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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 472 — Daffodil in distress!

Chapter 472: Daffodil in distress!

‘Ding! You have completed a quest: In for a penny, in for a pound! Acquired 5,000,000 experience points!’

The boss was finally dead, and it was time to ‘harvest’ the loot and see what the boss dropped.

Rockya had dropped a total of 4 pieces of equipment, but among the 4, only one of them was a Violet-Platinum Tier equipment, and the remaining 3 were all Yellow-Gold Tier equipment. Ever since the number of Violet-Platinum bosses appearing is getting more and more, the Yellow-Gold Tier equipment were slowly dropping in popularity and value. It seems that the Violet-Platinum Tier equipment has taken over the role!

This special piece of Violet-Platinum equipment is a light-silver leather cloth. Purplish sparkles hovered over the equipment, making it look otherworldly.

[Silver Tiger Fur Cuirass] (Violet-Platinum, Leather Armor)

Defense: +48

Vitality: +847

Strength: +242

Agility: +548

Equip: Increases 3% damage.

Equip: Increases Health Points by 1,200.


Required Level: 120

A 3% increase in damage and an additional 1,200 health points? Well, damn! That’s pretty good! Zhang Yang happily. He has decided to give it to Sun Xin Yu. No matter what, she was now one of his ‘wives’, of course he would naturally pick her over others. What that Fatty Han doesn’t know wouldn’t hurt him.

After picking up the remaining 3 Yellow-Gold equipment, the dead body of the boss was still lying quietly on the ground. Zhang Yang could not risk missing out anything, so he lifted a leg and kicked the dead body aside. As he took a closer look, he found a small piece of green jade on the ground!

Without the need to check on it, Zhang Yang already knew what it is, it was the [Territory Command Order] that he urgently needed! Because the word - [Order] was stamped in the middle of the [Territory Command Order] on it, in clear red! The name ‘Morning Town’ was crafted on the back of that jade.

[Territory Command Order: Morning Town]

Use: Launches a ‘Territory Conquest’ after 72 hours. The battle will last for 3 hours long. The last player with the [Territory Command Order] shall become the new Baron of the Morning Town.

Holding the [Territory Command Order] in his hands, Zhang Yang could not help but laugh out loud. Only one player in the entire game server could enter the Chaos Realm at the moment! This ‘Territory Conquest’ would be a very relaxing process! Zhang Yang could even set up a small cozy chair and lean back against it, enjoying the sun, while having a good nap! No one else would be able to enter the Chaos Realm to snatch the [Territory Command Order] from him.

If One Sword Stroke, Humbly Gentleman and his other ‘nemesis’ hears about this, would they become so envious that they would smash their skulls or dig out their eyes? Zhang Yang could not stop smiling as he visualized their expressions!

Without wasting any more time, Zhang Yang activated the [Territory Command Order], and instantly, the server began to make the announcements!

‘Server Announcement: A Territory without a Baron has appeared in the Chaos Realm. The ‘Territory Conquest’ will commence in 72 hours. All players, please be ready for it! The Territory was located at the Wilderness of Dubaiya, and the specific location will be announced when the ‘Territory Conquest’ begins! The ‘Territory Conquest’ will last for 3 hours long. When the battle is over, the last player carrying the [Territory Command Order] will become the new Baron for the Territory!’

The announcement was made 5 times repeatedly across the system server.

Right after the announcements stopped, Zhang Yang received countless private messages, while the guild chat blew up! Everyone knew for a fact that only Zhang Yang had reached Level 100 and he was the only one that is eligible to enter the Chaos Realm in the current stage of the game. So unquestionably, the person who is going to get the [Territory Command Order] would be Zhang Yang! No one else!

Snow Seeker, Greensleeves Prince, Sword of Light and the rest of his allies started sending in their congratulations. They repeatedly praised Zhang Yang for being extremely lucky, for he had managed to get a [Territory Command Order], an extremely rare item in the game, in such a short period of time, after entering the Chaos Realm!

As Zhang Yang is the player above Level 100, this [Territory Command Order] was like a free gift from the game itself. Of course everyone would look at him in envy!

When Liu Wei received the news, he smashed his game helmet onto the ground.

"Noob tank! Daffodil got killed by some ruffians, and they’re watching over her dead body! The moment she respawns, she’ll be killed immediately! Come help her!" Zhang Yang suddenly received a private message from Wei Yan Er.

