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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 438 — Level 4 Gem Stone

Chapter 438: Level 4 Gem Stone

"Nyehehehe! In your face, noobie tank! How does it feel to be trampled over! Hahaha! This is

the payback for your bullying ways!" the little brat laughed like how an audience laughed at a


Zhang Yang remained unfazed. Based on Han Ying Xue and everyone else’s progress, he had

deduced that the Glory points found in chest varied from 1 points to 20 points! It was not

completely random either. If the chest was found nearby an area with normal tiered monsters, it

will produce Glory points ranging from 1 to 10 points. Most of them had not even spawned any

Glory points! On the other hand, if the chest was found in an area with elite monsters, the Glory

points found inside would be between 11 points to 20 points. These types of chests would more

likely spawn Glory points.

Since the start, his luck had not been that good, since he had only been able to find normal

monsters. However, Zhang Yang had faith that his luck would turn for the better.

‘Server Announcement: Light flashes to all corners of the realm. Rainman has found an Ancient

Treasure Chest and obtained a powerful equipment: Star Dragon Boots!’

[Star Dragon Boots] (Violet-Platinum, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +80

Vitality: +806

Strength: +540

Dexterity: +230

<Level 3 Socket>

Level Requirement: 80

The server channel was filled with the announcement notification. The system notification had

even posted the item properties, allowing every player in China to be able to read and check on

the item.

Across the entire server, players from all around different cities got heated up, for the item tier

was Violet-Platinum! The best and strongest equipment tier in the game, so far! Now that one

player had obtained the item, everyone got fired up. For the item could be obtained from a chest,

and not just from a boss!

From Zhang Yang’s perspective, he did not care about the item. He had bigger problems at

hand. Just how big is this Realm of the Sacred Glory? All he had been able to see was the never-

ending scenery of mountains and grassy plains. This event takes all players from all servers of

the game! The numbers could easily reach 100 million, yet all Zhang Yang had encountered

were monsters, and not a single player! Just how large did the developers make the map up to


Zhang Yang could not comprehend the sheer vastness of the map, and decided to go with the

flow. After a certain number of chests, Zhang Yang finally managed to open one and score his

first Glory point. The points did not require player to pick, open, or do practically anything at all.

As long as players opened the chest, the points would automatically be added to the poll and be

displayed at the side of the player’s head’s up display user interface.

1 point…2 points…20…50…

As slow as Zhang Yang’s progress was, it was entirely controlled by the system random number

generator system. There was really nothing Zhang Yang could do to boost the numbers. Based

on Zhang Yang’s current equipment build, he had not needed to take any breaks and could go on

forever in killing monsters and opening chests. Right now, to maximize the effort of earning

more Glory points, Zhang Yang had placed the monster killing as his second priority and had set

his main goal into finding more chests instead.

He rode the bear everywhere, and if there were no chests among the group of monsters he

encountered, Zhang Yang would not stop and continued to run towards the next chest. If the

monsters could not chase after him, Zhang Yang would not bother to turn around. The time

allocated for him to be in this "realm" is limited. Even though the monster did give extra

experience points, they wouldn’t matter if he could not earn enough Glory points in the first


After continuously collecting items from chests, Zhang Yang had finally filled up most of this

inventory space. Although he had 190 slots in his inventory, most of the slots were filled up with

many kinds of different potions and their different transmutation grades. In the end, Zhang Yang

had to resort to discarding lower tiered items in order to make way for better items.

‘Ding! You have opened a Glory Treasure Chest!’

‘Ding! You have obtained Level 4 Dexterity Gemstone x1!’

‘Ding! You have obtained 16 Glory Points!’

Zhang Yang was stunned at the word [Level 4 Dexterity Gemstone] and quickly examined his

inventory. There, sitting quietly at the corner of Zhang Yang’s saturated inventory, was the item.

Zhang Yang took it out and felt the glossy surface of the gemstone. Like other gemstones, it was

extremely smooth on the surface, and fit just right in the palm of his hand.

[Level 4 Dexterity Gemstone] (Usable)

Use: Place this Gemstone in a Level 4 Socket or higher, to grant 50 Dexterity points to an

equipment. Socketing has a 40% chance of failure.

Zhang Yang smiled happily. It was a jackpot. Gemstones that were level 3 and below could be

bought from a Gemstone store. However, Level 4 Gemstones and higher could only be obtained

from monsters, chests, or Hardcore Mode Dungeon Speed record reward. Still, if one had the

wallet of Donald Trump, one could easily fuse Level 3 Gemstones into Level 4 Gemstones.

However, that percentage chance and money would only be burning a hole in pockets!

In most games, including ‘God’s Miracle’, players could invest a fortune and be able to "win"

the game easily. Those who insisted in not spending any cash in the game would have to rely on

talent and effort. Either money or effort could bring a player to victory, and if players had

neither, gaming would be extremely tough for them. There were games that would give players a

huge advantage for investing money, while other games had little to no benefits for cash players.

‘God’s Miracle’ was both pay-to- win, and play-to- win. It was balanced in both ways; put in

enough effort, you can earn enough money in the game to re-invest in it again to earn more.

After that, Zhang Yang had opened more chests and had obtained a [Level 4 Vitality Gemstone],

[Intelligence Gemstone], and [Spirit Gemstone]. None of them were in bulk. Zhang Yang had

only managed to haul two counts of [Spirit Gemstone] and one count of the aforementioned

Gemstones. Worst off, he had not obtained any [Strength Gemstones]! Since Vitality was

considered to be the most universal attribute in all 5 major attributes, the [Level 4 Vitality

Gemstone] granted a bonus 100 Vitality points, double that of others.

