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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 452 — The Second Prince Rogalli

Chapter 452: The Second Prince Rogalli

It took them about two hours to find themselves standing before the third boss in the Treasure Cove.

However, the boss on this floor was not alone. He had 11 underlings around him!

[The Second Prince Rogalli] (Violet-Platinum, Spectre)

Level: 100

HP: 10,000,000

Defense: 2,900

[Royal Guard] (Elite, Spectre)

Level: 95

HP: 3,000,000

Defense: 2,000

Rogalli did not have a full set of armor on him, like the 2 bosses that Zhang Yang and his party had previously encountered. Instead, this boss wore a grand, magic robe, embroidered with magical runes in gold thread. Instead of looking like a prince, this boss looked more like a priest from some sort of cult!

Right beside him were his Royal Guards, equipped with full sets of heavy armor. They seemed to be guarding the prince with everything they have.

The five of them stood in stunned silence. It was common for many players to bully one boss in a boss battle. But this time around, the situation is different. Currently, the boss had many powerful underlings with him, 12 to be exact! Furthermore, these underlings were all very powerful and tough! Although these underlings were labeled as elite grade monsters, all of them were as strong as Yellow-Gold bosses! They would be battling one Violet-Platinum boss and 11 Yellow-Gold bosses at the same time! How was it possible?

If Endless Starlight was there with them, then Zhang Yang could let him go ahead and tank the bosses as he handles the remaining monsters. At his current strength, he could actually handle 11 bosses at the same time, ‘manipulating’ them with Status Restriction skills, without much trouble, at that --- of course, the monsters had to be vulnerable to Status Restriction skills. Or else, the combined attack of all 11 Yellow-Gold bosses would wipe out anything and anyone in no time! As the system limited entry to only 5 players at a time, Endless Starlight would not be able to join them.

Even if Endless Starlight were to come here, Han Ying Xue could not possibly keep both their rapidly leaking HP bars up at the same time! So, if they were to bring Endless Starlight into Zhang Yang’s party, then they would have to swap out another DPS player for a second healer. After that, there would only be one DPS player left in the party. It would take forever to kill these elite monsters, with only one DPS player in the party! Furthermore, two healers would have not enough mana points to heal up two tankers over such a long period of time, even if they had three bars of mana with them!

"So, what do we do now?" the four ladies turned their sights over to Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang gave it some thoughts, and said, "Witchy Snow, Little girl, and Daffodil Daydream, you guys, take a few steps back. I will stand right here. Ice Queen will go and lure the monsters! Now, the aggro of these monsters should be linked together. So, Ice Queen, when you go engage with the monsters, all the other monsters will come after you as well. But, these monsters will be coming at you in a predictable order. So, let’s do it this way. Kite the monsters over to me, and ensure that only one of the monsters ‘sees’ me. Then, you can activate your {Vanish} to disengage yourself from the aggro of the monsters. That way, the monster would switch it’s aggro onto me instead, and the remaining monsters will run back to their initial positions!"

This is the ‘Aggro Swapping’ tactic, very practical and effective against multiple underlings of bosses. It was a commonly seen tactic in the Realm of Chaos.

Sun Xin Yu would never react dramatically or use beautiful words, she merely nodded.

Zhang Yang then said, "If Ice Queen succeeds in separating one monster from the rest, then you guys should just do your best! But, if there are too many monsters coming your way, along with the boss, then Ice Queen shall remain in her ‘stealth’ mode. I shall use my {Shadow of the Void} to stay out of harm’s way. The three of you, stay as far away as possible for the moment. Just remember, don’t engage with the boss and die for nothing!"

"Understood!" the three ladies started backing off.

"Time to move!" Zhang Yang nodded at Sun Xin Yu, then he whispered to her, "Be careful."

Sun Xin Yu’s pretty face flashed a rare moment of joy. She turned around, displaying the graceful view of her back, as she charged to the direction of the boss.

"Protect the prince!"

