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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 456 — Demon Blade of Death

Chapter 456: Demon Blade of Death

Crack! Crack! Crack! Soon, all 12 ribs were all torn apart from its ribs, and it stood before them, a ribless spine.

Wei Yan Er laughed at the boss and said, "Stinky boss, let’s see what else you can do now!"

Jesse Rogue let out a roar, and its entire body quivered for a very brief moment. 12 bones emerged right from his spine, forming a new set of rib cage! The boss had returned back to its initial form, which meant that the boss could tear off his rib bones one by one and attack them with that terrifying AOE attack again!

Wei Yan Er’s jaw fell slack for one moment, and then she pointed at the boss furiously and said, "You stinky boss! You cheated!"

Crack! Jesse Rogue tore out another rib bone, held it firmly in his hand, and stabbed at Zhang Yang. As the rib bone blew up, everyone was inflicted with massive damage values.

"I have never seen a boss that loves torturing himself so much!" Han Ying Xue said.

"He’s hurting himself, and we are the collaterals! Better not provoke a hard forced ‘kid’!" Zhang Yang laughed.

Fortunately for them, Jesse Rogue had no other skills, other than these explosive ribs. But, this one attack was already powerful enough to give Zhang Yang and the ladies a boatload of problems! Not only did it force Han Ying Xue to heal everyone frantically, even Zhang Yang was forced to activate his {Vanguard’s Aggression} and {Sacrifice} on the ladies who were low on health, or could not be healed in time by Han Ying Xue. The party was already barely hanging on, if the boss added any new tricks, it would be over!

This boss was neither hard nor easy!

It was easy because Zhang Yang and the ladies did not have to pick and roll, or apply any tactical formations. On the other hand, the rib bone attacks left them no room for any evasive measures! Everyone could only stand still and endure the damage! Furthermore, the attack of the boss was extremely painful and consistent! One small mistake could cause the entire party to be wiped out as well!

It had been completely turned into a battle of pure firepower! So, Zhang Yang and the ladies could only hold on and do their best on the boss.

90%, 80%, 70%… the health bar of Jesse Rogue decreased rapidly, as rapidly as Han Ying Xue’s. Without the [Level 4 Mana Potion (Grade 10 Transmutation)] that recovered 7,500 mana points in one go, and the Level 4 {Recovery Aura} of Daffodil Daycream, Han Ying Xue would have already fallen back, and the entire party would have been wiped out!

"Quickly! We must go faster!" Han Ying Xue cried out.

Her vulgar panting was like the mating calls of a wildcat. Fortunately for Zhang Yang, he had already ‘released’ once before he logged into the game, or else he might have lost it and shouted out into the sky like a ‘colorful wolf’!

There was nothing special about this battle at all. It was just simple but rough. There were no tactics or whatsoever, to begin with! All they could do was to focus on channeling their firepower at the boss until the battle ends! However, the tension of the battle was extremely high for Zhang Yang and the ladies. No one would want to be wiped out, while at the brink of slaying the boss! So none of them wanted to make any mistakes and get wiped out, only to repeat the entire battle again! That would be infuriating beyond words!

None of them held back on consuming their potions. All of them were gulping their [Level 4 Healing Potions (Grade 10 Transmutation)] like mad as they were battling the boss. The moment their cool down periods for Potion usage were over, they would quickly consume another [Level 4 Healing Potion (Grade 10 Transmutation)]. There was no time at all to hesitate, in order to survive the boss battle! Their health had never been full since the battle began, not even with all the crazy buffs and healing!

60%, 50%, 40% … the health bar of the boss was getting lesser and lesser by the seconds!

There were no other words to describe this battle, other than continuous slashing and continuous healing!

30%, 20%!

Here came the ‘Slaughtering Stage’ of the boss battle, and the damage output of the entire party was increased by a notch, which increased their speed in bringing down the health bar of the boss at a whole new level of efficiency!

10%! 6%! 1%!

Finally, Jesse Rogue let out a miserable scream, and his glowing skeletal body went dim, and then he collapsed onto the ground heavily. The boss dropped 3 pieces of equipment after he died. One of it was a pair of snowy white gloves, while the other was a darker red long knife with an ancient sense of style on it, and last but not least, a golden crown.

The five of them let out a breath of relief as they finally completed a restless battle! They finally made it through!

