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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 453 — Death Water Elemental

Chapter 453: Death Water Elemental

After being ganged up by the party, Rogalli was even further enraged. As the second prince of the Imperial Heaven's Empire, Rogalli is usually the one bringing along his underlings, rounding up on the weak. How could he accept such treatment?

Shoof! Shoof! Shoof!

The boss repeatedly casted the large dark skulls after Zhang Yang, damaging Zhang Yang by about 17,000 damage with each hit. But, Zhang Yang had a total of 90,000 health points, without even being atop the [Mythical Turtle]. There was really nothing to worry about, at that moment!

Of course, a Violet-Platinum boss is not so simple. Rogalli had not yet revealed his true power!

"Spirits of the air, heed my summons, and gather to me!" Rogalli raised his staff up into the air and started chanting a spell in a loud voice. Instantly, 5 beams of iridescent light swam around, Rogalli like guards patrolling around him.

"Die!" Rogalli completed his chanting of the spell, and immediately aimed his staff at Zhang Yang. Instantly, the five beam of lights combined onto one and shot straight towards Zhang Yang!

‘Ding! Rogalli has unleashed {Elemental Disruptive Bomb}!’

Without any hesitation, Zhang Yang quickly activated his {Shield Wall}! The boss had been accumulating his power into this attack, of course it would be a hard hit!


Boom! The combined beam of light struck Zhang Yang, and colorful sparks shot off Zhang Yang’s body! An extremely high damage value was still inflicted upon Zhang Yang, even after he activated his {Shield Wall}! The basic damage of this {Elemental Disruptive Bomb} reached up to a total of 125,000 points! If Zhang Yang had not activated his {Shield Wall} in time, he would have been taken out on the spot, an instant-kill!

"You're still alive? You are persistent!" Rogalli saw that his super attack had not taken out Zhang Yang, and he could not hide his astonishment, "You really do have some skills, to be able to come so far!"

Zhang Yang laughed in pride, and said, "Well, you haven’t seen "anything" yet!"

The four ladies were disgusted by his words, and Wei Yan Er immediately said, "Yo, noob tank! This boss has lived for thousands of years! You trying to show it something that it hasn’t seen yet is just stupid! Haha!"

Rogalli was enraged even further, so he let out a raging roar into the sky, "Element of earth, protect me!"

In just an instant, a beam of yellow light began to form and gather in front of the boss, swiftly forming into three shields. These three shields spun around the boss rapidly.

‘Ding! Rogalli has unleashed {Earth Shield}, the shields can absorb a total of 300,000 damage!"

"What the hell! That is some shield! It’s even much more powerful than {Holy Shield}!" Han Ying Xue was really shocked.

Zhang Yang laughed and teased her, "Just wait, until you have about 150,000 magic damage, then your {Holy Shield} would be able to absorb the same amount of damage as this boss’ shield! Be patient! Haha!"

"… 150,000 magic damage…" Han Ying Xue rolled her eyes!

Under the protection of the {Earth Shield}, all attacks launched at the boss only caused the word ‘Immune’ to pop up on the boss repeatedly. However, once the boss had been inflicted with 100,000 damage, one of the shields that were spinning around him will vanish. With the firepower that Zhang Yang and his party produces, they could get rid of one shield in about every 10 seconds! So, about 30 seconds later, the final shield that was spinning around Rogalli had vanished, and the boss started to lose his health points again.

"The power of the earth is way beyond your imagination!" Rogalli suddenly let out a roar and repeatedly knocking his staff onto the ground, as violently as he could!

‘Ding! Rogalli has unleashed {Gravel Bullets}!’

Kroom! Kroom! Kroom!

The surface of the ground began to tremble, and instantly, patches of black whirlpools appeared, one after another, occupying the ground! Stone pikes shot out from the black whirlpools, swiftly retracting not soon after. Then, they repeated their actions again! The speed of the process was extremely swift!

The five of them had been through more battles than they could remember. Nobody needed any reminding to scramble to safety.

About half a minute later, these black whirlpools started to disappear, one after another. But, it did not mean that Zhang Yang and the ladies could let their guards down. The black whirlpools reappeared on the surface of the ground at different positions, causing Zhang Yang and the ladies to panic, and start running for more safe spots again!

"Hahaha!" Seeing that everyone was panicking, Rogalli could not help but to laugh out loud. He was a Magic Class boss, so he did not have to run around to attack Zhang Yang. With just a raise of his staff, he could fire dark skulls that chomped at Zhang Yang’s health bar mercilessly.

Everyone was suffering to the point that they were crying out loud! They had to make sure they dodged the stone pikes while also making sure that their DPS is maintained so that they could reduce the health bar of the boss down consistently. They were so busy that the party chat was completely motionless!

After a brief while, the boss activated his {Earth Shield} once again, shielding himself up once again, slowing down their pace even further! Fortunately for them, this boss did not have any skills that could recover his health bar. If he started reversing the damage they were dealing on him, it would become impossible to defeat the boss!

95%, 90%, 85%… the health bar of Rogalli was reducing at a snail’s pace.

Finally, two minutes later, the health bar of the boss had been reduced down to 80%!

"Spirits that wander in the air, heed my summons, and gather to me!" Rogalli raised his staff into the air and began to chant the {Elemental Disruptive Bomb}. Once again, 5 light beams of iridescent brightness swam around Rogalli.

"It’s the {Elemental Disruptive Bomb} again!" After the spell for the {Elemental Disruptive Bomb} was complete, the boss directed the light beam straight towards Zhang Yang, with his staff pointed at Zhang Yang! This skill is extremely deadly!

It’s now or never, swim or sink! Activating {Last Vigor}!

Zhang Yang’s {Shield Wall} was still on cooldown period, so he had no choice left, but to activate his second life-saving skill - {Last Vigor}!

