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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 477 — Monk of Flame Inheritance

Chapter 477: Monk of Flame Inheritance

Zhang Yang let out an intimidating roar. Instead of retreating, he pushed forwards against the elite monsters, slamming his shield into one of the monster’s faces! At the same instant, he raised his right leg and gave a powerful kick right at the other elite monster beside the monster he was currently engaged with.

Bam! Book!

Although Zhang Yang was at a disadvantage in terms of, Strength when standing up against a Level 115 Yellow-Gold boss, but he could still take on the Elite Tier monsters without much trouble. The two Elite Tier monsters staggered back as he pressed on, unable to retaliate. Their chanting for {Heart Pierce} were repeatedly interrupted!



Zhang Yang was inflicted with two basic damage values of the monsters’ normal attacks, rather than two {Heart Pierce}, as he had managed to interrupt the monsters from casting the skills.

He then turned around and launched another sidekick at the third Elite Tier Palace Guard without any moment of pause. With a similarly powerful force from his kick, the guard was forced to stop chanting for his skill. Zhang Yang kicked the body of the guard until he was slouched over!


Another normal attack landed on Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang quickly reacted, and activated his {Blast Wave}!

Pak! Pak!

The remaining two Palace Guards were stunned at the same time, and their chanting for {Heart Pierce} was interrupted as well! The main reason why Zhang Yang did not just activate his {Blast Wave} straight, was because the effective area of {Blast Wave} not being wide enough to cover all 5 monsters. Plus, the 5 monsters were not standing in the same spot. As they were surrounding Zhang Yang from 5 different directions, Zhang Yang could only hit 2 or 3 of them with his {Blast Wave}. If they were standing in front of Zhang Yang on the same spot, Zhang Yang would not have to go through so much trouble!

The 5 Palace Guards were busy trying to chant their skills, but instead, each of them only managed to inflict Zhang Yang with their basic damage. What a sad case for them!

The boss came right up and launched an angry attack at Zhang Yang, and that punch landed right on Zhang Yang’s neck! As the sharp edge of the glove slid over his neck, he succeeded in giving Zhang Yang’s throat a surgically narrow cut! Instantly, fresh blood started oozing out from the cut!



The first damage value came from the punch of the boss, it was a direct hit! And the second damage value came from the {Bleed} effect, which reduced 1% of Zhang Yang’s health bar!

The small amount of damage wasn’t a problem at all. But the main problem was that Zhang Yang’s throat had been sliced right open! Although it wouldn’t inflict him with any additional damage, that cut on his throat would not allow him to consume [Potions], because the Potion would simply drip out from the cut on the throat! It had become a serious problem for him! Of course, the cut, or any other wounds would disappear as time passed by, but still, it would require about 30 seconds for that to happen!

"I am Tenbardu ! I am the undefeated!" The boss roared into the sky and launched another powerful punch towards the ground.

Instantly, a large crack appeared on the ground, and it rapidly streaked towards Zhang Yang, at blinding speed! Zhang Yang was not able to react to that. He lost his footing and he started falling into the crack! As the ground rushed up to meet him, Felice dove down and wrapped her claws around Zhang Yang’s shoulders, lifting Zhang Yang up in the nick of time. Then, she carried him up for about 3 to 4 meters high into the air.

Crack! Crack! Boom!

The crack continued to expand by up to 30 meters far, opening up by about 3 meters! Following the crack’s expansion, a row of sharp stones sprouted out from the ground, forming an uneven, crude wall, made of stone!

It was the boss’s skill - {Ground Crusher}!

"Good job! Felice! You saved my life! Haha!" Zhang Yang was laughing out of pure joy as he extended his gratitude towards Felice.

Felice blushed as she smiled, then she continued to rain hellfire upon one of the Elite monsters with her {Fire Missile}!

"B*stard!" Tenbardu let out a roar of anger as he continued to pursue Zhang Yang.

One minute later, the first Elite monster finally fell to Zhang Yang, Felice and Whitey’s combined assaults!

"You bastards! How dare you kill my men!" Tenbardu was enraged at the death of his man. He reached out for the sky and launched a powerful attack. The ceiling of the Treasure Chamber suddenly became a realm filled with stars! Shoof shoof shoof! Countless meteors were raining down to the ground in an area of 10 X 10 meter square feet, right in front of the boss! It was like a hail of mortars during a world war!

{Meteor Summon}!


Zhang Yang was inflicted with a high damage value as he was caught in the middle of the ‘meteor shower’. He quickly made a tactical retreat by backpedaling rapidly, until he was out of the effective range of the {Meteor Summon}!

