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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 462 — Battle Companion

Chapter 462: Battle Companion

Fatty Han had even brought along his girlfriend, Xiao Wei. The girl was extremely sweet and polite. Nothing like what Fatty Han had described. If Fatty Han had never mentioned about her being as ruthless as a hungry lion with him, Zhang Yang would have never imagined it.

The night continued on, and everyone was enjoying the dinner and conversation. However, when someone mentioned the name Liu Wei and One Sword Stroke, everyone’s mood turned foul. As the saying went, nations that crumble from foreign attacks will rebuild, and come back stronger than ever. But what of an attack that comes from the inside? Even though Imperial Sky could never reach the strength level of Lone Desert Smoke, the guild was still one of the strongest guilds in China’s region. Despite so, the guild had crumbled down due to internal strife, because of a single woman. Everyone understood the damage, but Zhang Yang and Fatty Han had a deeper insight of it.

The conversation returned to its liveliness in a matter of glasses. Among the company, only Zhang Yang and Fatty Han were the only men on the table while the rest were troublesome women. These ladies simply loved messing with them. Later through the night, all 5 women had managed to force Zhang Yang and Fatty Han to shotgun one large carton-load of beer down their stomachs. Eventually, both of them had to run back and forth to the washroom to unload everything they had drank down. The scene was exceptionally funny to them since they had never seen Zhang Yang being much of a clown.

After that merry little dinner with the ladies, everyone drove themselves back home. Zhang Yang, on the other hand, was too intoxicated to drive and had to depend on Han Ying Xue to take the wheel. After returning home, Zhang Yang did nothing else, but collapsed on the couch and slept. The next thing he knew, it was already morning. The moment when he opened his eyes, he was assaulted with a wracking of a headache. The light from the sun did nothing to ease his pain. Zhang Yang drank more water than he had ever drank before, and felt that it tasted much better than before. He took a good cold bath, and went to bed to sleep a little while more.

After waking up for the second time, he felt a little better and proceed to greet the ladies of the house. He even played and teased Han Ying Xue and Sun Xin Yu, and felt a little better after.

Before the server came back online, there was absolutely nothing for Zhang Yang to do at home. He then went to visit the office of Silky Soft Holdings and reviewed a few things in his office. There, he checked read up on the server patch notes.

The joint venture between Silky Soft Holdings and Crimson Cosmetic Holdings was a success. They had even managed to launch their first joint product in the market. Both sides were working hard to further improve the joint venture of the two mega companies. Hence, the staff of Silky Soft Holdings were working at their best performance as if they had unlimited vigor. While that was happening, the secretaries in Zhang Yang’s office had inherited the burning vigor as well. Since summer in China was extremely hot and steamy, the secretaries had followed the trend and wore the most exposing outfits that they could find. Before this, they would have to bend down a little to expose their deep cleavages to Zhang Yang. Now, their clothing had such low cutting, that their badahonkadongs were at the brink of spilling out! Just walking alone would send tremors down their watermelons. That, and the ultra-short pencil skirts that couldn’t resist springing up the curvature of women’s buttocks, thanks to the elastic tension, exposing the thongs that they wore beneath. Even though Zhang Yang was still in the office, he felt like he was sitting at the beach, enjoying a refreshing scene of bikini babes by the sea side! A true experience of summer happiness!

What more could he ask for?

Back at his house, there were the two Missus Universe freeloading, in his office, there was a group of hungry hyenas, just waiting for Zhang Yang to jump on them! What more could a man wish for?

Feeling blessed, Zhang Yang opened his personal computer and visited the ‘God’s Miracle’ official website. After scrolling down for a bit, Zhang Yang checked out server patch notes and read.

1. Please make adequate preparation for the release of the Chaos Realm. Monsters in the Chaos Realms are extremely strong. Players are recommended to equip a full set of Level 90 Gray-Silver tier, to enjoy the content of the Chaos Realm.

2. Monsters description will be more details. However, be advised that the level gap between the players and the monsters will affect the amount of information being displayed.

3. Official release of Flying Mounts. Players can now use the [Sealing Lease] to capture Flying Mounts in the Chaos Realm. The method of capturing Flying Mounts is similar to capturing regular Mounts. The number of regular mounts had been increased in pre-Chaos Realm regions. Players can now enjoy capturing all their favorite mounts before proceeding to the Chaos Realm.

