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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 473 — Massacre

Chapter 473: Massacre

Royal Highness of Thunder and his ‘goons’ reflexively craned their necks upwards to look into the sky.

What they saw was a gigantic shadow of a bird hovering in the midair. As the sun was just over the ‘gigantic bird’, they were partially blinded by the sunlight, and could barely make out the scene. Most of them had almost instantly shut their eyes, staring back to the ground, recovering from the glare.


Zhang Yang gave a command to the Serpent, and they both landed heavily onto the ground. Felice was also standing atop the Serpent’s back like a steadfast bodyguard, her lance held ready.

"Huh?" the goons from The Myth were all stunned when they saw the Serpent landing right before their eyes.

Could this be? The legendary [Flying Mount], circulating in the official forums?

Zhang Yang stared at them, with blazing eyes and gazed at the dead body of Daffodil Daydream. Without wasting any time, he said, "Felice, focus on the Magic Type enemies! Burn them all to a crisp!"

"Roger, big brother!" Felice nodded and she transformed into her Dragon-hawk Form. She rose into the air as she started casting her {Fire Missile}, aiming at one of the Spellcasters of The Myth.

Meanwhile, Zhang Yang rode on the Serpent, ready to slaughter up one of their Hunters. The movement speed of the Serpent was extremely swift. Before that Hunter could even blink, the Serpent was already right in front of his face. With a quiver in his [Sword of Purging Devourer], Zhang Yang swung his sword straight at the Hunter’s throat and inflicted him with a damage of ‘-4,198’.

The Serpent was not willing to sit back and do nothing, it opened it’s mouth wide and began to spout out some greenish corrosive venom right from its mouth. The Hunter’s face was covered in the greenish venom, as his ‘handsome’ face started sizzling away! He was inflicted with a damage of ‘-9,283’!

The equipment of that Hunter was pretty decent. He actually had over 25,000 health points. These two attacks had managed to take out half of his health bar. He screamed in terror as he tried to leap 10 meters back with his {Leap Dodge}!

Zhang Yang laughed at him as he saw the Hunter failing to react in a way a professional player would. So, he activated his {Charge} and came straight from the back of the Serpent and clashed into the Hunter like a lightning bolt, giving the Hunter a good Stun. Zhang Yang accumulated 10 Rage Points immediately after doing that. Because non-lethal skills did not share the common cool down period, and Zhang Yang did not have to wait for the cooldown, he immediately wielded his [Sword of Purging Devourer] once again and activated his {Destructive Smash}.


An extremely high damage value was inflicted onto the Hunter! It appeared that the {Lucky strike} had been triggered on that particular strike, and the damage of Zhang Yang’s {Destructive Smash} was tripled!

Not even a second had passed since Zhang Yang’s arrival from the skies! Everyone from The Myth had not even been able to react yet, and one of them had already been taken out!

On the other side of things, Felice had already finished her casting of the {Fire Missile}! Crimson red flames were shot straight out from her small little beak, and the unfortunate Spellcaster was immolated.


The {Fire Missile} was ridiculous, killing the Spellcaster on the spot, in just one single blow! There was no holding back at all!

"Bastards!" finally, the members of The Myth had come to their senses, and they started fight back. As Felice was still hovering midair, the ranged Profession players, like Spellcasters and Hunters started targeting Felice out of convenience. Meanwhile, the melee Profession players charged towards Zhang Yang. They seemed to be fairly experienced in group battles.

Zhang Yang laughed and jumped back onto the Serpent. The Serpent casually hovered off the ground, and out of their formations. Zhang Yang reached out and slashed at a passing Thief.



After just one hit of his regular attack, the Rage Points accumulated was enough to let Zhang Yang activate his {Horizontal Sweep}. So, he used the skill immediately right after the regular slash and the two damage values were inflicted onto the Thief almost at the same instant, severely wounding the Thief. The Thief was terrified and quickly activated his {Blur} to get away.

It was futile!


The cooldown for the Serpent’s {Venom Spout} was over! It opened up its big mouth and spat the greenish venom onto the Thief’s face, inflicting him with a damage of more than 8,000 points, finishing him off!

"What the fart! Who is this! How could his damage so high and powerful!"

"He has a [Flying Mount]!"

"Only players who enter the Chaos Realm can get [Flying Mounts]!"

"Nonsense, only one person can actually enter the Chaos Realm at the moment! That is ---"

"Zhan Yu!"

