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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 451 — Take Both When You Can!

Chapter 451: Take Both When You Can!

Although the name - Gentle Palace Maid had the word ‘gentle’ in there, these maids were anything but that! After being struck by the {Spear of Obliteration}, the maid immediately let out a deafening screech. Her mouth was large enough to swallow Zhang Yang’s head whole!

The monster leaped towards Zhang Yang like a frog, similar to how those swordsmen in wire-fu wuxia films glided through the air! However, those swordsmen in the movies had soft, graceful landings. They could even stand on leaves and branches of the trees! But on the contrary, this so-called Gentle Palace Maid landed heavily, and the impact was so strong that the thick solid tiles beneath their feet cracked open!

Zhang Yang laughed, and then he said, "This ‘gentle’ monster should go and cut off some weight!"

"She has no flesh left, what is there to cut off?!"

"Throwing away a few bones and joints might do the trick just fine!"

The ladies began to tease the monsters like how Zhang Yang did it. They were giggling gleefully.

"Rawgh!" the Gentle Palace Maiden let out another screech and waved her ‘soft’ hands over, trying to choke Zhang Yang’s neck!

Zhang Yang quickly raised up his shield to engage, and bam! The claws of the monster were repelled! Two seconds after the attack, this monster raised her leg at high speed and kicked at the forbidden zone between Zhang Yang’s thighs!

The elite monster’s regular attacks were not as fast as the attack of a boss. So, Zhang Yang managed to react immediately before it was too late, and by turning around quickly, he evaded the ‘definitive’ attack of the boss by less than an inch!

Han Ying Xue giggled hard and she said, "Only if you dodged it a little slower, you would have become the legendary leader of the swordsmen in the movie, ‘The Legend of the Swordsman1’!"

"But, cousin sister, you’re the one at a loss if that really happens!"

Han Ying Xue blushed on the spot.

After putting a lot of effort into the battle, Zhang Yang and the ladies finally took down the monster. Daffodil Daydream could not help but to say, "Fortunate for us, the elite monsters outside this area aren’t this strong."

"And also, thanks to Silly Yu for tanking it for us. If other tankers were tanking it for us, I think we would have really suffered!" Han Ying Xue nodded to express her agreement on this.

The party proceeded and cleared all the monsters along their way. But as they progressed halfway across the floor, the "Banishment" effect kicked in, as the final second of the clock struck, kicking the five of them, one after another out of the Treasure Cove.

At first, Wei Yan Er wanted to use the [Dimensional Key] to return to the Treasure Cove immediately right after they were kicked out from the realm, and clear out the remaining 3 floors of the Treasure Cove! But her suggestion was shot down by the other 4 members of the party. Although 12 hours in the in-game time is equivalent to 4 hours in real time, they had already played the game for the whole day, and now, it was almost dinner time already. It would be wiser to make sure that everyone is well fed before they continue the game, without having the need to worry about dinner as they engage the bosses in the later stages.

Since that the monsters do not respawn, they could reenter the realm and continue where they left off at anytime they want --- of course, the one absolute condition for them was that none of them could surpass Level 100 before they clear the Treasure Cove!

The little girl was trying to beg Zhang Yang to prepare dinner, as she really liked to eat his cooking. After she persuaded him with soft and gentle words for a long time, Zhang Yang had finally relented and agreed to cook for her. He realized that some supplies were running low, so he had to go to the supermarket with Han Ying Xue to restock.

The two of them got at the supermarket as swiftly as they could. As they only wanted to buy some seasoning ingredients, they did not take any shopping carts along as they planned for a quick grab and go. That was the initial plan, to search for the things they want, and grab them and go. However, Han Ying Xue became sidetrack by her cravings for junk food. She scooped up lots of junk food from her left and right, and shoved them over to Zhang Yang’s arms. Zhang Yang could barely see anything in front of him, as the packets of junk food had piled up so high that they blocked his entire front view.

They were already halfway through their shopping trip, so it was not worth the effort for them to go all the way back just to get a shopping cart. Coincidentally, a 7-year-old boy came by, pushing a shopping cart. Han Ying Xue quickly stopped the boy. She took one packet of junk food from Zhang Yang’s arm and beamed at the little boy with her angelic face, "Hey there, kid. I’ve got something yummy here, wanna trade your cart for it?"

"Okay!" The little boy agreed on the terms with excitement. Licking his lips, the little boy snatched the packet of junk food, as he was worried that the two strangers might suddenly turn their backs on the deal. After getting what he wanted, he left the trolley with Han Ying Xue and Zhang Yang and vanished very quickly.

