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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 450 — Recovery Aura

Chapter 450: Recovery Aura


The moment the boss was slain, the five of them swayed weakly on their feet, and they sat onto the ground without a care about their unflattering positions. They could only spare the energy to breathe heavily!

That was really close!

Zhang Yang could not help but to wonder if he did not have {Alchemist’s Intuition}, which allowed him to make potions with the highest level of transmutation to boost the firepower of his party up by 10% to 20%, would they still have made it? Furthermore, all of them had the super skill - {Dance of the Heaven and Earth}, and they had 3 Aura Skills to boost them. Still, they had barely made it, after having all these perks!

It would not be far-fetched to say, that even among all eight main servers of the game, Zhang Yang and his party would still remain as the strongest party there is in the entire game! They were on the brink of tasting defeat when victory was within reach! Well, how many parties could actually clear this boss?

This was just the second floor of the Treasure Cove! God knows what kind of crazy powerful bosses lay in wait, in the 3 floors below!

Wei Yan Er always got agitated with excitement, whenever it was time to pick up loot. She just sat there for a brief while, before regaining her bubbly energy, going on to pick up the loot dropped by the boss.

[Raging Sand Gloves] (Yellow-Gold, Leather Armor)

Defense: +24

Vitality: +168

Strength: +67

Agility: +151

Equip: Increases your damage and healing effects by 2%.

Equip: Increases Maximum HP by 500 points.


Required Level: 100

"Wow, this little thing is awesome!" Zhang Yang nodded. Level 100 was the hard bracket of another level of difficulty in the game. So, whether it be in term of skills, the toughness of the monsters or the attributes of equipment, there would definitely be a groundbreaking difference. Although Yellow-Gold tier equipment did have additional attributes on them, all these additional attributes were not in terms of percentages, just figurative values.

However, no matter how awesome a Yellow-Gold equipment was, it was still a mere Yellow-Gold tier equipment. It was definitely not comparable to Violet-Platinum Tier equipment --- unless the level of the equipment differed too much. Sun Xin Yu had a Level 90 pair of leather gloves, so of course she would not be interested over these [Raging Sand Gloves]. So, she passed this pair of gloves straight to Zhang Yang and Zhang Yang kept it into his inventory.

"Hmm, an awesome pair of gloves like, this can get us at least tens of thousands of dollars!" Daffodil Daydream nodded and said.

Wei Yan Er was thrilled, and she clapped her hands with joy, "Yea! I would finally have enough money to buy that set of limited edition perfume!"

Ever since the Silky Soft Holdings was struck by the sheetstorm, the two ladies of the company had been throwing their own money into the company to keep it running. Though they had already spent almost all of their money, they could not get enough to do it. That was why they asked Zhang Yang to invest, later on. Although the current Silky Soft Holdings was showing much promise and a certain depth of potential, the two ladies were not employed by the company to work and earn salaries, so they could only wait for the dividends to come during the end of the year. That was why these two ladies had almost dried their wallets up. If they had not been earning some ‘pocket money’ from the game, they surely would have been forced to sell their bodies to Zhang Yang, just to get a good meal.

Wei Yan Er took her own sweet time in searching over the loot, and she finally picked up a longbow that glittered gold. The body of the longbow was magnificent, by the looks of it. There were countless engravings of animals crafted over the body of the longbow, and the bowstring is made of a crimson red, elastic material. Only God knows what that bowstring is made of.

[Nabula’s Boar Hunter] (Yellow-Gold, Bow)

Attack: 1,313 - 1,913

Attack Interval: 3.6 seconds

DPS: 448

Equip: Increase your range attack by 5%.

Equip: Additional 5% damage to beast targets only.


Required Level: 100

Note: According to legend, Nabula was squatting at one side feeling bored, so he picked off the edge of a section of the branches from a tree and used it as the body of a bow, and he made the bowstring with the belt on his pants.

Han Ying Xue was initially fidgeting with the bowstring, but when she saw the note by the end of the bow’s description, she immediately let out a squeak and threw the longbow to the ground, as if she was afraid that there was unclean ‘stuff’ left on the bowstring.

Zhang Yang laughed out loud when he saw how she reacted. As everyone decided to give up on the bow, Zhang Yang picked it up and kept it in his inventory.