The members of The Myth finally figured out who was slaughtering them up, as their faces turned pale. Well, like they say, a big tree makes a good shelter. Now, Zhang Yang was a superstar, and Lone Desert Smoke had long been established as the best of the best in the entire China server! Who would dare to launch an assault against them?

"Ignore that eagle, hawk, or whatever bird that is! Everyone, focus on Zhan Yu! Guildmaster Heaven's Pride has given his words! Anyone will get 100,000 dollars for each kill on Zhang Yang! Brothers, we don’t have to scare ourselves sh*itless! Everybody, charge!" Royal Highness of Thunder was shouting in excitement.

Money is a mysterious force that motivates and moves people into even throwing their lives into doing the impossible. The Myth began to act, after listening to Royal Highness of Thunder. They really believed that they had the advantage in numbers, even believing that if every single one of them spat on Zhang Yang, he would eventually drown from the sheer amount of sputum!

They began to charge at Zhang Yang, forgetting their previous fear. Now, they were attacking with full coordination! However, the [Flying Mount] was ridiculously quick! Regular attacks could not even land on Zhang Yang. They could only rely on the system’s lock-on, along with their skills.

However ---





A series of low damage values were inflicted on Zhang Yang. To a player who is currently mounted, with a total of 130,000 health points, those were mosquito bites. Zhang Yang could hardly even feel a thing!

"Sun of a beach! What kind of equipment does this guy have on him? How is he so tough? Can anything hurt him!"

"Guardians are naturally designed to withstand Physical Damage! Spellcasters can make a difference! Let’s insta-kill him!"

"We shall become famous after killing Zhan Yu!"

Zhang Yang shook his head and laughed as he rode on the Serpent. The Serpent was weaving about, swiftly and unpredictably, like the wind. They went up to a Spellcaster, and Zhang Yang slammed his shield into the Spellcaster with powerful brute force, launching him into the air like a piece of paper caught in the wind. The Spellcaster flopped onto the ground, his chanting having been interrupted!

‘Supporting Attack’!

With the Serpent’s swift movements, Zhang Yang had finally unleashed his full potential. He moved through his enemies freely, while dodging every single hit coming from the members of The Myth, using his ‘Supporting Attacks’ on the Spellcasters with full force whenever they started chanting, interrupting their skills again and again, with the extremely powerful impact of his shield against their faces! None of the Spellcasters were allowed to even cast a single spell!

Ignoring Zhang Yang had been a gross miscalculation on the part of The Myth! Felice was still hovering midair, bringing hell to their formations!

Pak! Pak! Pak!

Fireballs came raining from the sky, and descended onto the members of The Myth. Those who were low on health were instantly killed by the flames, while the others ate an additional fireball or two, before they too joined their comrades in the graveyard!

So, who should they focus on? It had become a million-dollar question!

If they focused on the one in the air, it was pointless taking down a non-player battle companion! But, if they focused on Zhang Yang, could they really take him down? Could they even hurt him? Physical attacks did absolutely nothing, but Magic attacks might work! However, those Spellcasters were being toyed around so roughly by Zhang Yang and his shield, that they were constantly sent flying about like grains of rice! They could do nothing to Zhang Yang! Nothing at all!

Were their standards and level really that far apart? Were they really so weak, or was Zhang Yang just too bloody strong?

Tens of player were unable to take down one single player? Was this it?

Royal Highness of Thunder could not accept the ending of this because he was certain that the [Epicormic Branch of the Tree of Life] had to be the finest staff at the current stage of the game. He would do anything for it! But because the server was closed for a couple of days, he had been bouncing on the tip of his toes, waiting for the perfect chance for Daffodil Daydream to finally act on her own, without party members around her. He had even managed to kill Daffodil Daydream once, and had taken her Violet-Platinum boots. Although the boots were not as precious as the staff he aimed to get, but Royal Highness of Thunder had already tasted the ‘sweetness’ of getting a Violet-Platinum equipment! That was why he was so insistent on camping by the side of Daffodil’s dead body.

The appearance of Zhang Yang had made him shocked and excited at the same time. Liu Wei had set a bounty on Zhang Yang’s head. Anyone who kills Zhang Yang would be rewarded handsomely!

It was supposed to be a double win for him. But, who would have thought Zhang Yang was practically invincible! Zhang Yang had been able to oppress them single-handedly! They could only postpone the inevitable!

