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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 471 — Mayor Rockya

Chapter 471: Mayor Rockya

Zhang Yang hopped on to the [Snow-Scale Wind Serpent] as Felice and Luilina followed him up. As he telepathically controlled it, the Serpent began to hover and fly into the sky, heading towards the Morning Town.

Finally, it was possible to soar freely in the sky! The feeling is just too sweet!

The flying speed of the Serpent was at least three times faster than the movement speed on the ground. In just 10 minutes, Zhang Yang could see the Morning Town from afar! Zhang Yang took a stop at the front of Luilina’s little cottage, and put the blind little girl there as a temporary measure. He planned to slay Rockya first, which should guarantee Luilina’s safety after that.

The Serpent soared into the sky with Zhang Yang and Felice, right after Zhang Yang was done putting the NPC in her little cottage. As they arrived on top of the Morning Town, the first rays of the morning sun were already streaking across the world, blanketing it with warmth and beauty. Zhang Yang proudly stood atop the Serpent as she searched for the whereabouts of Rockya’s house. It should be really simple. All Zhang Yang had to do was to look out for a large house, with the largest land and the best decorations!

Zhang Yang did not take long before he located a fancy large house on the northern side of the town. The Serpent let out a roar and flew straight towards the yard of the fancy house. They landed in the garden yard, right before the doorsteps of the house.

"Who goes there? How dare you trespass the property of Master Rockya!" a series of clumsy footsteps were heard coming from the path ahead, as 4 guards arrived at the scene. Each of them held a blade in their hands, and they were all fully armored Level 110 Elites. Their attributes were about the same as the two waves of cavalries that had attempted to pursue and hunt down Zhang Yang.

After letting out a shout, the four guards raised their weapons and attempted to slash him. Felice raised her lance and engaged in battle with one of the guards. As for the remaining 3, Zhang Yang went up to ‘entertain’ them.

Previously, Zhang Yang and Felice had survived a full-scale assault from 7 of these elites, so it stands to reason that 4 elites wouldn’t be a problem for them! Furthermore, Felice and the Serpent had both surpassed Level 100, so their DPS capabilities had greatly improved. They bombarded the four elite monsters to the point that they could not even fight back! In just a brief moment, the monsters collapsed onto the ground and stayed dead. They dropped a number of loot.

The Serpent flicked it’s pair of wings and glided across the ground in a snakey zig-zag, but the hall was just ahead, and its head was too huge! It barely squeezed itself through the entrance, as it could only ‘rant’ out its dissatisfaction and discomfort by hissing sharply into the hallway.

Zhang Yang did not plan to charge in alone like an idiot, so instead, he shouted, "Rockya, you are one fine sun of a beach! Now is the time that you pay for all the crimes you have committed!"

"You vulgar piece of sheet! How dare you accuse me of such crimes!" A middle-aged man leaped down from the balcony of the second floor! With a heavy landing that shook the ground, Zhang Yang could see that the man’s body mass was huge! This man was about 1.9 meters tall, with a macho body. His arms were thicker and larger than a normal human’s thigh!

[Mayor of Morning Town, Rockya] (Violet-Platinum, Humanoid Creature)

Level: 120

HP: 12,000,000

Defense: 3,300

Melee Attack: 17,297 - 19,297


[Quadruplex Strike]: Hits the target 4 times in a row, inflicting 100% melee attack of Physical Damage on every hit! However, the user will be affected by the {Exhausted} effect, damage received will increase by 100%, lasts for 10 seconds. The [Quadruplex Strike] cannot be dodged, evaded or immune. Casting time: 2 seconds.

[Fatal Blow]: Inflicts 150% melee attack of physical damage to the target. Reduces 50% healing effect of the target. Lasts for 10 seconds.

Note: The Mayor of Morning Town. A foul and merciless man. Always takes advantage of the town folk and has done countless evil deeds!

Zhang Yang immediately started thinking up of a suitable method to handle this boss. The {Quadruplex Strike} could not be blocked. So it can only be waded through with either high health points, or a {Shield Wall}, or using an invincibility effect. While {Fatal Blow} could be blocked with {Block}, it had a negative effect, which Zhang Yang had to try avoiding. Or else, his {Berserker’s Heal} and other healing skills would get a large ‘discount’ on their healing effects.

"You piece of sheet! You killed my son! Slaughtered him like he was a nobody! I want you to pay with your blood!" Rockya pulled out his sword from the scabbard hanging from his waist. The sword looked more ceremonial than functional, as grand and ornate as one could be. He charged at Zhang Yang with rage. As he leaped towards Zhang Yang like an ancient general leaping across the sky, he brought his sword down with all his might.

