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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 467 — Luilina

Chapter 467: Luilina

Hydra resumed an attack stance. After the green head retracted back, the red color head expanded the venom sac below its jaw and spat out a stream of fire, passing right through Zhang Yang’s face.


Zhang Yang rolled over quickly. He had already taken a huge amount of damage, and had also gained a debuff called [Burning], which could induce {Blindness} at a certain rate within 15 seconds.

"Bloody snake! How dare you!" Felice jumped into the air and changed to her Dragonhawk form. She shot into the sky and flew closer to the boss, attacking him with a [Fire Missile] to enact vengeance.


The boss took its share of damage, slightly higher than what it had done to Zhang Yang, and wiggled its head.

Zhang Yang frowned. Right then, Felice was only 30 Levels behind the Hydra. Technically, her attacks should be higher than that! Zhang Yang thought for a while and had an idea. "Felice! Attack the white head after this!"

"Yes! Big brother!" Felice nodded her head and flapped her wings to readjust her position in the air to target the white head.




The Hydra took almost double the original damage. All three heads retracted and winced in pain.

"Big Brother! You’re a genius!" Felice cried out happily.

Zhang Yang laughed. Felice’s attack was fire based. The red color head of the Hydra should be Fire based as well. Hence, it should have a higher resistance towards Fire attacks! That was the reason why Felice’s attack could not inflict the damage that it was meant to be.

Even though the three heads were dealing elemental-based magic attacks, it still preferred to use melee attacks. Using its massive and thick snake body, Hydra hurled itself at Zhang Yang, far more often than it did use a magical attack. As a Guardian, Zhang Yang had a higher affinity to physical Defense. He would take no more than 6,000 damage whenever {Block} was not available.

Occasionally, the boss would spew green colored clouds to poison Zhang Yang. At other times, it would blow out a cloud of ice to freeze Zhang Yang for 5 seconds. The Fire attack was also used occasionally to blind Zhang Yang. During {Blindness}, Zhang Yang could only guess the location of the Hydra and hack away blindly.

Felice was performing at her best. More and more {Fire Missiles} were sent to the white head, dealing a constant damage of 17,000 and higher. However, during the moments when Zhang Yang could not attack or be rendered immobilized, he would lose a great deal of aggro, causing the Hydra to target Felice instead.

When the Hydra switched its target, it turned to Felice and pounced, extending its neck and biting down on Felice. Felice was not able to dodge in time, and was brought down to the land by the boss. Within a split second, Felice had morphed back to her human form and started going to work with her spear.

In her Dragonhawk form, Felice was vulnerable to attacks, since her Defense was only 880. However, in her Human form, Felice’s Defense was significantly higher at 3,760 Defense value.

Felice was only Level 85, but her stats were higher than normal. Hence, she could fight toe-to-toe with the Yellow-Gold boss, and showed no signs of losing! Zhang Yang could not help but frown with worry. Ever since he had entered the game, this was his first time being OTed. Luckily the target that OTed him was an NPC. If that was not the case, he would have been ashamed of himself.

"Stinky snake! I am your opponent! Why are you attacking a little girl for! Do you not know shame!" cried Zhang Yang. He came out of the icy prison and headed to the boss. With quick action, Zhang Yang cast {Provoke} and managed to draw the attention of the boss.

"Big Brother! I’m not afraid of the snake! I can take him on!" said Felice as she morphed back to her Dragonhawk form and attacked the Hydra with more {Fire Missile}. Even though she had much higher Defense in her Human form, she could deal much higher damage in her Dragonhawk form!

Zhang Yang hacked at the boss and said, "Big brother is a Guardian. Let big brother take the hits! Felice can attack him while I draw his attention!"

"Yes! Big brother!" said Felice obediently and continued her barrage of {Fire Missiles}.

Together, their continuous attacks had forced the Hydra to flinch and hiss, more than anything else. At one point, the Hydra had to move its massive body around, whipping its tail all over the terrain and smashing the boulders around into tiny pebbles.

Felice was just too powerful. Her Dragonhawk form had more than 9,000 DPS, which was much more than Zhang Yang, even with the bear helping out! Felice was even stronger than the super attackers like Sun Xin Yu, Daffodil Daydream, and Lost Dream!

Zhang Yang was extremely grateful to have her. Fuh! As expected of the first-born Battle Companion in the entire game!

Needless to say, the boss was just a Yellow-Gold boss, and only lasted for about 6 minutes, before it curled up and died with a sorrowful wail.