The aggro range of these Royal Guards spread far and wide, even when Sun Xin Yu was still 20 meters, one of the Royal Guards had already detected her presence and had started roaring thunderously. The Royal Guard immediately raised a metallic boot and started charging towards Sun Xin Yu, his sword flying out of its scabbard.

Upon moving, the 10 remaining monsters, including the boss, started acting up, following the first monster closely.

"The dignity of the royal family must not be tarnished! All intruders shall be eliminated! We shall have it no other way!" Rogalli let out a thunderous voice and raised up an aquamarine staff high into the air, "Warriors! Push forth and crush them!"

"Yes, your highness!"

Streams of dark lights shot out of the staff, and the 11 monsters were engulfed by the dark light. Then, they started bloating up exponentially!

[Crushing Vow]: Immune to all Status Restriction skills, increases damage by 50%, reduces 20% damage received, lasts for 10 minutes!

"What the f*ck!" Zhang Yang could not help but curse out loud! Then he said, "Ice Queen! Don’t lure two monsters at a time! These monsters are immune to all sorts of Status Restriction skills! I only have confidence in tanking two of them at most!"

An increment of 50% additional damage on a Yellow-Gold boss would make it as powerful as a Violet-Platinum boss of the same level! Zhang Yang’s confidence in doing so showed his power, to be able to tank against two of these monsters at the same time! Zhang Yang had to be the only one in the entire China server who was capable of doing this!

"I’ll try my best!" Sun Xin Yu shouted out in the party channel. Just as she got close to Zhang Yang, she activated her {Vanish} as instructed by Zhang Yang, and disappeared.

Groom! Groom! Groom! As the monsters trundled across the ground with their heavy feet, none of the 12 turned back! All of them charged at Zhang Yang as they roared!

What the hell!

Zhang Yang quickly activated his {Shadow of the Void} and fled the battle!

After the battle had ended, Rogalli immediately led his 11 underlings back to their initial positions and took their default stances again.

Zhang Yang and Sun Xin Yu then reappeared and regrouped with the three ladies. The skills - {Shadow of the Void} and {Vanish} have very long cool down period, so they could only wait for the skills to cool down before giving it another try.

Sun Xin Yu could not be faulted, as this was just the first try. Sun Xin Yu needed time to slowly get familiar with the aggro sensitivity of the monsters.

10 minutes later, Zhang Yang and Sun Xin Yu went up for a second attempt, producing more promising results. ‘Only’ seven monsters continued to go after Sun Xin Yu, but it was still a failure.

20 minutes later, the two of them began their third attempt at luring the monsters. There was a slight improvement as well on their third attempt! This time, only 3 monsters followed Sun Xin Yu!

Zhang Yang nodded and he could not help but feel impressed, she is really good! With just three attempts and she had already gotten the hang of it!

After half an hour, Sun Xin Yu went on for the fourth attempt. With her {Vanish} activated at the last moment, 11 monsters turned back and returned to their initial position, except for one. That one monster was roaring in rage, as it charged towards Zhang Yang.

It was a successful Aggro Swap!

Zhang Yang quickly flung the {Spear of Obliteration} straight at the monster and inflicted it with a damage value of ‘-4,928’.

"Rawgh!" the Royal Guard immediately let out a raging roar, and in a low, rumbling noise, it said, "Anyone who disrespects the Royal Family shall be eliminated!"

Zhang Yang raised up his shield to engage. Right after his {Block}, he conveniently activated his {Shield Bash} and smashed his shield right into the monster’s face. ‘Kuang’! The shield clashed against the metallic armor on the monster’s head with a loud and clear bang. The impact of the strike concussed the monster, and forced the monster to take a few steps back.

"Huh? Why is this monster is so noob!" Wei Yan Er smirked, "So noob, that it can’t even withstand the strength of noob tank!"