Han Ying Xue turned around and grinned at Zhang Yang, with the beauty and slyness of a fox.

Zhang Yang shook his head helplessly as he started transferring the goods into the shopping cart, "You really are a witch… you even tricked a child!"

The two of them continued to walk across the corners of the supermarket, and finally, they got everything that Zhang Yang needed. But after they made the payment, Han Ying Xue insisted on dragging him over to the undergarment department!

Zhang Yang frowned, his temple moist with sweat as he tried to dissuade her, "You run an undergarment company, and you’re worried about having not enough bra and panties to wear? Also, this is a mall, do you expect to find products of the same quality, they might damage your skin! That’s a lot to lose!"

"Sigh! I’m poor now, so I have to save up as much as I can!" as Han Ying Xue saw the dismayed face of Zhang Yang, she pursed her lips and whispered gently into Zhang Yang’s ears, "Oh, and I shall consult you after I try them on!"

Zhang Yang suddenly felt a rush that shot straight up into his brain as the boiling blood gushed up in between of his nose. Blood threatened to spurt out of his nostrils! He found himself nodding before he knew anything else.

However, the moment he stepped into the department, Zhang Yang immediately started regretting it. Almost all of the people around him were women. Even though some of them brought along their husbands and boyfriends, the men were standing outside the borders, waiting for their women. He was the only one who had actually ventured into the dangerous territory!

An auntie was holding up a large size bra as they walked by. She looked at Han Ying Xue and turned to Zhang Yang, giving him a thumbs up while saying, "Young man, your lady is fine and beautiful!"

Han Ying Xue was overjoyed, and she quickly took one packet of the junk food from the trolley cart and ‘generously’ gave it to the auntie, "How nice of you, auntie! This is for you!"

Zhang Yang and the auntie both stared incredulously. The witch was really acting as if the supermarket belonged to her! She’s actually handing out ‘gifts’ to other people, not having paid for them yet, as if she was doing charity!

Han Ying Xue only took a look around, not even buying anything from the place. Zhang Yang frowned in annoyance, "You witch! You tricked me!" Han Ying Xue flashed him a flirtatious smile and said, "Well, people have said it before, to know if a man loves his woman or not, all you need to do is to see whether the man is willing to accompany you, while you go around buying your lady products!"

The two of them walked back home after that. Zhang Yang went straight into the kitchen, as the ‘Chef’ was his role in the house. In just a brief moment of time, he was done cooking. He placed all his delicious dishes on the table, and the four ladies could not stop praising him after they tasted the dishes.

After having their dinner, the four ladies started having a game of ‘scissors, paper, stone,’ to decide who should be the one washing the dishes. By the end of it, Sun Xin Yu and Wei Yan Er were that ones in charge in washing up the dishes and utensils. This rule is actually a house rule that Zhang Yang had set up after going through a lot of hardship. He had made it clear that he would be in charge for cooking all sorts of good food for them, however, the responsibility to clean the dishes would belong to the four ladies. How they chose to do it did not matter to him.

After returning back to his room, Zhang Yang was just about to put his game helmet up, when he heard a gentle knock on his door. He put down the game helmet and walked up to the door. Han Ying Xue stood by the door, posing in such a seductive manner that could only have been equaled by Jessica Rabbit. As soon as the door was opened, she invited herself in.

"Yes! Come in!" Zhang Yang resignedly looked at her rear, shrugging, as she walked past him and strutted into his room.

As annoying and as befuddling as she was, she had one heck of a figure. Her waist had the perfect curves and slenderness, while her round *ss perkily displayed themselves as she took each step. It was a such an irresistible sight.

"It’s about time to gather around in the game, what are you doing in my room?!" Zhang Yang was annoyed and slightly cross, for he was really tired of this witch’s ambiguous teasings.

Han Ying Xue smiled flirtatiously and said, "I got some new bras on, I was hoping to seek your opinion on them!"

Instantly, his nose heated up, and something thick and red threatened to leak out! He forced the thoughts away and snapped, "Witchy Snow! This is your final warning! Please stop playing with fire, if you really light me up, I might just take you, right here, right now!"

"Who’s the pussy now! Come at me!" Han Ying Xue stood defiantly, like a fearless pig, unflinching in the face of boiling water.

Zhang Yang took a large step towards her and pulled the delicate creature into his arms, and then he said, "You better not regret this!"