"Haha! Yes, you should run, like the stray dog that you are when you are facing me, the Guardian Tenbardu!" the boss laughed out loud and continued to pursue Zhang Yang. He launched his assaults aggressively, and every single hit from the boss went for the ‘vital’ spots around Zhang Yang’s head! The eyes, the neck, even the ears!

Suddenly, "{Ground Crusher}"!

Tenbardu punched the ground again, as another crack expanded across the ground and another roll of stone hideous stone spikes sprouted out from the crack! The rumbling sound was ‘spectacular’ to hear.

Actually, this boss was not really that difficult to take on. But, the 5 Elite monsters that came with him had made him significantly more difficult. If Zhang Yang only had to tank against the boss’s aggressive assaults, with all his skills unleashed, he could have easily taken the boss down!

If Zhang Yang was still the old Zhang Yang, then he would have failed to survive against a boss with the support of 5 super strong Elite monsters. Now that he had Felice supporting him, his damage output had increased by more than double, or maybe triple! As time passed by, the remaining 4 Elite monsters soon fell, one after another!

Since all of the ‘supporters’ were now dead, the boss had now become child’s play. He could actually torture the boss at leisure!

Activating super skills one after another, Zhang Yang unleashed hell upon the boss. In less than 5 minutes, Tenbardu let out a miserable cry and collapsed onto the ground. After the long animation of the boss’ dramatic death finally ended, the loot began to drop out of the dead body.

Naturally, Zhang Yang would not even look at the normal Yellow-Gold equipment and the Gray-Silver equipment. He shoved all of them into his inventory immediately. But, after picking up 4 pieces of equipment, he discovered a piece of pale-silver fragment lying on the ground. It was like a small corner of a broken turtle shell. Both sides of the fragment had mysterious runes.

[Monk of Flame Inheritance Fragment (3)] (Inheritance Class: Z)

Description: Collect all 4 pieces of the ‘Monk of Flame Inheritance’ fragments, combine them to acquire the Inheritance Keepsake of the Monk of Flame. By doing so, you shall activate the Quest Line for ‘Monk of Flame Inheritance’. Upon the completion of the final quest of the Quest Line, you shall acquire the Monk of Flame Inheritance. Other than the skills of your own Class, you shall obtain parts of the skills the Monk of Flame has to offer. All 4 pieces of the [Monk of Flame Inheritance Fragments] will resonate when they are close to each other. If you are killed by other players who also happen to have the [Monk of Flame Inheritance Fragment], the [Monk of Flame Inheritance Fragment] on you shall drop, and other players would be able to claim it. All [Monk of Flame Inheritance Fragments] cannot be stored anywhere, only taken along by the players.

It was an Inheritance Fragment!

Still, Zhang Yang could only stare at it in dismay. After entering the Chaos Realm, well, the Inheritance Patch had been released upon the opening of the Chaos Realm. So it was perfectly normal for players to get [Inheritance Fragments] from bosses! This Class Z [Monk of Flame Inheritance] belonged to the lowest category of all! No wonder Zhang Yang got it from killing a mere Yellow-Gold boss!

The best Inheritance ranking would naturally be the Class S, followed by the Class A, then the Class B, Class C, Class D, Class E, Class F, Class G, Class H, and last but not least, the Class Z, making up a total of 10 Classes. So, Class Z was the worst of all Inheritances! Among the 10 Classes, Class C Inheritance was a ‘dividing crest’ that showcased the power difference between the different Classes. Those Inheritances that were above Class C would allow players to activate "Transformation Skills", an awesome skill to have! Unfortunately, those Inheritances that are lower than Class C does not have such perks. Players would only get to acquire new skills according to the Inheritances that they acquire.

Let’s have a look at the [Vampire Inheritance] fragment which was currently in Zhang Yang’s possession. Zhang Yang could activate the Vampiric Transformation if he wanted to, and it would last for 1 hour. This transformation would offer the player incredible regeneration, and also the ability to feed on blood to recover health points! Basically, this Inheritance Fragment would turn a player indestructible! Of course, the cooldown period of this Transformation Skill would be as long as 72 hours! So, the possessor could only use it to show off, once in a while!

So after the Inheritance Patch was released, the strength and capability of a guild would be decided based on the number of players in their guild who were capable of ‘transforming’! The more players with Inheritances of Classes C and above, the stronger the guild would be, and also, the better they would be able to perform in both assault and defense battles!

According to rumors from his previous life, Imperial Sky, at its peak, had over a hundred players with at least a Class C Inheritance. Many of them ‘transformed’ as they charged towards the castle during ‘Territory Conquests’. If other guilds did not have the same number of players with at least Class C Inheritances, then there would be no way for a guild to hold out against the assault of Imperial Sky! It would be like a hot knife cutting through butter!