An elite monster was just an elite grade monster after all. Although the attack of the monster was already as strong as the attack of a Yellow-Gold boss, the strength attribute of the monster would remain the same, not something to stand against Zhang Yang, who already has a set of powerful equipment on him.

The situation was like a ‘naked’ player holding a Violet-Platinum weapon in hand, trying to battle a player with a full set of powerful equipment, but with only a White-Wood weapon in hand. The attacks of both sides were almost of the same level, but the same balance was not present in terms of strength.

This elite monster that had super strong attack power, but nothing else much!

Although this Royal Guard had the {Crushing Vow} effect and was immune to all Status Restriction skills, the ‘Supporting Attack’ was not really a means of an assault. Under the precise control of Zhang Yang over his avatar in the game, this monster was bombarded to the point that its pattern of attack had changed drastically, unable to land a hit on Zhang Yang!

"Wow, noob tank! At least you’re not making a fool of yourself there!" Wei Yan Er looked at Zhang Yang with admiration as she wielded her giant axe, slashing the monster until it lost its balance. The monster was in a really bad shape.

"Of course I must look good!" Zhang Yang laughed.

"You’re so full of yourself!" the four ladies hooted at the same time.

At the earlier stages of the game, as the grade and level of equipment were not high enough, players could never have enough power to knock monsters back. It was not possible for a player to send a monster backward. Therefore, players began to fuse ‘Supporting Attacks’ as they picked and rolled, and with the increasing number of high-tier equipment that were appearing for players to grab allowed them to be more efficient. So, more and more players were getting into the norm of using ‘Supporting Attacks’ in battle against monsters and bosses!

Zhang Yang had been trying to introduce the ladies to the effectiveness and the convenience of using ‘Supporting Attacks’ in battle, and, he had managed to pique their interest in it. He wanted them to understand the ‘mechanism’ by themselves. All he needed to do was to supervise them from one side, and they would improve their skills and strength very rapidly!

About 3 minutes into the battle, the monster was slain, and it collapsed down to the ground right before the powerful attacks of the gang. More shockingly, this monster actually dropped a piece of Yellow-Gold equipment which got Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er really excited.

As the skill, {Vanish} had a 5-minute cooldown period, and the skill {Shadow of the Void} had a cool down period of 10 minutes long, the gang could only wait it out before they can strike again. However, the moment after the cool down period of Sun Xin Yu’s {Vanish} was over, Zhang Yang decided to take a risk. He sent Sun Xin Yu over directly to lure the monsters in an attempt to save some precious time.

"But, what if ---" Sun Xin Yu looked at him with a worried face.

"Well, at worst, I’ll only die once!" Zhang Yang smiled, "But, I believe that you will not let that happen!"

Sun Xin Yu could not hide her embarrassment, her eyes were filled with hope, as she started blushing, while glaring at him, but with a sense of sweetness in it. As she continued blushing, she turned around and charged towards the monsters.

"This time, try to get two of them over!" Zhang Yang increased his demands.

Well if they lured two of the elite monsters over, by the time when they slay the two monsters, the cooldown period for Sun Xin Yu’s {Vanish} would be over, and they would not be wasting any time at all!

Right then, Sun Xin Yu halted at the moment she was about to enter the aggro range of the monsters.

She was indeed worthy to be called a professional player. After she entered the range where she had lured the first monster, she took one step closer to the monsters before she activated her {Vanish} to disengage from battle. But this seemingly insignificant ‘one step’ actually brought in two Royal Guards to Zhang Yang. The two monsters charged at Zhang Yang in an intense manner.

It was another success!

Zhang Yang met the two approaching monsters without any sense of fear. With a vibrant swing of his [Sword of Purging Devourer] and the continuous bashing on the monsters’ faces with his [Titan Wall], Zhang Yang suppressed the two monsters with so much brute force to the point that the monsters could not even stand properly.

