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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 449 — The Third Prince, Marlin Frodo

Chapter 449: The Third Prince, Marlin Frodo

As the dead bodies of the monsters were far too vast, all five of them were involved in picking up all the loot on the ground. But, although the monsters in this area were harder to deal with, the loot that was left behind after they died were considerably good. Or, one should say that the loots that are dropped in this area were a little more mediocre. Well, these monsters were all elite grade, after all.

The only problem was that, Zhang Yang and his party members were being pampered too well by the monsters out there. They would feel uncomfortable or unhappy if the monsters they slew did not drop any equipment. It was a dissonance of standards!

As time was a pressing matter, Zhang Yang and the ladies could only pick up the valuable loot from the ground. As for the coins and cloth, they just left them all on the ground. Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er had to bear the ‘pain’ of seeing the coins being left behind to the point that their faces were twitching all the way as they were leaving! They kept on looking back with their reluctant faces!

The movement speed of using two legs to walk was definitely incomparable to the movement speed of flying with two wings. The party took about 30 minutes to arrive at the bottom-most area of this floor. The main reason being, there were still some ‘leftover’ monsters intercepting them as they were on their way, and that had delayed some of their time. If it weren’t for those monsters, they could have arrived at the place about 10 minutes earlier.

The boss that is guarding this floor is a man with a macho and large body. Unlike Ludovic, who came out as a statue in the first place, this boss held a golden sword, while sitting still on the throne. With one of his hand pressed on his forehead, it seemed like the boss was in deep thought.

[The Third Prince, Marlin Frodo] (Violet-Platinum, Spectre)

Level: 100

HP: 10,000,000

Defense: 2,900

"Haha! So the young and the old are all out now!" Wei Yan Er laughed out loud, wielding her giant axe and stated, "Come, let us slay him already!"

Encountering a boss without any information or description on him, the only thing that any player could do is to charge in and engage the boss directly, only then would the players slowly experience and understand the skills and the move sets of the boss. Players would be required to battle while they do some research on which tactics would be more suitable to be implemented on the boss.

Zhang Yang nodded and said, "Alright, let’s do this!"

With his sword and shield ready in his hands, Zhang Yang charged towards the boss with large steps as he shouted, "This is a robbery! Give me your money and your beautiful ladies!"

Marlin Frodo was enraged by Zhang Yang’s words. He stood up from his throne with anger, and his eyes were ignited with flames right in the middle, burning bright in the air. He reached out and launched a powerful attack at Zhang Yang. With both his shield and his sword ready in his hands, Marlin Frodo let out a thunderous roar and began to charge at Zhang Yang. From afar, the boss had already thrown a shot of {Spear of Obliteration} over at Zhang Yang!



It happened almost at the same instance. Zhang Yang had also thrown a shot of his own {Spear of Obliteration} over at the boss. However, the attack power of both sides were obviously different by a few notches! The difference was about 3 times! Although Marlin Frodo had a shield in his hand and looks like the Guardian type class, his attack was as powerful as the attack of a two-handed boss! This was totally insane!

Zhang Yang was cursing deep in his heart, as he continued charging.



The two of them charged and clashed epicly into each other, but the boss seemed to have an immunity against status restriction effects! Although the boss was struck in the face by the {Charge}, he wasn’t stunned at all. Right after {Charge}, the boss already swung his sword at Zhang Yang.

It was fortunate, that Zhang Yang had [Heart of the Death Knight] that reduced the status restriction effect by 50%. So, Zhang Yang was only stunned for 0.5 seconds before he recovered! Right after that, he immediately swung his sword and began to fight back.

After Zhang Yang had succeeded in hooking the boss onto him, Sun Xin Yu and the remaining party members immediately took action and began their assaults on the boss. The battle was set ablaze in just an instant!

Marlin Frodo was a standard Guardian, so he had all standard skills that a Guardian should have. Just like Zhang Yang and other Guardian class players, this boss also had skills like {Block}, {Shield Bash},{Thunder Strike} and a variety of other skills as well! But of course, the intelligence of the boss AI wasn’t very high. The boss would directly use {Block} whenever the cool down period of the skill was over. The boss never took the nature of the attacks on him into consideration.

