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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 459 — Five Floors, All Clear!

Chapter 459: Five Floors, All Clear!

Although Madisha was very agressive, Sun Xin Yu and the other three ladies were not made of mushy papers! Even though their levels were tens of levels lower than the boss, and their attacks had been weakened due to the level gap penalty, they managed to perform outstandingly with the Mythical equipment, and were dishing out a decent amount of firepower! The health bar of the boss plummeted rapidly by every passing second!

This was indeed an extremely difficult battle for all of them. The health bar of the boss was just too long, and everyone in the party felt the massive stress knowing that none of them could afford a tiny mistake. The tanker could not fall, the healer could not fail, and the DPS players were a must in order to bring down the boss, and claim victory over this boss battle! One DPS player short would delay the battle by about 4 to 5 minutes, which would be sufficient for the boss to ‘have fun’ and wipe them all out!

The battle progressed for an agonizing 13 minutes. The health bar of the boss had finally been reduced down to 20%! It was finally entering the ‘Slaughtering State’!

Without the need for Zhang Yang to say so, Sun Xin Yu and the other two DPS role ladies took out their [Power Potion (Grade 10 Transmutation)], and gulped them down without any delay! Followed by the activation of their most painful and powerful skills, they began to launch their assaults onto the boss!

"{Demonic Hair Barrage}"!

Madisha screamed in rage, and her hair formed into arrows, which scattered all over the place, like bullets!

The party suffered serious injuries, as they were all inflicted with damage points of about 40,000 each. They were afflicted with {Bleed}, which carried a DoT effect.

"Hahaha! Just die! There’s no need to struggle any further!" Madisha let out a manic cry, as she dug her hand into the ground once more, like she did before, shaking the earth as if she was shaking her own blanket in her own bed, causing countless of shattered rocks to shoot up from the ground, giving the five of them some very hard hits!

"Gather to me now, everyone!" Zhang Yang quickly let out a shout, as he had been waiting to activate his {Vanguard’s Aggression}. As everyone reached his side, he activated his {Vanguard’s Aggression} and reduced the 90% damage that they were bound to receive in the following attack.

However, the {Vanguard’s Aggression} would only last for 10 seconds. The moment the effect of this skill was over, the boss swung her head around and arrows made of her hair flew off her head once more, piercing everyone around her until they looked like running, bipedal hedgehogs!

Under the pressure of the boss’s assaults, Han Ying Xue had pushed herself beyond her capabilities as she could no longer maintain the high pace of healing and maintaining the health bars of the entire party. Furthermore, Zhang Yang had also used {Rearm} to refresh his skill for immediate use again, so he no longer could activate another {Vanguard’s Aggression} right after that. "Argh ---" Daffodil Daydream was the first to let out a miserable cry as her health bar was emptied out by the DOT effect of {Bleed}! Then, she collapsed and crumpled to the ground!

However, everyone had already taken a [Zombie Potion]! Daffodil Daydream immediately transformed into a zombie, and crawled right back on her feet! Then, she continued to attack the boss!

Although the [Zombie Potions] that they took were only ‘Grade 2 Transmuted’, as the effect of the [Zombie Potion] kicked in, the players that are transformed into zombies would be given an additional 10% attack! So the attack power of Daffodil Daydream became much more powerful than her attack power compared to when she was still ‘alive’! She used her fireball attacks to bombard the boss as hard as she could!

Just a few seconds later, Wei Yan Er had also joined in the ‘zombie party’. As she let out a miserable scream, she collapsed onto the ground and then scrambled right back up to her feet. Then, she took up her giant axe, and began to slash at the boss, as hard as she could!

Sun Xin Yu wasn’t able to hold on for much longer either, and in just a brief moment, she collapsed in her own pool of blood and died. As the effect of the [Zombie Potion] kicked in, she also started to crawl back up on her feet like how Daffodil Daydream and Wei Yan Er did. They could still channel their damage output onto the boss for another 30 seconds after their ‘deaths’!


The boss was left with the remaining 3,000,000 health points!

"Use your {Dance of the Heaven and Earth}! Just use them!" Zhang Yang screamed. Because players would only turn into zombies for 30 seconds before they literally ‘die’. If they did not use their {Dance of the Heaven and Earth} during this period of time when their attack power was boosted by an additional 10%, it would be a total waste!

Sun Xin Yu, Wei Yan Er and Daffodil Daydream nodded, and they activated their {Dance of the Heaven and Earth} as they were still zombies!

Shoof! Shoof! Shoof!

