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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 439 — Captain America

Chapter 439: Captain America

In this final round, the format had changed.

All 10 players were teleported to a small hillside. The method to obtaining Glory points remained the same, that was to open as many chests as you can find. However, the chests were all buried deep in the earth. Moreover, one must first hunt monsters to obtain maps that would reveal the locations of the chest. Without a map, players would have no means of finding the chest. In one instance, only one chest is spawned. Many maps that lead to the same chest would be dropped by the monsters. There would be situations where two, three, or even all players would end up searching for the same chest. During this time, players will be placed in a battle royale style combat, and the players who are killed would be unable to revive until the chest is opened, and only then would they be revived at a random point around the hill.

A battle royale, and only the strongest shall remain!

The time limit was still 12 hours. When the event ends, the players with the highest Glory points will be awarded with a Level +3, SP +1, and a title "Warrior of the Sacred Glory". The reward for the second place is Level +2 and SP +1. The third place will be awarded with Level +1 and SP +1.

Zhang Yang opened the event ranking list and examined the 10 players’ identity.

1. Dusk Phoenix (Europe, Glory Points: 2,930, Level 93, Bandit.)

2. Captain America (North America, Glory Points: 2,881, Level 92, Berserker.)

3. Caesar the Great (Europe, Glory Points: 2,849, Level 91, Sniper)

4. One Sword Stroke (China, Glory Points: 2,789, Level 91, Guardian)

5. Musashi Ou-sama (Japan-Korea, Glory Points: 2,713, Level 92, Templar)

6. Zhan Yu (China, Glory Points: 2,702, Level 94, Guardian)

7. Saabo (South America, Glory Points: 2,647, Level 91, Witch Doctor)

8. Lord Mandala (India, Glory Points: 2,613, Level 92, Pyromancer)

9. Xindalu (Africa, Glory Points: 2,589, Level 91, Beastmaster)

10. October Miracle (Australia, Glory Points: 2,547, Level 91, Cryomancer)

The way to collect more Glory points was not ensured by opening chests. It was still highly dependent on luck. Zhang Yang knew his own speed. He was sure that no one could keep up with him. However, most of the chests he found were empty. At most, the elite chests could cough out around 11 or 12 Glory points. Speed was no longer an option for him.

However, now that things have changed to only one chest at a time, the battle required guts and intellect. The first to obtain the map would not definitely get the chest. Those players who had manage to keep themselves in the game so far must have a certain level of equipment prowess and skills. Zhang Yang could take on 2, or 3 at a time. But if he goes overboard, all 9 players might gang up on him, and that would be too much for Zhang Yang to handle. He could not do the standard ‘Zhang Yang’ charge in and fight style.

With only a few seconds of preparation time, all 10 players had their characters unfrozen from their spots and were free to move around. Luckily, all 10 players were not spawned at the same spot. In fact, all of them were spread far apart from each other. This round, the system was rather generous. Instead of little to no monsters, monsters in this final round were spawned close to each other in great numbers. Zhang Yang did not think twice and gathered them together and had wiped them all clean. Zhang Yang gathered close to 20 and more elite monsters, and rounded them up with {Thunder Strike}, {Blast Wave}, and {Heroic Jump} before finishing off the entire herd with {Horizontal Sweep}. With such a concentrated swarm of monsters, the sword effect procced endlessly until most of the monsters were killed.

In 2 minutes or less, Zhang Yang had killed most of the monsters and had killed a few stragglers individually. Zhang Yang was actually disappointed. Not because of the immense experience points that he had just obtained was not enough, but due to the time limitation and also at the fact that he was in an event. If he could just ignore the urge to win, he could spend the rest of the event farming the monsters, easily leveling up to Level 95 in just four days. Sadly, in just 12 hours, there was not much time for Zhang Yang to even gain 10%! Might as well go on with the event and win the rewards.

Zhang Yang hurriedly went to the pile of battle loots and searched for the map. There were many piles of coins and cloth material which he had completely ignored in order to save space for the map and items from the chest. He was moderately lucky to obtain a map during just the first wave of monsters. He picked it up and examined the piece of paper quickly. The paper quickly vanish and reappeared in his U.I. There was a treasure chest right in the middle of the map, with Zhang Yang’s position marked with a blinking light. Without thinking, Zhang Yang jumped on the bear and made his way to the chest.

After a small distance, Zhang Yang was about to arrive to the treasure spot when he encountered another lucky player. Captain America was seen from afar, rushing to his position. Zhang Yang did a quick calculation in his mind and realized that there was not enough time for him to dig and open the chest. In the end, Zhang Yang equipped his shield and sword and charged towards the man.

"Huh? Look what the cat dragged in. Ain’t you one of those China pigs, huh? Welp, might as well kill ya!" Captain America had an odd and ferocious look. From afar, Zhang Yang could already identify the man, since he was riding a large black panther, while brandishing a huge axe. Along with his chosen Orc’s race, he had a fierce strong look, with a killing aura so strong it could literally split leaves apart.

"Hmph. Call me all you want. You’re the one going down." Zhang Yang replied and charged towards the enemy.

{Wild Charge}!




The bear and the panther jumped towards each other, knocking them out in the same time. Their owners had also launched {Spear of Obliteration} at the same time, down to the second. Both of them had received damage, but Zhang Yang had taken more of it. During a PvP fight in the Realm of Sacred Glory, a tank would not receive the 30% increase in attack buff. That was why the attack from Captain America had dealt more damage than Zhang Yang.

