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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 436 — Sun Xin Yu’s Old Man

Chapter 436: Sun Xin Yu’s Old Man

Zhang Yang did not intend to cause any unwanted trouble to himself, so he lay low, standing at one of the corners of the elevator.

However, the elder man set his extremely sharp eyes onto Zhang Yang, giving him an uneasy feeling, as if countless cold needles were stabbing into his heart. Zhang Yang intended to turn his head away from the old man, but after giving it a thought, they barely even knew each other, so what is he being so afraid of? So, he did not hold back and returned the stare.

The elevator was fast, it already reached the 15th floor in just a brief moment. Ding! The doors of the elevator opened. But, when Zhang Yang was about to set out of the elevator, a hand intercepted him and blocked his way out from the elevator. Zhang Yang traced the arm back to its owner, and realized that it belonged to one of the bodyguards of that old man!

Zhang Yang frowned in frustration and said, "Please, give way! I need to get off the elevator!"

However, the bodyguard did not move a muscle and remained as still as a statue, as if he had not heard anything he said.

Zhang Yang was enraged. Although he did not intend to stir things up, he was not afraid of getting his hands dirty if necessary. So, he reached out and caught the hand in a vice grip!

That bodyguard immediately reacted as well. He reached out his hand to grab Zhang Yang. As his palm reached out swiftly, Zhang Yang could hear the sound of the air by his ears as the hand came at him!

Pak! Pak! Pak!

Zhang Yang began to fight back, and the two of them started fighting in the narrow space of the elevator. But, the bodyguard was really skilled! Zhang Yang tried everything to break himself out of the elevator, but he could not succeed. He was totally trapped inside the elevator by that bodyguard!


The door of the elevator closed, and the elevator continued to elevate.

"What the fart!" Zhang Yang was in extreme rage as he began to act more violently towards the bodyguard. The bodyguard held his own, and they continued fighting to a standstill. Finally, Zhang Yang gave in and stopped fighting. Judging from the situation, he had no chance at all in winning, because the other 3 bodyguards had not joined in yet!

The bodyguard did not force Zhang Yang’s hands as well. After seeing that Zhang Yang had stopped fighting, he too stopped and returned to his position with his three other colleagues forming a formation to protect the two men in the middle.


The elevator stopped at the 19th floor, and the door opened.

"Here you go, sir." one of the bodyguards gestured Zhang Yang out of the elevator.

"What the fart is going on!" Zhang Yang knew that this must be an order given by that old man, so he could not help but to curse and scold the old man deep within his heart.

"Young man, you are scolding me deep in your heart, didn’t you?" the old man suddenly spoke up, with an intimidating, but calm aura.

"That’s right!" Zhang Yang admitted it without any hesitation, because he was really angry at the moment.

The old man laughed out loud and uncharacteristically put up a gesture of peace with two fingers and walked right out of the elevator.

Zhang Yang had no choice but to be escorted out of the elevator as well, under the supervision of two of the bodyguards. They all followed the old man. But there was a distance between them and the old man, and the distance was definitely a safety precaution.

The old man stopped at the front of an apartment and rang the doorbell.

Huh? Zhang Yang was surprised and shocked because this was actually Sun Xin Yu’s house! He finally understood the situation. This old man must be Sun Xin Yu’s old man! Her father!

The door was opened and Sun Xin Yu appeared with her pretty, cold face. When she saw the old man, the slightest bit of shock being betrayed by her mask of a face, "Dad---" her eyes scanned the surroundings swiftly and she saw Zhang Yang. A familiar annoyed expression immediately popped up.

As expected!

The father and his daughter went into the apartment, but the four bodyguards and the secretary man all remained at the doorsteps of the apartment.

"Zhang Yang --- " that secretary turned to Zhang Yang and said, "Come, let’s have a talk."

So it seemed that they have already looked into his background and knew all about him! Zhang Yang let out a sigh and walked with the secretary away from the doorstep.

"Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Gong, Gong Ru San. Or you can just call me by my sir name, Gong." The secretary took out a packet of cigarettes and offered it to Zhang Yang.

Gong? As in Lao Gong1? Zhang Yang felt a chill through his body and said, "Well, you’re elder than me, so I’ll just call you brother Gong!" Knowing that the old man is Sun Xin Yu’s father, Zhang Yang was no longer dissatisfied about what the old man did to him. He also had a rough idea of why he was brought here.

