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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 441 — A Mess

Chapter 441: A Mess

The number of monsters in the valley were constantly respawning at an alarming rate. Zhang Yang had mentioned it before, if he had not wanted to hunt for the chest, grinding levels here would be a sweet dream! However, no matter how much experience points the monsters would give, the Level reward from being the champion or even the second place was extremely valuable! Furthermore, the chest would have a chance to drop [Level 5 Gemstone] of any kind! There was even a chance to open up a Violet-Platinum equipment! Who would want to waste their time hunting monsters when such a luxurious booty awaits them! Hence, the battle between 10 players was a silent rage.

After 1 hour in the battle, the game developers had received requests from many players around the world to have a look at the current battle through "God Mode". Players were allowed to watch the game but were locked from carrying out any conversation of any kind.

It was when Zhang Yang had found out that almost all channels, including the guild, party, private message, and other means of communication through the outside "world" was blocked. The only means to communicate was the "talk" function which was opened to the public. The "talk" function mimicked reality. The louder you shout, the further it can be heard. Although there was a limit, and it was distance.

Over time, a few more chests were revealed. Zhang Yang was rather unlucky, since most of the treasure map he had farmed had already been dug out by other players. Sometimes, whenever he was rushing to the chest, the map will be destroyed out of the blue, indicating that the chest was found and had been looted of its contents. Luckily, Dusk Phoenix and Captain America, once more being ahead of him, had not made any chest discoveries. All three of them had not made any progress! However, the remaining seven players had been crawling up. Although their rankings had been a little messy, the problem was, all of them were gaining Glory points.

For the next chest discovery, no matter who was the one who made it to the chest, the entire ranking list would have a major change. Even the 10th place, Lord Mandala could rank first!

While he was busy worrying about the rank, his sword sliced through many more monsters and had earned another treasure map. Zhang Yang smiled and quickly hopped to his bear, and made his way as swiftly as possible towards the chest. Just as he arrived to the destination, he discovered that the place was filled with seven more players and two dead bodies on the ground. Zhang Yang was the last person to arrive to the spot! Technically, before the chest is opened, none of them was the first, nor the last!

The two dead bodies belonged to Saabo and October Miracle. Since the reviving condition in this event is special, neither of them could release their souls from their body and had to wait there until the chest is opened!

One Sword Stroke glared at Zhang Yang and said, "Zhan Yu! Please put aside our conflict and team up! We are both of the same side here! I hope we could temporary set aside our quarrel and face them all together!"

Zhang Yang laughed bitterly and said, "I had never know you could speak in such as gentlemanly way! Fine. I agree. Let us deal with the outsider and till the two of us stands last!"

Zhang Yang had high confidence. He had two ulti skills, {Dance of Heaven and Earth} and {Chaotic Dance of Electric Current}. He strongly believed that none of the others had such an OP skill in their skill tree. He had not used the skill before when he faced Musashi, Captain, and Dusk Phoenix, because the situation had not reached to such high tension. Having such a high cool down, the skill could never be used so casually!

Even though the two of them had joined forces in dealing with the rest of the players, all eight of them had not moved a budge! The opponent were still the 6 strongest players! If they could split up and take on three players each, it would be a huge gamble! Since no one knew each others abilities, it was best to resort to chaos and pick at straws from there!

Dusk Phoenix smiled bitterly and laughed. "Well, since no one willing to make a first move. I’ll be glad to wait. Neither of us are rushing, right?"

"Hush lady, how dare you speak for me! It would be your wish for all of us to remain idle, no?! You’re currently at rank 1, if this goes down without a fight, you would surely be winning this event!" Captain America scoffed and pointed at the two dead players on the ground. "Look at those two idiots. They must have fallen for your provocation. Hmph! They must have died in vain. I’d say, you best take care of yourself. I might accidentally smash your head in."

Over Zhang Yang side, he tried to start a fire by provocating the Japanese player. "Ooi! Shorty! Mushi Mushi! Come over and I’ll mush you!"

"Kisama…" Musashi Ou-sama remained motionless.

"Pussy! You should change your name to Pusashi instead. It suits your behavior, since you’re such a pussy!"

"Shut your mouth!"

Both Musashi and Zhang Yang remained motionless. Musashi knew that Zhang Yang was deliberately trying to provoke him. If he had resorted to fleeing instead of fighting, it would put his country to shame!

Finally, after having thinking it through, Musashi pulled the reins of his mount and leaped at Zhang Yang. Captain America followed behind him and attacked Zhang Yang as well. "Musashi Ou-sama, I shall assist you!"

Before the commotion, all seven of them, except Zhang Yang, had remained passive, since anyone who tried to stick out would be hammer down like the two dead players on the side. Secondly, if they were to start the battle among them when Zhang Yang had not arrived, it might place them all in a disadvantage situation where Zhang Yang could easily kill them. Now that Zhang Yang had arrived, there was no more hesitation. Captain America had crossed path with Zhang Yang before, and he knew that he could not defeat him alone. Thus, when Musashi had blatantly jumped to fight him, Captain America had proposed his alliance with Musashi.

"Hm! Happy to know that both U.S.A and Japan still has some good ties!" said Musashi. He too, was aware of his own capability. Hence, when Captain America offered his help, there was no reason for him to reject.

Zhang Yang faced both of them fearlessly and rode into the fight with the bear.

On the other side, Dusk Phoenix, One Sword Stroke and the rest had their equilibrium disrupted. There was five of them. If someone offered an alliance, it would be three vs two or even four vs one! Knowing this, One Sword Stroke acted first and struck Dusk Phoenix with a preemptive attack!