Zhang Yang immediately raised up his shield and activated his {Shield Wall}. Although the effect of reducing 50% healing effect was extremely annoying, but that effect would only last for 10 seconds. As long as he doesn’t heal during that time, it wouldn’t make much difference! If he accidentally wastes the cooldown of his {Block}, he would be receiving at least 10,000 damage from each blow of the boss, and that would not be ‘fun’ at all!

Felice transformed into her Dragonhawk Form, and blasted the boss with her {Fire Missile}! Boom! The fireball blasted onto the boss and inflicted the boss with an approximate damage of 20,000 points. Her DPS had already broken through the 10,000 point!

However, Rockya was unlike the previous boss, like Branden. While he was wielding his sword, his left arm was not left unattended as well! Hardening up his fist, the boss let out a powerful punch at the Serpent, all of a sudden! After a loud bang, the Serpent was blasted by the impact of the punch and flew backward for about seven to eight meters far! The Serpent felt the excruciating pain and tears began to roll from its eyes.

That was a ‘Supporting Attack’! Although it did not inflict any damage at all, that punch was really intimidating! It showed the powerful strength of the boss!

Although Zhang Yang was mounted atop his [Battle Mount] for the moment and his health points had been boosted high up, the disadvantage of being mounted was made very apparent here! The body mass of the Serpent was so large that it was hard to evade blows! He could not dodge the attacks according to his will, as the space was really limited! He quickly dismounted the Serpent. Then only, did he begin to really fight the boss seriously?

"You lowlife scum! Just die already!" The blade of the boss’s sword flashed bloody-red, and a progression bar appeared right above the head of the boss! Two seconds later, the boss swung his sword at Zhang Yang! The blade of the sword was swung so swiftly that it was like a flash of lighting, no, it had turned into four slashes!

It was the {Quadruplex Strike}! The boss had activated it!





The four flashes of the lightning from the blade happened at almost the same instant! 40,000 damage! It did a great number on Zhang Yang! Fortunately, the Maximum Health Points of Zhang Yang had already reached 97,000 at the moment, so the boss could not instantly-kill him so easily!

That was really awesome!

Zhang Yang quickly gulped down a bottle of [Healing Potion] and healed himself by 10,000 points.

"Die! Die! Die!" The boss was screaming his lungs out as he began to swing again. But this time, the blade of his sword had darkened instead.

Zhang Yang’s {Block} had just cooled down, so he raised his shield and activated the skill again to shield himself from the damage. After that, he quickly brought up the Battle Log to confirm his suspicions. The strike that the boss had just hit him with was the {Fatal Blow}. He began to calculate the cooldown of that skill. So, all he needed to do was to wait for the boss to strike him with another {Fatal Blow}, then only would he be able to calculate the cooldown for the boss’s {Fatal Blow}! And then, he should be able to allocate the use of his {Block} appropriately, according to his health bar condition.

About 20 seconds later, the boss activated the second {Fatal Blow} and inflicted Zhang Yang with a damage of 17,882 points, at the same time, inflicting Zhang Yang with a negative effect which reduces 50% of Zhang Yang’s healing effectiveness!

Zhang Yang already knew this would happen, and was prepared for it.

After battling for some time, the health bar of Zhang Yang was about to hit the bottom, after being bombarded by tons of skills by the boss. He quickly mounted the Serpent and instantly acquired a boost of 33,000 health points. Then, he endured another 3 hits from the boss before activating his powerful healing skill, the {Berserker’s Heal}! After that, he jumped down from the Serpent and continued to battle the boss.

"You shameless lowlife scum! Argh!" Seeing Zhang Yang’s health bar returning back to its full state, the boss was enraged, and he threw a punch at Zhang Yang with his empty hand.

Zhang Yang dodged a little to the side and with a quick spin, he slammed his shield right into the face of the boss! Well, it would be impolite not to reciprocate after all. So, Zhang Yang merely responded to the boss!

Pang! The face of the boss was stamped with a new reddish mark!

Rockya was so angry that he continued to roar. Although the slam in the face did not inflict any damage, but it was most humiliating! The boss was already furious at Zhang Yang for killing his son, and now, another bash in the face had just made him so angry that his face turned red!

"Haha! A wise man once taught me, when you hit someone, just hit him in the face! Are you having fun yet?" Zhang Yang laughed out loud. The boss was a Violet-Platinum boss after all, and Zhang Yang did not have any advantages in terms of equipment, and he was Level 120 too at that! He had to be really powerful! If it wasn’t for Felice’s aid, Zhang Yang would never have come alone to challenge the boss!