"What?" Zhang Yang felt a rush of anger up his head. He has always been a man who protects the weak. He would rather do something wrong and get himself locked up, instead of watching the weak gets bullied! His determination in such regards is really admirable! Furthermore, Daffoldil Daydream has been a gentle and kind person. She always treated everyone in the guild with her kindness and she is well-known for that. Now that someone was actually camping over her dead body, of course it would anger Zhang Yang and his guild members!

He quickly contacted Daffodil Daydream through the voice communication device, "Daffodil, where are you now?"

Daffodil Daydream was shocked and relieved at the same time to hear Zhang Yang’s voice, then she said, "I’m currently lying dead by the Crimson Flame Hills. I was there to grind my levels. Never expected to be ambushed there. They stopped me and said that they wanted my staff. Of course I did not agree, so they started attacking me. I killed 3 of them, but there were too many of them! So, I was killed after that. Since then, they have been guarding over my dead body. I do not dare to resurrect, I’m worried I might drop the staff if I get myself killed again!"

This lady is a smart lady indeed. From the way Zhang Yang had spoken when he contacted her, she knew that he already had the gist of her situation, and wasted no time telling him the details.

Zhang Yang suddenly remembered something. When he was identifying equipment with his fellow ladies at the Identification Shop, they had met Royal Highness of Thunder. As he was tearing up his [Teleportation Scroll], Zhang Yang asked, "Are the players from The Myth?"

"Yes! It’s them alright! And their leader is called Royal Highness of Thunder! Seems more like a Royal Highness of assh*le to me!"

So it was really him! That day, his greedy face had been projected right at Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang had intended to warn Daffodil Daydream about this, but the server was closed for 3 days straight. So, Zhang Yang had completely forgotten about this little man!

Looks like the man had been thinking about this for the past three days. The moment the server was reopened, he actually came after Daffodil, guarding by her dead body, all for the staff!

A stream of light beamed upon Zhang Yang as he transported himself back to Thunderstorm Castle. After walking out of the palace, he summoned the Serpent out.

The appearance of the Serpent right in the middle of the Thunderstorm Castle attracted a lot of unwanted attention. Many players began to round up around Zhang Yang and the Serpent. To them, no pet or mount could be this big!

In a game, ‘size’ came before power. If you happened to be riding on a Black-Steel mount the size of a small mounting, it would still attract more attention than a small Mythical dragon!

Needless to say, the Serpent looked magnificent. Its body was covered in snowy scales, and it had a large and long body! In contrast, it had small, green eyes that looked more like beans. The Serpent did not look scary at all. Instead, it looks kind of cute.

"Wow! What kind of Mount is that? It looks awesome!"

"Is this a snake? How can there be a pair of wings on it?"

"Snakes can’t fly! If they do, aren’t they supposed to be dragons?"

"Hah! You morons! How could Mounts even fly! Do not think that it can fly just because it has wings. I can tell! Its as good as an Ostrich!"

"That’s right! The official notes said that [Flying Mounts] can be obtained only from the Chaos Realm. It’s only been a day since the Chaos Realm is opened. It’s impossible to catch a [Flying Mount] so soon!"

Zhang Yang jumped onto the Serpent and gave a command through his mind. The Serpent fluttered its wings and plunged straight into the sky!

Everyone on the ground was silent.

Zhang Yang sent Daffodil Daydream a party invitation, but Daffodil had already joined a party. Hundred Shots quickly added Zhang Yang into the party right after that. Other than Zhang Yang, there were also a few of their regular party members. Only Sun Xin Yu happened to be offline, as she was currently working at the station. They were now grouped together because they had all found out about the trouble that Daffodil Daydream was in right now.

All of them had used their [Teleportation Scroll] to travel back to Thunderstorm Castle.Then they began to rush over to the Crimson Flame Hills. The Crimson Flame Hills was a Level 70 Map. Although it was just located at the side of the Forest of Tanila, which was close to Thunderstorm Castle, it would still require about 3 to 4 hours for them to get there.

The [Flying Mount] of Zhang Yang is three times faster than any of the [Mounts] on the ground. So he traveled like a rocket that pierced through the air. After just a while, he caught up to the second last in place, Endless Starlight. He overtook Starlight in just the blink of an eye.