Han Ying Xue put her hands around Zhang Yang and hugged him strongly, and started nuzzling against Zhang Yang’s chest and said, "You really are stupid, why do I have to make the first move every time!"

Zhang Yang was shocked. This was not a topic he was prepared to discuss. It wasn’t because he did not dare take the initiative to act, but because his heart had been in turmoil for the longest period of time! He had no clue about his feelings for the two women who had already confessed to him! Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue had already occupied a certain level of importance within his heart. Before he actually finds clarity on whom he really loves, Zhang Yang did not intend to do something that he might regret doing in the future.

"Are you thinking of that woman? That sow?" Han Ying Xue felt it immediately.

Zhang Yang did not intend to lie to her, so he nodded.

"Don’t you dare think of other women when you’re clinging on to me like that!" Han Ying Xue was enraged.

Her soft plush and warmth in his arms, Zhang Yang could not help but begin acting. He was a normal man, his arms would not remain static, of course, they would start wandering about! He then shifted his thoughts over to the men of the ancient times, where a man could have up to 3 to 4 wives at the same time! Didn’t he have high standards of his own? He would be much pleased if he could have one girl on each arm!

Since he was definitely reacting positively to both Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue, and they liked him as well, what was the point of twisting himself up, wrestling with himself on rejecting one of them! Why choose only one, when he could have both!

"I only want one on my left and another one on my right, people can’t categorize me as a pervert, I guess." Zhang Yang tried to justify himself, as his hands buried themselves within the prideful pair of mounds that defined Han Ying Xue. It has been quite a while since his hands had ‘traversed’ this pair of mountainous boobies!

The abundant, fulfilling sensation of having his palms sink into such luscious melons, while having their elasticity wrap themselves around his fingers was heavenly! Zhang Yang could not hold himself back, giving in to his basic instincts, almost howling like a wolf! He could not stop his hands from kneading the dough!

"Alright. The time of counseling is over!" Han Ying Xue’ eyes were very watery, her face was flushed red, like the deep crimson of a tomato, biting on her succinct lips. She summoned all her remaining strength and pushed Zhang Yang away. Their mutual attraction was unmistakable. If things got any more heated, they might go all the way and end up together on the bed.

Zhang Yang grinned and pointed down at a certain something and said, "Bloody Witch. Look what you’ve done. Are you seriously going to leave me like that? You really need to take responsibility for this."

Han Ying Xue looked at him and then gazed down at the impressive bulge. She blushed even deeply, and muttered, "So, what do you want me to do about that?"

Zhang Yang grinned with evil intent and whispered into her ear.

"You pervert." Han Ying Xue looked at Zhang Yang with her dazzling eyes as she muttered.

"Then, I should just go to the Ice Queen!"


Han Ying Xue let out a huff and said, "Close your eyes!"


"Don’t laugh!"

10 minutes later.

"Are you getting there yet? My hands are getting sore!" Zhang Yang could hear her complaining.

20 minutes later.

"You pig! Why aren’t you cumming yet!"

Half an hour later.

Han Ying Xue slunk out from Zhang Yang’s room, her face totally red. She banged into Wei Yan Er who was humming a song while walking back to her room. The little girl gave her a characteristically chirpy hi to Han Ying Xue, which sent her blushing even further. She half-dashed straight back to her room and closed the door shut, without even looking back at the little girl. After the door was snapped shut, the little girl was left at the corridor of the room, with a lot of riddles in her mind, as she blinked her big, round, watery eyes and stared at the door.

After a brief moment, the five of them had met up in the game. Zhang Yang’s and Han Ying Xue’s eyes met. Both of them were still thinking of the ‘bad things’ they had just done back in Zhang Yang’s room. Zhang Yang felt another heatwave coming his way, while Han Ying Xue merely raised her eyebrows suggestively, which accentuated her ‘enchanting’ appearance even more.

Sun Xin Yu seemed to realize that something was going on between them, her eyes constantly flitting between their gazes. Something had magnetized their eyes together, and she could see it. She could not help but to emit out a sense of murderous aura.

Zhang Yang activated the [Dimensional Key] once again, and the five of them went into the opened portal, one after another. They then found themselves at the front of the palace once again. The moment they set foot in the Treasure Cove, a ‘Banishment’ effect appeared on their HUDs, displaying a time clock which started to count down from 11:59:59.

To save some time, Zhang Yang had asked Han Ying Xue to give him the [Cloak of the Dark Wings]. Then, he flew straight to the third floor and used his [Party Summon Order] to summon all four ladies straight to where he stood.

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