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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 469 — The Enemy of my Enemy is…Let’s Just Set Them Upon Each Other

Chapter 469: The Enemy of my Enemy is…Let’s Just Set Them Upon Each Other

Zhang Yang knew this stone giant from his past life. Located near the first territory after arriving at the Chaos Realm, this Mythical tier boss resided on a hill. Since the boss lingered around the hill close to the town, many players have repeatedly committed suicide against it, hoping to get a shot at killing it. In his past life, he had seen the boss a couple of times in his previous life. At most, the boss was constantly fighting with players that had come from Morning Town.

Now that Chaos Realm was just released, and Zhang Yang was the only person who could access this realm, the boss was alive, well, and left alone. Not until Zhang Yang had roused it just to help him kick some butts!

This was the reason why Zhang Yang had lured the army to the slope, in the first place. He figured that the boss could do the dirty work for him. After which, when he has successfully triggered the boss, he would escape the battle via {Shadow of the Void}, and let boss take care of the army for him!

They were no match for the stone giant. With its massive stone arms, one clean slam to the ground was enough to send stones ricocheting to the sky and soldiers to the heavens. Thanks to the aggro system, the NPC army and the stone giant engaged each other in a fight.

Zhang Yang had escaped several hundred meters away from where he disappeared. There, he noticed that the bear had already died and had reappeared in his inventory as the reins. Felice shot down to the earth and placed Luilina gently down. After carrying Luilina for a short distance, poor Felice had reverted back to her human form, drenched in sweat. She was lying on the ground, gasping for breath, as if she had just finished a marathon.

[Stone Giant Yanita] (Mythical, Elemental Being)

Level: 120

HP: 36,000,000

Defense: 7,000

Melee Attack: 31,115 - 33,115


[Earthly Smash]: Slams the earth with the force of mother earth. Deals 30,000 physical damage to all targets, 40 meters around the caster.

[Stomp]: Stomps the ground with the power of the earth. Deals 300,000 damage to all targets within 3 x 3 meters of the targeted area.

[Toss]: Picks a boulder nearby and tosses it at a target. Deals 100% melee attack to the target. Range: 3 meters - 40 meters.

Note: A wild ancient stone giant, awoken from its long eternal slumber. Whoever who disturbs it would have to accept its tectonic wrath!

Seiya’s troops were in serious trouble. With one Yellow-Gold boss and 50 elite tier Knights, the accumulated attack power was like an ant, compared to the Mythical boss. In a monster vs monster fight, unless the fight is dictated by lore, a higher tiered monster would always reign supreme.

The stone giant slammed the ground and dealt 30,000 damage. It was a damage designed to severely cripple players, not NPCs. That amount of damage was nothing, compared to the 1,000,000 HP NPC elite Knights. One strike was only enough to take off 10% of their HP. As for Seiya, his attacks could only deal around 1,000 damage to the monster. It was a landslide match-up.

Similarly to the boss, Seiya’s attacks of between 5,000 and 6,000 would take forever to hack away the 30 million HP of his enemy…

The stone giant was an ancient being. As per usual gaming concepts, the older the age of the monster or NPC, the stronger it would get. This stone giant was like an ancient killing machine, with a berserked speed, this elemental being bashed the living hell out of the Knights, killing them all in just 10 minutes or so. Seiya was the only one who had survived the ordeal and had managed to escape. Even though the boss was Mythical tier, it lumbered with the speed of a stone giant. After Seiya had taken off on his horse, the boss turned back after running for a distance, and went back to its hibernation state.

When the stone giant finally stopped giving chase, Seiya stopped his horse and gasped for air. Little did he know that Felice was right above him, and had shot him with a {Fire Missile}. The attack came down from the sky and had caught him off guard.

By then, Zhang Yang was able to resummon the bear and charged towards Seiya.

"YOU!" cried Seiya with rage. It was all his fault that all his Knights were killed! He had been played like a fool! It was his fault that he was forced to tucked his tails between his legs and run away like a true coward! Even though he was a plaything for the Mythical tier boss, he was still a Yellow-Gold tier that could easily take on a single player! He pulled the reins on his horse and charged at Zhang Yang. "Hmph! You’ve come at the best moment! I shall kill you, and put the blame on you for killing all the soldiers that came with me! That way, Master Rockya would not punish me!"

Zhang Yang ignored the idiotic speech and lunged himself at Seiya. Seiya was just a Yellow-Gold boss, he was not an opponent that would require intense planning and strategy to kill. Furthermore, he had already taken much damage from the previous fight with the stone giant. Even without Felice’s help, he alone would be able to kill him without any trouble!

It was like killing a trapped monkey!

Wham! Bam!

Felice was furious. She was greatly angered when the man had publicly expressed his intentions of killing her "Big Brother"! With fury, Felice spat out {Fire Missile} as rapidly as she could, and burned Seiya till his armor was glowing red hot! His entire armor was so hot that it looked more like lava than anything else! His body was steaming with vapor, and he looked like a deliciously cooked lobster!