Endless Starlight was surprised, so he asked, "Boss, you were the last to depart from Thunderstorm Castle, how did you overtake me so quickly! What the hell! How did you get so much speed? Boss, even if you want to save Daffodil, you can’t just use some sort of cheat codes, man! You will be banned!"

Zhang Yang could only frown at Starlight. Fortunately for him, there was only one such whiner in the party at the moment. The other whiner, Fatty Han, was not here at the moment. The party chat would have devolved into everyone arguing and fighting over pointless topics if that wasn’t the case!

Shoof! Shoof! Shoof!

Zhang Yang soon overtook Lost Dream, Hundred Shots and Wei Yan Er. With his [Flying Mount], he could ignore the geometry of the ground, and just fly straight towards his destination. He was at least five times faster than everyone!

Wei Yan Er was also surprised, then she said, "Noob tank! When did you run ahead of me? I didn’t even see you approaching me!"

Zhang Yang laughed and finally, and he posted the Snow-Scale Wind Serpent’s information onto the party channel.

"… Zhan Yu, you are one lucky son of the b*tch! Not only you get a [Territory Command Order], which is considered lucky enough, you actually managed to be the first in the entire game to get a [Flying Mount]!" Lost Dream was admiring Zhang Yang.

"Silly Yu, bring me along when you grind, I want to go to the Chaos Realm!"

"Me too! Me too! Take me with you!"

Zhang Yang cannot afford to stay idle to babysit Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er in grinding their levels because the upcoming month would be a crucial month. He would like to make use of the at time to conquer more Territories before players start to come into the Chaos Realm. Of course, Territories required costs to manage. So from the perspective of economic, it would actually be more cost-efficient to only conquer one Territory!

As all servers were natural enemies, even if Zhang Yang really takes down the Gateway Territory for the Japan-Korea server in the Chaos Realm, it would still be impossible for him to open up the Gateway Territory to the players in the Japan-Korea server to swarm in. Only the players in China server would be able to use the Teleportation Circle of the Gateway Territory that Zhang Yang has conquered. More importantly, the cost required to maintain the Teleportation Circle would not change, even if nobody were to use it. The cost was fixed. Nothing can be done to change that. Therefore, having two Territories would mean that Zhang Yang would have to pay for one extra Teleportation Circle, all for nothing.

Conquering Gateway Territories of other servers would be a means of strategy at winning the game. The eight regions of the game were meant to fight against each other. The game developers had always encouraged players to fight against each other, when they first created the game! Zhang Yang was just taking preemptive actions now!

Shoof! Shoof!

Zhang Yang overtook Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart with his high speed, and became the first in place to rush towards the Crimson Flame Hills.

Right in the middle of a vast land of the Crimson Flame Hills, Royal Highness of Thunder and his small army from The Myth stood around the dead body of Daffodil Daydream in a fishnet formation. Players who are dead can revive themselves within the range of 30 meters from where they were killed. So if one plans to camp by the dead body of a player, then one must make sure that they cover all possible spots of respawning.

"Master Thunder, we have been camping around this little b*tch’s dead body for over two hours already. Are we still camping any longer? Looks like she’s not willing to resurrect at all!" one of the ‘goons’ from The Myth said.

"Nonsense! Of course we are going to camp! Didn’t you see this little b*tch using 10,000 gold coins to identify that staff? When have you ever come across a weapon or an equipment that required 10,000 gold coins to be identified? Hmm? If this staff is to be sold out in the market, it can cost 10,000,000 to 20,000,000 dollars! So forget 2 hours, even if it’s two days or two months, we must camp here until she gives up the staff!" Royal Highness of Thunder shouted and screamed at that member of his guild, until his saliva splattered on the poor guy’s face!

"Correct! Master Thunder is brilliant!"

"Furthermore, didn’t this little b*tch dropped a pair of Violet-Platinum boots when we first killed her? Haha! Just one pair of boots of this caliber can earn us tens of thousands! Humph! I do not only want that staff, I want to force her to drop every single piece of equipment on her, and let her run naked in front of my eyes! Literally! Haha!" Royal Highness of Thunder was laughing arrogantly.

Just as they were discussing about how to make Daffodil go naked, a shadow came over their heads and the ground around them. They could feel strong winds beginning to blow around them!

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