However, the impact of the {Shield Bash} was so much more ferocious than expected. One single bash of his {Shield Bash} could inflict a damage of 15,000 points on Zhang Yang! Furthermore, the boss really loved to bash his shield to the left and right of Zhang Yang’s face. Zhang Yang’s face was being bashed up really badly to the point that others could see purplish and greenish bruises being ‘imprinted’ all over his face! Zhang Yang looked really disfigured at that point!

Similar to the first boss, Marlin Frodo also knew to use ‘Supporting Attacks’. However, he did not use his legs to do it, and instead, he used his shield to do it! Even though he wasn’t using {Shield Bash}, he could still bash his shield straight onto Zhang Yang’s face, and he looked like he was deliberately going for his face! Fortunately, Zhang Yang could still dodge all the attacks that weren’t direct, so he wasn’t exactly being raped by the boss.

Seeing Zhang Yang so troubled, Wei Yan Er felt a rush on her chest, and she could not help herself from laughing, "Hahaha! What an unfortunate event! I forgot to bring a mirror to show noob tank how ‘awesome’ his face looks, now! I believe, he might even be ‘surprised’ by his ‘handsome’ looks now!"

The other 3 ladies could not help laughing either. Although Zhang Yang could evade all the boss’s ‘Supporting Attacks’, but the impact of the {Shield Bash} were unblockable. So, after being bashed up on his face a couple of times, he looked like a pig head, literally!

As Zhang Yang’s entire face, including his mouth was swollen to the point that he could not even speak properly, "Yo leddle picoff gal (You little piece of girl)!"

"Yo! Yo leddle picoff gal!" Wei Yan Er tried to mimic Zhang Yang’s words and repeated out loud what he had just said. Han Ying Xue and Daffodil Daydream burst into laughter while even Sun Xin Yu cracked a slight smile.

Zhang Yang shook his head. The little girl had always been teased and laughed at, now that she got her chance to take her ‘revenge’, of course she would make the best out of this! So, the best way to handle her now is not to pay any attention to her! This little girl always had a brief period of enthusiasm on everything, so when nobody is paying any attention to her, she would ‘cool down’ on her own.


Marlin Frodo stomped his left foot onto the ground and a surge of white light emanated out from his body, and formed a 30-meter radius bubble. Sparks of visible electricity were surging through, within the spherical area.

‘Ding! Marlin Frodo has unleashed a {Thunder Strike}! Inflicts 20,000 Nature Damage to all targets within the effective area in every 2 seconds, lasts for 10 seconds. Reduces 100% movement speed and 50% attack speed of all targets that are hit. Lasts for 15 seconds.’

Reading the description of the system notification, everyone was frowning! Is this still known as a {Thunder Strike}? This was like an upgraded version of the {Thunder Strike} that they really knew!

Without having the need to inform, Sun Xin Yu and Wei Yan Er had already turned around and had ran like hell. The attack of the boss’s {Thunder Strike} was extremely strong and painful, and it had its own movement restriction effects. If they did not run away from the effective range, it would become very dangerous, when they are affected by the movement restriction effect!

Fortunately, although the effect of the boss’s {Thunder Strike} was extremely powerful, the effect only kicked in after 2 seconds, leaving enough time for Zhang Yang and the ladies to remove themselves from the effective area of the skill!

Han Ying Xue and Daffodil Daydream were already standing far from the boss in the first place, so they only had to move a few steps backward to leave the effective area of the boss’s skill. But Zhang Yang, Sun Xin Yu and Wei Yan Er had to run like hell. The most unfortunate one was [Mythical Turtle]. It was already slow to begin with! So, Turtle could only cry in anguish.

Although 2 seconds wasn’t really that long, as long as players could react in time, then it was enough for players to run for about 30 meters far out. Zhang Yang and the two ladies were quick on their reflexes, so they managed to get into the safe zone without any problems.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Two seconds later, the entire effective area of the {Thunder Strike} was surging with an electrical pool bolts. The light of the electricity surged through every inch of the effect area, like silver snakes lashing out. The sound of it, was pretty scary!

Zhang Yang used his thoughts to command Turtle, having Turtle activate its {Turtle Shell Defense}, removing 90% of the damage that the Turtle received.

