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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 460 — Reward? Rewardsss

Chapter 460: Reward? Rewardsss

Zhang Yang stepped up and inserted the now-customary promotional phase into the input box. "Silky Soft Bras! Providing you the best protection for your assets! Lone Desert Smoke."

As such, the server proceeded to announce the victory notification throughout China.

As the rewards, all of them obtained 10 gold coins and 500 Union Reputation points. However, there was no SP rewards but a Luck Attribute point. There was also a Level 4 Gemstone reward which were given, based on the players’ main attributes. Naturally, Zhang Yang obtained a Vitality Gemstone.

It did not take long for players throughout China to start an uproar. Under any condition, it would be extremely tough for one to search for a Violet-Platinum boss. And yet, Lone Desert Smoke had managed to take down a Mythical tier boss, with just a party of five! None of that made any sense! Of course, none of them knew about the chamber that was filled with Mythical tiered equipment. They basically had a trial run of Mythical Equipment against a Mythical-tiered boss.

Greensleeves Prince, Sky Shaman, Snow Seeker, and other guild masters who were on friendly terms with Zhang Yang sent their congratulations. One Sword Stroke also sent a rather polite private message. Zhang Yang had a feeling, that perhaps One Sword Stroke wanted to make amends with Zhang Yang.

After replying to a bunch of messages, Zhang Yang set the conversations aside and placed his attention on the boss loot. Even though the party was equipped with full sets of Mythical tiered equipment, they were only available for use within this Treasure Cove. As much as they could dream, the system would never allow them to exit the premises with the equipment.

As the final boss of this place, Queen Madisha naturally provided luxurious drops. There were four radiant pieces of equipment on the floor. Three of them were a ring, and a necklace, and a magic staff. The remaining drops were random books scattered all over the floor.

As per usual, Wei Yan Er looted the drops, while Zhang Yang was in charge of distributing them. However, if he waits for Wei Yan Er to run back here, the loot might disappear anytime soon. Zhang Yang then proceeded to pick up a blue colored, frosty ring.

[Frost Vengeance Ring] (Mythical, Ring)

Vitality: +407

Strength: +194

Dexterity: +194

Equip Effect: Increases 1,200 Maximum HP.

Equip Effect: Increases attack and healing effect by 5%

Equip Effect: Increases 50% Ice Elemental attack of your weapon.


Level: 110

Special Effect: Level Requirement lowered by 20 Level.

Everyone arrived soon after, and their eyes popped out when they saw the properties of the ring. It was a Mythical tier ring! Even though they were wearing similarly tiered equipment on their bodies at the moment, they were all ‘Cinderella’s Glass Shoes’. Upon leaving, the equipment would vanish into thin air. The ring, however, was the real deal. They could be worn, traded, sold and most importantly, brought out of this place!

Han Ying Xue frowned, perturbed by a dissonance in the attributes of the equipment. "Dummy? This ring is clearly meant for physical classes. If so, why does one of the equip effect adds 50% Ice attack? Those are what Cryomancers look out for, don’t they?"

The other girls cocked their heads, expecting an explanation from Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang laughed at their reactions and explained, "Don’t forget, that the moment a single player reaches Level 100, the system would commence with the Inheritance Patch!" Zhang Yang wagged his finger at them. "Warriors, Knights, and even Thieves would be eligible for an Inheritance called the Frost Blade Fighter. The Inheritance would layer all their regular attacks with the Ice element. Hence, this ring is made specifically for them!"

Everyone nodded their heads. Daffodil Daydream interjected. "I’d say, this ring is already extremely powerful, despite not having the Ice effect boost!"

Zhang Yang smiled. "True that. But the real source of this ring’s power is the lowered level requirement! Think about it, players around would only be wearing Level 90 Violet-Platinum equipment at most. But, by having this Level 110 Mythical equipment on, you would stand heads and shoulders above them all!"

"Nyeh! The boss had only dropped four pieces of equipment." Wei Yan Er pouted her lips discontentedly.