Wei Yan Er did not stop there, she went on and picked up another jade-like necklace that radiated in a violet light. She then posted the description of the item on the party channel.

[Violet-Platinum Jade Necklace]

Vitality: +176

Intelligence: +116

Spirit: +116

Equip: Increases your damage and healing effects by 3%.

Equip: Increases your critical rate by 1%.

Equip: Increases Maximum Mana points by 300 points.


Required Level: 100

"This is just beautiful!" Wei Yan Er put the necklace around her own neck, and she kept turning left and right, trying to show how good she looked with the necklace around her neck. This little girl was already a vibrant pretty little girl. So when she put on the necklace around her neck, she looked even more beautiful and young. Even though Zhang Yang had been soaking his eyes with the images of pretty ladies all around him, he was still amazed by the looks of the little girl.

"Your eyes are going to fall off if you keep on staring." Han Ying Xue humphed coldly as she glared at Zhang Yang’s lower part of his body without a clear sense of purpose. Zhang Yang could actually feel the murderous intent coming from the direction of Han Ying Xue.

Zhang Yang could not help but recall the way Han Ying Xue had bitten into the banana without mercy. He felt a chill down his spine as the image was brought up from the depths of his mind. He quickly sent a private message over to Han Ying Xue, "You’re jealous of a little girl? Shame on you!"

"Humph! Men are unreliable! Didn’t you say that you wanted to ‘earn honor’ for your country by hooking up with a foreign babe?" Han Ying Xue replied, with a tone filled with jealousy.

Zhang Yang could not help but feel a slight sense of embarrassment. He had not expected that there were so many pairs of ears hidden behind walls. Obviously, the words that he said about ‘win honor’ for his country, had already spread like wildfire, in the entire China server! He shook his head in shame and said, "I thought about it, but there are no foreign babes for me to win over!"

"You son of a b*tch!" Han Ying Xue humphed.

The two ladies of Magic Class had their very own necklaces of their Class type Armor Set. Since Han Ying Xue wanted to keep 3 pieces of her Armor Set equipment on her so that her Armor Set effect would kick in, she gave the [Violet-Platinum Jade Necklace] to Daffodil Daydream. Daffodil Daydream only had two Armor Set equipment, so she couldn’t activate the Armor Set effect, even if she wanted to. It was natural for her to get more powerful equipment first before she could collect other pieces of her Armor Set.

Wei Yan Er reached out for the loot, and she actually picked up another good item! A Skill Book!

[Skill Book: Recovery Aura]

Equip: Teaches you the skill {Recovery Aura}.

Required Level: 90

"Aura? As in Aura Skill?" The five of them lit up in excitement.

Zhang Yang gave it some thought, and he said, "Daffodil, Ice Queen, the two of you, discuss and decide on who should have this skill. Either one of you should have it."

Since everyone in the party would have the chance to enjoy the effects of the Aura Skill, along with the fact that a player was limited to activating only one Aura at a time, it was better if more players on the same party had Aura Skills of their own. That way, all players would be able to activate their own Aura Skills at the same time and boost the entire party.

After the two pretty ladies discussed at length, Daffodil Daydream was the one who got the Skill Book. After she learned the skill, she posted the description of the Aura Skill effect onto the party channel.

[Recovery Aura] (Level 1): Recovers 100 health points and 30 mana points of all party members within the effective range of the Recovery Aura in every 3 seconds. The range of effective area: 30-meter radius circular area, with the user as the center point. The effect will last until the user is dead, or the effect vanishes automatically. You can only activate one Aura Skill at the same time.

This Aura Skill was very good indeed. Not only could it recover health points but also can recover mana points. This skill would definitely be beneficial to the players when it came to a lengthy battle. Although 30 points and 100 points weren’t really that significant, but this was just the effect of a Level 1 {Recovery Aura}. When the level of this skill is increased, the effect will definitely become much stronger.

Lastly, Marlin Frodo had also given them the second piece of the [Middle-tier Aura Stone]. This time, Zhang Yang was lucky. He won the dice throwing and got the piece of [Middle-tier Aura Stone] to level up his {Strength Aura} to Level 5. Now, he can boost the vitality of all his party members by an additional 20%!

