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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 443 — When the Dust Settles…

Chapter 443: When the Dust Settles…

Zhang Yang was all too busy enjoying himself from beneath the ground.

Whoever who gets their hands on the chest would inevitably be the winner for this long draggy event. Level +3 and a one of a kind title would surely be enticing to many players. The same thought lingered in everyone’s mind, the last chest belonged to them! So what, if they were killed after opening the chest? The reward alone was more than enough to compensate for that!

The battle raged on with everyone at their limits. No one would want to keep their ultimate skill on reserve when this battle is the last battle! Skills that were similar to {Dance of Heaven and Earth} were used, so frequently, that Zhang Yang was finally made to believe that luck was not really on his side after all! If he had already appeared in the scene a short while back, he would surely have been killed! Even if he would to activate {Rearm} to reset his skill’s cooldown to reuse them again, it was impossible for him to survive 9 counts of {Dance of Heaven and Earth}-like skills!

Furthermore, Zhang Yang had carefully observed, and found out that there were players who had more than one {Dance of Heaven and Earth} type skills. He would have guessed that, like himself, the skill originated from an accessory or an equipment.

Although these folks were the top players of their represented region, when two or more players decided to work together to defeat one, they would. Musashi Ou-sama was one of the poor guys that were killed by three players altogether. Naturally, he would be pissed, but what made him angrier was the fact that Captain America, the same guy that spouted bull crap about the Japan-America friendship, had joined the party in killing Musashi!

In the ground, Zhang Yang was wishing that he could get some popcorn, since the "show" was too good to miss. Out of the corner of his eyes, he suddenly spotted one character vanishing from the field. It was Dusk Phoenix. She had taken the opportunity amidst the chaotic battle and had disappeared from sight.

As the battle reached its climax, everyone had to remain on high alert at all times. Unlike Zhang Yang, who could sit back and relax, they had to keep an eye on the field for players, and another eye on the sky to evade incoming attacks from afar! Once a player’s HP dropped to a certain extent, players would be like sharks in the water that would target the player with the lowest HP and kill them first!

Defense came before offense in a free-for-all group battle!

As the chaos continued, October Miracle, Xindalo, Caesar the Great all fell, one by one. The ordeal went on until the last 2 minutes!

What that was left of the massacre were a few players, which eventually led to the fall of Lord Mandala and Saabo, and even China’s second strongest player, One Sword Stroke was killed. The last person standing among the dead bodies was Captain America. Fresh blood was dripping down from his two-handed axe, as he roared to the sky!

"U.S.A! U.S.A!" He turned to One Sword Stroke and spat on his corpse. Captain America was able to defeat the man because of a hidden ulti killer move that he had saved up. If he had not, and if One Sword Stroke was to fight him fair and square with the use of extra skills, it would be difficult to predict who would have walked out the victor. One Sword Stroke could not nothing but stare with great disdain at Captain America. He was so angry, that he could just log out immediately and threw his gaming helmet!

After a barbaric laugh, Captain America walked towards the chest. With the mindset that he had already won the battle without counting the dead bodies, Captain America opened the chest.

Just when the chest was about to snap open, a ring of stars appeared on his head, and he was unable to move. The boobilicious body of Dusk Phoenix emerged from the shadows behind Captain America. Without delay, the Bandit continued slashing the Berserker.

"You f*cking c*nt!" Captain America could not move. Still, it was his mistake for not counting the dead bodies first before opening the chest. He had not even healed himself before proceeding to open the chest, leaving 30% HP for Dusk Phoenix to end his life. As expected, Captain America had not lasted for more than a few hits, and was already plunging down to his last 20% bit of HP. Dusk Phoenix added a {Kidney Shot} right after {Ambush} ended. She took a bottle of Stamina Potion and restored all her Stamina altogether!

Pak Pak Shush Shush!


Being stunned from the moment he opened the chest, with his dispel skill still in cooldown thanks to the commotion from a few moments back. It couldn’t be helped, to counter a Bandit with a handful of status effect skills, one must have an anti-status effect at hand! Poor Captain America only had 30% HP after the bloody ordeal, and had his {Warrior’s Will} still on cool down. There was no way for him to turn the tide around!

After dealing with Captain America, Dusk Phoenix stood there unmovingly and spoke to the sky. "Come out, Zhan Yu. I know you’re there."

Zhang Yang smirked. The woman was smart. She had not let down her guard, even after everyone was killed.

"A man like you should not play like a rat. Have you no shame?" Dusk Phoenix provoked Zhang Yang with a stern face.

Zhang Yang complied and floated up from the earth behind her. Currently, all his skills were ready to use, and nothing was in a state of cooldown. If he was to lose a 1v1 match with her, he could just buy a tofu and smash his head to death with it.