"Just die!" Rockya was so angry that he lost his breath and his face started turning purple instead. He continued to wave his sword at Zhang Yang!

Boom! Boom! Boom! The battle was fierce!

Felice had become the number one DPS in the boss battle. Her DPS had reached up to 10,000 points, and she had already surpassed Zhang Yang on the list! The boss suddenly turned around and switched his target onto Felice! Yes, that happens when your DPS is higher than others, the aggro of the boss would go after the higher DPS. However, Felice was staying high up in the air, in her Dragonhawk Form, and the boss does not have any Flying Mount in his possession, so he could only roar at Felice from the ground. Unable to do anything, he turned back to Zhang Yang.

The battle continued on for about 2 minutes, and Zhang Yang had already activated his {Berserker’s heal}, {Last Vigor}, and {Shield Wall} after being bombarded by the boss. Although he could still activate {Rearm} to refresh all the cooldown of his skills, the boss has only lost about 2,400,000 health points. If he used {Rearm} now, he could only inflict so much damage to the boss before all his skills are used again. It would not be enough to take down a boss with a total of 12,000,000 health points!

Zhang Yang quickly said, "Felice, come help me tank the boss for a while!"

"Roger, big brother!" Felice agreed to help, and she began to descend from the air, and transformed herself into her Human Form. Then she went up, burying the tip of her lance in the side of the boss.

As the aggro of the boss was already hooked to her earlier on because of her DPS being the highest in the battle, the boss had turned to her right way as she was descending to the ground. Rockya let out a battle cry before launching his assault on Felice.

Zhang Yang quickly activated {Shadow of the Void} to disengage from the boss battle and sat aside to heal up with his [Snacks] he brought along.

Felice had already activated her {Absolute Defence}! Every single hit that landed on her only managed to inflict her with 100+ damage. They were mere tickles.

After Zhang Yang had recovered back to his full health state, he immediately charged back at the boss, and began his aggressive assaults on the boss.

Since Felice had already activated her {Absolute Defence}, it would be wise to let her tank the boss for a little longer. Better to make use of everything when it’s still worth the while! Two minutes left before the {Absolute Defense} fades away!

75%, 60%, 55%… two minutes later, the health bar of the boss had been reduced down to 53%.

"Felice, get out of there now!" Zhang Yang shouted at Felice.

"Roger! Big brother!" Felice transformed into her Dragonhawk Form once again and flew up into the air. Rockya could do nothing but watch her take off!

"I’m angry! You won’t like me when I’m angry!" Rockya grounded his teeth together, then he turned to Zhang yang furiously.

The two minutes that Felice had bought for Zhang Yang, was long enough for Zhang Yang’s life-saving skills to cool down. After using all of his life-saving skills once more, the boss was left with only 30% health!


Zhang Yang cleared out all the cooldown period of his skills and was ready to repeat what he did for the previous two rounds! One more time!

25%, 20%, 15%… the health bar of the boss was reducing constantly. However, when the health bar of Rockya was at 3%, all of Zhang Yang’s life-saving skills had already been activated!

The boss still had about 350,000 health points on him, while Zhang Yang had already activated his {Rearm}, and he only had about 50,000 health points left.

But Zhang Yang was not worried by the circumstances at all. He knows that he still had a last resort, the [Zombie Potion]! So, even if he really dies, he could still come back as a zombie and continue to attack the boss! Of course, he must make sure the boss is taken out within 30 seconds, for that would be how long the potion lasts!

It was now 350,000 points against 50,000 points!

270,000 points against 40,000 points! 180,000 points against 30,000 points!

Suddenly, a progression bar appeared right below the head of the boss. It was another {Quadruplex Strike} under ‘construction’! If that strike comes, Zhang Yang would surely be dead!


The shadow of a lance suddenly flew at the boss! It was Felice, flying down towards the boss at a high speed, already in her human form! With her {Dragon's Spear Barrage} activated, she inflicted the boss with a damage of more than 25,000 points and stunned the boss, interrupting the boss from casting the spell for his {Quadruplex Strike}! Bravo!

Zhang Yang felt a tremendous joy in his heart. Although he was prepared to die, if he did not have to, of course, he would take that option!

While the boss was weakened, stunned, Zhang Yang, Felice and the Serpent lashed out with all their might. Rockya could only let out a miserable scream and collapsed onto the ground, nice and slow. He finally died! At the same instant, Zhang Yang was only left with about 8,000 health points! It was really close! Most importantly, he did not have to die!

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