes, there is a certain rate to boost the attributes of the clothes!"

"Mine is …"

Everyone announced their quest rewards from the NPC.

Zhang Yang nodded and said, "It seems that the reward of this quest is rewarded to the players, based on the specialized skills of their own professions!"

"What a fortune for everyone!" everyone was cheering in joy. They were all so joyful that they did not realize that Psyborna and his Naga people had left the scene.

As all of them had acquired a few pieces of equipment from the quest completion, they departed back to the main city in a hurry, so that they could identify their equipment as soon as possible. They tore their own teleportation scrolls and teleported back straight to the Thunderstorm Castle.

As Zhang Yang wanted to test out the efficiency of this [Herb Foraging Familiar], so he summoned Turtle and entered a water territory on purpose. Then, he took out the [Whistle of Herb Foraging Familiar] and blew it hard.

‘Ding! You have chosen to summon Herb Foraging Familiar. For that, you will be paying a sum of 1,000 gold coins, accept or decline?’


Shoof! A small fellow that looked like a cross between a bunny and a raccoon immediately appeared right at the side of Zhang Yang. It had a pair of wings. The creature was covered in silver fur, and was most lovely and cute! But, this cute little fellow immediately drowned in the ocean sea water, after having a few gulps of sea water, the little fellow died, with its belly facing upwards!

Zhang Yang frowned intensely. He did not see this coming. There was no notice or description about the [Herb Foraging Familiar] drowning in water!

There goes 1,000 gold coins, for nothing!

Zhang Yang wasn’t stingy about saving up this 1,000 gold coins, but to lose the money like this, was just totally not worth it! He scooped the little fellow up, tore his teleportation scroll and teleported straight back to Thunderstorm Castle.

After leaving the water territory area, the [Herb Foraging Familiar] actually came back to life! It fluttered its pair of wings and began to fly around in the air lightly. Then, it flew out from the Thunderous Castle. It was probably going out to gather herbs already.

Zhang Yang intended to perform an experiment with his [Herb Foraging Familiar]. He went up to his teleportation circle and teleported himself over to the White Jade Castle. He wanted to find out whether the little fellow would actually follow him over to the White Jade Castle when the summon time period ends.

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