Three virtual shadows emerged from each of their bodies, and turned into human silhouettes which held heavy swords in their hands, before charging at the boss swiftly. Instantly, shadows of swords flashed across the body of the boss as the health bar of the boss plummeted rapidly!

Although the {Dance of the Heaven and Earth} could not gain any additional enhancements in terms of the basic attack power of the skill itself, or the adding of any values to the player’s physical or magical attack, the skill would still get boosted by beneficial effects or potions, based on percentage-figured rates. offered by beneficial effects or potions! Just like the usage of [Power Potion], transmuted [Zombie Potion] and other equipment that provided additional attack in term of percentages, would modify the final attack of the skill.

Mythical equipment could increase damage or healing effects by 70%, and with the additional 10% increase on attack power, provided by the [Zombie Potion (Grade 2 Transmutation)], each basic attack of the {Dance of the Heaven and Earth} was increased by up to 18,000 damage! Furthermore, the Chaos Damage attribute was not restricted or weakened by the ‘Level Gap Suppression’ of the game. So this 18,000 damage would fully strike the boss, and the combo effect of this skill would continue until the skill ends!

The three {Dance of the Heaven and Earth} inflicted a total damage of 540,000 points to the boss! There were also other attacks in the meantime! The health bar of the boss was rapidly reduced down to 2,000,000 points!

"We should be able to do this! Let’s pick up the pace and do it even better!"

Because the players are invulnerable when they are in ‘Zombie Mode’, they needed no healing at all! So Han Ying Xue only had to make sure Zhang Yang and herself do not die before the boss does. This was the ideal moment in time for Han Ying Xue to showcase her power! Activating {Healing Bond}! This skill healed both Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue herself at the same time!

1,800,000! 1,500,000! 1,100,000!

The boss was already left with less than 4% of health at the moment, but the effect of [Zombie Potion] on Sun Xin Yu and the other two ladies had ended! Each of them collapsed to the ground, for good this time! They would stay dead until they resurrect themselves later.

The assaults of the boss were becoming more aggressive than before! It seemed that her {Bloody-Shadow Strike} no longer had a cool down period, all of a sudden! Right after the boss struck out with her {Bloody-Shadow Strike}, she already activated another {Bloody-Shadow Strike}, a few seconds later!

{Titan's Shield}!

Zhang Yang was forced to activate his final life-saving ultimate skill! He shielded himself with a shield effect that could absorb a total of 300,000 damage, and survived the boss’ {Bloody-Shadow Strike}.

"Witch Snow, quickly! Time to use our paired skill! I don’t think we can hold on for much longer!" Zhang Yang quickly reached his out for Han Ying Xue’s hand.

They grabbed hold of each other. Then, they activated their paired skills - {Blizzard’s Sky} and {Luna’s Dew}!

At the same instant, the hair spears in Madisha’s hand began to turn bloody red again. It was obvious, that she was preparing to launch another {Bloody-Shadow Strike}!

The sky was filled with the beam of the moonlight, and the ground was filled with frost and snow! Snowflakes were drifting slowly down, from the heavens!



The health bar of the boss began to reduce by 5,000 points in each second!

Truth to be told, this set of paired skills wasn’t that powerful. The damage per second was only 5,000 points! But the advantage of using the paired skills, was that the users would become invincible throughout the activation of the skills! Not even a boss could interrupt them. It was like giving out a total of 150,000 damage for free! Furthermore, the users of paired skills could also take advantage of the 30 seconds of invincibility to wait out for their skills’ cool down periods!

30 seconds later, Madisha was still left with a total of 950,000 health points!

"Die! All of you! Just die!" As her life was about to end soon, Madisha lost her interest in teasing and seducing Zhang Yang, instead, she looked like a mad lady, fighting for her life! She kept on spamming her {Demonic Hair Barrage}! The {Bleed} effect on Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue had already been eliminated when they went into their invincible forms. But under the crazy bombardment of {Demonic Hair Barrage} from the boss, they were once again inflicted with the [Bleed] effect, and within a brief period of 10 seconds, the [Bleed] effect on them were already stacked up by 4 layers!

Now that Han Ying Xue could no longer keep up in maintaining the health bars of Zhang Yang and herself, she focused on healing Zhang Yang until the last possible second, before she let out a miserable scream and collapsed onto the ground. After that, she was turned into a zombie. She crawled back onto her feet.

"You can stop healing me already and use your {Dance of the Heaven and Earth} now, because I can also become a zombie myself. Try to reduce the health points of the boss by as much as possible!"


