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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 466 — Flying Mount!

Chapter 466: Flying Mount!


A venomous projectile flew through the air and splattered all over Zhang Yang’s armor. The green liquid almost immediately started sliding off his armor. The damage done to him was only 3,061 Natural damage.

The monsters in the Chaos Realm were a distinct step above their pre-Chaos Realm brethren. Immediately, Felice started acting on her own, without waiting for a single word from Zhang Yang. She shot down from the sky, and morphed back into an energetic young woman. With a quick thrust of her spear, Felice stabbed the snake.


She was already Level 77, having grown far stronger since the time Zhang Yang fought the orcs. Sadly, her attacks have been reduced by the system’s Level Gap suppression. On monsters over level 107, she would only deal 50% of her damage! However, even with half of her attacks "taken" away by the system, one attack from her spear was already enough to take away 1/3 of the snake’s HP.

Zhang Yang smirked. He was extremely satisfied to see how much Felice had grown. To speed things up, Zhang Yang and the bear joined the fray, landing one attack each and killing the snake before it could even launch a second attack.

She could already deal such a high amount of damage at only Level 77. What would happen when she reaches Level 100? Would she kill a monster with one hit? Zhang Yang could not wait to find out. With her alone, Zhang Yang would be unstoppable!

He reached down and picked up the loot, obtaining a few pieces of [Snake Meat]. He could bring the materials back and pass it to any guild member who has taken up the Cooking profession.

Zhang Yang continued up the mountainous road and killed more snakes that ambushed him. The snakes were hiding in the creeks along the pathway and they had jumped up from behind Zhang Yang as he walked past by. Zhang Yang was not bothered by it. He was already strong to begin with. Now that he had Felice and his bear together with him, he killed them all in less than 2 hits. Zhang Yang killed on and on and managed to get the bear to Level 100, while Felice had reached Level 80.

The Level 100 Gold-Eared White Bear had 43,680 HP with Zhang Yang’s Vitality Aura boost, and an Attack Power of 5,886 - 6,486, attacking once every 3 seconds. Its DPS was at 2,062.

As for Felice, she was at Level 80 and had a total HP of 139,300 in her human form, boosted by Zhang Yang’s Vitality Aura. Her melee attack power was 14,145 - 15,145 with an attack interval of 3.8 seconds. Her DPS was 3,855.

Zhang Yang had nothing to say. The bear had a great track record from the beginning. This was just the bear living up to its standards. That alone pleased Zhang Yang. But when he saw Felice’s stats, he was overjoyed, and slightly ashamed. Felice’s stats had already surpassed his own! His own HP was 97,190, his attack was 4,081 - 4,481, and his DPS was 1,529. How could he be the master when his Battle Companion is already stronger than him!

"Felice. You make me feel so tiny!" said Zhang Yang, with a sigh. Right now, he could not live up to his promise to protect her. Right now, it’s the other way around!

Felice smiled warmly and said, "Big Brother, you need not worry! I’m sure big brother will be stronger in the future."

Such a kind little girl, unlike that little brat Wei Yan Er who would always tease him at every chance she gets!

As they continued on slaying more and more snakes and obtaining more [Snake Meat], Zhang Yang found an odd little shiny thing lying next to the [Snake Meat].


It was a snake, measuring only about half a foot long. It was completely white, and had silvery lining all over its tiny, miniature body. For someone like Zhang Yang, he could appreciate the snake’s beauty. Its eyes were smaller than green peas, but the brilliant green would actually surpass a jade!

The odd thing about it was the fact that the snake had a pair of tiny little wings sticking out from its back. It was actually hovering a few inches from the ground!

[Juvenile Snowy Scale Wind Serpent] (Rare Yellow-Gold Flying Mount, Beast)

Level: 0

Note: Can be sealed.

A flying mount!

Zhang Yang eyes glinted with joy! He had never expected to find a Flying Mount so soon in the Chaos Realm! Even though it was only a Yellow-Gold tier, Zhang Yang did not mind having a lower attack power mount, since the primary purpose of a Flying Mount is to fly! Just by being the first player to obtain a Flying Mount was enough for him to ignore the shortcomings of it. It was just lying there for him to take! What is there to complain about?!

Zhang Yang immediately took out a [Sealing Lease] and used it on the little Wind Serpent to seal it.

1%…2%…3%…57%…Pak! Fail…

As if the little serpent had taken notice of Zhang Yang’s presence, it extended its wings and started to take off. Felice immediately morphed into her Dragonhawk form and growled at it. Seeing a large hostile enemy coming at it, the little serpent turned around and cowered behind Zhang Yang’s greaves.

It was natural to be afraid of Felice. She did carry the name - "Dragon" after all!

Zhang Yang took out another [Sealing Lease] and used it to the little serpent.

1%…2%…34%… Pak! Fail…

Zhang Yang remained calm, he still had 8 more turns to make it his. On the other hand, Felice was agitated. In a louder voice, she growled and shrieked at the little serpent. The poor little fellow trembled and curled up at Zhang Yang’s greaves. Felice growled again in a lower volume, as if she was trying to convey a warning. The little serpent better submits itself to Zhang Yang, or she would gobble it up!

Zhang Yang tried for the third time.


‘Ding! You have successfully sealed the Juvenile Snow Scale Wind Serpent as your Flying Mount!’

