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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 454 — Ring of Blazing Flame

Chapter 454: Ring of Blazing Flame

Rogalli shook his body, turning into a ‘Rocket man’ launching a spray fireworks into the surroundings! He would send out a wave of flames across the area from time to time, giving Han Ying Xue a hard time!

Fortunately, Daffodil Daydream had already leveled her {Recovery Aura} up to Level 3, so everyone could heal 500 health points and 230 mana points every 3 seconds, lightening some of Han Ying Xue’s workload. The recovery of 230 mana points every 3 seconds would also be turned into an abundance of hitpoints, thanks to the efficient catalytic converter that was Han Ying Xue.

Everyone in the party was beginning to get the flow of this super difficult battle. They were getting better and better in evading the hits, slowly bringing up their DPS!

Especially Wei Yan Er. Because of limited rage points, the rate of her using her rage points was not high at all during boss battles, so she couldn’t unleash her full potential. But whenever she is engaged in battles with these kinds of AoE-happy bosses, she need not worry about running out of rage points! She only needed to wait until her skills were cooled down before she spams her skills again. There was nothing to worry about, she only had to throw every single skill onto the boss, and everything would be fine!

As a result, they actually managed to bring down the health bar of the boss down to only 41% within 3 minutes. Zhang Yang quickly told everyone to stop attacking, as the cool down period of his {Shield Wall} still needed ten seconds. If they pushed the boss into his Phase 4 at that moment, one {Elemental Disruptive Bomb} would be enough to force Zhang Yang to activate his {Last Vigor} to stay alive.

But {Last Vigor} would not reduce the amount of damage received. If the boss had any new super skills that can hit really hard in Phase 4, then Zhang Yang would be doomed! Well, one must be cautious when crossing a road, no matter if the traffic is busy or not. It would be best to stop and look at both directions of the road before crossing. As a wiseman once said, ‘Better late than dead’. So, it was unwise to put himself into a dangerous situation just to save 10 seconds!


"Spirits of the air, heed my summons and gather to me!" the moment Rogalli entered his 4th Phase, he immediately began chanting the {Elemental Disruptive Bomb}. This skill was meant to take out the tanker and throw the party into disarray. If this skill could be activated without incantation, no party would stand a chance!

During Phase 4, the boss had another AOE skill - {Shadow Bomb}. But, this skill shared a common cool down period with {Tidal Flame}, and the damage of this skill is slightly higher than {Tidal Flame}. Therefore, although the difficulty of this battle was increased, it did not put too much pressure on Han Ying Xue. She still healed them all up fine.

The five of them were getting more familiar with the pattern of the battle. After another 3 minutes, and they had reduced the health bar of the boss down to 21%.

Zhang Yang tried to ‘suppress’ the fire power of the entire party for awhile, until the cool down period of his {Shield Wall} was over. Then only, did they push the boss into his Phase 5, which was also the ‘Slaughter Stage’ of a boss fight!

"Argh ---" Rogalli suddenly became enraged to the point that he had cracked his voice. After nuking Zhang Yang with an {Elemental Disruptive Bomb}, Rogalli activated another new Super Skill for his Phase 5. A green shroud began to emerge from his body and spread across the area, clouding up the entire area. Zhang Yang and the ladies were afflicted with an additional negative effect.

[Paralytic Poison Shroud]: Inflicts 1,000 Nature Damage to all enemies every 3 seconds. There was a 10% rate of paralyzing the enemy, lasts for 10 seconds. The effect of paralysis can be lifted.

After reading the description of the {Paralytic Poison Shroud}, Han Ying Xue immediately let out a miserable scream. Her ‘workload’ was about to get real heavy!

The damage of the {Paralytic Poison Shroud} is not that high itself. The {Recovery Aura} could already negate half of that damage. However, when the paralysis effect of the {Paralytic Poison Shroud} strikes the players, things would be much harder for the players as the movement of the players will be restricted. Players would not die if they are touched by the black whirlpools, but they would be torn to pieces if they ever get touched by any of the Death Water Elementals!

