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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 474 — Winst Castle

Chapter 474: Winst Castle

Well, this had to be the easiest, most peaceful, and most boring ‘Territory Conquest’ in the entire history of gaming!

Zhang Yang sat on Whitey and wandered around the small town. The Mayor was dead, thanks to Zhang Yang, but it seemed that nothing had changed at all. His death had not changed anything at all! The entire town was still very silent. The town folks were still doing what they were supposed to do. Nothing had changed at all!

1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes … 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours!

‘Server Announcement: The ‘Territory Conquest’ has ended, the last player with the [Territory Command Order] is --- Player Zhan Yu! Morning Town is now a private Territory. Everyone shall be teleported back to their main cities immediately!’

It was an ending that everyone saw coming. No matter how envious the other people were, the irrefutable fact was that the Morning Town belonged to Zhang Yang now!

Zhang Yang did not change the name of the Territory. He kept the name as it was. After that, he turned his attention to the most crucial part of setting up a Territory, the Teleportation Circle! This facility would affect everyone in the future! So, without hesitation, he quickly spent 1,000,000 gold coins on it! Naturally, Zhang Yang only built a one-way Teleportation Circle that would teleport players from Morning Town to White Jade Castle, and linked his [Teleportation Scroll] to the new Teleportation Circle.

From now onwards, everyone would have a convenient way to Chaos Realm, once they have reached the required levels.

Han Ying Xue and the others were loved much more than they can imagine. When they reach Level 100, Zhang Yang would just invite all of them by forming a party and using his [Party Summon Order] to summon all of them over to the Chaos Realm, saving them a lot of time. They would not have to lift even a single foot.

After done setting up the Teleportation Circle, the next thing to set up were the defenses of the Territory. Zhang Yang spent another fortune, fortifying his new Territory. Castle walls emerged from the ground all around the Territory area. Two large metallic doors fortified the main entrance. Of course, Zhang Yang was only able to set up Level 1 Defenses, and money was not the issue. The required mining ores were hard to come.

Since Zhang Yang need not worry about other players attacking his Territory for the time being, Zhang Yang decided to take his own sweet time at collecting the required materials, and focused his attention on locating a second Territory.

After they left Morning Town, Zhang Yang flew atop his Serpent, towards the Gulattoo Icelands. It was where the Koreans and Japanese players would emerge from, the moment they enter the Chaos Realm! Furthermore, Zhang Yang remembered the place well. After all, there had been many large-scale wars between the players of China server and the Japan-Korea server. He had participated in so many of the battles there, more than he could remember!

‘Server Announcement: Derick - King of White Jade Kingdom has stepped down, Princess Serena will now lay claim to the throne!’

As he flew through the air, Zhang Yang suddenly received a Server Announcement!

Huh? So Princess Serena has taken the place of her rightful throne!

Zhang Yang was shocked. There had been no such occurrence in his previous life! Ever since he had completed the quest for locating the [Ancient Godly Weapon, Meteor Sword], everything had taken a new turn that was never around in his previous life! They even added a new system called the Battle-Companion system, and now Princess Serena is stepping to be the ruler of White Jade Kingdom!

Alright, let’s put that aside for now, and focus on the main aim!

The Serpent was fast, and more importantly, it could fly. So, it could ignore the geometry of the ground, flying over the mountains and the seas!.

However, the sky was also a hostile area!

Suddenly, a large, eagle-like creature flew at Zhang Yang and the Serpent like a missile, its two metallic claws outstretched! It was aiming for the Serpent’s throat!

[Sky Devourer Condor] (Normal, Beast)

Level: 112

HP: 17,680

Defense: 100

Melee Attack: 5,186 - 5,986


[Tear]: Uses metallic claws to tear open its target, inflicting 150% melee attack of Physical Damage to the target.

Note: A ruthless predator of the sky, loves to prey on pythons.

So, it was just a normal tier monster. Zhang Yang did not even feel like killing it himself, so he ignored it, knowing that Felice would automatically act on her own accord. Felice spat a {Fire Missile} and burnt the Condor into a ‘roasted chicken’ in an instant. The ‘roasted chicken’ then dropped from the sky and crashed into the ground.

Zhang Yang could only shake his head. He thought to himself about it, what if he was riding on a Phoenix? Would the Condor still have dared to attack him with its claws? Would it even dare to approach him?

After flying for over an hour, Zhang Yang arrived at the Gulattoo Icelands. Right before his eyes lay a vast, white snowy area, covered in glaciers, showing off the magnificent scenery of the North.

Zhang Yang took out his world map to study it for a bit, before telepathically commanding the Serpent to go northwest.

Quite a number of monsters tried to ambush Zhang Yang. But, none of them could stand before a furious Felice! A few elite tier monsters were able to survive her fireballs, forcing Zhang Yang to spend some time finishing them off. But, none of them could stop Zhang Yang from going forwards!

After flying for another ten minutes, Zhang Yang finally arrived at his destination. A huge castle was now right beneath them. The tallest building within the castle was a hall, and a white-themed flag was installed right on top of the palace. It bore a fierce tiger as its mascot. The flag fluttered as it caught the wind.

"Outsiders! This is the territory of the Duchess Winst! Get to the ground at once! This is a restricted area!" Just as Zhang Yang was admiring the magnificent scenery of the castle, suddenly, three knights riding on Snow Condors flew out from the midst of the castle and blocked Zhang Yang’s way.

Their names were currently green, so there was absolutely nothing to gain from attacking them. Zhang Yang nodded and commanded his Serpent to land. After they had all landed on a flat platform within the castle area, Zhang Yang noticed several dozens more of Snow Condor in the area. It was obvious that these Snow Condors were Winst’s aerial units.

