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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 468 — Begging for Life, when Death Knocks

Chapter 468: Begging for Life, when Death Knocks

"You! Who are you!" One of them looked like their ringleader, the one they called Young Master Bendoch shouted at Zhang Yang with anger. The moment one of them had been slashed, the other two had sobered up immediately upon the sight of spilled blood.

"Me? I am no one. Just a passing grim reaper!"

Zhang Yang took note of their green colored name tags and was troubled by it. Killing a friendly NPC would not do him any good. There might even be a chance of him increasing the enmity of the residents who live in the town of Morning. It might even affect the quest availability or worse, he might not even able to get himself a [Territory Command Order].

Right then, Zhang Yang had already succumbed to his anger. With furious killing intent in his eyes, his brandish his sword, not hiding his intention to spare any of them. When Felice arrived at Zhang Yang’s side, she was infuriated. Fiery sparks burst out of from the tip of her spear.

"You dare to assault me?!" the youngest among them walked out and pat his shoulder proudly. "I am the only son of the Mayor of Morning Town, Rockya! Touch me, and I’ll make sure that father assembles an army to grind your bones to dust!"

"Yeah! That’s right! You’re nothing but a foreigner! Young Master Bendoch, please, help me. I will torture this man to death!" said the other youngster who had been wounded by Zhang Yang.

More confident than ever, Bendoch stuck out his chest proudly and pointed rudely at Zhang Yang. "Peasant, I am now giving you a chance to beg for your life! Do it, or I shall have father kill all your family and friends!"

"Young Master Bendoch! Look!" The unharmed youngster pointed at Felice.

"Such beauty!" Bendoch could not contain his lust when he saw Felice standing behind Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang laughed, and his anger subsided a little. Not only were they completely oblivious to the threat, that was a really bad target to direct your lust at! Only the worst of men would have such poor judgment! They were barking up the wrong tree. So what if Bendoch’s father is the mayor? He was just the mayor of a small town! He had no authority over Zhang Yang!

"What a waste of a human life…I guess you will do better in your next lives." Zhang Yang said coldly and brandished his sword. Without hesitation, Zhang Yang sliced and diced the youngsters in Luilina’s house.




Crying and wailing like little girls, the three were like tiny bats trying to attack a giant golem. Before the presence of Zhang Yang and Felice, the three youngsters were cut down to their last drops of HP. When he struck them again, they stopped taking damage for a reason.

"Mercy! Have mercy!" cried the trio as they planted their heads on the floor, begging for their lives.

‘Ding! You have received an optional quest, if you choose to spare the three youngsters, the quest option will end. If you choose to kill all three of them, the quest shall start. For the next 3 hours, you will be marked as an enemy of Morning Town, and will be hunted by all soldiers of Morning Town. If you are killed within the stipulated duration, your death will result in quest failure. The penalty for failing the quest will be Level -5!’

Losing 5 Levels would also mean that Zhang Yang would automatically be kicked out of the Chaos Realm!

However, the thought of him failing was only a brief second. Zhang Yang did not give it much thought, and killed all the perpetrators there, ending their pathetic lives.

"Big Brother…D-Did you k-kill them?" said Luilina as she sobbed away.

"Don’t worry. Everything is alright now. I’ll protect you! I shall protect you in your brother’s place!" Zhang Yang comforted the sobbing Luilina.

Instead of calming down, Luilina was horrified. "Big Brother! Bendoch was the only son of the mayor of Morning Town. You must leave now! Please! There is a magic charm on Bendoch! The mayor will know if something were to happen to his son! Please run away as far as you can! No matter how strong you were, there’s no way for you to defeat an army!"

Zhang Yang nodded his head. "Very well. In that case, we shall go! Follow me!"

Luilina shook her head and wiped away her tears. "I can’t. I was born here. I was raised here. I can’t just leave!"

"But…If you remain here with the dead guys, I’m sure the mayor himself would not let you walk away unscathed!" said Felice worriedly persuaded her to leave the house. "Follow big brother! He will take care of you!"

Luilina hesitated for a while and shook her head.

Zhang Yang sighed. "Are you afraid of holding us back?"

Luilina jerked a little. "I am but a blind helpless little girl. If I join you, I will only be a liability! Furthermore…I—" Luilina sucked in a deep breath. "This house is precious to me! It’s a house both my brother and I lived in! I—I don’t want to leave here."

Zhang Yang chuckled. "Very well. In that case, allow me to remain here as well! Let’s wait for the army then! I’ll beat them all to a pulp!"

Luilina started to breathed raggedly. "You can’t! That’s way too dangerous!"

Zhang Yang kept quiet and smiled. He prepared to barricade the house and planned a bottleneck strategy. Not sooner later, Luilina tapped her walking stick against his greaves. "Bro brother…I…I will follow you! Let’s leave…"

The little girl had nothing to pack but a garden hoe. According to her, it was her most precious possession, since it was a gift from her brother, Sous. He had made it by hand, specially for Luilina.

Zhang Yang nodded and said, "You brave girl. You have done the right thing."

Zhang Yang summoned the flying serpent and placed Luilina on its back. Felice morphed into her Dragonhawk form and flew into the sky.

‘Ding! You have been given a quest: Survive against all odds. If you give up the mission, the system shall deem the quest as a failure. In the stipulated duration, the deaths of Luilina or yourself, shall be deemed as a quest failure. The penalty for failing the quest is Level -5!’