The final stages of a battle would be the time to see the full prowess of a healer. All Han Ying Xue needed to do was to make sure that her healing skills are activated accordingly, at the correct timing. She needed to make sure that the health bar(s) of the tanker(s) in her party do(es) not go below the danger point, and she also needed to make sure that other party members do not die. Although all of them had their own skills, capable of countering the Status Restriction skill, the cool down period for the skills were just too long. They should only activate their skills as a last resort!

After the health bar of the boss had been reduced below 20%, the damage output of the party was increased by a little, and they were using every single skills that can ‘Slaughter’. In just a brief while, under the bombardment of their fire power, the health bar of the boss was already reduced down to only 10%!

Rogalli finally felt a sense of fear. He began to increase his speed in activating his skills! Other than that, the movement speed of the Death Water Elementals had also increased by a notch, making the battle even harder than before!

"We can do this! We're strong!" The party members started encouraging each other.

8%, 6%, 4%… the health bar of the boss was getting shorter by the second! And now, there were only a few ‘drops’ of health points left!

"F*ck him up! Humph! Use your everything on him!" Han Ying Xue was shouting and ‘humping’ in frustration!

Zhang Yang heard the way she shouted and had to crack a smile. Then he sent a private message to Han Ying Xue, "You were also ‘humphing’ me like this when we were in my room."

"You ‘bust-tart’!" Han Ying Xue instantly blushed.

3%! 2%! 1%!

"No ---" Rogalli roared in a thunderous but terrified voice, before he collapsed onto the ground, dead.

The moment Rogalli was killed, all of the black whirlpools and the Death Water Elementals in the surrounding vanished without a trace. Everything went so quiet, as if no battle had even occurred in the area before! But, the three equipment that Rogalli dropped on the ground radiated with mesmerizing lights. One of them was a Leather Armor that glittered gold, another was a dark green helmet, and last but not least, was a ring surrounded by a lightly flame.

Wei Yan Er went up to pick up the coins while Zhang Yang went on to pick up the equipment, one after another. The first equipment they looked at was the Leather Armor.

[Scaly Breast Plate] (Yellow-Gold, Leather Armor)

Defense: +24

Vitality: +302

Strength: +121

Agility: +274

Equip: Increases your damage and healing effect by 2%.


Required Level: 100

Zhang Yang looked at Sun Xin Yu, but Sun Xin Yu shook her head and pointed at her chest, implying that she already had a better set of armor equipped. Somehow Zhang Yang’s lingered on her magnificent mounds instead.

If it was another beautiful lady, he could easily tear his eyes away. But, the situation was much more different when it came to Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue. These two beautiful ladies were his ‘crushes’! There was nothing shameful in men admiring their crushes!

Sun Xin Yu blushed as she noticed Zhang Yang ‘drooling’ at her through his eyes. Han Ying Xue was not too happy about it, so she cut in by coughing pointedly, a few times. The jealousy towards each other began to surge in the shadow.

Since the Leather Armor was not desired by anyone, Zhang Yang could only slide it into his inventory and continued to look at the two pieces of equipment that were still lying on the ground. So, he started by looking at the dark green helmet.

[Deadly Fate Helmet] (Violet-Platinum, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +80

Vitality: +712

Strength: +471

Agility: +191

Equip: Increases your damage and healing effect by 4%.

Equip: Increases your Maximum Health Points by 1,000 points.


Required Level: 100

Wei Yan Er did not wait for Zhang Yang to open up his mouth, she was already repeatedly bobbing her head up and down, "I want it! I want it!"

"Little girl, this is actually an awesome helmet, man! Just look at the additional Strength! This power, this agility! And it also increases your Maximum Health Point by 1,000 points! Wow! This is really the best of the best! So how can you just take it like that! You must offer something in return, man!" Zhang Yang tried to trick the gullible brat!