By the end of the battle, Zhang Yang had used both {Shield Wall} and {Berserker’s Heal}.

Shring! Shring! Shring!

The boss gave a large amount of experience points, allowing Felice, the white bear, and the flying serpent to gain levels. Even though the experience points was shared equally to all parties, the amount of experience points was enough to grant the little flying serpent 5 levels, pushing its level from Level 27 to Level 32 in one go. With that, the little flying serpent immediately grew to become a 7 meter long, flying serpent!

Since it had reached the Level 30 threshold, the flying serpent could no longer appear in the field as a pet and had turned into a small light orb, returning to Zhang Yang’s inventory.

"Big brother! I’ll help you pick the flower!" said Felice proactively. She morphed into her Dragonhawk form and flew over to the cliff side to pick the Star Spirit Flower.

Hmm. This should be how a little girl behaves. If Wei Yan Er ever behaved in such a way however, it would probably only happen during the end of the world.

As Felice flew back to Zhang Yang, he went over to the loot and picked up 4 equipment. 3 of them were Gray-Silver tiers and the remaining one was a Yellow-Gold tier.

[Snake Scale Chest Plate] (Yellow-Gold, Leather Armor)

Defense: +24

Vitality: +370

Strength: +331

Dexterity: +148

Equip Effect: Increases your attack and healing rate by 2%.


Level Requirement: 110

Zhang Yang swooped all the equipment into his inventory, only examining the Yellow-Gold equipment. For him, none of the equipment was worth keeping. At least, they could be sold for some tens of thousands of gold coins as a reward for killing the Hydra. It was a good amount of side income to feed those girls in his house.

By then, Felice had arrived at Zhang Yang’s side. She handed the flower to Zhang Yang and stood aside, quietly and obediently.

With quest completed, Zhang Yang unsummoned the bear and replaced his mount with the Snow Scale Flying Serpent. The flying serpent was 7 meters in length. Its wingspan was 10 meters wide. It was no less intimidating than Felice’s Dragonhawk form.

Felice only glared at the Flying Serpent, and the proud flying serpent retracted its head closer to its body. It stared at Felice with admiration.

Zhang Yang cracked a laugh and mounted the flying serpent, descending the mountain.

It was a pity that the Level 32 flying serpent could only "glide" around the surface, instead of actually flying. Whenever Zhang Yang encountered a larger obstacle, it could not fly over and could only circle around it. Luckily, as the flying serpent could travel in the air, it was still much faster than the white bear. After a few hours, Zhang Yang arrived at Morning Town.

The small town was empty and had little to no people walking in the streets. After Zhang Yang explored the entire town, he had only stumbled upon less than 10 pedestrians. Thankfully, the streets were clear enough for Zhang Yang to speed through to reach the western outskirts of the town, where Sous’ little sister, Luilina resided.

Zhang Yang arrived at a small, flower garden that had many beautiful flowers, planted unevenly throughout the garden. The person who did the gardening was clearly not a professional. Zhang Yang trod across the garden carefully and saw a small hut at the west end of the garden. The door was wide open, and there was no one inside the house.

Zhang Yang guessed that the small house belonged to Luilina. But, where was the person?

Zhang Yang frowned and started to kick some dirt around the garden, thinking about her possible locations. Just then, Felice cried out, "Big brother! Over there!" Felice pointed at the far side of the garden. A girl was walking out of the forest, carrying a small flower basket in her left arm, and a walking stick at her right.

[Luilina] (Normal, Humanoid)


Note: Sous’ little sister, a poor, blind girl.

Luilina looked like she was already at her 18s. She had a long blonde hair that flowed gently in the wind. Her complexion was perfect, and she had a slender, lithe body. She would have been the perfect woman to marry, if not for her permanently closed eyes. The dress she wore was aged and cheap. Although there were patches all over her dress, it had been well taken care off.

Naturally, her hearing would be well-honed, so she quickly noticed Zhang Yang’s presence from afar, and raised her head at his general direction. She opened her eyelids and exposed a pair of clouded eyes, "Who’s there?"

"I’m a friend of your brother," said Zhang Yang softly.

"My brother’s friend?" Luilina spoke softly. There was an obvious tone of sorrow in her voice.

Zhang Yang got her attention and proceeded to give the flower to the girl. At first, she was genuinely surprised for receiving such a flower. But no sooner, a smile appeared. "Did brother…ask you to deliver this flower?’