"Hmph. Icy, Little Brat. I want both of you to discuss on who should be getting this ring. Even though the Ice elemental boost is of no help for now, the stats of the ring would already be a major upgrade for the both of you. Next time, when you obtain better equipment, you can take this ring and sell it off. I reckon that players would love these sorts of equipment, with lowered level requirements. Especially, when they are rings or accessories. Perhaps, this ring could even be sold for 10,000,000 gold coins!" said Zhang Yang, with a straight face.

Wei Yan Er shook her head immediately. "No, no. I don’t feel like it!" In truth, she wanted the ring, but it also felt like she was carrying 10 million dollars of cash in hand. The fear of being stared at, or perhaps the pestering had made her reject the ring.

As for Sun Xin Yu, she had always been pampering the little brat. Without hesitation, she gave the ring to Wei Yan Er. The little brat was so happy that she started calling her - "elder sister" hugging her so sincerely, that Han Ying Xue was soon filled with envy and jealousy. She had even fish hooked the little brat by the mouth and had dragged her away from Sun Xin Yu.

Zhang Yang laughed for a little while, and picked up a second ring. This ring looked and felt extremely solid in his hand. It had a yellowish hue around the ring which reminded him of mother nature itself, and various runic inscriptions that were not unlike those on the One Ring.

[Great Earth Ring] (Mythical, Ring)

Vitality: +432

Strength: +83

Dexterity: +83

Equip Effect: Absorbs 167 damage when attacked.

Equip Effect: Increases 1,500 Maximum HP.

Equip Effect: Increases 2% Critical Strike rate.


Level Requirement: 110

Special Effect: Level Requirement lowered by 20 Level.

"Hoh! A powerful tank ring!" cried the little brat overdramatically. "Noobie tank! It’s your treat tomorrow!"

"Yeah! That’s right. Since your main story quest is about to reach the end, you must treat us with a fabulous dinner when you do!" said Han Ying Xue, joining the fray.

Zhang Yang crossed his arms and smiled. He was happy, but he pretended to be angry. "Treat? The last time I remember, you guys were too lazy to go out! I even made reservations for the last dinner. What happened? You guys just bailed on me!"

Zhang Yang took the ring and kept it in his inventory. Right now, the stats prior to Identification were already good. He would be even happier, after Identifying the ring. With that thought in mind, Zhang Yang snickered happily and quietly to himself.

Before Zhang Yang could pick up the next equipment, Han Ying Xue barged in and demanded to be given a go at picking the equipment. She snatched a long necklace on the floor and examined it. The necklace had a long, black chain, and an amulet with a deep black-green jade affixed in the center. It gave out a soothing aura.

[Heart of Jade] (Mythical, Necklace)

Vitality: +400

Intelligence: +202

Spirit: +202

Equip Effect: Increase 600 Maximum MP.

Equip Effect: Increase healing rate by 10%


Level Requirement: 110

Special Effect: Level Requirement lowered by 20 Level.

Without a doubt, this necklace should go to Han Ying Xue. However, instead of keeping it in her inventory, she tossed the necklace to Zhang Yang and said, "Help me Identify this."

Zhang Yang frowned deeply, as Wei Yan Er snickered evilly by his side. She also took the [Frost Vengeance Ring] and passed it to Zhang Yang, asking him to Identify the ring as well. Neither of them had the slightest sense of embarrassment.

The last piece of equipment was a Magic Staff. At first glance, everyone would be impressed at the structure and build of it. The staff was purely made out of a crystal-like material. It gave out a bright, and soft, green-emerald radiance.

[Epicormic Branch of the Tree of Life] (Mythical, Magic Staff)

Magic Attack: 4,024 - 4,624

Equip Effect: Increases Magic damage and Healing rate by 14%

Equip Effect: 1% chance to heal yourself during every attack on a target. Healing rate is equal to the damage you have dealt.

Use: Summons the Life Tree to protect you. Grants Invulnerability for 1 second.