"Haha! Suit yourself!" Mr.Gong was being frank and open-hearted, "Brother Zhang, you’re indeed ‘skillful’! I really have to admire your luck! You could actually win the heart of that prideful woman!"

Zhang Yang already knew that Sun Xin Yu must have come from some influential family background, but he had no idea at all how influential it was. So he could not help but to ask, "Brother Gong, so what’s the deal with Sun Xin Yu’s father?"

"Sun Xin Yu never told you anything about him before this?" Gong Ru San was slightly shocked, then he smiled and said, "Then, I must keep my mouth shut! If Xin Yu ever finds out, then I’m as good as a dead man! Haha!"

What the fart! Zhang Yang cursed within his heart and said, "Brother Gong, do you have any advice for me, then?"

"Well, there’s no advice I can offer you. Secretaries like us exist to share the burden of our leaders. So, I hope to understand some of the situation from you, Mr.Zhang!" Gong Ru San suddenly became serious as his own intimidating aura started flowing out.

Zhang Yang smiled vaguely. Because he had already died once, this was not something that would scare him anymore! However, since that he had nothing to hide at all, he decided to entertain the secretary.

The two of them were asking questions and answering questions in turns. Unaware of the time, half an hour had already passed. If it wasn’t because Sun Xin Yu and his father coming out from the apartment, their conversation would have went on.

"Let’s go back now." Mr.Sun said softly. Gong Ru San bowed down instantly at the old man and said yes. The old man then looked at Zhang Yang with a deep meaning behind his eyes, "Young man, let us talk when we have the chance!"

"Dad ---" Sun Xin Yu snapped in frustration.

"Fine, fine, I’m not that forgetful yet. I will not forget what I promised you!" Mr.Sun crossed his hands by his back and walked up to the elevator. After just a brief moment, the elevator arrived, and Mr.Sun left the place with his six men, very swiftly.

Zhang Yang walked up to Sun Xin Yu and said, "What the hell! What’s with your dad? I was almost beaten up!"

Sun Xin Yu seemed to hesitate for a moment, but then she opened up her apartment door and said, "Come in and talk."

"Yo, you’re finally letting me into your apartment!" Zhang Yang walked straight into the apartment and changed into a pair of slippers. He looked around, studying every inch of the place. Before this, he only knew that Sun Xin Yu lived here, but the Ice Queen had never let him set his foot into her apartment. Ever!

"Stop staring!" Sun Xin Yu felt annoyed, but she was blushing, especially when Zhang Yang opened up her bedroom door. After Zhang Yang saw the cute fluffy bear on her bed, she blushed even more.

Zhang Yang laughed out loud and turned around, "Don’t hug the bear anymore, I can sacrifice myself and let you hug me!"

"Do you wish to die?" Sun Xin Yu tightened her teeth as she spoke in disdain.

"Aaah!" Zhang Yang sat onto the sofa and put the groceries aside, and then he put his legs on the coffee table and said. "I was being ‘interrogated’ by the secretary of your father to the point that I have almost told him everything about my ancestors! So, I think you owe me an explanation."

Sun Xin Yu kicked his legs off the coffee table, and sat down with a cold expression on her face and said, "My father’s name is Ma Ding Kun, he is the Secretary of a provincial Party Committee for the Province of Su Jiang."

"Pff!" Zhang Yang had just taken a sip of water, and had nearly spat it out. Nearly. No wonder she could ask the party secretary to do as she asks. She was actually the loving daughter of the Secretary of a provincial Party Committee for the Province of Su Jiang! But thinking about it, something was still not right. Previously, Sun Xin Yu had already exhibited her large network connection in the entirety of Shang Hai. Although this Ma Ding Kun was a Secretary of a provincial Party Committee for Province of Su Jiang, he would not have to power to put his hands on the affair in Shang Hai. Shang Hai was the capital of the international metropolis of China!

Sun Xin Yu saw Zhang Yang’s thoughtful gaze, so she continued to explain, "My second uncle is the mayor of Shang Hai!"

"Cough!" Zhang Yang was choked by the water he was trying to drink. He coughed on and tried to continue the conversation, "Just tell me everything at once! Stop revealing stuff like that one after another! My heart can’t take it!"

