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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 465 — Cleansing the Spectres

Chapter 465: Cleansing the Spectres

"Nicely done!" Zhang Yang cried out. He had the [Heart of the Death Knight] equipped, and would only experience half of the intended stun duration. However, since his character level was already 20 Levels beyond the item level, the equipment’s effect would be reduced. Thus, Zhang Yang had experienced 1.2 seconds of the 2 seconds stun.

After a slugfest, Zhang Yang defeated the giant orc and obtained a few pieces of [Inscribed Cloth] and a few silver coins.

When Zhang Yang looted the item, he found the [Inscribed Cloth] odd, considering the fact that the orc only had a short loincloth on. After he finished up with his business there, Zhang Yang called out to Felice. "Let’s go!"

"Mm." Felice answered obediently.

Zhang Yang appreciated her words. If only Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue would obey Zhang Yang so obediently, then he could ask them to warm his bed for him. That, or he could just ask them to be nice to each other. He would rather have that, than the constant cold war between the two of them.

Zhang Yang went on and found an old gigantic house that was built from stacking gigantic flat boulders like Legos. The house was so huge that it could be a hall, rather than a house.


Before Zhang Yang could go closer to the house, a female orc opened the door and walked out of the stone house. This female orc was much larger in size and height compared to the previous orc that Zhang Yang had just killed. Unlike the male orc, she wore a super-sized bra that held her overly large wrecking-ball sized breast. If she were to have a bra size, it would be beyond human measurements. Perhaps, Silky Soft Holdings could specially manufacture a bra with a ZZ cup size… Or perhaps…not… They would be bankrupt if they were to cater for beasts.

Zhang Yang was not even trying to hide. The female orc turned around and quickly noticed Zhang Yang presence. She growled with a thunderous roar and charged at Zhang Yang. Her roar was so deafening that it hurt Zhang Yang’s ear. When she got closer to Zhang Yang, she cracked a sinister smile and cried, "Fresh meat! Human meat! Best meat! I kill! Eat fresh!"

Zhang Yang charged forward with the bear. With agile maneuvers, Zhang Yang bent over and lay down on the bear’s back to evade one of the incoming punches, and sliced at the female orc’s thigh. It was not that Zhang Yang wanted to attack her legs, the monster was just too huge, and Zhang Yang had no means of jumping any higher than her thighs.

"Hah!" Felice grunted as she changed into a Dragonhawk and fired Fire Missiles to the orc. In just a short minute, Zhang Yang and Felice had killed the Man-Eating Female Orc. Even though he had lost over 70,000 HP, he could recover all his HP loss with a simple activation of {Berserker’s Heal}. Compared to anyone else, the monster’s basic attack of 9,600 could have killed anyone easily without them having a chance to attack. A normal party would have to bring in at least 5 members before they could even consider attacking the monster.

Zhang Yang moved forward and found many more stone houses like the previous one. Usually, there was only one orc inside. Other times, there were two and, more rarely, three at a time. If Zhang Yang had to fight two orcs at the same time, he would need to use either {Shield Wall}, or {Berserker’s Heal}. If he had to fight three orcs at the same time, he would need to use both skills to survive.

Aptly scaled to their difficulty, the orcs had given Zhang Yang a luxurious amount of experience points, which was shared with the bear and Felice. The bear had reached Level 99, and Felice had gained 3 Levels. Zhang Yang alone had only managed to raise a tiny microscopic bump on his experience bar. After Level 100, the experience needed to level up was just too much. Level 96 players would take 1 whole month to reach Level 100, for god’s sake!

The Valley was not huge to begin with, and Zhang Yang had only taken 3 hours or so to reach the deepest part of the valley. There, at the edge of a thick forest, Zhang Yang could see a spring. The pool of water was not far from the smelly green colored river, yet it maintained a beautiful, clear color. Zhang Yang soaked his sweaty hands into the pool, and he could see beautiful starlights glistening at the bottom of the pool.

Zhang Yang took out the flask that he had obtained and filled the glass bottle up with the water. The quest notification popped up, and notified a change in the quest.

[Calming Ethereal Holy Water] (Quest Item)

Item Expiration: 4 Hours 59 Minutes 59 Seconds.


There was even a time limit for the item! Zhang Yang had greatly appreciated Felice’s help in killing the monsters. Thanks to her, they had managed to this spring in 3 hours! Without her, they might have taken close to 6 hours to kill their way there! If they had taken that long to arrive to the spring, the elite monsters that they had killed on their way here would have respawned after 5 hours. That meant Zhang Yang would have to kill the monster on the entrance of the valley again, which would only further delay the time taken to return to the old man! The quest item could have expired and he would either have to double back, or the quest might even be deemed a failure!

Zhang Yang kept the bottle of holy water in his inventory and rushed out of the valley. With no monsters around to block his way, Zhang Yang had only taken 20 minutes to leave the valley and reach the graveyard.

"Old man, I’ve brought back the water."

Douglas limped his way around and said, "Well. I never expected to see you so soon! You have indeed proven your words!"

Zhang Yang took out the bottle of holy water and gave it to the old man. He was slightly annoyed at the man, when he had previously mentioned the number of warriors who have gone and never came back. Zhang Yang was the first person to arrive at this place. What warriors were he talking about?!

‘Ding! You have completed the quest: Calming Ethereal Holy Water. Obtained 5,000,000 Experience Points!’

"This is but the first step, young warrior. What you have to do next is to sprinkle the water on the bones of the fallen warriors. With that, they can finally rest in peace."