"What a poor turtle!" Wei Yan Er revealed a compassionate face and said, "Noob tank, I can’t believe this! You were looking ugly on the outside, now your insides have matched that! How can you torture your pet like this!"

Zhang Yang quickly ran to a safe spot, and then he turned around and began to launch his assault at Marlin Frodo. The {Thunder Strike} of the boss did not require any control on the part of the boss. For that, the boss began to pursue Zhang Yang right after he saw Zhang Yang running. Zhang Yang engaged the boss as he looked at the little girl and said, "Little girl, are you planning to skip dinner tonight?"

Wei Yan Er stuck out her tongue, but became more obedient after that.

"Silly Yu, it would be really great if your {Thunder Strike} could be upgraded to this scale!" Han Ying Xue let out a sigh.

What kind of nonsense is that? Can players learn the skills of bosses? If players could do that, then the PK battles would become chaotic in the future! Any player with a boss skill would slaughter many players just by stomping their feet onto the ground! It would become a battle to see who is faster in activating skills!

Zhang Yang quickly shook his head. After the {Thunder Strike} of the boss had finally ended, Zhang Yang kited Marlin Frodo back to the initial position, allowing the [Mythical Turtle] to join the battle, unleashing it’s damage output onto the boss.

"Hahaha! Interesting!" Marlin Frodo wasn’t like the first, talkative boss. While he was bashing up Zhang Yang’s face with his shield, he was also laughing with pride, "For 1,000 years, we have been trapped for 1,000 years! Now, we can finally return to the human realm!"

"Stop daydreaming, dude! The world outside does not belongs to you anymore! The Imperial Heaven's Empire that you once knew no longer exists! And you all don’t have to be the ghost that stays! You can just die now and gets reincarnated! Stop being inhuman and inghost at the same time, already!" Zhang Yang was really annoyed at being bashed on the face repeatedly.

"It’s all the seven traitors’ fault!" Marlin Frodo suddenly let out a burst of enraged roar into the sky, "The palace was sealed by the seven traitors! If you can make it here, that means that you must be the sons and daughters of the seven traitors! Hahaha! The seven traitors have already been reduced to dust! So, let me use your blood to make offerings to the gods!"

Marlin Frodo smashed his shield into one of the stone pillars that supports the ceiling of the floor. A loud booming sound spread across the area and the pillar was instantly split into two. In the midst of the dust flying in the air, the pillar came crashing down onto Zhang Yang and the ladies, like an avalanche!

‘Ding! Marlin Frodo has unleashed {Debris Crush}!’

Zhang Yang and the ladies quickly scattered into the surroundings, trying to dodge the debris that came at them. But [Mythical Turtle] had short legs, and it could not evade anything at all. So, it could only accept it’s fate of being crushed by the debris. Turtle was being crushed into a slosh of mincemeat on the floor, in the matter of seconds! Even though Turtle still had more than 90% of health bar, it was instantly killed by the debris that crushed it, turning it into a stream of white light which later went straight into Zhang Yang’s inventory.

Although the boss did not cause any direct damage to Zhang Yang and his party members with his {Debris Crush}, the debris that came crushing down on them were actually much more terrifying!

Marlin Frodo laughed out loud. Instantly, the boss had become a professional demolition man! He began to destroy the pillars that supported the ceiling of the floor! Boom! Boom! Boom! The floor of Treasure Cove was experiencing a level 7 earthquake, the ground was trembling, without any pause!

Zhang Yang tried to kite the boss to a spot where there were no pillars around, but the boss would leave him and went on to find a new pillar to smash on his own. It seemed that the boss would feel uncomfortable if he did not smash a pillar once in a while! After a few more pillars went down, Zhang Yang came to a realization! "Oh no! Slay the boss! Quickly! Hurry up and slay the boss!"

Daffodil Daydream had also realized it all of a sudden, "When the boss smashes every single pillar on this floor, the entire Floor 1 will collapse on us, and we shall all be dead!"

The debris of one pillar could already kill the [Mythical Turtle], a pet as strong as a tank, almost instantly! If this entire Floor 1 collapsed on them, then all five of them would only have one way out of this, death! Therefore, the boss seemed easy to take on. Although the {Thunder Strike} of the boss was a little troublesome to deal with, that was not the difficult part of battling this boss, so it seemed! If the developer of the game had placed a time limit on this boss, meaning that the players needed to kill the boss within a certain time frame, or things would get really difficult!

