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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 484 — The Queen’s Protection

Chapter 484: The Queen’s Protection

"Oyy! Stop following us! Buzz off!" cried Zhang Yang. For a while now Zhang Yang and his party had been flitting about, trying to remain inconspicuous, while One Sword Stroke, Snow Seeker and Greensleeve Prince had followed them closely. Zhang Yang was immensely annoyed. With such a large number of player concentrated in a small area, it would surely attract the attention of the boss! If that happens, they would be in serious trouble!

Lo and behold, speak of the devil and he doth appear. Moucander tugged on his reins, and rode like the wind towards Zhang Yang!

"Oh @#$#@!" Zhang Yang face turned white. These idiots!

Most unhelpfully, One Sword Stroke and Snow Seeker scattered from his party.

Moucander paused only a brief second, and decided to charge towards Zhang Yang.

"Mother f*cker!" Fatty Han cried. They were very well aware of the boss’ power by now!

Zhang Yang immediately called out, "I’ll take the boss! RUN!"


"No buts! RUN! I have a flying mount, I can just fly up in the sky, and there nothing the boss can do to me!" cried Zhang Yang angrily.

"No. That’s not what…I mean, you should have done that earlier. We wouldn’t have to panic, then!"

"D*mn you!"

Zhang Yang then left his party behind, and flew in a different direction. With a flying mount, Zhang Yang had been a red-hot target for anyone else, besides the boss. It was already a blessing for the boss to lay off him for so long.

"Trying to escape?!" Moucander smirked as he charged towards Zhang Yang’s general direction.

Zhang Yang coughed out a laugh and kited the boss towards him. After noticing the distance between the boss and him getting closer, he shot up to the sky. Even though the boss’ mount was no slower than Zhang Yang’s flying mount, it should not be able to chase him in the sky!

Just as he turned around to taunt the boss, he was greeted with a huge surprise. The boss had left the surface of the earth, and was airborne!

"What the f*ck?" Zhang Yang was surprised and struck speechlessly. More importantly, he was terrified. How could a man with no wings fly!? He was like superman! He was literally flying vertically, at such a terrifying speed and had effortlessly chased after Zhang Yang in no time at all!

200 meters…160 meters…120 meters…

Just when he had narrowed the gap to 100 meters, the boss widened his eyes in concentration and threw the hammer in his hand towards Zhang Yang.


Zhang Yang screamed in his heart. He was carrying a shield! He should be a tank! That would only mean that the hammer throw would be a boss’ version of the {Spear of Obliteration}!

With no time to be questioning the logic of the skill, Zhang Yang instantly activated {Shield Wall}.


First, he flew like Superman. The next thing Zhang Yang saw was that the hammer had flown back like a rocket, and back to his hands. Oh come on! Thor and Mjolnir?

The boss was annoyed. It was as if he had expected his hammer to kill his target in one hit. He weighed the hammer in his hand, and hurled his hammer again.

Zhang Yang frowned like a deranged man. Wasn’t that a skill!? How could it not have cooldown!? That, or the cooldown was already ticking at the moment he hurled his hammer out, and when he received his hammer back, it was ready to be used again! That’s too short!


Zhang Yang took another blow. But it did not stop there, the boss continuously hurled his hammer over and over again, with the sole purpose of killing him. Luckily, Zhang Yang’s {Shield Wall} had the Titan’s Chest Plate reinforcement effect to restore his HP. If he had not, the {Shield Wall} would only allow Zhang Yang to endure a few hits at most! Still, it was only 15 seconds! With only a few seconds left on the timer, Zhang Yang knew that the end was coming soon. He made up his mind to kite the boss for just a little while longer to buy time for Queen Serena to arrive.

Having run out of all his emergency skills, Zhang Yang equipped the Lover’s Charm. Just before he activated it, a loud thunderous voice roared through the high heavens.

"Moucander! You dare!"

The sky cracked a thunderous roar. From the edge of the horizon, a green sword aura burst out and morphed into a large dragon. The dragon homed in on Moucander and struck him to the ground.


Like a meteor, Moucander crashed into the earth and made a huge crater with him at the core of the crash site. A large mushroom cloud of dust formed. After that, the dragon dissipated into millions of particles, vanishing without a trace.


The earth split apart, and out came Moucander from the crater, with his face covered in dirt.

"Serena--!" Moucander cursed like venom.

Not far from where the sword aura first burst out, Queen Serena had finally arrived. The young queen rode gallantly and charged forward with the sword in her hands, pointing towards the enemy. "Moucander! We shan’t forgive the man who would harm Our beloved general! We shall obliterate you, till your bones dried out and your flesh festers with maggots! Hell will give you no quarter!"

She thrust her sword into the air and sent out a similarly green light aura to the sky. The dragon reappeared and lunged itself towards Moucander.

"Hmph. Looking down on us?" Moucander bellowed, and hurled his hammer at the dragon.