"Bloody hell! You really are here!" cried Dusk Phoenix, with an astonished face. She turned around slowly. Both her swords were sheathed on her back. "Now that it’s just the two of us, let’s talk business."

Zhang Yang chuckled and pulled out his sword. "Might as well just kill you. Talking sounds troublesome."

"Sigh…" Dusk Phoenix smiled. "No wonder I could never find a man who can satisfy me." She smiled seductively and cupped her breasts together. "Looks like the rumor that Asian men are romantic was nothing but a rumor."

Imagine yourself watching the same comedy over and over again. Now, imagine someone telling the same joke. How would you react? That was how Zhang Yang reacted to her seduction. Nothing. He had too much of it from all women in the guild, and in real life, and Han Ying Xue’s company…Too much that he was numb from it. Still, he frowned. "What are you implying?"

"Let’s make a deal. I take this chest, and in exchange, I’ll be your woman. Since you’re already in the first place, you would be second when I’ve taken the chest. At least, the second place reward is as good as the first. Minus the title and one Level reward," said Dusk Phoemix as she playfully rested her hands on her waist, while bending over to reveal her cleavage to Zhang Yang. Slowly, the woman cat-walked like a super model on a runway, towards Zhang Yang and placed her hands on her waist. No wonder they say that Europeans do know how to make a man steamy.

The problem was, she had no idea that there were close to 100 million players currently watching their every move!

Zhang Yang laughed boldly. "Come on. What are you trying to sell? Bottled Swiss Mountain Air? You live somewhere in Europe, I live in China! How could you possibly be my woman? Furthermore, you don’t speak my language. We can understand each other now, all thanks to the game’s auto translation mechanism. Do you expect me to carry a Google Translate app with me every time I want to talk to you? I am a man who wishes to bring glory to my motherland, I can’t be having wet dreams every night now, can I?"

"Hmph! What a down to earth guy!" Dusk Phoenix walked towards Zhang Yang and stopped one feet from his face. Her face was blushing greatly, and she puckered her lips. "Kiss me."

"You know what?" Zhang Yang paused.

Dusk Phoenix closed her eyes, expecting the man to fall into her trap.

"Kiss this."

Zhang Yang lifted his leg up high and kicked the woman away. Normally, any actions that do not utilize weapons would only cause 1 damage to the target. The same happened to his kick. Other than the pitiful damage, the kick was backed by Zhang Yang’s 1,262 Strength points, which had forcefully sent Dusk Phoenix flying, 7 to 8 meters away.

"What the hell!?" Dusk Phoenix cursed. There was a glint of anger and a little shame in her glare. Even though being kicked or being slashed at would not generate much pain, as a woman, she was still enraged at being kicked by a man so crudely.

Zhang Yang chuckled. "I know what you’re trying to do. Silly kid. You are trying to utilize the system’s anti-harassment feature to forcefully kick me out of the event! I guess, two can play that game. How did my kiss feel? Was it romantic enough for you?"

Her face changed from anger to a stoic, poker face.

She had fought Zhang Yang a few times before and had realized that she was not up to his standards. Furthermore, Zhang Yang was a tank, which made her attacks feel like cotton fluffs. It was a sudden spark of idea that got her to make use of the system anti-harassment system to kick Zhang Yang out of the event. She only needed to be slutty for a few moments to seduce Zhang Yang and send him out of the realm, and into prison!

Why fight head on when you can lure an enemy into a pit of spikes? Dusk Phoenix had wanted to draw Zhang Yang into her trap, but little did she know that Zhang Yang was an expert in springing such traps!

The woman had failed so miserably that her shame had turned into rage. The woman’s puffy red cheek and her eyes started tearing up! She did not summon her battle mount, nor enter stealth mode, but instead, she charged head-on towards Zhang Yang, crying out her battle cry as if she had lost it.

"Calm down. No one like a berserk woman. Well, that’s not exactly true, all sorts of men exist. Though most of them wouldn’t like this," said Zhang Yang as he raised his shield and sword, ready to intercept her attack.

Right at the moment before her blade was about to strike Zhang Yang’s shield, Dusk Phoenix twisted and turned in the air, and managed to side-step into his blindspot. Her angry face suddenly turned into a sinister laugh.


A fiery dragon burst out of her necklace and charged towards Zhang Yang.

{Shield Wal}!

Zhang Yang activated his ultimate defense skill right at the millisecond the dragon had burst out. He knew that the woman had something hidden. He knew that she would not be agitated that easily, with such a lame provocation. Hence, even when she was putting up a fake crying face, he was wary. His thoughts were just an impulse away from triggering {Shield Wall} if something was to happen. And he had guessed right.