4. Official release of the Inheritance Class. Players of any class will have the opportunity to obtain an Inheritance title. Be advised, all players are only limited to only ONE Inheritance title, and cannot forfeit the title upon receiving. Please review the Inheritance before accepting the quest.

5. Official launching of War of Kingdoms. All players from all 8 major Regions can now access the Chaos Realm and engage in a Kingdom war with other major cities (Kingdom). Any death of the Kingdom’s King/Ruler will result in a "Rebuilding" phase for 15 days, of the defeated Kingdom. All players from the fore mentioned kingdom will face a penalty. Attack Power reduced by 50%, Maximum HP reduced by 50%. All other players from other Kingdoms will gained a boost of Honor Points by killing players who are currently penalized.

6. Level Suppression system has been lengthened from 10 Levels to 30 Levels. In conjunction with this change, players who kill monsters above their Level Gap will gain an Excessive Level Bonus Experience Points.

After scrolling through the content page, Zhang Yang read it and realize that the changes mentioned in this content patch were rather similar to that of his previous lifetime.

After getting used to playing the game for almost every other day, the sudden unavailability of the game had made Zhang Yang uncomfortable. Sitting down was rather uncomfortable for Zhang Yang, since he had been lying down to play the game. The worst fact was that the game required 3 days to patch!

On the next day, Zhang Yang had received a short text message from his pretty teacher, Yu Li which only contained three short words. "Wanna do it?"

Within nothing to do at home anyway, Zhang Yang drove to her house and picked Yu Li up from her new house. The both of them "did it" in a hotel room, all afternoon and evening. The second day was spent in the hotel room with Yu Li.

Later on the third day, the server for ‘God’s Miracle’ was launched again, rather late in the evening.

After waiting for 3 days long, players had experienced the torturous emptiness in their hearts. During the relaunch, an abnormal number of players had expressed their happiness at finally returning "home". While some were happy, almost half of them were extremely pissed off at the draggy patching duration.

When Zhang Yang logged into the game, the first thing he did was to review the Mysterious Egg that he had obtained from the Mysterious Box.

[Mysterious Egg]

Description: The Incubation is completed. Please sacrifice your blood to the egg to form a binding contract with the mysterious lifeform.


Huh. Nothing complicated. All Zhang Yang had to do was to drip some of his blood onto the egg. Zhang Yang then proceeded to slice his fingertip and let his blood drip onto the surface of the eggshell.


The eggshell was like a super-absorbent sponge that had absorbed the blood without a trace. The egg only vibrated slightly and stopped the next second.

Huh. Zhang Yang guessed that it would require much more than a few drops of blood to "revive" coax the being inside the shell.

This time, Zhang Yang placed his palm on the blade and jerked it hard, to cause a deeper cut. After pouring the blood in his palm on the egg, the same thing occurred again but a progress bar appeared. It showed "1%…"

Zhang Yang frowned. He had just given the egg a handful of blood, and yet, the entire progress was only 1%?! Luckily, this was just a game. If he had to "donate" so much blood to reach 100%, he would have died for 10 times before it could happen.

Zhang Yang immediately called for Han Ying Xue over to heal him. When Han Ying Xue arrived, she had not come alone. In fact, the entire party was present to see what sort of situation required Zhang Yang to slid his own wrist. Once Han Ying Xue was prepared, Zhang Yang grit his teeth and proceeded to slice off his entire hand. Like an open hydrant, his severed stump poured out blood at such an astonishing rate that was draining his HP as well. As previously mentioned, the miraculously "thirsty object" had absorbed all the blood! There was not a single drop of blood that was wasted!

In reality, if one were to slice off one’s hand, they would either faint from the shock and die later from excessive blood loss. Since they were in the game, all Zhang Yang had to suffer from was his drastic HP loss. Han Ying Xue immediately cast {Regeneration} and various other healing spells to match the rate of Zhang Yang’s HP loss.

"Nyehahaha! I was right to call you noobie tank! Look at your HP! It’s going down like a ruptured dam! Haha! Noob! Noob!"

