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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 457 — Queen Madisha

Chapter 457: Queen Madisha

Zhang Yang went straight to the warehouse of his guild, and took out all of the [Zombie Moss], and turned them into tons of [Zombie Potion]. Thanks to his {Alchemist’s Intuition}, he had also made some transmuted [Zombie Potions]

The transmuted [Zombie Potions] did not only increase the duration of users being transformed into zombies, they also increased the attack of the users after they are being zombified. So, a [Zombie Potion] with Grade 1 Transmutation only gave an additional 5% attack to a player, when the player is zombified. For every increasing level of transmutation, the damage of the zombified players would increase by 5%. So, the highest amount of attack value a zombified player could get would be a total of 50%. This meant that when a player is using a [Zombie Potion] with the highest grade of transmutation, an additional 50% attack would be added on top of the basic attack of the player. That was the limit to it since the highest transmutation grade was only Level 10.

Unfortunately, the [Zombie Potions] that Zhang Yang had made were all Grade 1 and Grade 2 Transmutation only, which could only provide players an additional of 5%, 10% attack. The best he had at the moment were Grade 4s, and he only had managed to make 2 of them.

But it would still be a gain no matter what. It doesn’t matter who dies in a battle, as long as they had consumed a [Zombie Potion] before they die, they could all continue to attack, or heal for the next 30 seconds! Zhang Yang and his party were about to engage in battle with the final boss! Now that they have these [Zombie Potions], it would surely be much easier for them to clear out the final floor and slay the boss!

After the cool down periods of their respective {Dance of the Heaven and Earth} were all over, Zhang Yang recruited the ladies back to the party and activated the last entry chance of the [Dimensional Key].


Soon after Zhang Yang and the ladies entered the portal before them, the [Dimensional Key] began to crack a little, and the key began to disperse into dust and flew across the air.

If they are unable to slay the boss within the remaining 12 hours in the realm, Zhang Yang would never have to chance to come back to this realm, ever again! And since that this quest was a one-time quest, this quest, which could possibly grant him the [Ancient Godly Weapon, Meteor Sword], shall forever remain forever incomplete, and no one else would ever get the chance to complete it as well!

Rushing through the corridors of the palace and entering the Treasure Cove chamber, the timer started counting down from 12 hours.

Going through the fourth floor until the end, Zhang Yang and the ladies had came well-prepared this time. They had purchased [Torches] this time. The entire floor was really dark and they had zero visibility. It would be wiser to use the [Torches] and grant them limited vision. Each of them held a [Torch] in their hands, and they split up to search for the entrance to the fifth floor. As they had already cleared the entire floor, they did not have to worry about monsters ambushing anymore. In just a brief moment, they had found their way to the fifth floor.

As they walked down the staircases before them that led them deeper down to the Treasure Cove, they saw the entrance to the fifth floor, and they were eager to see what lay beyond that. Everyone was struck with awe, and their breaths were taken away for a second at what lay before their eyes! Yes, this is what a real Treasure Chamber is supposed to look like! Every corner of the floor was filled with mountains of a cryptocrystalline variety of silicas, diamonds the size of fists, chests filled with jewelry and accessories! If this was the reality, even the richest folks of the world would feel shameful!

On top of that, there was a long rack of weapons along one of the walls of the chamber, and a variety of weapons, with weird looking designs. Every single one of the weapons radiated holy auras that were awe-inspiring! Just from the looks of it, these weapons seemed to at least be of legendary grades!

Right beside the long weapon rack, there was another equipment rack. It was stacked with heavy armors, leather armors, cloth armors, all types of armors and equipment! It was a marvelous scene to look at!

Zhang Yang tried to pick up one weapon from the weapon rack, and he had the shock of his life! The weapon could be equipped!

[Dragon Slayer] (Mythical, One-Handed Axe)

Attack: 4,135 - 4,735

Attack Interval: 2.8 seconds

DPS: 1,584

Equip: Increases 20% damage dealt.

Equip: After striking your target, there is a 10% rate of increasing your strength by 1,000 points, lasts for 10 seconds.