‘Ding! Douglas has a quest for you: Cleansing the Spectres. Will you accept it?’

[Cleansing the Spectre] (Difficulty Level: C)

Description: Use the holy water and sprinkle it on the Spectres in their graves to grant them peace.

Progress: Cleansed Spectre 0/100

[Calming Ethereal Holy Water] (Quest Item)

Use: Cleanses the souls of the Spectres, granting them peace to leave this world. Can only be used on the corpse of a defeated enemy.

Zhang Yang left the old man behind and went into the graveyard. There were many roaming skeletal warriors, and Zhang Yang had engaged with one in no time. The skeletal warrior had produced a bow out of thin air and had fired an arrow at Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang did not even needed to unsheathe his sword, his bear and Felice had whacked the poor Spectre up in less than 30 seconds.

Zhang Yang walked over to the battle and by the time he had taken out the Holy water, the skeletal warrior was already defeated. Zhang Yang then used the [Calming Ethereal Holy Water] on the corpse. The water was completely absorbed into the bones. Before Zhang Yang could even close the bottle, a human ghost appeared from the remains, and bowed respectfully at Zhang Yang before dispersing into millions of light particles.

One down, 99 more to go.

Light particles spread all over the graveyard as Zhang Yang, Felice, and the bear raided the entire graveyard, and killed every single roaming skeletal monster. A problem was found when Zhang Yang had cleared the entire graveyard and his quest progress was stuck at 99/100. There were no more Spectres for him to cleanse anymore! Even though normal tiered monsters respawned fairly quickly. It would still take 3 hours for them to respawn. To make matters worse, Zhang Yang had only taken close to half an hour to kill every single Spectre within the vicinity! He would have to wait for 2 hours and 30 minutes for the Spectre to spawn again!

Zhang Yang got around the graveyard frantically, and started to search for any leftover monsters that he had missed. Fortunately for him, he finally found one. The skeletal monsters were so similar to that of regular humans! It was natural for Zhang Yang to miss out one or two. The one he found was rather different, compared to the regular skeletal monsters. It was seated on the ground, and was resting his head on his palms, like he was actually thinking.

Zhang Yang paced over to the skeletal monster and had Felice kill the thing in less than 4 strokes. When Zhang Yang poured the holy water on its remains, a human ghost appeared. But this time, the ghost carried a name tag.

[Sous’s Soul] (Spirit)

Level: 1

This ghost was not the same as the previous 99 souls that Zhang Yang had cleansed. After it appeared, the ghost had bowed at Zhang Yang and had opened its ethereal mouth. "Forgive me for asking. But, could you, kind adventurer, fulfill my one last wish?"

Zhang Yang nodded. "Do you have unfinished business?"

"Yes." Sous nodded and gazed at the general direction of Morning Town. "I have a younger sister living in that town. She’s… She was born blind. My parents were killed by the demons a long time ago. Hence, both of us had grown up together. However, I left this earth a little too early to let go of my younger sister! I cannot leave this world not knowing that she is safe without me! Before I left her to join the expedition army, I had promised to return to her with a Star Spirit Flower. That flower is a mythical flower that would cure anything, even the blind! However, now that I am dead, I cannot fulfill my promise. Adventurer, I beg of you, to bring my sister a Star Spirit Flower. She is called Luilina. Please, do this in my stead."

‘Ding! Sous’s Soul has a quest for you: Sous’s Last Wish. Will you accept it?’

Zhang Yang nodded his head and said, "You are a respected human being and a kind brother. I give you my word."

"I thank you from the bottom of my heart, young adventurer," said Sous before his soul faded away.

There was a long silence, when suddenly, Felice hugged Zhang Yang from behind. With tears in her eyes, she pleaded, "Big Brother! You cannot leave me behind!"

Zhang Yang smiled. "Silly child. I promised you, didn’t I? I will always be there to protect you!" Zhang Yang patted her head.


Zhang Yang opened the quest log and read the quest description.

[Sous’s Last Wish] (Difficulty Level: B)

Description: Sous wishes that you will help him deliver a special flower to his younger sister, Luilina. Such a flower can only be found at the highest peak of Red Copper Mountain. Red Copper Mountain is located to the south. Luilina is currently living in the outskirts of Morning Town.

Progress: Obtained the Star Spirit Flower 0/1

Zhang Yang first returned to Douglas and completed the mission for only 200,000 experience points. However, despite the abysmal amount of experience points, Zhang Yang was not disappointed. The main quest was not cleansing the Spectres. He knew that the quest might have led him to another which, he hoped, could lead him to get the [Territory Command Order], for Morning Town.

Zhang Yang rode towards the south, with Felice in her Dragonhawk form. The little merry party reached to the Red Copper Mountain, after only 2 hours of hiking.

The mountain was grand and tall. The Red Copper Mountain had gotten its name from the color of the soil and the color of the trees growing ever so scarcely around the mountain. With little to no trees at all, the surface of the mountain was made up of steep cliffs, which made climbing it rather difficult. However, it did not stop Zhang Yang from reaching halfway through where he had encountered the first monster. The monster was a large snake that measured close to 10 meters in length.

[Spectrum Venomous Snake] (Normal, Beast)

Level: 110

HP: 17,600

Defense: 100

Magic Attack: 3,106 - 3,506 (Natural Damage)


[Venom Spit]: Deals 200% Natural damage with a 10% chance to cause {Poisoned} to the target, which will cause the target to received 20% extra damage when attacked with Natural damage attacks. Cooldown: 2 seconds.

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