Even when the ultimate defense skill was unleashed, Zhang Yang had still taken close to 20,000 burst damage! Without the magical barrier protecting him, the damage would have reached as high as 80,000! Zhang Yang own maximum HP was only 88,000 HP, and it had already been reduced down to around 72,000 HP before the dragon had even dealt the damage. If he had taken the hit without the {Shield Wall}, he would have been a goner.

Dusk Phoenix’s ‘damsel-in-distress’ tactic was truly brilliant. But, it was not good enough to weaken Zhang Yang’s alertness. The woman must have thought that Zhang Yang having 70,000 HP was good enough for her to kill him with a single skill burst, making Zhang Yang feel like a complete fool for not utilizing his defensive skills beforehand.

Having one plan foiled foiled after another, Dusk Phoenix was stunned. That was her last trump card! Zhang Yang knew that women always had backup plans. If he had not had the experience of two lives and an abundance of gaming experience, he might have fallen for her act and gotten himself killed by the dragon skill. Still, it was not time to let down his guard. Only god knew that Dusk Phoenix might still have some other plans in hand.

{Dance of Heaven and Earth}!


The shadow emerged out and rushed at Dusk Phoenix!


When the shadow reached to where Dusk Phoenix was, it bumped into an invisible wall and could not move closer. However, it did not stop nor cause the shadow to dissipate. The shadow swordsman continued to slash his way in and attacked Dusk Phoenix despite not being able to touch her physically.



No matter how much the shadow struck, Dusk Phoenix was not able to take any damage. At the same time, she took out her swords from her back and attacked Zhang Yang.



Zhang Yang had guessed that Dusk Phoenix was using some sort of equipment that granted her temporary immunity. Likewise, Zhang Yang’s {Shield Wall} was so strong that Dusk Phoenix was not able to deal any damage at all! On the contrary, Zhang Yang had been recovering 10% HP per second, and was recovered to full HP in a matter of a few seconds.

10 seconds later, {Dance of Heaven and Earth} expired, and the shadow swordsman vanished. At the same time, Dusk Phoenix started to move back. It seemed like her invulnerability skill lasted around the same time.

In that case…

{Chaotic Dance of Electric Current}!

Zhang Yang activated the ring’s skill and summoned an old orc magician. The orc pointed its staff at Dusk Phoenix and chanted a spell.

"Oh god!"

Dusk Phoenix panicked. Right at the moment the first bolt blasted off, Dusk Phoenix had disappeared in a puff of smoke, making use of the I-frame from {Vanish} to negate the skill’s damage.

Zhang Yang wanted to praise her, but he best remain quiet for now. The woman was good. Her reaction speed was as good as Sun Xin Yu and Lost Dream. Or rather, slightly better than Lost Dream, but slightly weaker than Sun Xin Yu.

Now that Zhang Yang had forced Dusk Phoenix to use {Vanish}, there were no more skills for her to use. She was no longer a threat to him. A Thief’s strongest skill was {Ambush}, combined with the chaining of {Kidney Shot} to deliver a long stunning duration. Zhang Yang had no fear of Thieves. Why should he be afraid of Dusk Phoenix?

Zhang Yang moved towards the chest. If Dusk Phoenix continued to play hide and seek, she would lose her last shot for the chest. But if she did appear to attack Zhang Yang, Zhang Yang would bring down hell from above. Even if that took them over the time limit of the event, it did not matter! He was already at the first place!

When the coast was clear, Zhang Yang did not hesitate to open the chest.

‘Ding! You have opened an Ancient Glory Chest!’

‘Ding! You have obtained [Level 5 Dexterity Gemstone] x1!’

‘Ding! You have obtained 91 Glory Points!’

Zhang Yang had opened the last chest. Since there was only 1 minute left on the countdown timer, there was nothing left to fight for. When the dust settles down, there will only be one winner.

"Zhan Yu. Mark my words. When we enter the Chaos Realm, I will have my revenge!" From afar, Dusk Phoenix was yelling from the top of her lungs.

Zhang Yang laughed and shouted back at her. "Next time, if you do see me! I’ll smack that *ss so hard that you’ll be begging for more!"

"F*ck you!" Dusk Phoenix screamed back. Zhang Yang could have sworn that he noticed a red blush on her cheeks before she left the area. She had no need to leave, since the event would end soon. However, she just could not stand the sight of the Chinese man. She feared that she might actually succumb to her anger and beat the crap out of him. Or was it the other way round?

‘Ding! Server Announcement: The event Realm of the Sacred Glory has ended. The top three winners will be announced shortly!’

‘Ding! Server Announcement: Player Dusk Phoenix has won the third place. Obtained reward: Level +1, SP +1!’

‘Ding! Server Announcement: Player Captain America has won the second place. Obtained reward: Level+ 2, SP +1!’

‘Ding! Server Announcement: Player Zhan Yu has won the first place. Obtained reward: Level +3, SP +1, and a Unique title: Warrior of the Sacred Glory!’

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