Well…Zhang Yang would have to keep himself alive, while also making sure Luilina that survives the army attack.

Zhang Yang stopped flying suddenly and dropped to the ground. He figured something out and summoned the bear. Zhang Yang figured that the bear would be better at transporting the girl, since it is much stronger than the recently obtained flying serpent. Furthermore, it was much safer for a blind girl to travel on solid ground, than in the air.

"Big brother! They have mobilized an entire army after us!" said Felice. She could soar much higher into the air, and had a clearer view of the oncoming enemy.

"Good job Felice. Let’s move on!"

Zhang Yang and Luilina rode the bear and moved on. The bear had grown slightly bigger now, and had a fabulous butt. From the back, you could see its huge hairy butt jiggling hilariously. Under normal conditions, Zhang Yang could never place anyone else on the mount. Since Luilina was a quest NPC, the system might have allowed a player and an NPC to ride the mount at the same time. With one more load on its back, the bear movement speed was made slightly slower. Felice continued to fly in the sky to update Zhang Yang of the enemy’s position.

Just 7 to 8 minutes later, Felice had no need to report any longer. Zhang Yang only needed to turn his head around, and he could see a sea of flames coming, in the form of riders, holding torches in their hands. By his calculations, the army would only need 3 to 4 more minutes to catch up with Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang stared at the army worriedly, when he had a sudden stroke of a genius idea. He turned the bear around and moved out of the pathway, and headed to a steep slope towards the far west.

As he rode on as swiftly as he could, the army behind him had closed the gap to only a few hundred meters behind! Zhang Yang climbed up the slope and finally met a dead end, with many random boulders of different sizes. With determination and a prepared stance, Zhang Yang stopped and turned around to face the incoming army.

Chiang! Chiang ! Chiang!

The riders had arrived and surrounded Zhang Yang in a large circle, cutting him off all escape routes.

Even though Luilina could not see, her other senses served her well. She knew what was going on. Colors drained away from her face as she gripped Zhang Yang’s hands tighter.

Zhang Yang only smiled. As they were waiting for someone to walk to the front, Zhang Yang took the opportunity to analyze the situation. There were more than 50 riders around, fully clad in metal armor.

[Morning Town Knights] (Elite, Humanoid)

Level: 105

HP: 1,050,000

Defense: 1,100

Melee Attack: 7,464 - 8,264


[Force Strike]: Forcefully bashes the target and deals 150% melee attack. Grants a 10% chance for an additional attack.

Note: The main attack force of Morning Town, only loyal to Mayor Rockya.

The knights around opened a pathway up to allow an individual to move to the front.

[Rider’s Captain Seiya] (Yellow-Gold, Humanoid)

Level: 110

HP: 5,500,000

Defense: 2,000

Melee Attack: 9,812 - 10,812


[Eye 4 Eye]: Sacrifices your own HP to deal devastating damage to the enemy. Deals 2% HP damage for every 1% HP lost. Maximum damage: 90%.

[Sacrificial Heal]: Sacrifices one of your underling to restore 50% HP.

Note: Famous for his brutal tactics in warfare. Rockya’s loyal underdog.


Zhang Yang swallowed his saliva. 50 elite tier enemies were too much for Zhang Yang to handle. Add in a Yellow-Gold boss in the fray…it might be the end of Zhang Yang. Yellow-Gold bosses were not worth the effort to kill anymore. The problem was that the boss in front of him was "un-skippable". What more, the powerful attack power of Seiya was only going to make the fight difficult.

"Brave as you may be, your unworldly act of killing Bendoch will be judged by the gods! And I, Seiya shall send you to him!" Seiya’s voice was so heavily laced with killing intent. He waved his hands, and all 50 knights charged towards Zhang Yang.

"Ah, I’ll send you to him alright!" Zhang Yang drew in a deep breath and yelled at the top of his lungs. "Felice!"

Felice shot down to his side. Zhang Yang then scooped Luilina off her feet and tossed her to Felice. "Take her somewhere safe!"

"But, what about you?" cried Felice worriedly.

"Big brother knows what he is doing. Off you go!" said Zhang Yang with a confident smile.

Felice nodded and held Luilina in her claws, and shot back up into the sky.

Zhang Yang jumped back on his bear and pulled on the reins. With one strong stroke, Zhang Yang slashed apart a large boulder that lay behind him.


Along with a bright spark, the stone seemed to have taken damage. The earth rumbled so violently as if someone had turned on their mother’s vibrator. Everyone, including Zhang Yang himself, lost their balance and fell over.


Two large pillars broke out of the earth and formed an arm! Another arm burst out in a similar fashion, and a stone giant started pulling itself above the surface!

More and more of its body started to appear. Before he knew it, the massive stone giant had already managed to "sprout" to his chest level. The knights and Zhang Yang were thrown off their mounts and started rolling down the slope uncontrollably.

After the massive tremor ended, the stone giant finally revealed itself to be a 60 to 70 meters tall monster!

A loud, deep growl, similar to that of a ship’s horn, burst through the airspace. It lifted one of its massive stone arms and slammed it down on the person who had disturbed its slumber, Zhang Yang!

{Shadow of the Void}!

Zhang Yang disappeared into another dimension just before the arm reached him.

The stone giant growled again and shifted its target towards the knights who had been left behind by Zhang Yang. Since Zhang Yang had left the battle with {Shadow of the Void} all aggro that had been generated by him was shifted to the knights, making the poor knights to receive the hellish punches of the stone giant!

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