Level Requirement: 110

Special Effect: Level Requirement lowered by 20 Levels.

Note: This powerful magic staff contains the essence of the Life Tree. It contains a portion of the power from the Tree of Life!

Everyone gasped in awe as they read the equipment description. The effects were too outrageous. Han Ying Xue took the Magic Staff into her hands and asked, "Say, if we take this staff, and sell it, how much do you think that it would be worth?"

Zhang Yang scratched his chin. "Hard to say… Even if no one fights for it, it could be sold for 5,000,000 in the Little Merchandise Shop. But if we placed it in the Auction House, it could go as high as 10 million, or even 20 million! This Magic Staff has 4,000 Magic attack, and that is before Identification. After Identification, I’m sure that the Magic attack would be around 6,000! You could strip all your equipment down and equip only this staff, and you’d still have a stronger attack than a full Level 90 Violet-Platinum equipment player. Think about what I just said, one staff alone is worth an entire set of Violet-Platinum equipment. I think, 20 million would be worth it," Zhang Yang stated.

Han Ying Xue was not interested in the magical attack, although it could help increase her healing rate. More importantly, she already had the mana regenerative staff in her hand. Hence, she pushed the staff at Daffodil Daydream. The poor girl was flabbergasted and could not respond, having heard its true value from Zhang Yang. "I’m…erhm… this…It’s too much! Please sell it! I…I can’t use this!"

Zhang Yang laughed at her cute, little girl-like reaction. "All the more reason to use it, Daffy! If you use this staff, you’ll be the strongest attacker in my party! Altogether, wouldn’t it be for the better, if anyone in our team gets an upgrade? The stronger we are, the better bosses we could kill! So what about 20 million? It’s nothing. That being said, when you reach Level 120 or Level 130, you can still sell it off!"

"B-But! Its value would not be the same!" Daffodil Daydream was on the verge of tears.

"Aiyaya! Sister Daffy. Why are you nit-picking at the details? I’d say, might as well give up resisting his wishes. It’s too late for you to escape his grasp. All that belongs to him, belongs to you! All that is you, belongs to him! Nyahahaha!" Wei Yan Er chuckled evilly.

Daffodil Daydream lowered her head and nodded quietly. She was hiding her vermilion-colored cheeks, that spoke of immeasurable shame. Perhaps, she agreed on the part "Everything that is her, belongs to Zhang Yang."

Luckily, Han Ying Xue did not notice her blush, as she was too busy flipping over the skill books. Zhang Yang, on the other hand, had walked over to Queen Madisha’s dressing table and found a long bladed sword lying down at the lower left of the table. The blade of the sword was dark, with living, silvery lines, swirling around. There was a green little dragon that swam along the surface of the blade as well. It was moving and weaving up and down the length of the blade!

‘Ding! You have obtained: Meteor Sword!’

‘Ding! You have completed the quest: Search the Meteor Sword! Please return to White Jade Castle and present the sword to Princess Serena, in exchange for a luxurious reward!’

Zhang Yang let out a long, tiring sigh. It had not been easy to complete the entire quest. Zhang Yang took the sword and kept it in his inventory. He then walked down towards Han Ying Xue, who was busy examining the books. They were all Recipe scrolls for different professions. None of them were skill books, unfortunately. Everyone was disappointed, as they wanted a Pair Skill!

Still, Queen Madisha was kind enough to drop a piece of Middle-Tier Aura Stone. Sun Xin Yu took it and upgraded her {Fatal Strike Aura} to Level 4, which granted an additional 4% increase in Critical rate. There was one more item. A chest that left them staring, dumbfounded.

[Mystery Treasure Chest]: You have found a chest that was hidden away secretly by Queen Madisha. Your instincts tell you that this chest is extremely important. However, no matter what you tried, it was impossible to open the chest via the regular method. Perhaps, you should inquire Princess Serena about the chest.

Player Ownership: Zhan Yu

Item Bound on Acquire.

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