There was a total of 36 stone pillars in the entire Floor 2, and 11 pillars had been smashed down. That being said, Zhang Yang and the ladies were only left with two third of the time to slay the boss. But, Marlin Frodo still had 75% of his health bar left! Judging from the total DPS of Zhang Yang and the ladies, it would be impossible for them to kill the boss within the time frame!

Zhang Yang quickly looked into his inventory and took out every single scroll that could improve their damage output efficiency. Even Han Ying Xue had to pick a suitable time to cast her {Putrefying Poison} whenever she could! All of them put in their best efforts to bring up their damage output efficiency, increasing their fire power to the max!

"1,000 years ago, we have conquered the entire land. So 1,000 years later, this land still belongs to us!" Marlin Frodo roared out at the sky, revealing the golden hair beneath his helmet. He looked like a mad demon with his blonde, long hair moving across the air, even though there was no wind at all.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The stone pillars were smashed down one after another, and dust filled the air, as countless debris crumbled down upon the ground. The entire area of the floor was shaking violently, as if the floor would collapse down on them, anytime soon!

If this was reality, then Zhang Yang and the ladies would have ran as far as possible from the floor. Who would actually stay and fight, knowing that the entire floor above it is about to collapse down on you! But there was no need to consider about any architecture or physics when you are in a game. As long as the time is not up, no matter how shaky or tremor-riddled the entire area was, the place would not collapse!

18 pillars, 14 pillars, 9 pillars… the number of remaining pillars was getting smaller and smaller, by the minutes!

20%! The health bar of Marlin Frodo had finally entered the ‘Slaughter Stage’!

Zhang Yang gulped down a [Power Potion (Grade 10 Transmutation)] and said, "Time to use our {Dance of the Heaven and Earth}! There’s no need to hold back, anymore!"

In just an instant, the fire power of the entire party suddenly soared up crazily! Their DPS got so high, that even the boss was crying in pain! 10 seconds later, they had brought down the health bar of the boss down to only 5%!

"I’ll admit that I have underestimated you!" Under the bombardment of their {Dance of the Heaven and Earth}, the armor on Marlin Frodo had shattered so extensively, that Zhang Yang and the ladies could see the skeletal ribcage of the boss, beneath the armor. That was the moment when the boss became even more mad and kept bashing on Zhang Yang’s face even more violently with his shield!

4%, 3%!

"Hahaha! We don’t have to call for delivery tonight! As long as we cut off noob tank’s head off to make some stew, then we shall have a nice and tasty pot of pork soup!" Wei Yan Er was slashing up the boss with her giant axe as she laughed madly.

Boom! Boom!

Another two stone pillars collapsed! And now, there were only 3 pillars left on this floor!

"Quickly! Faster!" Zhang Yang had no time to handle the little girl. Although the boss was only left with 270,000 health points, only 3 pillars remained. Furthermore, the boss had already been left with 20% of its health bar, so the rate of the pillars being broken down would increase!



Another stone pillar crumpled onto the ground. Marlin Frodo began to laugh madly, "I shall bury you all alive!"


Boom! The final second stone pillar was also smashed to pieces and collapsed down to the ground. And now, the entire floor was supported by one final stone pillar, barely! Zhang Yang and the ladies could see that the ceiling of the floor was shaking violently, as if it would collapse at any time!

"A little more faster!"

"F*ck the boss up!"

"Only 70,000 health points left!"

The five of them were shouting encouragements to each other. They were working their asses off, until their eyes had turned red!

50,000! 30,000! 10,000!

Marlin Frodo charged up to the final pillar in the entire floor and he raised up his shield! He then slammed his shield straight into the final pillar!

Slaughter time!


Zhang Yang swung out his final hit onto the boss with everything that he had!

"Argh ---" Marlin Frodo instantly let out a miserable scream. The shield in his hand made contact with the pillar, but there was no sign of strength in that hit, at all!


The boss collapsed against the final pillar on the entire floor, sliding down onto the ground in a very slow manner, lifeless!

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