As usual, Wei Yan Er went up to pick up the coins and the equipment dropped by the boss, with a joyful smile on her face. The little girl picked up the gloves first, and then she posted the attributes of the equipment on the party channel.

[Silver Silk Gloves] (Yellow-Gold, Cloth Armor)

Defense: +8

Vitality: +168

Intelligence: +151

Spirit: +67

Equip: Increases 2% damage and healing effect.

Equip: Increases Maximum Mana Points by 500 points.


Required Level: 100

"So, from Level 100 onwards, the attributes of the equipment are much more incredible, I’m assuming!" Han Ying Xue stepped forth and took the snowy white pair of gloves. She put them on and looked at her left and right hands, saying, "The basic attributes didn’t change much, but the additional special effects really do have some kick in it! These gloves are almost as good as a Level 90 Violet-Platinum equipment!"

"Well, the normal monsters in the Chaos Realm are very strong to begin with. So if the developer did not power up the standards of the equipment, then most of the players will get blockaded at the Chaos Realm! The one factor that supports a game are the players, so it’s actually wise for the game developers to be considerate for their players." Zhang Yang surmised, as he slid the gloves into his inventory.

Although this pair of gloves was almost as good as a Level 90 Violet-Platinum equipment, but there is still a difference between the two tiers. Han Ying Xue and Daffodil Daydream already had Violet-Platinum tiered gloves, so of course they would have no interest in it. Zhang Yang could only see it in the form of coins in his Little Merchandise Shop.

Wei Yan Er went to pick the dark red long ancient looking knife. The handle of the knife was molted with stains, and they looked like bloodstains! In 'God’s Miracle', there were no differences between a knife and a sword. They were all considered as Swords. Sometimes players could simply wonder, which designer in the game company came up with such a half-assed classification.

[Demon Blade of Death] (Violet-Platinum, Two-Handed Sword)

Attack: 3,020 - 3,620

Attack Interval: 3.8 seconds

DPS: 873

Equip: Increases attack by 10%.

Equip: Increases Critical Rate by 3%.

Equip: After hitting your target, there is 1% to trigger the activation of {Death Rush}, inflicting all enemies within the range of 3X3 meter square with the effect of {The Pain of Death}, causing 1,000 Shadow Damage to the targets in every 3 seconds. Lasts for 15 seconds. The effects of {The Pain of Death} cannot be stack.


Required Level: 100

After viewing the special effects of the weapon, Zhang Yang and the ladies were looking at each other, all of them were shocked!

10% increment of attack! 3% increment of Critical Rate! These two special effects already made the weapon ridiculously powerful! It also had an AoE special effect that dealt damage by a DoT basis! Against a large number of monsters, this weapon would be insane!

In other words, this was the two-handed version of [Dark Enigmatic Sword], and the attack of this weapon was so much higher than the [Dark Enigmatic Sword] itself! After all, the [Dark Enigmatic Sword] sort of ‘stole’ the AoE attack over as it’s special effect. But this [Demon Blade of Death] was born with such a ridiculous special effect on its own!

Wei Yan Er was already staring at the weapon with her large glittering eyes, and she quickly said, "I hereby claim this weapon as mine! Haha!"

Zhang Yang laughed at her and said, "Tsk! Do you know how much money people are willing to pay for this weapon if we are selling it out? Look at the attributes, the additional damage that it offers, and the additional Critical Rate that it offers! Look at it’s overpowered, oppressive special effect! People would be willing to spend millions of dollars to buy it! You sure you don’t want that money?"

"You’re so miserly, noob tank! It’s just a few million!" Wei Yan Er hugged the [Demon Blade of Death] as tightly as she could, as if she was worrying that Zhang Yang would jump over and snatch the weapon away from her.

The four of them started laughing at the little girl, as it was really rare for her to actually think of other people being stingy! It was such a rare scene!

Other than the little girl, none of them could wield a two-handed weapon, so the [Demon Blade of Death] was Wei Yan Er’s to take.

Lastly, it was time to review the golden crown.

[Brilliant Crown] (Violet-Platinum, Leather Armor)

Defense: +48

Vitality: +704

Strength: +202

Agility: +463

Equip: Increases 5% damage and healing effect.

Equip: Increases Maximum Health Point by 1,000 points.