Required Level: 110

Special addition: Reduces Required Level by 20 Levels.

Special restriction: Can only be used in the Treasure Cove, it will disappear once taken outside.

A Mythical tier weapon! Zhang Yang lost his breath for a moment there. All of the equipment and weapons could be equipped! Although they could not be taken out from Treasure Cove, but at the least, Zhang Yang and the ladies can take advantage of these equipment and weapons when battling the final boss!

The four ladies had also discovered that they could use the equipment. They were equally stunned.

Wei Yan Er simply grabbed hold of some leather armor pieces and heavy armors pieces, and then she equipped them up to check them out, "Wow! These are really some fine and powerful equipment! Let’s stay here, and never leave this Treasure Cove, forever!"

Zhang Yang laughed and said, "It won’t matter whether if they are White-Wood or Celestial tier equipment, if we can’t get them out from Treasure Cove! So stop dreaming, and pick the best combinations possible, and get going. We have a boss to slay!"

The five of them went up and picked the equipment and weapons according to their Classes.

Of course, Zhang Yang would naturally pick the [Dragon Slayer] as his main weapon, while he also picked another Mythical tier shield as his secondary equipment.

[Shield of the Faceless Corrupter] (Mythical, Shield)

Defense: +3,960

Vitality: +3,880

Equip: Absorbs 1,428 damage when hit.

Equip: While being struck, there is a 10% rate of removing 100 defense points from the target.

Equip: Increases Maximum Health Points by 10,000.

Required Level: 110

Special addition: Reduces Required Level by 20 Levels.

Special restriction: Can only be used in the Treasure Cove, it will disappear after leaving the Treasure Cove.

After switching to the newly acquired Mythical Tier equipment and weapon, the total health points of Zhang Yang had reached a total of 219,820 points! His attack had reached 9,412 - 10,012!

Similarly, Han Ying Xue and the ladies had also experienced large improvements on their stats! Although they could not equip shields, and their health points, could not be compared to the health points of a tanker, but their health points had exceeded 150,000 points, with support from the {Vitality Aura}!

Now, the attack power, the survival capabilities and the healing capabilities of the party had sky-rocketed! Instead of feeling joyful, Zhang Yang was worried, "This is just too convenient to be true, the system would never give us so much help out of the blue. I’m going to assume that the final boss is incredibly powerful and difficult to deal with!"

"Well, that’s true! The system suddenly giving each of us a Mythical Tier weapon for free is already suspicious enough! The final boss must be at least a Mythical Tier boss!" Daffodil Daydream nodded and said.

The five of them recalled the final battle on the Island of the Sacred One. The appearance of a Level 110 Mythical Servant boss had really given them a hell of a time. Although the boss was only left with about 1,000,000 health points, they already had an extremely difficult time dealing with it with the boss. Of Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue hadn’t used their paired skills {Blizzard Sky} and {Lunar’s Dew}, they might have even failed their quest then.

The fear still lingered!

"We have no choice now. Even if there’s a sea of fire and blades, we can only endure the pain, and charge through them!" Zhang Yang waved his battle axe and said, "Let’s go and have a look at our final boss, see what kind of monster is it this time. Maybe it has 3 heads and 6 arms! Haha!"

"Even if it has 6 hears and 12 arms, I still have the confidence of chopping its heads off, period!" Wei Yan Er was filled with pride and confidence, as she thumped on her flat chest and said.

Zhang Yang could not help but laugh at her, "Little girl, I think we have warned you many times already… if you really want them to ‘bloom’ nicely, stop hammering down your chest already! They’re going to be concaved in at this rate!"

"You stinky noob tank!" Wei Yan Er stuck her tongue out at Zhang Yang, and turned her head away from Zhang Yang furiously, with a humph.

The five of them proceeded forward. There were no monsters at all on the fifth floor. It was strangely quiet and they could only hear their own footsteps. They could not help but to feel a chill down their spines! The four ladies started edging closer to Zhang Yang, making Zhang Yang look like a mother hen ‘babysitting’ four little chicks!

