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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 480 — The Forbidden Scroll

Chapter 480: The Forbidden Scroll

The ancient-looking pale-yellowish necklace and the bronze armor plate were both Violet-Platinum Tier. Unfortunately, although both of these equipment were powerful, players could only equip them when they reach Level 120! By Level 110, Zhang Yang would no longer be looking for Violet-Platinums. He would be hunting for Mythical Tiered equipment. These Level 120 Violet-Platinum equipment would be mere decorations by then.

Still, they would fetch a great price! If Zhang Yang sells them, they would definitely capture the eyes of a large number of buyers, and earn Zhang Yang a lot of money! They were still good loot, no matter what.

The single piece of yellow-gold scale was not an equipment, but instead, it was a material.

[Golden Dragon Scale] (Material)

Description: A piece of scale that fell from the body of the Golden Dragon. Even though the scale has fallen off the dragon, you can still feel the terrifying power that surges through the scale! If you collect a few more pieces of these [Golden Dragon Scales] and locate a fine Grandmaster, then you can create a very powerful equipment!

A dragon scale? This is an awesome find!

According to Zhang Yang’s knowledge, special equipment such as the [Colorful Dragon Scale Armor] and the [Dragon Scale Shield] can only be forged with the highest quality of [Recipes]. Not only would [Recipes] be required, all sorts of other specific materials were required to forge these special equipment. For instance, all sorts of [Dragon Scale] were required in order to forge Holy Tier equipment!

It was like winning a lottery!

Zhang Yang put the [Golden Dragon Scale] into his inventory as quickly as he was able to. Although one piece of [Dragon Scale] was not enough to forge anything, but without starting at 1%, there will never be a 100%! So, it’s a good start!

The following items that Zhang Yang at was the scroll.

Before he could even take it up to examine, Zhang Yang already saw that the scroll was shrouded in an evil presence. It was visibly covering the scroll. Skulls floated amongst the shroud, moaning and groaning!

Is this a [Forbidden Scroll]?

Zhang Yang was shocked and excited at the same time. A [Forbidden Scroll] is also a type of the [Magic Scroll]. But, because of its terrifying power which could bring unimaginable destruction , it is ‘Forbidden’! In his previous life, as Zhang Yang had started the game too late, he had only managed to hear about a number of extremely rare and powerful items, without having any of them in his hands. He had no idea how much power they had, exactly.

So, how powerful is a [Forbidden Scroll]?

There was once a world war between the China region and the Japan-Korea region in Zhang Yang’s previous life. The China region had recruited over 300 million players, and they managed to crush the stronghold at their Gateway Territory, charging straight into the main cities of the Japan-Korea region! They took down a total of 5 main cities within 3 days!

However, the Japan-Korea region attempted to cut off the Chinese supply routes instead, as they sent out an army directly towards the Gateway Territory of the China region. It was a good move. When the enemy is too strong to take on, then, attack something important to the enemy! So, they launched an army of their own towards the stronghold at the Gateway Territory of the China region, in order to drive the army of the China region back to save their own Gateway Territory! But, Crimson Rage that was in charge in the defense of the Gateway Territory did not even flinch as they faced the massive army. Instead, Snow Seeker only tore off one scroll, just one! It was the scroll of [Heaven’s Fall]!

Lo and behold, and heaven truly fell upon the enemy!

At that moment, the ground shook and cracked, the mountains split and scattered! Volcanic lava spewed out from the cracks in the ground! Other than the Territory, everything within the range of 10 Kilometers was demolished!

The Korean-Japan army was immediately wiped out! Only hundreds of them survived the effects of [Heaven’s Fall]!

Another example, also from Zhang Yang’s previous life, was when the Imperial Sky battled a Super Boss - Crystal Dragon Cassiudoss, in the Lost Land! Anyone who had ever fought the boss would understand that this Crystal Dragon Cassiudoss was like a BUG in the game! Not only was the HP bar of the boss too long, the boss also had ridiculous AoE attacks. Any player would just die when the boss started bombarding the area with waves of extremely powerful AoE attacks. There was no way of even getting close to it!

Imperial Sky had used a total of three [Forbidden Scroll: Light of Divinity] during that boss battle ------ providing all players within the effective area of the scroll with 80% damage immunity effects, and also a substantial amount of HP recovery. So, they survived the ridiculous assaults from the boss and finally slew the Crystal Dragon Cassiudoss, claiming the title of First Clear for the boss stage!