"You’re really bad! If you try to bully me again, I shall tell everyone about what you and cousin-sister did after dinner!" Wei Yan Er whispered into Zhang Yang’s ear and threatened Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang was really shocked, but after giving it some thought, how would the little brat even know what happened behind his closed door? She had to be bluffing! But his initial intention was to tease the little girl just a little. If he unintentionally provoked her, and she goes on telling nonsense to everyone, then he shall be exposed to a risk where Sun Xin Yu might get very angry, at his peril!

Zhang Yang just laughed and passed the [Deadly Fate Helmet] over to Wei Yan Er.

Meanwhile, the little girl was smiling and wrapped her arms round Zhang Yang’s shoulder, forcing him to stoop down. While acting all brotherly with Zhang Yang, she said, "Noob tank, you can just put away all your worries. I will keep you and sister Snow’s secret nicely. As long as you make more of my favorite dishes, and buy me more gifts in the future."

Zhang Yang could only shake his head helplessly. Then, he picked the ring up from the ground.

[Ring of Blazing Flame] (Violet-Platinum, Ring)

Vitality: +176

Intelligence: +116

Spirit: +116

Equip: Increases your fire magic damage, maximum of 150 damage points.

Equip: Increases Maximum Mana Points by 500 points.


Required Level: 100

"Wow, this boss is really generous! He actually dropped another piece of fine equipment for us!" Han Ying Xue spoke with an exaggerated face. Then, she took the ring over and examined it, "It’s really beautiful!"

This ring was indeed a fine craft!

Although the basic attributes of the ring could only be considered as middle-tiered, but the two additional effects were really awesome! One increased additional damage, while the other one added Maximum Mana Points, which could lead to an increase of the damage output, or increases the endurance of one’s capability. If there was one thing lacking on the ring, it did not add health points, and that was a small matter!

"Sister Daffodil, congratulations on acquiring a fine ring!" Wei Yan Er snatched the ring from him and tossed it at Daffodil Daydream, beaming a wide grin, "On behalf of noob tank, I hereby present this gift to you! So, pretty face, you are mine now!"

"You little girl!" Daffodil Daydream was more of a shy person, so she stamped the ground in embarrassment, blushing.

After picking up 3 pieces of equipment, Zhang Yang kicked the dead body of the boss aside and he discovered another item, a Skill Book, with a crimson red hardcover!

[Skill Book: Fatal Strike Aura]

Use: Teaches you the skill {Fatal Strike Aura}.

Required Profession: None

Required Level: 90

Among the five of them, only Sun Xin Yu had not acquired any Aura Skills. So, this Aura Skill Book would naturally be hers. Only one player could activate one Aura Skill at a time, and everyone in the same party could enjoy the effect of the Aura Skill as well. There was no point fighting over it at all.

Sun Xin Yu learned the skill {Fatal Strike Aura} and posted the description of the skill onto the party channel for everyone to see.

[Fatal Strike Aura] (Level 1): Adds 1% critical rate of all party members that are within the effective range of the aura effect. Range of effective area: 30-meter radius circular area having the user as the center point. The effect will last until the user is dead or when the effect vanishes automatically. You can only activate one Aura Skill at the same time.

An increment of 1% critical rate for one player was not really much, but when everyone on the party is boosted with a 1% increase in their critical rate, then the situation would be very different. Furthermore, this was just a Level 1 Aura Effect. Until the Aura Skill is leveled up to 10, there should be at least an increment of 10% critical rate by then!

Other than that, Rogalli had also dropped a piece of [Middle-tier Aura Stone]. The stone was taken by Daffodil Daydream, which was later used to level up her {Recovery Aura} up to Level 4. Now, her Aura Skill could restore 800 health points and 300 mana points every 3 seconds. It had become even more practical than before!

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