Wei Yan Er had also picked up some hints on how Zhang Yang did it, so she also went up to one of the monsters and started swinging her giant axe as hard as she could. With the oppressive hammerings of Wei Yan Er, the monsters were bombarded to the point that they were constantly being pushed back by the attack, unable to regain their balance. Remaining armor pieces and the pieces of shattered bones were falling off the monster, roaring in hopeless rage. The little girl laughed joyfully as they roared in her face.

However, Sun Xin Yu and Daffodil Daydream were using different approaches, rather than applying brute force on the monsters. So, they could not really do much in this battle. Daffodil Daydream could not help but to voice out, "Guildmaster, Warrior Class and Knight Class can suppress their opponents purely with Strength. They can even use such tactics to interrupt Magic Classes from chanting spells successfully as well! What can the other Classes do?"

Zhang Yang did not stop what he was doing as he continued to attack the monsters, "That’s not entirely true. Warriors and Knights are indeed more powerful in terms of Strength. Thieves and Hunters are more inclined to the ‘Agility’ attribute, so they can unleash more potential as they gain more speed, for speed is their mantra. The higher agility points that they have, the faster they can attack, and the more damage they can do to their opponents. If your opponents are moving at the speed of light, then you will not be able to lock onto them. So when that happens, no matter how powerful your attacks are, you can’t even touch them. Magic Classes have the advantage when it comes to Status Restriction skills, and their explosive power. They can actually end the battle, even before their opponents approach them!"

"Sigh. So Magic Classes are actually weak in the sense of toughness, what a loss!" Han Ying Xue let out a breath of sigh.

"Well, that’s not entirely true either. Actually, Magic Classes need to put their focus on combining their skills during PK battles!" Zhang Yang tried to rack his brain to find a suitable explanation to back up what he just said, but because he had never actually studied about the specificity of the Magic Class, so he could only throw a vague explanation to the ladies, "You will find out soon enough, in the future!" The truth was, he could not think of any suitable examples, to begin with.

After slashing for awhile, the two monsters were taken down and the cool down period for Sun Xin Yu’s {Vanish} was over. At the moment, Zhang Yang could also use his {Shadow of the Void} again. Sun Xin Yu was feeling much more confident with her aggro estimation already, so she had become more proficient at luring the monsters. That was why the next round of luring the monsters was another success. Only two monsters were hooked over to Zhang Yang as well.

The same method was repeatedly and about half an hour later, all 11 elite monsters were cleared out. Only the boss was left alone in the middle of the area!

"Alright! Let’s move!" Zhang Yang waved his [Sword of Purging Devourer].

"But, what if the boss resummon the 11 elite Royal Guards the moment we engage in battle with the boss?" Wei Yan Er blinked at the gang with her large eyes.

"You and your big mouth!" the four of them scolded the little girl in unison!

Wei Yan Er was shocked and she placed a hand over her heart, to show that she was really shocked.

Zhang Yang charged towards the boss with large steps, as he threw the {Spear of Obliteration} across the air, and onto the boss, triggering the boss battle.

"You imbecile, pests!" Rogalli humphed out loud and raised his staff at Zhang Yang, and he shouted, "I’m very tired, I need rest! Why are you disturbing my rest!"


A stream of dark light shot right out from the tip of the staff, and turned into a large skull all of a sudden. The skull opened up its jaws and flew towards Zhang Yang attempting to swallow him whole!


"Haha! Then, let us put you to rest, for eternity! You can have as much rest as you want by then!" Zhang Yang swung his sword towards the boss. But, the magic robe that the boss had on was extremely tough! Zhang Yang’s sword rang as if, it was striking something metallic! But fortunately, the damage values still appeared as Zhang Yang attacked the boss. The boss also felt the pain, and he shouted in rage as Zhang Yang ‘poked’ him again and again.

"You imbeciles! You piss me off!" Rogalli raised his staff right up into the air and fired another dark light from the tip of his staff that transformed into a large skull!

Sun Xin Yu and the others quickly surrounded the boss and began to launch their assaults on the boss savagely.

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