Of course, those [Forbidden Scroll: Light of Divinity] were very hard to come by in the first place. There was no fixed rate of the scroll dropping. One [Forbidden Scroll: Light of Divinity] was already like a winning lottery ticket! One [Forbidden Scroll: Light of Divinity] could reach up to tens of millions of gold coins! If this item ever appeared in the Auction House, only the large-scale guilds could afford to bid for it!

Zhang Yang was so excited to see the scroll that he hurriedly unfurled it. While he was at it, the shroud of dark energy aura started surging even more violently as he unrolled more of it. It was getting stronger by the moment, as if the dark energy was gushing out from the scroll!

[Forbidden Scroll: Scourging Doomsday] (Consumable)

Use: With the user as the central point, all targets within the effective area of 5 Kilometers radius will be punished with the Judgement of Doomsday. All targets will lose 10% of their HP per second. The maximum HP that the targets lose cannot exceed 100,000 damage. Lasts for 30 seconds.

Required Level: 100

What the hell! So powerful!

The effective range was 5 Kilometers wide! That was a little too much! No wonder Crimson Rage could wipe out the entire army of the Japan-Korea region with [Heaven’s Fall] in his previous life! So one, [Forbidden Scroll] already has this much power! Reducing 10% of the targets’ HP in every second? It would actually be even more effective if the enemies are stronger! Although it was limited to only a maximum of 100,000 damage every second, that was still a total of 3,000,000 HP being reduced within a duration of 30 seconds! Let’s not forget the area this effect would take place! 5 Kilometers wide! Who could outrun that?

Zhang Yang put the [Forbidden Scroll: Scourging Doomsday] into his inventory without any hesitation. This is actually a weapon of mass destruction! It’s a nuke in a world of magical cannons! No one would even dare to mess with you, if they ever find out that you have such an insanely powerful weapon in your hands!

"Hey, brother. You can’t just take everything!" Messick was looking forlornly at Zhang Yang, as if his parents had just died --- well, his parents did die. He begged, "I also helped you a lot. I even told you everything about this place!"

Zhang Yang laughed out loud and said, "Let’s put it this way. When I become the new Baron of this town, I shall give you a high ranking!"

Messick rolled his eyes at Zhang Yang and he said, "Although this stinky b*tch has died, do you really think that it’s that easy for you to become the next Baron?"

Without saying a word, Zhang Yang took out the final piece of green jade-like [Order] that was the last item the chest, tapped on it gently and said, "Everything will be different, with this!"

‘Region Announcement: A Territory without a Baron has appeared in the Chaos Realm. The ‘Territory Conquest’ will commence in 72 hours. All players, please be ready for it! The Territory is located at the Gulattoo Iceland, the specific location will be announced when the ‘Territory Conquest’ begin! The ‘Territory Conquest’ will last for 3 hours long. When the battle is over, the last player with the [Territory Command Order] will become the new Baron of the Territory!’

So this green jade-like [Order] was actually a [Territory Command Order]. Zhang Yang had used it immediately upon picking it up.

"Huh? A [Territory Command Order]!" Messick was staring at Zhang Yang with bulging eyes, "You actually got a [Territory Command Order]? How lucky are you!"

With the Region Announcements appearing on the region, Zhang Yang received multiple private messages from Snow Seeker and his other alliances and friends. It was a real shock for them that Zhang Yang could actually take down two Territories within 4 days! More importantly, Zhang Yang was all alone in the Chaos Realm! So he must have slain the bosses and conquered the Territory all by himself.

Zhang Yang decided to let Messick remain within the castle. After Fatty Han and the other gang members reach Level 100, he would come back with them to ‘take care’ of him! This NPC had super high HP, and he could also recover his own HP. He also had {Foul Chatters} which did a great job at provoking enemies into attacking him! So, this NPC was definitely a very suitable ‘candidate’ for a secondary tanking role. This was why Zhang Yang had decided to keep him as a Battle Companion.

Zhang Yang was only uncertain if Messick would still have such an amount of HP after he becomes a Battle Companion.