At that moment, they had already left the location where they battled the boss. They were carefully looking up at the ceiling on top of their heads, fearful that it might just collapse on their heads at any time! Deep in their hearts, they knew that it was just a visual effect, but those effects were just too convincing!

The five of them arrived at the location of the throne. However, none of them could locate the entrance that led to the third floor of the Treasure Cove!

Wei Yan Er got impatient as everyone looked up and down for the entrance, so she kicked the throne with brute force. Her kick was so powerful that the golden throne gave off a sound of ‘Qiang!,’ and vibrated for a brief second.

Zhang Yang turned his head over and took a look at the direction where the sound came from, and then he began to laugh out loud, "Little girl, you really did a great job this time! You actually found the entrance for us all!"

Wei Yan Er was stunned for a brief moment, and she did not know what to say for the moment. But her face was really thick, so she laughed out loud as well and said, "I’m so clever, nothing can stump me!"

At the same time, the three ladies walked up to the two of them. Zhang Yang reached out for the golden throne and pushed it with brute force. The throne only moved a little, and then it was once again stuck firmly on the ground.

The little girl just only realized it and said, "So, the passage is hidden below the throne!" She immediately realized her Freudian slip, so she quickly acted busy and used her two small hands to cover her mouth, acting away stealthily as she could.

"Little girl, your strength is the highest here, come quickly and help me!" Zhang Yang said.

Han Ying Xue, Daffodil Daydream are Magic Class players, and their equipment were more focused on adding their Intelligence and Spirit attribute points. So the strength of both of them added up together were minuscule, compared to Zhang Yang’s Strength! Sun Xin Yu had Agility set as the main attribute, so her Strength was limited as well. Even if these three ladies tried to help, they could not do anything as well.

Wei Yan Er was different, because her Strength attribute was even higher than Zhang Yang, after equipping her equipment. Her Strength alone was almost equal to the sum of Zhang Yang and the three ladies combined!

The little girl rolled up her sleeves a little and walked up to Zhang Yang. She stood firmly by the side of Zhang Yang and placed her hands on the throne.

"One, two, three! One, two, three!" The two of them worked together and they managed to move the throne. As the throne constantly trembled while being pushed away, the width of the entrance was growing wider and wider, and finally, the throne was pushed aside.

Rumble! Boom!

The throne rolled across the ground for a while and stopped, and the spot where the throne was placed revealed a passage that led deeper into the Treasure Cove.

"Haha! What a loser, noob tank! Your Strength is not as good as mine! Sigh, I can’t help but suspect if you are actually a man?" Wei Yan Er teased while she was shrugging.

Zhang Yang frowned as he turned his head around and looked at Han Ying Xue.

Han Ying Xue felt baffled as she realized Zhang Yang was staring at her, so she said, "Silly Yu, why are you staring at me like that?"

Zhang Yang switched to the private chat with Han Ying Xue and said, "Little girl is suspecting whether I’m a man or not, so I’m thinking about how I should prove it to her! Haha!"

Han Ying Xue knew exactly what Zhang Yang meant, so she instantly blushed and scolded, "You perverted hoodlum!"

The five of them entered the passage and went down the dark passage. After a few turns of walking down the stairs, they arrived at the third floor of the Treasure Cove.

The floor seemed similar to the second floor. But, the number of monsters wandering about in the area was not as many as the number of monsters on the second floor. Furthermore, the monsters weren’t skeleton soldiers anymore, they were maids, complete with frills and aprons. Of course, these maids were basically well-dressed, walking skeletons, without any trace of flesh on their bones remaining. The only item that had not completely ‘decomposed’ was their palace attire, which indicated that they used to be glamorous, pretty women when they still breathed.

[Gentle Palace Maid]

Level: 95

HP: 3,000,000

Defense: 2,000

"Silly Yu, let’s ‘do’ this!" Han Ying Xue put a {Holy Shield} on Zhang Yang. She had uttered ‘do’ in such a suggestive manner that nobody would have missed it.

That witch! She’s trying to make things complicated again!

Zhang Yang gave himself into the temptation and pulled out his sword, and charged at one of the maids.

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