As they did not have to battle any monsters at all, the five of them arrived at the bottom of the Treasure Cove in about ten minutes. There, they finally encountered the final boss of the dungeon.

[Queen Madisha] (Mythical, Spectre)

Level: 110

HP: 33,000,000

Defense: 4,900

Note: The founder of Imperial Heaven Empire, the great Queen Madisha. She’s well known to be full of conspiracies while being a total femme fatale. She can conquer any man with a charming blink. She is the one and only individual to have actually built an empire that united the world!

Madisha was clad in a magnificently glorious, royal robe. She had a crown on her head, and her body was truly hot and curvy. Her waist was so slender that people might be worried of strong winds actually blowing her torso off, snapping her by the waist! Her boobies were truly ‘glorious’. Her hips and *ss were finely shaped as well. Although she has already been transformed into a Spectre, but her appearance had not turned skeletal. She still remained as a beautiful and sexy female human, with a face that lived up to her description, there was an unexplained sense of seduction that mesmerized people, especially men, the moment they laid eyes on her!

She sat on a chair in front of a dressing table, with her back facing Zhang Yang and the ladies, as she combed her long straight hair in black with a very well refined comb. Everyone could see her pretty and mesmerizing face in the mirror.

Well, beauty is also a deadly weapon, and seduction is an even better poison. If Zhang Yang had not been staying with beauties like Han Ying Xue and Sun Xin Yu, he might have fallen under the ‘spell’ of this seductive queen, falling to his knees to submit himself to her!

Han Ying Xue felt a sting in her ego, "Her ass is too huge! And her thighs are really thick! Her boobs must be fake!"

The other three ladies nodded to express their agreements as well! Because as pretty women themselves, it was just affronted to them!

"Silly Yu, go now! Burst the fake boobs of that thousand-year-old b*tch!" Han Ying Xue shoved Zhang Yang’s back.

"What the hell! You’re such a hoodlum, a female hoodlum!" Zhang Yang took up his axe and charged at the boss.

The aggro range of Madisha was really vast. When Zhang Yang was about 30 meters from where she stood, she had already detected Zhang Yang and stood up from her chair. As she turned around, a lock of black hair shot out at the direction of Zhang Yang like a spear!

Zhang Yang quickly raised up his shield and ‘Chiang’! The long hair clashed into the shield and let out a loud and sharp sound!

"What a handsome and strong man!" Madisha charged towards Zhang Yang and as she grabbed hold onto another lock of hair in her hand, she gave a small flick and the lock of hair became as hard as a spear made of something metallic! She shot the ‘hair spear’ straight at Zhang Yang’s eye!

Zhang Yang was only able to prevent the spear from striking that vital part. The ‘hair spear’ still nicked his face, and blood started flowing.

Sun Xin Yu and the ladies surrounded the boss and began to launch their assault on Madisha. However, although they had already switched their equipment to Mythical Tier and gained a tremendous amount of strength, the damage that the boss received was still substantially reduced, as the level of the boss was at least tens of times higher than their levels!

"I’m so lonely! You look strong, come, ravage me!" Madisha stuck out her moist, pink tongue as she gazed at Zhang Yang with glistening eyes, trying to tease Zhang Yang. Her attacks were totally contradicting her words, as she lashed out at him at full force! She coiled and lashed her hair spear at Zhang Yang, and every stab was not far from Zhang Yang’s throat, ears, nose, and other vital parts!

"What the f*ck! What a sick woman!" Zhang Yang tried his best to continue evading the blows. Although players would not die immediately even if they were struck in their vital spots, however, if their throats are pierced, players would not be able to drink [Potions]. If the eyes of the players are stabbed, then they would not be able to see. There will be about 10 seconds of ‘recovery period’!

These new effects were supposed to be gradually made available for the players to experience, but who knew that they would already have a taste of it in the Treasure Cove!

"Little man, are you worried that your stick is not large enough to satisfy me?" Madisha teased Zhang Yang with a ridiculously lustful tone, as she gazed at him hungrily with glazed eyes and a tongue that lolled over her lower lip.

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