So, upon the activation of the second piece of [Territory Command Order] in hand, all Zhang Yang would have to do right now is to wait for the 72 hours to pass, before he can claim this Territory. Zhang Yang used a [Teleportation Scroll] and traveled back to Morning Town, and he was finally ready to look for the quest that would lead him to the [God of War Inheritance]. Not long after he left the ground with the Serpent, he saw a large dragon flying towards him at a high speed. In just an instant, the dragon had arrived right before Zhang Yang.

It was a blue dragon. Its body was hundreds of meters long. A man in shining armor, with a long lance in his arm, sat on its back.

[White Jade Dragon Knight] (Elite, Humanoid Creature)

Level: ???

HP: ???

Defense: ???

Attack: ???

Skills: ???

Note: The elite force of White Jade Kingdom, representing its strength!

"Zhan Yu! Under the command of her majesty Queen Serena, I hereby summon you back to the main palace of the city. The Queen would like to have a few words with you!" The Dragon Knight patted the dragon and stopped in front of Zhang Yang as he declared those words.

… is this another main quest for him?

Zhang Yang nodded and said, "I shall return immediately to see her majesty, Queen Serena."

"Godspeed!" The Dragon Knight let out a roar, patted the dragon, and headed back in a hurry. As the dragon flapped its wings, in just a blink of an eye, the Knight and the dragon were already hundreds meters away from Zhang Yang. The dragon was far faster than the Serpent!

Zhang Yang grew envious of the Knight, and immediately started thinking of getting a new [Flying Mount]! A dragon, perhaps! But the question was, when would he be able to do that?

After landing on the ground, he took out his [Teleportation Scroll] and teleported back to White Jade Castle. After he arrived at White Jade City, Zhang Yang summoned the Serpent, and rode it towards the palace. As the Serpent flew across the sky, many people were caught off-guard, as the shadow looming past them was the last thing they would expect. Some of them started drooling as they imagined themselves flying on a serpent too.

After arriving at the entrance of the palace, Zhang Yang dismounted and reported himself to the two palace guards at the gate. Then, the guards escorted him straight into the main palace, and into the Royal Chamber of the Dawning Light. It belonged to the late King of the White Jade Kingdom, Derick. Now that Serena has stepped up, it was a given that this main palace belonged to her now!

The former princess now wore a grand and magnificent royal robe, which tightly wrapped around her slim, slender body. A crown sat on her head. The Ancient Godly Weapon, Meteor Sword hung by her waist. She looks extremely domineering and intimidating, being the true queen of the kingdom!

"My Queen." Zhang Yang started bowing.

"No need for that!" Serena stood up from her throne and said, "Zhan Yu, I wish to go to war, to expand the land of White Jade Kingdom and to share our prosperity. I am going to make significant achievements, unlike all the languishing kings and queens of the world! Would you aid me in such a quest?"

So, what is this new queen up to now?

Zhang Yang nodded and said, "I, Zhan Yu will share your worries and solve your problems, and my sword will always be by your side!"

"Very well!" Serena nodded and said, "I am promoting you to be the War General of this expedition. You shall conquer the world with me tomorrow! We shall first conquer the Black Dragon Kingdom, the Emerald Kingdom, Tranquil Wind Kingdom and the other remaining Kingdoms of the 7 main Kingdoms. After that, we shall march into the Chaos Realm and dominate the world. The heavenly glory of the Imperial Heaven's Empire shall flourish, once again!"

Zhang Yang felt a chill straight down his spine. In his previous life, all 8 Kingdoms had remained independent for as long as he could remember. There were never wars or expeditions among Kingdoms. But in this life, Queen Serena actually planned to start a war to combine the eight Kingdoms into one! This was a completely new turn of events!

"Go now, and rest. Tomorrow, we shall set out for war!"

After Zhang Yang left the palace, he quickly informed Han Ying Xue and the others about this. Everyone was confused and shocked to know about the war. So, when war sparks between two Kingdoms, what could players earn from being a part of the war, then?

The region answered their questions almost immediately.

‘Region Announcement: White Jade Queen Serena has declared war against the Emerald Kingdom! The war will commence in 24 hours. All players can join the war and earn Merit Points by slaying players and NPCs. Merit Points can be used to exchange high quality equipment, potions, gemstones and scrolls. For more specific information, kindly go to the Special Merchant in the Main City Hall of War!’

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