Zoom! His maximum health points immediately soared up to 118,100 points in an instant!


The {Elemental Disruptive Bomb} exploded right on Zhang Yang, inflicting him with a damage value that was enough to instantly kill 99% of tankers in the entire game, at the current stage of the game! Whether it be the defense or the damage absorption, it means nothing when put before this absolutely high damage value! Instead, the passive skill of the tanker, which reduced 20% of the damage received could actually offer an unexpectedly great effect!

After the attack, Zhang Yang was left with only about 20,000 health points!

Han Ying Xue quickly placed a {Holy Shield} onto Zhang Yang, and focused on healing him up as quickly as possible.

"Elemental of Water, wandering in the air, please accept my greetings, and battle for me!" Rogalli raised up his staff once again, but this time, puddles of water emerged on the surface of the ground, one after another, forming something humanoid. The crystal clear water still flowed smoothly around in the human form, which made them rather bizarre.

After these humanoid creatures were completely formed, the remaining puddles on the ground were absorbed by the humanoid water creatures, vanishing. They started to walk towards Zhang Yang and the ladies in a random formation. They weren’t even fast.

[Death Water Elemental] (Normal, Summon)

Level: 1

HP: 50

Defense: 0

Note: If you are wise, you will not attack these dangerous creatures, and you will definitely not want them to touch you!

In {{God’s Miracle}}, things that seem harmless are usually the most dangerous things in the game! Even if there wasn’t such an indirect warning in the note attached, Zhang Yang and the ladies would not even try to attack, or touch these weird creatures. They had experienced this many times already with similar monsters, this had to be a trap!

"Will we die instantly if we touched these things?" Wei Yan Er asked.

"I’m 80% sure that we will die if we do touch them! Do you still remember what happened on the Island of the Sacred One? Fatty Han really got us into trouble, there!" Daffodil Daydream nodded.

However, this time, the black whirlpools did not vanish from the ground, they were still on the ground, jabbing out more the stone pikes, leaving players with lesser places to stand in the entire area.

"Die! Just die!" Rogalli laughed madly as he fired more black skulls at Zhang Yang, one after another. That had been the most regular and frequent attack that the boss have been using throughout the entire battle. It was like the automatic attack of a physical type boss.

"The boss should enter a new Phase when he loses another 20% of his health bar!" Zhang Yang went around a pillar to get out of the boss’ sight, forcing the boss to move around to get a better aim. He went around the pillars for a few times, waiting for those Death Water Elemental to approach. When these summoned monsters circled around the pillar, he ran to another pillar, not far from the previous one, sending the monsters on a wild goose chase.

"Holy sheet, this is just Phase 2, and we already have to evade stone pikes and water elementals! What kind of nonsense do we have to deal with, in Phase 3, Phase 4, and Phase 5!" Han Ying Xue was already crying in misery.

"Guildmaster, your quest is definitely not an S-rank quest! It must be at least an SSSSS-rank, it’s crazy!" Daffodil Daydream was also making complaints.

Zhang Yang had already kited the boss far away from the location of the boss. The four ladies followed closely from behind. However, [Mythical Turtle] had short flaps! It was going nowhere! But Turtle was extremely lucky. Although it was slowly walking towards the boss, it miraculously did not step onto any of the black whirlpools that appeared across the ground!

However, one of the Death Water Elementals had caught up with Turtle, and reached out towards Turtle with a watery arm! With a gentle touch, the Death Water Elemental suddenly turned into a stream of clear water, and flowed into the body of Turtle!


In less than 1 second, the [Mythical Turtle] was turned into a landmine explosion! The pieces of Turtle were splattered across a circular area, with a radius of 30 meters!

"Oh my god, this is terrifying!" Wei Yan Er patted her heart in alarm.

"I’d rather get skewered by the stone pikes anytime soon!" everyone was nodding to agree on that point.

Previously, the gang had needed to dodge the stone pike attacks from the ground. It had already got in the way of their movements so extensively that they could hardly dish out any damage! Now they had to evade a bunch of Death Water Elementals as well! It was getting even more out of hand! The gang had only managed to reduce the health bar of the boss down to 60%, after 4 minutes of hellish nightmare. The boss was now entering Phase 3!

The moment the boss entered Phase 3, Rogalli launched another {Elemental Disruptive Bomb} at Zhang Yang!

But this time, the cool down period of Zhang Yang’s {Shield Wall} had already ended. So, Zhang Yang handled the attack with ease.

It seems that the boss would only launch his {Elemental Disruptive Bomb} whenever he enters a new Phase. Having gotten familiar with the sequences of the boss, things have gotten much smoother. The cool down period of Zhang Yang’s {Shield Wall} was only 3 minutes long. So, whenever they have taken out 19% of the boss’s health bar, all Zhang Yang had to do was to look at the remaining cool down period of his {Shield Wall}. If it was ready, then Zhang Yang and the gang could simply continue inflicting damage onto the boss. But if the cool down period was not over yet, all they needed to do was to halt their attacks, until Zhang Yang’s {Shield Wall} was ready once again, before they resumed their assaults.

"Elementals of Fire, please listen to my proposal, and eliminate all of my enemies!" Rogalli began to use a new skill, in his new Phase.


A wave of flame exploded right out from the body of the boss, causing a ring of fire to spread into the surroundings!

As the wave of flame rolled across the ground, Zhang Yang and the ladies were all inflicted with a basic damage of about 25,000 points, each!

"What the hell! Ice and fire dual damage!" Zhang Yang roared frantically while stealing a glance at Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue. He could not help but think that these two ladies were also like ice and fire! So, that meant that he had always been ‘sandwiched’ in between ice and fire, ever since he knew them!

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