"Kill! Use everything you’ve got! He’s just one man! He can’t possibly fly solo for long!" Royal Highness of Thunder could only blurt out empty words of encouragement.

In the end, online games were all about the standards of equipment! Powerful equipment would not always make up for a lack of skills, but they definitely made a huge difference! Zhang Yang happened to have an abundance of both. He had the equipment, and he had the skills! It was a divine combination!

Zhang Yang continued dodging at leisure, and he also had {Warrior’s Will} to cancel out all the Status Restriction Effects on him. Also, his [Heart of the Death Knight] could decrease 50% of the time he would be under a Status Restriction Effect! With so many tricks up his sleeves, the members of The Myth were toyed around like fools, and they could not do anything about it!

Even if Zhang Yang chose not to cancel any of the Status Restriction Effects with his skills, he still had 130,000 health points to tank against their assaults! He also had a 20% passive immunity to damage, 2,320 defense points, 2,228 points of damage absorption effect! Even if he stood there and did nothing, they would still take 4 to 5 minutes to empty out his HP bar alone!

Let’s not forget that Felice was still supporting Zhang Yang in midair with her {Fire Missile}.

Each {Fire Missile} could inflict up to 20,000 points of damage. Who would be stupid enough to stand there and let her rain her {Fire Missiles} down on them? If their health points were just a little lower, they might just get themselves instant-killed. Even their tanks could only withstand two or three of those fireballs! They did not have any super healers like Han Ying Xue to heal them up!

Pak! Pak! Pak!

Felice was like floating turret, launching {Fire Missiles} after {Fire Missiles}. The death count was really ‘astounding’!

It was a total massacre!

11 left! 9 Left! 5 left! 2 left!

Zhang Yang raised up his sword and plunged his sword straight into a Berserker, sending him straight to the graveyard! From that moment onwards, the only member of The Myth that was left standing was Royal Highness of Thunder himself!

"Daffodil Daydream, you can resurrect yourself now." Zhang Yang informed her through the party channel.

"Alright." Daffodil Daydream had released her soul and had been waiting by her body.


Zhang Yang bashed his shield right into the face of Royal Highness of Thunder and instantly, the face of Royal Highness of Thunder started bleeding. Pah! He spat out some broken teeth! Half of his face had swollen up immediately! He had survived up to this point, only because Zhang Yang had left him alive on purpose. He has better plans for this ‘pr*ck’!

"Zhan Yu! Don’t cross the line!" Royal Highness was speaking through his swollen face. He could not even pronounce his words nicely, "Our master, Heaven's Pride, is not someone you can trifle around with ---"


Zhang Yang smashed his shield into his face again, and more blood splattered on the ground as Royal Highness of Thunder was sent flying 4 meters away again!

Right after Royal Highness staggered to his feet- poom! Another blow landed straight on his face! Zhang Yang hammered him with the shield again!

Those were all ‘Supporting Attacks’, unable to inflict a single point of damage on Royal Highness of Thunder, However, it was truly embarrassing to be humiliated this way. Royal Highness held a fairly high rank in The Myth, but now that he was being smacked in the face, like a little kid being repeatedly smacked on his butt!

Zhang Yang turned over and asked in a cold tone, "Daffodil, how long did he camp by your dead body?"

"More than two hours!"

"Very well then, I shall slap him for 3 hours!" Zhang Yang said calmly. That dead calm was enough to send a chill down Royal Highness of Thunder’s spine. He knew just then, that, sheet was about to happen.




Royal Highness of Thunder turned into a life target practice. After a series of smashes and bashes, his face was so swollen, that it no longer looked like a face of a human. But, Zhang Yang did not stop there or even think of ending it right then. He wordlessly continued to bash that swollen face up! He just kept on hitting Royal Highness of Thunder right in the face! It was brutal!

The eyes of Daffodil Daydream began to well up with tears as she watched Zhang Yang standing up for her. She was touched to the point that she did not know what to say.

Royal Highness of Thunder could no longer keep count on how many times he had been struck in the face. So, he decided to lie down on the ground like Snoopy does on the roof his kennel. He believed that Zhang Yang would stop if he stayed down.

But he was wrong, very wrong! The moment he lay on the ground, Zhang Yang began to use his legs instead of his shield! He started kicking the face of Royal Highness of Thunder like a soccer ball!