Because of that, Imperial Sky was able to secure the ‘throne’ to the best guild in the entire China server, in Zhang Yang’s previous life! The Crimson Rage from his previous life was also considered as a super strong guild, however, the number of players with at least Class C Inheritances were not more than 40! The guild, Clear Water, that Zhang Yang had belonged to in his previous life only had 7 players with at least Class C Inheritances!

After putting the Inheritance Fragment into his inventory, Zhang Yang would not waste his time collecting the remaining fragments of this particular Inheritance. After all, it was the lowest Class there is. So, he decided to take it back to White Jade City to try to sell it. There should be some people who would willing to purchase it to try its effect.

The only inconvenience that these Inheritance Fragments would bring upon players would be, that players had to equip it, in order for the effect to be available. So, he cannot sell it in his Little Merchandise or throw it into the Auction House.

After clearing the stage, Zhang Yang continued to proceed deeper into the Treasure Chamber and slew a couple more monsters. Then, he arrived at a secret chamber which was much smaller. There, he encountered the second boss. It also happened to be the end of the entire Treasure Chamber. This boss was a middle-aged man, a Spellcaster clad in a white robe. He wore a magic hat on top of his head. He was very skinny, and he held an emerald staff in his right hand.

[Chiller Shenro] (Yellow-Gold, Humanoid)

Level: 115

HP: 5,750,000

Defense: 2,000

Magic Attack: 5,752 - 6,552


[Frost Arrow]: Launches a Frost Attack at the target, inflicts 200% Magic Attack of Frost Damage to the target and reduces 50% movement speed of the target. Lasts for 5 seconds. Casting time: 2 seconds.

[Frost Coffin]: Randomly forms a Frost Coffin around a target, inflicts 50,000 Frost Damage to all targets within attack range and freezes the target. Targets that are frozen would not be able to do anything for 10 seconds. The {Frost Coffin} could be activated instantly. But the duration for the {Frost Coffin} to completely solidify would be 3 seconds.

Note: The right-hand man of Duchess Winst.

Fortunately, this boss did not have any underlings around him.

So, Zhang Yang had nothing to be afraid of. All he needed to do was to watch out for the {Frost Coffin}. This ‘right-hand’ posed minimal threat to Zhang Yang!

"Felice, let’s do this!"

Zhang Yang charged towards the boss with large steps. Along the way, he charged up and threw a {Spear of Obliteration} at the boss.

A damage value was inflicted upon the boss. Shenro let out a nasal shout and raised up the staff in his hand at Zhang Yang as he began to cast the spell for {Frost Arrow}.

At the same time, Felice had completed casting her skill, and the {Fire Missile}was ready to take off! A fist-sized {Fire Missile} was blasted straight at the boss. Her attack was much higher than Zhang Yang’s. Her {Fire Missile} did a damage of ‘-21,231’, and the aggro of the boss was switched over to her, making her the primary target of the boss.

But, the boss was already begun with his chanting. It was not possible to interrupt his spell at that point. He had activated his {Frost Arrow}, before he switched his target to Felice! An arrow formed from the frost out of mid-air and was fired straight at Zhang Yang, damaging him by 7,612 points.

Although that amount of damage was not really that high in the first place, the spells of the boss could not be interrupted, nor blocked with skills. So the DPS of the boss had reached up to 4,000 damage already! Zhang Yang only had about 97,000 Maximum HP! With his current amount of HP, he could only tank against the attacks of the boss for about 25 seconds, tops!

Furthermore, the total DPS that Zhang Yang, Felice and Whitey could channel out at the moment, was only about 20,000 damage. So, it would still need about 5 minutes to empty out a total of 5,750,000 HP!

Obviously, it was not possible to tank against the boss. So the most logical course of action would be to use the terrain of the ground when it comes to soloing a Magic type boss, or a Ranged boss, for that matter.

Zhang Yang ran towards the boss as rapidly as he could. When he was 10 meters from the boss, Zhang Yang activated his {Charge} and crashed into the boss. With a flick of his [Sword of Purging Devourer], he began to launch his assaults on the boss, as aggressively as possible. Trying hard to maximize the efficiency of his attacks, he also used his shield to bash the boss in the face.

Even though Shenro was a Magic type boss, his Strength was still similar to a Melee type boss. Zhang Yang kept bashing his shield into the face of the boss, and although there were marks of his shield stamped on the boss’s face, the boss was not staggered at all. The chanting of the boss was not interrupted at all!

Well, logically speaking, because Magic type bosses usually needed to chant in order to launch their skills, if players could easily tie them down with supporting attacks like that, Magic bosses would turn into ‘Santa Clauses’, giving players ‘free and easy’ equipment! It just simply would not do! Players would take advantage of that and slaughter the Magic bosses repeatedly for powerful equipment, which would eventually break the game!

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