Required Level: 100

"Ice Queen, looks like you've struck the jackpot. This is one fine piece of Leather Armor!" Zhang Yang passed the [Brilliant Crown] over the Sun Xin Yu.

"So true! Congratulation, Sin Yu!" Daffodil Daydream praised and congratulated her.

Sun Xin Yu was satisfied with her new crown. So, she kept it in her inventory for the moment, as she still needed to grind her level up by 5 levels before she was eligible to equip it.

Other than the 3 fine pieces of equipment, Jesse Rogue also ‘gifted’ them with a [Middle-tier Aura Stone]. This dungeon seemed to really hand out [Middle-tier Aura Stones]. As they had acquired one [Middle-tier Aura Stone] from each of the boss, the total tally had already reached 3 [Middle-tier Aura Stones]. This time, the stone was given to Han Ying Xue, increasing the survivability of the party even further.

However, time was already up right before they were about to open up the entrance to the fifth floor of Treasure Cove. Before they could actually open up the entrance, they were already teleported out from the realm.

Zhang Yang was not in a hurry to enter the fifth floor, because all of their {Dance of the Heaven and Earth}, and some Super Skills were still on cool down period. So, it would be wiser for them to wait it out before going back to the fifth floor of the Treasure Cove. After all, they were about to engage with the Final boss of the Treasure Cove, it would really be disadvantageous to go in without their Super Skills ready.

While preparing for the final battle in the Treasure Cove, Zhang Yang gave a call to Luo Xin Yan in an attempt to pry about the details concerning Liu Wei and One Sword Stroke. After talking for awhile, Zhang Yang only found out that Luo Xin Yan had only expanded her appetite. She no longer had the intentions of being an underground lover of Liu Wei. She was aiming to become a rich and aboveboard wife now! It was so much better than being an underground mistress!

Liu Wei was clearly never going to marry her on paper. One Sword Stroke was different. Although he was also a spoiled rich kid in a powerful family, he was not as lowly as Liu Wei! Luo Xin Yan managed to seize this opportunity. She would often reveal some classified business information that she got from Liu Wei, straight to One Sword Stroke. That was how the family business of One Sword Stroke, the Sky and Ocean Electronics was able to earn so much money!

Furthermore, Luo Xin Yan was really good in bed. With her skills, she could definitely ‘enrapture’ him, until he lost sight of everything! That was most probably how she made him her little b*tch, fulfilling all her needs and wants.

So apparently, Luo Xin Yan was willing to accept the call, only because she wanted revenge. Previously, Zhang Yang had humiliated her so much during the interview. So, she called back and said, "Zhang Yang, do you still remember when I took off everything and stood naked in front of you? You actually didn’t want my body, even after I had shoved my pussy straight up at you. Now that I’m about to become a wife to the boss of a very prominent company, do you regret not f*cking me up when you had the chance?"

"But there’s nothing left to say, even if you regret it now! Don’t ever call me, or I’ll call the police!"

Pak! She hung up right after she finished her words.

Zhang Yang could only shake his head again and again without saying a word. Still, he had to give it to her. She had played her cards well. She definitely had sharp and unique eyes, to actually mark One Sword Stroke as her ‘target’ in the first place. Indeed, One Sword Stroke was the best of the best in {{God’s Miracle}}. He was earning about 400 million to 500 million a year, inclusive of all sponsorship fees and endorsement fees throughout the year. He was also the spokesman for his own company, even before his company was successful. So he was considered as one of the ‘real deal’ in the business industries!

Unfortunate for him, One Sword Stroke had always been oppressed by Zhang Yang in this life. Well, he had constantly been the ‘permanent runner-up,’ for more than half a year already, because of Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang logged into the game again and went straight to the Auction House to purchase a large number of [Herbs], restocking the [Potions] for the upcoming battles. This time, Zhang Yang got lucky! Finally, he has found the recipe for the [Zombie Potion]! So he successfully secured the recipe with 30,000 gold coins in the Auction house.

[Zombie Potion] (Consumable)

Use: If you die when the [Zombie Potion] is still effective, you will be turned into a zombie temporarily to continue the battle. Zombie effect lasts for 30 seconds. After you are turned into a Zombie, you will ignore all attacks, but you can be controlled with Status Restriction Skill. The effects of [Zombie Potion] will last for 1 hour.

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