Han Ying Xue activated her {Dance of the Heaven and Earth}, and began to cast the spell for her {Punishment Ray}. Although the magical damage of the {Punishment Ray} wasn’t really that high, with all the Mythical Tier equipment supporting Han Ying Xue, the basic damage of the skill was boosted up to 20,000 points!

900,000! 800,000!

"Argh!" without Han Ying Xue healing him up, Zhang Yang could only hold on for another 4 to 5 seconds before he met his ‘doom’! But right after collapsing onto the ground, Zhang Yang turned into a zombie and crawled back right up to his feet, and once again engaged in battle with the boss.

"Guildmaster! You can do this!"

"Noob tank! Don’t let me down! Or I’ll forever look down on you!"

"Do you best."

Sun Xin Yu and the two ladies lay dead on the ground, while they tried to cheer for Zhang Yang through the party channel.

Han Ying Xue rolled her eyes and said, "Why aren’t you guys cheering for me?"

"… cousin sis, are you a DPSer in the first place?"

Han Ying Xue kept silent.

It was Zhang Yang’s turn to activate his {Dance of the Heaven and Earth}! At the same time, he also activated his {Chaotic Dance of Electric Current}. The scene was so much merrier when two skills were activated at the same time, on the boss!

700,000! 500,000! 300,000! 100,000!

On the crucial moment, the effect of [Zombie Potion] on Han Ying Xue ended! She collapsed to the ground and died! At this crucial moment, Zhang Yang was all alone on the battlefield!

{Killing Cleave}!


Zhang Yang began to feel anxious, as he knew that the effect of the [Zombie Potion] on him would only last for another 5 seconds! If he lost this battle now, even though they still had about 11 hours left, all of their super skills that had long cool down periods, had already been used up! Without the {Dance of the Heaven and Earth} and paired skills {Blizzard Sky} and {Luna’s Dew}, it would be impossible for them to slay the boss!

So Zhang Yang had to do it, this time!

However, there was a side effect to being ‘Invincible’ as well! Zhang Yang could no longer acquire Rage Points from receiving damage!


‘-5,930!’ Damage reflected!

+30 Rage Points.

‘-11,860!’ {Shield Bash}!

The boss still had about 24,000 health points, and the effective time of the [Zombie Potion] was only 2 seconds away from expiring!

At that moment, Han Ying Xue and the ladies had almost forgotten to breathe as they were so anxious to see Zhang Yang making it through. They held their breaths, hoping that Zhang Yang would not fail at the very last moment!

"Noob tank! If you dare to let the boss live this time, I’m going to feed you rat poison!" The encouragement from Wei Yan Er was always so special and ‘heartwarming’.

What the hell! This little girl!

Zhang Yang wielded his axe even harder, swiping its edge across the vital spots of the boss and inflicting a damage of more than 15,000 points, boosting Zhang Yang’s Rage Bar up to 50 points!

{Destructive Smash}!


Right after the strike, the effect of the [Zombie Potion] was over! Zhang Yang collapsed onto the ground on his face, and he just stayed quietly on the ground, dead.

"Argh ---" Madisha had also let out a miserable scream, as she fell to her knees, slumping over. The surroundings were peaceful once again.

‘Ding! Congratulations for being the First Party in the server to slay a Mythical Tier Boss, your glorious deeds shall be remembered forever in the Historical List of the world. As the leader of the party, please key in the name of your party. Your party name will be published on the Historical List, allowing the world to praise you!

A request to key in the party name popped up in front of Zhang Yang’s screen!

"Did we clear it?"

The four ladies were not sure about it. After all, they had not received any system notification like Zhang Yang did.

"Yes! We have cleared it!" Zhang Yang announced it in the party channel, "And, we have gotten another First Clear for an Open World Boss!"

"Oh yeah!" Other than Sun Xin, the ladies cheered in joy.

"So, release your souls and get back to your dead bodies, and start picking them up! This is a real Mythical Tier boss! We’re rich!"

The five of them quickly released their souls and began to run all the way back to their dead bodies. But, the graveyard was located in a garden within the city. It took them roughly 20 minutes to get all the way back to the fifth floor of the Treasure Cove!

The moment they were resurrected, there was no time for them to recover back their statuses. All of them were busy picking up all of the items and equipment on the ground as quickly as possible. There is a time limit for the corpse of the boss to remain, before it disappears! If the loot disappears from the ground, then they would all be in ‘ruins’! All of their efforts throughout the 5 floors would mean nothing!

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