"Yo! Boss, how much is your current Glory points?" asked Endless Starlight out of the blue.

"129 points." Zhang Yang casually replied.

"D*mn! That’s a lot! You have more than I do!"

"Can’t help it. I’m handsome, that’s why!"

"Please! 129 points? That’s far from what I have!" the little brat interjected in the party chat. "I

already have 153!’

"Haha! You’re saying that you’re beautiful?" said Zhang Yang.

"Nyehehehe! At least you have good eye sight!"

Without realizing it, Zhang Yang had already spent more than 2 hours in the realm. Only then,

Zhang Yang had spotted the first player in the map. The opponent was not a China player.

Instead, he had a tag behind his name saying: "North America".

Even though the other player was only Level 78, Zhang Yang had still jumped atop his mount

and killed the poor player in a few hits. In the game, the enmity between players across the

continent and server would forever be hostile. That was why, Zhang Yang would kill anything

that did not bear a red flag, even if he was Level 78, or Level 1!

‘Ding! You have obtained 1 Honor Point!’

Zhang Yang obtained Honor points after killing the player. Honor points were collectible points

that could be earned when a player kills another player of a different server. Points collected

could be used to exchange items and equipment that would be bound to a player. It was another

method if obtaining equipment if one could not kill a dungeon boss. Honor points would only be

given if the player killed is from another region. Players from the same region, for example,

China’s Emerald City and White Jade Castle cannot earn points by killing each other. Normally,

players can earn 1 Honor points by killing NPCs, players equal or lower than the player’s level.

Players could earn more points by killing more important NPCs like army generals or Kings or a

ruler from another kingdom. In this case, the King would grant up to 10,000 Honor points! The

problem was, it is not easy to just jump into the vast army and target their king. Unlike chess, the

Kings in the game were one of the strongest entities.

Slowly yet surely, Zhang Yang had gathered more Glory points and had reached above than 300

points. With no sense of security since the game did not provide a means to check one’s current

position in the ranking list, the only way Zhang Yang could convince himself that he is in the

ranking list was to open more and more chest. By the time the system was close to revealing the

rank, Zhang Yang had the urge to ask his friends.

"Hey guys? How much points do you guys have?"



Everyone reported their collected points and to put in comparison, Han Ying Xue, the ever so

lucky lady had collected 682 points with Fatty Han at the lowest with only 398.

"Aww. Fatty bro. I don’t understand, why do you have such luck!"

"Nyahahaha. I’d say, remember to wash your hands every time you’re done with the loo!"

"Sadly, Fatty bro might be kicked out!"

Amid the jokes around, by the time the clock struck 12 noon, every player’s character was frozen

in place.

‘Ding! The system is currently calculating the system rank. Please wait…’

‘Server announcement: Current number of players in Realm of the Sacred Glory: 687,349,832.

Players with Glory points of 400 and less will be eliminated from the Realm of the Sacred Glory.

Player elimination will start in 30 seconds. Please be ready.’

Without much delay, the system announced the result.

"ARGH! What a waste! I was only 2 points behind! 2 motherf*cking points!" cried Fatty Han

disgruntledly. Cry as he may, the system ruthlessly kicked players out without a second thought.

After much discussion and inquiry, it was found out that almost 90% of Lone Desert Smoke

guild members had been kicked out of the map.

The longer you spend inside the Realm of the Sacred Glory, the more benefits you could reap

from it. It would serve as a great chance to improve the status of the guild. Yet, after finding out

that 90% of the members of the guild had been kicked out, it would not help much, but only a

tiny fraction of that.

Zhang Yang asked Snow Seeker and even Greensleeves Prince, and found that their guilds had

suffered from similar losses. Both guilds had 90% of their guild members kicked out of the


The second portal opened and the second round of the "Treasure Hunt" started. This time, many

players who had not participated were first to arrive. Since they had not joined the first round,

they had lost a great deal of time to find and gather Glory points. Unless they had the best of

luck, they would not have much time to compensate the 12 hours lost from the previous round.

This round, Zhang Yang was extremely lucky. The Glory points that he had obtained from most

of the chest were all 10 and above. He had even surpassed Han Ying Xue! Even though the real-

time ranking list was hidden away from players, Zhang Yang had found out that he was the

highest in the guild.

After the second round, the elimination condition was set to 1,000 Glory points and below. The

number of players left to join the third round was only around 7,000,000, which was not even

enough to fill one major city!

From the third round onwards, the ranking list was released to the players. At the same time, the

system had made an announcement, eliminating 90% of all the players inside the realm. Those

who were listed in the ranking list had to push themselves to the limit, to position their names at

the top of the list, in order to prevent elimination. With the threat of elimination hanging over

their necks, players who were listed lower in the list had to force themselves to run amok in

panic to search for chests.

Zhang Yang had the experience. Now, instead of just blindly searching, he completely ignored

fighting the monsters until he could find another chest. If the monsters still chased after him, he

would kill them all in one wave. With his battle mount and him combined strength, monsters

stood no chance. Only strong tanks like One Sword Stroke and Endless Starlight might be able to

follow his method.

After the third, fourth, and the fifth round of elimination, only 10 players, including Zhang Yang

was left in the realm. The only player from Lone Desert Smoke to remain in the field was Zhang

Yang alone!

Initially, the little brat had a chance to enter the final 10, however, she had encountered a

European player and had been in a fierce fight. They had spent more than 2 hours just to have a

go at each other and in the end, both of them were eliminated.

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