When both sides had taken damage, both their HP gauge had only dropped a fraction. Since Zhang Yang had the experience of a lifetime, he was able to immediately judge the amount of total HP that the enemy had from the drop of his HP. From his guess, Captain America would have a total of 70,000 HP and more.

Although {Pounce} and {Wild Charge} had different names, their effects were the same. Both skills would stun the target for 1 second. However, since Zhang Yang was wearing the accessory - [Heart of the Death Knight], the stun duration was halved, and he regained control in just 0.5 seconds, allowing him to slash at Captain America first.


Zhang Yang gained 32 Rage points, but since all skills shared the same global skill cool down, Zhang Yang was unable to cast a second skill. Without wasting time, standing there to wait for the skill to refresh, Zhang Yang leap to his feet and moved behind Captain America.

"F*cking piece of China pig!" Captain America regained his senses quickly and was enraged. He knew about the skill, but how could it be that he was stunned for 1 whole second while the china pig was only stunned for half a second?! It did not add up! Captain America turned around as fast as he could, borrowing the momentum of the heavy axe, and smashed at Zhang Yang.

"Hmph! You’re strong!" Zhang Yang could not help to compliment the American fighter. Even when Zhang Yang was already behind Captain America, he was still able to maneuver around swiftly and attack Zhang Yang with such precision, proving that he was no ordinary fighter. Unfortunately for the Captain, Zhang Yang was a tank, a super tank at that.


‘-1,052!’ Block Reflect damage.

‘-4,838!’ {Shield Bash}

"What the f*ck!? I’d smash your head in, you chink!" cried Captain America angrily. Before Captain American could deal any damage to Zhang Yang, he had already taken close to 10,000 damage! With enough Rage built up from taking damage, Captain America activated {Tornado Cleave} and attacked Zhang Yang swiftly. Zhang Yang was highly impressed, as he had not seen the attack coming.

Zhang Yang was rather impressed at Captain America. {Tornado Cleave} was an AoE attack skill that did not require lock-on. As long as the skill is activated, every target within 3 meters range would received damage. In his position, Captain America could not lock on to Zhang Yang, since he was standing too close to him! The decision to use {Tornado Cleave} was fast and wise.

Since Zhang Yang had already used {Block} less than 2 seconds ago, he had to take the skill head on and received 9,094 damage which caused his Rage to fill up. With quick foot work, Zhang Yang leaped around and got behind Captain America. With the bear joining the attack, its attacks followed closely with another claw attack. Both attacks had dealt more than 5,000 damage each.

"Crap! Sheet! F*ck!" Captain America continued to throw insults and profanities as he tried to turn around to catch Zhang Yang, but kept on failing.

For Zhang Yang to achieve this feat, he had to be much better than Captain America. Fortunately, Captain America was very much weaker in controls, compared to Zhang Yang. Even though he was the top player in North America region, he was unable to keep up with Zhang Yang. He tried his best to adjust to Zhang Yang footwork but could never position himself in time. It was like a futile attempt to chase after your own shadow! With nothing but sword attacks striking his back, Captain America was helpless against Zhang Yang.

Even though Zhang Yang was a Guardian, his attacks were too strong, since his current equipment was the best so far! No one could match his equipment! His attack power was unparalleled to anyone at that current time!

"Captain America? Hmph! You’re nothing. Go rot back in your homeland and be a hero there." Zhang Yang slashed down vertically from above and activated {Killing Cleave}, successfully killing Captain America and turned him into a pillar of light. Sadly, Captain America did not drop any equipment, or else Zhang Yang could have earned a fortune!

"Watch it you! I’ll be back! When I do, I’ll gorge your eyes out, china swine!" said Captain America before he release his soul to be revived by the system.

"Please. Who you think you are? Arnold Schwarzenegger? You should have named your character T-100 then." Said Zhang Yang right at the moment when Captain America disappeared from the battle field. He then jumped from his mount and started to dig into the dirt with his sword.

Luckily, digging was simple in the game. As long as you have a treasure map in your inventory, you could dig out the chest with just a few digging strokes. Zhang Yang foregone lifting the chest out of the ground and directly jumped into the hole to open the chest.


‘Ding! You have opened an Ancient Glory Chest!’

‘Ding! You have obtained [Level 5 Vitality Gemstone] x1!’

‘Ding! You have obtained 97 Glory Points!’


Zhang Yang had remembered that in his previous life, the [Level 5 Vitality Gemstone] could be sold for at least 5,000 gold coins! As expected of the price, since the supply for the item would never meet the demand of the market. This particular Gemstone granted a bonus 1,000 Vitality points. Sadly, it could only be socketed into a Level 5 Socket of a higher level equipment. If he could, he would have socketed all 11 sockets of his equipment with the [Level 5 Vitality Gemstone], and enhance at least 50% of them! That was a bonus of 160,000 HP! Coupled with the current 16% Vitality Aura, the bonus would soar even higher!

What a shame…

Zhang Yang opened the inventory window and stared at the blue [Level 5 Vitality Gemstone] in awe. There was strong sense of satisfaction.

This chest had granted Zhang Yang with a luxurious amount of Glory points, unlike the previous rounds. He had gained 2,799 Glory points, pushing his rank from the fifth to the second place in one go.

If the next chest was as the same as this, Zhang Yang only needed two more and could rank first!

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