"Oh lord, forming a contract would take so much blood! This egg must be something great!" said Daffodil Daydream. Almost everyone knew that he had obtained the egg from completing a Main Story Quest. Hence, the crowd that was circling Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue. The entire process took much longer than expected. Zhang Yang had lost track of time since he had been pouring blood onto the egg. He did note that Han Ying Xue had to stop healing twice because she had actually drained her entire MP gauge - twice.

After 90% of Han Ying Xue’s MP gauge was drained for the third time, the egg had finally responded. The egg stopped absorbing the blood, and a small blood pool started forming the side.


"Woah! It’s hatching!" cried Wei Yan Er as she jumped to her feet. Everyone got closer, while Zhang Yang was forced to squat down to let everyone peek the egg.


"Come on! Whatever you are! Break the eggshell and come out!"

More and more cracks started to form on the surface of the egg. A bright white light seeped out from the tiny cracks of the egg.

"OMG! IT’S COMING OUT! IT’S COMING! COMING!" cried the little brat, as she grabbed the Herb Foraging Familiar’s neck even tighter! The poor little beast was suffering, and was about to faint! The little brat was so bored when Zhang Yang was pouring his blood onto the egg, and had forced Zhang Yang to summon out the familiar for her. She only wanted a dose of its cuteness!

"I wonder what it could be!"

"A dragon! It has to be a dragon! When Zhang Yang gave the sword to the princess, a dragon appeared! This egg must be the dragon’s offspring!"

"Don’t be silly. Do you think that dragons lay eggs?"

"Erhm…yeah. What else could lay an egg?"

"Your mom."

"F*ck off."


As everyone was having fun guessing around, more cracks formed, and finally, a piece of the shell was kicked out.

An extremely tiny spear that had broken the shell. The spear retracted back into the egg and started slashing about, collapsing the entire egg shell from within, revealing a tiny, thumb-sized humanoid girl that carried a spear and a shield on her back.

The little thumb-sized girl had long black hair. Even though she was so small, she had a magnificent body. If she was enlarged to normal size, she would have the most busty pair of breasts and a curvy butt that could rival even Sun Xin Yu! Her facial expression was so cute, which only emphasized her perfect complexion. Her face was so perfect as if someone had carved her out from a piece of jade.

[Felice] (Humanoid)

Level: 0

HP: 50

Defense: 0

Melee Attack: 3 - 5 (Attack Interval: 3.8 seconds)

Vitality: 1

Strength: 1

Dexterity: 1

Spirit: 1

Skill: NIL

Special: [Seal 1] [Seal 2] [Seal 3] [Seal 4]

Note: Zhan Yu’s Battle Companion

Everyone gasped in awe when such a little cute Barbie doll suddenly appeared in front of them. While the ladies were squealing, Hundred Shots asked, "Zhang Yang, what is a Battle Companion."

"I have no idea!" Zhang Yang too was surprised, himself. He had never heard of the term "Battle Companion," even in his previous life!

Felice was small, but despite her tiny size, she was deceptively agile. When Wei Yan Er wanted to grab her. She jumped away as quick as lightning and landed on Zhang Yang’s shoulder. Felice expressed her anger by slashing her spear around frantically.

"What a jump!"

That jump from the ground up to Zhang Yang’s shoulder was no easy feat. It may be easy for a cricket to do so. But for a humanoid being like Felice to do so would be the same as Zhang Yang leaping up to a 10-storey building!

Zhang Yang turned his head, and looked at the thumb-size Felice, as she looked at him as well. There was a glint in her eyes that expressed a sense of longingness. It felt like he was looking into a mirror, with the same look in his eyes when he had just lost both of his parents. The same pain when he was just a young boy.

Unconsciously, Zhang Yang reached out with his index finger to her.

Towards Zhang Yang, Felice was not afraid, nor expressed any hostile reactions towards him compared to the others. Instead, she reciprocated his actions by reaching out with her own hand to grab Zhang Yang’s finger.

At that moment, when the two beings touched, Zhang Yang felt a sudden rush from his spine and up to his head. Something had changed in him, but he did not know what.

‘Server Announcement: Official release of Battle Companion! All players can now form a contract with an NPC to form a Battle Companion. Please refer to the official site for more information for Battle Companion!’

‘Server Announcement: Official release of Battle Companion patch will commence in 1 minute. Please make adequate preparation. The server will resume function after 5 minutes!’

‘Server Announcement:59 seconds till server update…’

‘Server Announcement:58 seconds till server update…’

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