Royal Highness of Thunder could only cry and endure the pain. He would never have thought that it would be possible to torture people like this in {{God’s Miracle}}! He believed that if he could not win, he could just run. And if he cannot run, then he could just die and run back to his dead body to resurrect once again!

But now, he could not even run if he wanted to, and he could not even die if he wanted to! Zhang Yang was not inflicting any damage on him! He was still at full health! What he was experiencing now was worse than death!

After being kicked and stepped on for tens of minutes, Royal Highness of Thunder finally could not take the humiliation anymore, so he decided to sign out of the game immediately. However, it was another dead end! He immediately received a system notification: You cannot sign out of the game while you are engaged in battle. If you forcefully disconnect yourself from the server, your character will receive a penalty of -3 Levels!

Royal Highness of Thunder could only grief in silence, "…"

It’s extremely difficult and time-consuming to level up even once! After getting over Level 90, it would take about 12 days in real-time just to gain 1 Level! So, a penalty of -3 levels would mean the loss of a whole month! Now that everyone was fighting to get into the Chaos Realm as soon as possible, a drop of 1 level would already be a major setback. A penalty for dropping by 3 levels? That was unthinkable!

Therefore, Royal Highness of Thunder had no choice but to endure the punishment!

He silently took the blows, believing that as long as he did not fight back, the other party might eventually get bored!

Zhang Yang did not hold back in any of his attacks. 3 hours went on, and Zhang Yang had made sure that Royal Highness of Thunder had suffered for 3 hours, before he ended his life with a few slashes of his sword. But that wasn’t the end. He had already stationed Wei Yan Er and the others by the Graveyard nearby. Although Royal Highness of Thunder chose to resurrect at the Graveyard immediately, he was immediately put down again by Wei Yan Er and the others.

After killing him another 5 times, Royal Highness of Thunder finally dropped the Violet-Platinum boots that he had snatched earlier from Daffodil Daydream! After picking up the boots, the gang called it a day and left Royal Highness of Thunder alone. But, what they left behind was a broken man with a broken mind and a shattered ego.

Everyone was furious at the imprudence of The Myth, so Hundred Shots decided to put up a new order in the guild. The Myth was now a kill-on-sight target!

Although The Myth had been a very prestigious guild in Zhang Yang’s previous life, the current The Myth was still too weak at the moment. Although they had managed to convince some skillful players from Imperial Sky to defect to them, but the standard and the size of the guild was still far from being a prestigious guild! How could they withstand the wrath of the Lone Desert Smoke? They would only be slaughtered like rats!

Who wouldn’t like to relentlessly beat a dog that is already in the water? Imperial Sky had been very hostile towards The Myth. Now that the Lone Desert Smoke had lit The Myth up, Imperial Sky also started attacking The Myth! As The Myth was now sandwiched in between two large-scaled, furious guilds, they were utterly miserable, with every step they take being a potentially perilous one. Anyone from Lone Desert Smoke and Imperial Sky would slaughter them, the moment they find out that they belonged to The Myth! The members of The Myth no longer even dared show their guild name in public!

72 hours of the in-game time passed, and Zhang Yang was forcefully teleported back to Morning Town.

‘Server Announcement: A new Territory has spawned at the coordinates XXXXX, YYYYY. Territory name: Morning Town! The ‘Territory Conquest’ will last for 3 hours, and the last player who holds the [Territory Command Order] shall claim the Territory and become the new Baron of Morning Town! From now onwards, the Wilderness of Dubaiya will be set up as a special battle area, all players shall not enter! When players die, they will be transported back to their main cities and revive there!’

‘Server Announcement: Currently, the player currently holding the [Territory Command Order]: Zhan Yu! The player holding the [Territory Command Order] will be marked with a special indicator, and the player will not be able to leave the Territory Area!’

‘Server Announcement: The ‘Territory Conquest’ has begun! Commencing countdown!’


A burst of cold wind blew past Zhang Yang as he was surrounded by emptiness. It was a horrible sensation, but did nothing to dampen Zhang Yang’s bright mood, for in this ‘Territory Conquest’, Zhang Yang was the only chess piece in the entire area! So, he just stood there like an idiot, letting the cold wind hammer against his face.

One Sword Stroke, "…"

Snow Seeker, "…"

Greensleeves Prince, "…"

"You f*cking b*st*rd!" Liu Wei smashed his newly replaced, brand new game-helmet up again.

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