"F*ck!" Dusk Phoenix cursed. She was offended, that instead of anyone else, she was the first person being attacked. Instead of having her to fight alone, she used {Fan of Blades} to attack everyone in the vicinity. She was not afraid of triggering the entire battlefield since she had the skill {Vanish}. On the contrary, she had purposely attacked all of them to invoke a fight. Only through the chaotic battle could she make use of her stealth to slip out. Guile was the main factor to being a true Thief!

Even though Zhang Yang was facing with two players alone, his strong equipment had made him bear to invincible! Coupled with all sort of status affecting skills laying down on them, including the passive stunning by the Titan equipment set, both Captain America and Musashi Ou-sama were being pressured further!

Having thought that gaining an extra player to fight Zhang Yang would be a piece of cake, Zhang Yang’s array of skills had proved them wrong! Zhang Yang utilized the skill {Beast Taming} efficiently where and when a situation called for it, for Zhang Yang could dismount at any moment to stomp the ground, casting {Thunder Strike} and then hopping back up the bear to run away! Zhang Yang’s overwhelming skill had greatly humiliated the Japan-America partnership!

Those that were watching had mixed reaction. Audiences from China was cheering happily while audiences from, Japan-Korea and America had fallen silent. How could the two of them be forcefully shamed by only one China player! What sort of partnership is that?

The longer the battle dragged out, the better Zhang Yang fought. Having to fight two professional player at the same time, his prowess had been elevated to its full potential. At one point, he was even better than he ever was! 100%? No! Zhang Yang had surpassed that! He was at 150%!

Zhang Yang was focused on killing Musashi first, and had laid down all sort of skill bombarding him while maintaining status effect skills on Captain America to weaken him. Since Zhang Yang had a "thick" skin, he could prolonged the battle by first weeding out the weaker one!

Being beaten down like a wild dog, Musashi was raging and cursing while Zhang Yang hacked him down to his last bit of HP. Since he had already died once, losing all his experience points in the process, there was nothing left for him to lose!

"Prick! If I die, I’m taking you down with me!" cried Musashi.

Zhang Yang laughed, "Sorry, but I have to interest in joining the kamikaze squad!"

"GRAAH!" Musashi raged on and unleashed as many skills as he could, including the skills that he had reserved for later use. Although all the skills were unleashed, Zhang Yang had not noticed any abnormal skills such as {Dance of Heaven and Earth} coming from him. Putting that aside, although outwardly, he was behaving rather barbarically, the man was calm on the inside. He knew that even though he could kill Zhang Yang, he could not ensure that he would be the one opening the chest later! He might be killed immediately after this fight!

The clash between Musashi, Zhang Yang, and Captain America had reached its climax, and Zhang Yang had suffered major HP loss. If Zhang Yang had not been a tank, he would not have lasted this long.

The main reason Zhang Yang was not in deep trouble, aside from the fact that he was a tank, was because the cooperation between Musashi Ou-sama and Captain America was not perfect. After all, the two of them were fighting together for the first time. Neither of them have had the chance to engage in a proper discussion. Additionally, the two of the were professional players who often engaged in battle alone. In a combined attack, one had to be the main, while the other would be the secondary filler. With both of them being highly arrogant with their own skills, neither of them were willing to take on the support role!

Two minutes into the fight, Musashi had become the third player to be eliminated in this chest hunt.

Zhang Yang laughed and quickly activated {Berserker’s Heal}. However, he had failed to noticed that he had the debuff {Destructive Smash} on him and had only managed to heal 25% of the intended recovery rate. Captain America had succeeded in proclaiming the S score for his job class quest, granting his {Destructive Smash} to deal a 75% reduced healing rate! It was the same score in which Zhang Yang had obtained.

With Musashi’s death, Captain America attacked faster than he ever did and growled. "Zhan Yu! You will die by my hands!" If he had not be able to kill Zhang Yang, having teamed up with Musashi, Captain America’s loss would be the loss of both Japan and North America all together!

Even though Musashi had died, he was able to force Zhang Yang to use his recovery skill, providing a battle advantage to Captain America.

"Don’t let it got over your head though…" said Zhang Yang coldly. With Musashi out of the way, he was able to fully focus on Captain America alone. His sword danced around like a dragon in the sky and a snake in the ground, forcing Captain America to turn around frantically to avoid getting hit, but failed ever so miserably.

Blood splattered everywhere as Captain America was being sliced and diced repeatedly by Zhang Yang.

"Bastard! You Bastard!!"

Zhang Yang merely laughed at his feeble attempt to retaliate. Within two minutes, Zhang Yang had forced Captain America to use all his skills and had killed him after a short fight.

All the players that had saw the fight gasped in awe. How could one player defeat two professional players when they were both considered to be the best of their own countries?! Even though their classes countered each other, Zhang Yang’s ability was still impressive, nonetheless.

Zhang Yang sat down to quickly recover himself and gazed at the other ongoing battle. Two other players had already been killed, leaving One Sword Stroke, Dusk Phoenix, and Lord Mandala in the field.

Since the equilibrium of the battle field had been broken, Zhang Yang felt a little Déjà vu when the three of them were standing at the edge of one another in a perfect triangular shape.

Zhang Yang rode towards One Sword Stroke on his bear and said, "One Sword Stroke, lets make a deal. Each of us pick a player. The first person who manages to down their opponent gets to open the chest."

"Sound like a good idea," said One Sword Stroke.

Zhang Yang laughed. "In that case, pick your foe."

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