‘Ding! You have captured your first Flying Mount! The tutorial will commence. Before Level 30, the Flying Mount cannot be used as a Mount nor a Battle Mount. The Juvenile Snow Scale Wind Serpent will follow the player around upon summoning and will share a portion of the experience points you gain from combat. The Flying Mount will be usable after reaching Level 30. When the Flying Mount reaches Level 100, it can be used to ferry multiple players at the same time. Please visit the official site for more inquiries or use the in-game communicator to speak to one of our correspondents. Please enjoy the game. Thank you.’

The Juvenile Snow Scale Wind Serpent had disappeared from the world and Zhang Yang inventory had gained a new lease.

Zhang Yang smiled, as he thought it that was funny to think that the serpent will acquiesce to a kind approach instead of tough love. It was like the serpent was in a police interrogation room, and he was playing the role of the good cop while Felice acted as the bad cop.

"Nice one!"

"Teehee…" Felice blushed and nodded her head in acknowledgment. Zhang Yang could not take that level of cuteness and had to caress her head softly.

Zhang Yang summoned the little serpent out to gain experience. Since it was only Level 0, the little serpent was hovering around by his side like a pet that would not contribute in any battles. It would have to gain more experience to level up and reach Level 30 to attack. Zhang Yang did not mind having the snake leech experience points from him. He did, after all, gain the first Flying Mount. The joy of it was justifiable! Level 30 was nothing. Zhang Yang could find a massive field and start mass-killing to gain that amount of experience points easily. Plus, he wasn’t technically alone. He had Felice in her Dragonhawk form and she alone, could wipe the monsters out!

After half an hour of hiking, Zhang Yang arrived at the mountain top but had yet to find the Star Spirit Flower. Zhang Yang circled around the top of the mountain and stumble upon a large Three-Headed Crimson Hydra that was resting on a large boulder. The Hydra was at least 30 to 40 meters in both height and width. Its scales were deep red in color. Zhang Yang would not have noticed the Hydra if not for three heads sticking out from the massive body.

All three head of the Hydra shared the same shape, but each of them had a distinct color. One was green, one was red, and one was white. The heads were all triangular in shape, making it look like a king cobra.

[Three-Headed Crimson Hydra] (Yellow-Gold, Beast)

Level: 115

HP: 5,750,000

Defense: 2,000

Melee Attack: 12,434 - 13,434

Magic Attack: 7,390 - 7,990


[Fatal Poison]: Causes {Poisoned} to a target, and deals 200% Magic damage of Natural element. The target will have a certain chance to receive the same damage as the previous attack. Lasts for 15 seconds. Effect does not stack.

[Burning Fangs]: Spits poisonous fire projectiles at the target. Deals 200% Magic damage in the form of Fire Damage. Causes the target have a certain chance to be blinded. Lasts for 15 seconds. Effect does not stack.

[Ice Burst]: Fires an Icy projectile to the target. Deals 200% Magic attack in the form of Ice Damage. Immobilizes the target for 5 seconds.

Note: The King of snakes at Red Copper Mountain. Be advised, many have fallen to the Hydra.

In almost every common situation, the quest item would be situated right next to a boss which would have to be killed before the player could retrieve the quest item.

Instead of jumping into battle, he turned around to scout the area. Behind the boss, hiding among the smaller rocks around, was a mythical flower. The flower was shiny, and had petals that glowed with the starry shine of a star!

Although Zhang Yang was too far away from the flower, and could not directly access the properties window of the flower, but he was already guessing that it was the quest item he needed.

Zhang Yang turned around and checked Felice’s stats. She was already Level 83 and was 32 levels behind the boss. She would still suffer from the Level Gap Suppression attack reduction. After a few seconds of thinking, Zhang Yang said, "Let’s skip the boss for now. We’ll find some more monsters to grind and gain a few levels before we fight the boss."

Felice lowered her head. "I’m sorry, Felice is too weak to fight. I’m sorry for dragging big brother’s feet."

Zhang Yang caressed her head and said, "There’s nothing wrong. You have done a great job growing so fast. Without you here, I would already have been overwhelmed."

Felice’s sorrow turned into a smile, and she followed Zhang Yang down the mountain to kill a few more monsters. Zhang Yang had even unsummoned the bear and the little serpent to increase the experience gain for Felice. After an hour of speed grinding, Felice finally reached Level 85. Although her stats were about the same as when she was Level 80, her attacks would not suffer any reduction from the Level gap Suppression when she fights the Hydra.

Zhang Yang summoned the bear and the Juvenile Flying Serpent, and returned to the hill to prepare for the boss fight. The white bear was the attacker, but Juvenile Flying Serpent had yet to reach Level 30. To hasten the progress of it becoming a legitimate flying mount, Zhang Yang had to summon it out to feed it experience points.

"Alright. Let’s kill the Hydra!"

Zhang Yang jumped onto the bear and charged bravely at the Hydra.

{Spear of Obliteration}!


"HSSS!" The Hydra immediately shot up and hissed loudly. At that close proximity, Zhang Yang could finally observe the entire boss’ body. It was a streamlined creature with no legs. Like a normal snake, it had a long body, and the three heads branched out from 2/3 of its frontal end.


Like a one meter steel pillar flying down from above, the Hydra lashed its tail at Zhang Yang’s head.


Zhang Yang lifted his shield and successfully blocked the tail attack. Now that the boss was only a Yellow-Gold tier, Zhang Yang did not suffer any knockback effects, and could even swat the tail aside, as if it was made of straw! Bullying the boss was possible thanks to his Violet-Platinum equipment!

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