When the girl received the flower, it started glowing brightly. Particles of light seeped out of the petals and flew into Luilina’s eyes. The cloudy layer of her eyes dissipated, and her normal black pupils were revealed. More and more light particles zoomed into her eyes and made both of them glow with a soft radiance.

"I…I…I can see!" cried the petite, little girl happily. Tears started to flow down her pinkish cheeks and she pointed her fingers to the surroundings. "T-The sky is blue! I can see it! The trees are green! Red roses too! Ah! I see them blooming! How beautiful! *sob*."

‘Ding! You have completed the quest: Sous’ Last Wish. Obtained 200,000 Experience Points!’

Zhang Yang wiped away her tears and said, "You brother, Sous never forgot the promise he made. Luilina. From the bottom of my heart, I am sorry for your loss. You have the world’s best brother!"

Luilina smiled cheerfully and said, "Indeed he was."

Felice pouted her lips and before she could say anything, Zhang Yang pulled her back. "I’m glad that you think so."

Luilina smiled at Zhang Yang and said, "You’re a good big brother as well! I must thank you for granting his last wish. Please, rest at my house. It’s not far from here!"

When a girl offers an invitation, there’s no reason to reject. Especially, since he had nothing to do after the quest was completed. Perhaps, her invitation to her house might trigger some sort of event!

All three of them walked to her house and made themselves comfortable. Although the house was not big, nor luxuriously decorated, it was tidy and clean. There was even a scent of flowery smell that lingered around the house. The three of them started to talk. Luilina talked about her brother, where during the whole time Felice could not help but to divert the conversation to be about Zhang Yang.

Not long, the glow in Luilina’s eyes faded away and a layer of cloudy membrane coated her eyes. Luilina returned to become a blind girl.

Zhang Yang was surprised. The Star Spirit Flower was potent enough to shed light into the eyes of a blind girl, allowing her to see temporarily, but not cure her blindness.

"Erhm…Luilina…" said Zhang Yang.

"Worry not, big brother. I am happy. Although it was momentary, I had my fun looking at the world." Luilina turned to Zhang Yang with her dead eyes and smiled.

Zhang Yang hesitated, but eventually caved in and revealed to Luilina, her brother’s story. He told her about the war, the expedition, Sous’ death, and even how Sous was able to rest in peace knowing that Zhang Yang was able to fulfill his last wish. Luilina cried endlessly when she listened to Zhang Yang’s story.

Time passed on when Zhang Yang realized that, it was already late in the evening. Zhang Yang bade Luilina farewell and headed back to town.

Zhang Yang felt annoyed. Luilina’s tragic loss and her sad life had left him hanging with a cliffhanger end to the quest. Zhang Yang wandered about town aimlessly, unable to get over it yet. However, a short distance away from Luilina’s house, he spotted three drunk youngsters zigzagging around. They were obviously heavily intoxicated.

Zhang Yang took notice of them but did put it into his mind. Not until the thought of it returned to him after the silhouette of Morning Town came to his vision. Besides the forest, there was nothing outside the town, besides Luilina’s house. The three drunk youngsters must be heading to Luilina’s! To make things worse, they were drunk, intoxicated, and tipsy. They could do things to a helpless, blind girl living alone!

Zhang Yang turned around swiftly and shot towards Luilina’s house without hesitation.

Just when he touched down, he heard a loud scream of a girl coming from inside Luilina’s house. Rage built up in his heart and Zhang Yang ran towards the house.

The door was left opened and Zhang Yang could see the three drunkards holding Luilina down, their hands roughly exploring her body! Her dress was torn apart, leaving the most important places still intact. If Zhang Yang had been slightly later, he might have been too late.

One of the youngsters was shouting dementedly, "Stop pretending, little minx! Consider it your lucky day that a man such as I would be willing to touch you! You’ll be thanking me when I’m done with you! Haha! In fact, you’ll be begging for more!"

"Haha! Young Master Bendoch is right! The little minx is indeed beautiful! It’s a shame that those pretty eyes do not work, or else she would have been the most beautiful girl in town!" said another man.

"Enough! Get on it already. I’m waiting for my turn!" said the last youngster as he started to remove his pants.

Zhang Yang was still at the entrance of the house as they expressed their monstrous intentions. With heavy killing aura, Zhang Yang shot into the house and swung his sword in a wide arc, as hard as he could.

"ARGH!" one of the youngsters got hit and wailed in pain as he lost a large portion of his HP.

They were all Level 105 normal tier NPCs. Such a strike should have killed them easily!

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