"My grandfather is Ma Tian Hang!"

"Pff ---" Zhang Yang had finally lost it and spilled the water from his mouth. Holy god! Ma Tian Hang was the Chairman of the Standing Committee for the entire China! So, this entire family is not simple at all! Zhang Yang coughed for a long time, before he regained his breath and continued to ask, "Then, why is your surname Sun?"

"I followed my mom’s surname." Sun Xin Yu spoke softly.

Illegitimate daughter? A mistress? Zhang Yang began to think out of the ordinary and messed up his own mind.

"Don’t think so damn much on that. My mother is the legitimate wife of my father. They love each other very much, and they got married legitimately!" Sun Xin Yu told Zhang Yang with a serious face, "It is just that my father loves my mother too much, so he decided to allow his daughter to follow the surname of his wife if they ever got a daughter."

Zhang Yang then asked, "But I can see you and your family aren’t that close, right? Or is there something that I missed out?"

"My grandfather wants me to marry an A-hole! That’s why I moved out and stay here. I don’t want to listen to his whining and scolding every day!" Sun Xin Yu snapped coldly.

My gawd! Zhang Yang had so much thought about Sun Xin Yu and he had come up with a number of theories about her background. But now that he knew about her, he could not accept that everything was actually so simple and uncomplicated! She was merely staying away because she felt annoyed!

Zhang Yang put his legs up on the coffee table again and placed his chin on his hands and said, "Then, why did your dad look at me as if I was a thief? He wouldn’t really believe that you and I have already… you know… Haha! If I really got you as my girlfriend, then I would become the Son-in-law of the ‘Emperor’, won’t I?"

"Tsk! Who would actually like you in the first place!" Sun Xin Yu shook her head without restraint.

This beauty had fair, pearl white skin, and she was definitely hot as f*ck! And when she’s in her police uniform, she was pretty in much more different ways. Zhang Yang could never fathom on why he had actually turned himself away from her.

He tapped on the sofa right beside him and said, "Pretty girl, come over here and give me a quick rub on my thigh!"

Sun Xin Yu suddenly looked very angry, but she actually went on to sit by the side of Zhang Yang. A powerful punch landed on Zhang Yang’s thigh, Zhang Yang felt the excruciating pain on his thigh to the point where he started breathing in cold air!

"You really used a lot of force in this massage…"

Sun Xin Yu remained silent for a moment, then she suddenly said, "Don’t stay with that woman from now on!"

Zhang Yang was shocked, at first he thought Sun Xin Yu was talking about Yu Li, but he instantly reacted and realized that Sun Xin Yu was most probably talking about Han Ying Xue. He let out a breath of sigh and said, "Did you really think I wanted to? I have to cook for two super duper lazy ‘worms’! And I’m about to become their personal cook in their house!"

"It’s obvious that you’re just reluctant to leave because of your lust for sex!" Sun Xin Yu spoke out coldly.

Zhang Yang laughed out loud and said, "Then I shall show you my lust for sex!"

He made an intimidating gesture towards Sun Xin Yu as if he was about to kiss her.

But Sun Xin Yu remained undaunted. She did not even move! She just looked at him coldly.


Just when Zhang Yang was withdrawing his head backward, he could hear the low-voiced insult from Sun Xin Yu. Although her voice was really soft, it was enough for Zhang Yang to hear it. Zhang Yang was provoked, and he planted his lips straight onto the red and sexy lips of Sun Xin Yu.

"Hmm ---" Sun Xin Yu let out a soft mutter, and surprisingly, she did not struggle or fight back at all.

Lips to lips, touching each other only on the surface, feeling each other out, and slowly the action got more vigorous. The two of them started to breathe heavily as they started moving more violently by the seconds. Their hands were already unconsciously, passionately groping about. Their body temperatures were rising.

After a long time, their lips parted from each other, and they looked into each other’s eyes.

Sun Xin Yu did not show any sign of shame. And then, she nonchalantly blurted out, as if she had just had a walk in the park, or something, "Zhang Yang, I like you!"

Right after she confessed, she chased Zhang Yang out of her apartment and closed the door shut, leaving Zhang Yang outside the door of her house dumbfounded


1. Lao Gong - Means ‘husband’ in Chinese literacy.

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