Another loud thunderous crack burst out to the high heavens. This time, Moucander had barely managed to evade the dragon. However, the force of the dragon was proven to be stronger, sending Moucander hurtling back a great distance.

Everyone, including Zhang Yang stared, with their jaws dropped down to the center of the earth. The previous demonstration of Moucander was terrifying, but that was him attacking the players. He had not yet displayed his full potential. But now that he had an equal opponent to fight, he was being pushed back by Queen Serena with her sword! Now, everyone knew the power of a Ascended tier boss, and what they could do!

Aside from that, the one thing that no one could understand was the relationship between Queen Serena and Zhang Yang.

"Did I just hear her say, "beloved general"?"

"F*ck! Moucander was chasing Zhan Yu like a dog, and that Queen Serena came to rescue Zhang Yu and beat Moucander up!"

"What the hell is happening? How did Zhan Yu get someone as powerful as Serena to cover his *ss?!"

"Goddammit! That’s a queen! Zhan Yu is so lucky!"

Everyone was impressed, in awe, envious, and jealous of Zhang Yang’s luck. If they could, they would want to walk in his shoes, literally for a day! On the other hand, One Sword Stroke, Luo Xin Yan, and the many others who followed them were jealous! That being said, they had every reason to feel jealous, little did they know the hardships Zhang Yang had gone through to gain such favors.

"Meteor Sword!? That is the ancient weapon!" Moucander cried in surprise, when he had a clear view of the sword that Queen Serena held in her hands, as their weapons crossed.

"Moucander…We would have spared your life if you were to surrender to Our reign! Yet you have raised your sword at Our beloved general! Death is all We will give!" cried Queen Serena with a heavy killing intent! She swung her sword with force and sent out the dragon once again.

Zhang Yang felt a little overjoyed. Being nothing more than a common player, the Queen herself was so enraged on his behalf, how could he not feel happy?

Moucander roared with rage and charged towards Serena at lightning speed. He raised his shield up high and lunged at the dragon. "Fool, do not overestimate yourself, just because you are wielding an ancient sword! Begone! I shall personally have your head!"

He was an Ascended tier boss. Other than Celestial tiers, most bosses would gain a boost of status points when they were enraged, similar to that of a Berserk state. Moucander brandished his hammer and struck down the dragon. With the dragon out of his way, Moucander lunged at Serena. Serena did not waver, and parried his hammer strike with her sword. They started raining blows on each other with fervor. Amid the fight, the sword glowed and formed the same dragon.

Both Kingdom’s representatives were Ascended tier, there was no way for players to get between them. Their power was so strong that even the sheer rebound of their attacks would kill players who got too close. Zhang Yang was nothing but a helpless soldier when two super-powered bosses were having their slugfest.

There were many players on the sidelines, staring in awe while others were already calculating the timing to land the killing blow. Should they land the killing hit, they would receive a large pool of experience points! Perhaps, even an Ascended tier equipment drop! Despite that, none of them were willing or stupid enough to charge in. They would end up being a pile of ash before they could even breathe! No one would even go near to the bosses! It would be suicidal.

In the air, Zhang Yang did his own calculations. He had the skill - {Shadow of the Void} that would grant him 20 seconds of invincibility to get close to the boss. If his position and timing were accurate, he could land the final blow without being killed himself. However, the accuracy required would be down to the millisecond. If he appears just a little earlier, he could be turned into sand before he could blink.

To get the glory, one must walk through the valley of shadow and death! With that resolution in mind, Zhang Yang steeled his decision.

Even though both bosses were Ascended tier, Serena clearly had the upper hand. Every time the Meteor Sword struck Moucander, the sword would send the dragon out and deal enough damage to take away 1% of Moucander’s HP. Right then, a Level 110 Mythical tier boss would have 33,000,000 HP. An Ascended tier boss would normally be Level 200 or more, and their HP would be more than a few 100 million! 1% of that would at least be a few million!

"Holy crap! That babe packs a punch!" said Fatty Han, after staring at her violently jiggling boobs during the entire time.

"Huh. After getting that sword, the princess turned into a Queen that could rival the gods!" said Endless Starlight, as his eyes remained glued to the globes.

Boom! Foom!

When the sword and the hammer struck each other, the excessive power that leaked out shattered mountains afar, and even the fabric of reality around them were twisting and churning around chaotically! Black holes were forming and disappearing rapidly around Serena and Moucander! Zhang Yang gulped down his saliva, wondering if he would actually be safe within the dimension of the {Shadow of the Void}…

Although Moucander was the same tier as Serena, his attack power was much weaker than her. When he had already lost more than 20% HP, Serena had only lost 2% of her own HP. To put things into comparison, Moucander was fighting 5 of himself!

"Protect his majesty!" cried the soldiers of Emerald Kingdom who were covered in white ceremonial robes. They then got together and chanted a healing spell.

Green healing texts started to pop up on Moucander’s character, but his long HP showed no indication of it!

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