"Bastard! Bastard!" yelled the boss helplessly. The man was a coward. At the moment he realized that he was not capable of defeating his opponent, he turned tail and ran. Zhang Yang would never allow that. He quickly chased after the boss. Felice, on the other hand, had no trouble keeping up with a man on a horse. She was, after all, a creature of flight. With a swoop of her wings, she reached the boss. If her {Fire Missile} took too long to cast, she would revert back to her human form to attack with her spear, and then go back to chasing him in her Dragonhawk form.

After running for quite a distance, but still far from safety, Seiya realized that escape was not an option. He turned around hoping to fight them off, but ended up being chewed alive by Zhang Yang and Felice.

In less than a minute, Seiya was defeated and had dropped a Yellow-Gold equipment and two Gray-Silver equipment. Although defeating Seiya was partly thanks to the stone giant, Zhang Yang felt no guilt since it was his plan after all! He scooped up all the equipment without hesitation. Among the equipment, one of it was a One-Handed Hammer. At the current stage of the game, One-Handed Weapon and Shield were the most expensive equipment in the market, since they were rare, and most sought after. They could be sold for at least 100,000 gold coins!

By borrowing the stone giant’s power, Zhang Yang had only taken less than 20 minutes to defeat the army. He started to feel a little over his head and went back to where he had dropped off Luilina.

‘Ding! You have eliminated the first wave of troops! Obtained Luck +1 and 5,000,000 Experience Points. Please make adequate preparations for the second wave! The second wave will start in 64 minutes, 28 seconds!’

Second wave!?

Zhang Yang was shocked and annoyed. A second wave? However, the quest had mentioned that the entire quest would span over 3 hours. If the second wave comes after one hour, it had to be the last.

Perhaps, since the penalty for failing the quest was high, the reward for succeeding in clearing it would be luxurious! Losing Levels was nothing all too serious, since Zhang Yang could always regain them. Levels are earned by investing time into the game. However, Luck attribute points were different. Zhang Yang had amassed a total of 19 Luck points since the start of the game and now had a 2% chance to trigger a Lucky strike! Furthermore, by having higher Luck points, the chance of him creating Transmuted grade potions would increase!

With great risks, come great rewards!

Even though he still had one more wave of troops after him, Zhang Yang did not fret, since he had found a reliable "attacker". When the second wave comes, he could repeat the same thing and trigger the stone giant again. With nothing to do at the moment, Zhang Yang summoned the flying serpent and brought Felice around to grind. There was still more than 1 hour before it happens!

Felice was a beast, and not just in the literal meaning of it. Her killing rate was much faster than Zhang Yang. In one hour, they had amassed so much experience points that the serpent had reached Level 39, and Felice had reached Level 87. It was a pity, for she only had 3 Levels to Level 90, where she would gain another huge boost to her stats.

With the time almost up, Zhang Yang summoned out the bear and brought Luilina with him, and waited at the same spot where the stone giant was resting at.

"Big Brother! Here they come!" cried Felice in the air.

Zhang Yang stared in the direction of Morning Town and saw nothing but empty hills and flat plains. There was no sign of an army!


Just then, Zhang Yang heard the roar of a beast coming from the sky. Zhang Yang was greatly surprised. He looked up, and saw a formation of griffins rushing across the night sky, towards him!

Crap! Flying Mounts!?

Still, as he thought of it, he was currently in the Chaos Realm, where Flying Mounts would play a huge role. If a player could own Flying Mounts, why can’t NPC do so? If Zhang Yang had waited patiently, and trained his flying serpent to Level 100 before starting the quest, he would not have needed to expend any effort at all, he would only need to wait in the air for 3 hours. These flying mount-type enemies were here to prevent players from exploiting such a loophole.


One by one, the soldiers that were riding on the griffins landed on the area where Zhang Yang was waiting. Some of them were still airborne and formed a neat formation, circling Zhang Yang from above, with more than 100 units!

[Morning Town Cavalry] (Elite, Humanoid)

Level: 110

HP: 1,100,000

Defense: 1,200

Melee Attack: 5,383 - 6,183

Ranged Attack: 8,194 - 8,994


[Armor Penetrating Arrow]: Fires a piercing arrow at a target, deals 150% ranged physical attack, unaffected by Defense.

Note: Morning Town air force defense. Master Rockya’s elite units.

Similar to the previous attacking army, this wave had one boss who prominently stood out among the soldiers. He rode a larger griffin and had a large, longbow slung across his back.

[Captain of the Morning Town Cavalry, Branden] (Yellow-Gold, Humanoid)

Level: 115

HP: 5,500,000

Defense: 2,000

Melee Attack: 6,514 - 7,314

Ranged Attack: 9,347 - 11,347


[Armor Penetrating Arrow]: Fires a piercing arrow to a target, deals 150% ranged physical attack. Reduces 50% of the target’s Defense for 15 seconds. Effect cannot be stacked. This skill ignore all Defense.

[Fatal Arrow]: Deals a fatal attack. Causes 150% ranged physical attack and prevents the target from receiving any buffs. Reduces 50% of all healing rate on the target. Lasts for 10 seconds. Effect cannot be stacked.

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