The three knights had also landed and they had dismounted the Snow Condors. One of them walked up and said, "Outsider, tell me your name!"

"Zhan Yu, an adventurer from the White Jade Castle!"

"White Jade Castle?" The three knights exchanged looks and they started to look at Zhang Yang in disdain. "What kind of small f*cking castle is that? Never heard of it!"

Zhang Yang could not help but laugh at them deep in his heart. White Jade Castle was the center of White Jade Kingdom. The land was so vast, being much larger and wider than this small little piece of land this Duchess Winst had! These three imbeciles were just frogs in a well, they must not have seen the outside world yet, other than this little piece of land. They could actually feel so proud, occupying such a small piece of land and castle!

But Zhang Yang had no reason to argue with three NPCs, they were not human after all, so he said, "I have heard great tales about the prestigious name of Duchess Winst, so I have traveled a great distance from White Jade Kingdom just to open my eyes to the greatness of Duchess Winst. I really do hope that you sirs can allow that, and let me experience the divinity of this land!"

All three knights started cracking grins as he continued buttering them up, and the leader of the knight said, "Alright, since you are so sincere, we shall allow you to stay and look around for a few days! But, strictly no flying above the castle! This is your only warning, or we will attack immediately!"

Zhang Yang summoned Whitey and left the platform. The streets were very lively, brimming with activity in every corner. Stalls covered both sides of the streets!

After walking for some distance, Zhang Yang found himself on a very wide street. The two sides of the street were full of people, but there was not a single person in the middle of that road. It was like they were making way for a very important person.

"Rumors say that the ‘precious’ master tailor of Duchess Winst has crafted another fantastic formal dress!"

"I heard that only intelligent people can access the necessary spectrum in their vision to even see the dress. If you’re stupid, you lack the faculties to even process the visual input!"

"That’s really fantastic! So…it’s like a stupidity detector!"

"Jakyl! Bet 5 coins that you can’t see it!"

"Pui! You may have smashed my head between doors a thousand times, but I’m still more intelligent than you!"

People started chattering as Zhang Yang stood close by to eavesdrop.

… "The Emperor’s New Clothes"? Zhang Yang frowned. He gritted his teeth, preparing himself for a horrific sight. Wrinkled old buttocks, I’m ready, come to me!

"The Duchess is here!" everyone began to feel excited as they started talking louder and louder.

Zhang Yang had also fixed his eyes on the road. All he saw was a band of people walking down on the road like bosses. However, the one in the front was not a middle-age man - as the original tale went, or a wrinkly old lady - as Zhang Yang had assumed, but a lady with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a boombalicious body! This lady was completely naked, with her head raised high, as if she was above all others!

Unfortunately, the ‘vital’ parts of this beauty had been censored by mosaic boxes! God d*mn it! What a way to shoot men down.

[Duchess Winst] (Violet-Platinum, Humanoid)

Level: 120

HP: 12,000,000

MP: 1,000,000

Defense: 3,300

Magic Attack: 10,249 - 11,449


[Magic Barrier]: Opens up a magic barrier to shield yourself from harm. The magic barrier can absorb damage. The specific amount of damage that can be absorbed differs based on the number of players engaged in battle. The magic barrier can absorb an additional 10,000 damage with each additional player in the battle. When [Magic Barrier] is in effect, the [Radiant Punishment] cannot be interrupted. Instant activation.

[Light of the Stars]: Summons light from the stars, inflicts 100,000 Holy Damage to all targets within the area of 100-meter radius, having the user as the center point. Chanting time: 2 seconds.

[Radiant Punishment]: Punishes the target, inflicting 150% magic attack of Holy Damage on the target. Instant activation. Cool down period: 2 seconds.

Note: The owner of the Winst Castle, the 17th Duchess of the Winst, a true narcissist.

Well who would have thought this ‘Duchess Winst’ was such a young, hot lady!

Staring at the lady whose butt cheeks took turns bouncing up and down with each step she took, with her ‘explosively’ large pair of boobies perked up by her straight back, Zhang Yang could not help but to feel ‘satisfied’. He could only feel sorry and pity for Fatty Han and Endless Starlight. If these two were here with him to ‘savor’ this scenery, they would definitely drool and flood the street!

"Do I look beautiful?" the Duchess was shaking her hot-ass body, while walking through the street, looking around proudly. She also posed seductively in many ways, trying to show off her ‘New Dress’.

"Does my new dress looks beautiful on me?"

How could a man… eherm… a person say that a lady is not beautiful, when that lady stood buck naked in public? The people at both sides of the road were nodding indefinitely. The truth was, they were already ‘stunned’ by what they saw. They also praised and tried to ‘butter’ her up by saying that she’s very beautiful and that the dress was simply stunning.

Just then, a sharp, shrill voice tipped the balance of the fragile, tense atmosphere, "But, this big sister does not have anything on her!"

A vague voice of a child came right out from the crowd and silenced the entire street. All of a sudden, the people began to chatter again, as people started dropping their pretenses! Zhang Yang could see the smile on the Duchess’s face froze, and then her face turned black as she started to heat up. Suddenly, she shouted with anger, turned around and ran back to where she came from. It was like a free, naked show for the public!

Not long after that, the entire castle imposed a martial law. The silver Snow Condors began to fly into the sky, one after another, and the knights on them were shouting continuously, trying to inform everyone in the area, "From now on, a martial law is in effect. Everyone must remain in your own homes! You are not allowed to shelter any outsiders! Or else, you will be executed for treason!"

The streets that was filled with chattering and laughter instantly turned quiet. Only Zhang Yang and another mysterious man in a cloak remained standing at the far side of the street.

"My friend, mind lending me a hand?" the mysterious man took the cloak off his head and revealed a handsome face. His smile revealed his perfect, white teeth.

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