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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 486 — Milkmaid Deity

Chapter 486: Milkmaid Deity

Zhang Yang fiddled with the Inheritance Fragment and thought of the God of War Inheritance.

In his previous life, the blabbering North America player had publicly announced the method of obtaining the first fragment of the God of War. As long as you get your hands on the first piece of the Inheritance Fragment, the system will automatically lead you to the next fragment, either through quests or other means when a player enters the map that has a piece of the Inheritance Fragment. It was made easy for players to collect all other Inheritance Fragments.

Hence, as long as players get the first one, the rest of the Inheritance Fragments would be easy to collect over time. The first piece of the God of War Inheritance Fragment was not obtained by quest nor a boss drop. It was found deep inside a cave! It was as easy as finding a cave! The problem however, was getting into the cave.

Zhang Yang noticed that something was wrong when he obtained the fragment. The first thought was that the system must have watered down the difficulty. The only Inheritance Fragments that could be obtained bosses were lower class Inheritances. For example, the Monk of Flame Inheritance Fragment. The Inheritance required only four pieces. Zhang Yang could have easily obtained them by killing more bosses. Z class Inheritance quests were fairly easy to complete. The Inheritance quest would require players to run a few errands or fight a few medium difficulty bosses. It was only a matter time and effort when it comes to obtaining lower class Inheritances.

High level Inheritances do not behave the same way. For example, Zhang Yang’s Inheritance in his past life was the King Kong Inheritance. All eight Inheritance Fragment pieces were obtained through all sorts of methods, such as quest rewards or treasure chests. None of it was obtained from a boss drop. Quest rewards that were based on Inheritance Fragment were fair on average, however, those Fragments that were obtained from Treasure Chests were a hassle. The system would only provide a vague description of the Fragments’ locations. Players would have to search every nook and cranny of every corner of the location that the system provides. Zhang Yang had taken over half a month (real time) searching the entire valley for the sixth piece of his Fragment. Half a god d*mned month!

Whether the system has watered down the difficulty or not, an S class Inheritance is something that only 6 persons in the world can own. Zhang Yang posted the S class Inheritance Fragment to the party channel, and everyone was thrown off their feet.

"Milkmaid…Deity?" In truth, they were more confused than amazed.

"Sis! I think, you might actually be the milk cow, not the milk maid, if you get this Inheritance!" laughed the little girl as she rolled about, clutching her stomach.

Han Ying Xue snorted. She thrust out her chest proudly and said, "How could you compare such beautiful features to the likes of a cow!?"

"I’ll be d*mned! That’s an S class Inheritance. Just how strong would a person be, once they obtain that…"

Curious and intrigued, no one in this world had yet to obtain the first Inheritance. No one knew to what extent does the strength of the Inheritance stretch. However, there was without a doubt that the Inheritance Fragment would go to Han Ying Xue. Milkmaid deity…The name of the Inheritance was obviously directed towards healing and supporting. Since Han Ying Xue already has massive boobies, would her cup size increase from D to E after…

After the battle ended, Zhang Yang followed Serena and entered the Emerald Kingdom. The new Queen circled around the main cities, followed closely by the large army behind her. After demonstrating her powers to the citizens of Emerald Kingdom, she quickly gained support from the NPC citizens and successfully assimilated the kingdom. No NPCs seemed to protest. This was how the developers of the game had envisioned a hostile take over, apparently.

Since PvP in the main city is disabled, Zhang Yang had no fear of getting jumped on. He bade farewell to Serena and joined Han Ying Xue and everyone else at the White Jade Kingdom to spend his Merit points.

Zhang Yang had a total of 200,000 and more Merit points and was completely clueless at how to spend them all! The merchant sold a total of seven Guardian specific equipment that were respectively meant for the Head, Body, Hands, Leg, Foot, Primary and Secondary weapon slot. All of them were Level 100 Violet-Platinum tier. Even though every individual piece was stronger than his current equipment, he was wearing a set equipment! In the end, the effect of the Titan Armor set was much stronger. The only slot worth changing was his weapon.

However, the Sword of Purging Devourer had yet to be fully unsealed! Furthermore, the sword was just too strong to give up on, for a random weapon that only has a 2.5 seconds attack interval! It was not exceptionally strong, thus it wasn’t worth the change.

Even though the equipment offered by the Merit points merchant were strong, none of them were worth buying. Zhang Yang had absolutely zero desire of purchasing them. Other items, such as the [Level 4 Vitality Potion] was not worth it as well. Zhang Yang was an Alchemist. He could make potions and create Transmuted grade potions. The potions that the merchant was selling did not have any Transmutations, hence, potions were out of the picture. Lastly, at the end of the item page were the [Level 4 Gemstone].

He had over 200,000 Merit points. Each [Level 4 Gemstone] would cost 2,000 Merit points. That means he could buy at least 100 pieces. There were only 11 sockets for one character’s total equipment, how could he use all 100 Gemstones?!

While other players were contemplating on choosing the right item to buy with their limited Merit points, Zhang Yang was annoyed at having too many Merit points, for he did not know where else to spend them on! If anyone else knew about this, they might be downright pissed.

Other than the [Level 4 Gemstone], Zhang Yang had nothing else to spend the Merit points on, since most of the items sold by the Merit points merchant would be bounded to him, and cannot be sold nor traded. It makes no sense to earn any money from this.

After buying 60 pieces of [Level 4 Vitality Gemstones], he spent the rest of his remaining Merit points on [Level 4 Strength Gemstones]. He was not sure on when he would complete the God of War Inheritance quest, but when he does, he would need to prepare himself two equipment types. One for Defensive purposes, and the other for Attacking purposes. After spending all his Merit points, Zhang Yang stored all his [Level 4 Gemstone] to his warehouse. He also emptied out most of his inventory and readied himself for the Chaos Realm once again.

In 30 hours, the Territorial War for Wynst Castle would start. Zhang Yang had not immediately started his journey on searching for the first God of War Inheritance Fragment. He decided to grind a little around the area instead. Without much time, Zhang Yang was teleported to Wynst Castle and had waited aimlessly for 3 hours, till he obtained the Territory with no effort.

After he gained ownership of the castle, Zhang Yang wanted to modify part of the castle for a change. Since the territory was part of the Japan-Korea region, and their entrance gate to the Chaos Realm, players will force themselves into the town if they did not possess any flying mounts. That, or, they would forever be stuck in the small region outside the Chaos Realm.

It was a predictable scene. When players of Japan-Korea region find out their gateway to the Chaos Realm occupied by others, they would be enraged, and would initiate an all-out-round-the-clock war. That is why, Wynst Castle has to be fortified to prevent the downfall of the castle, or it should at least provide a major inconvenience to them.

Of course, it would be impossible to rely on a single castle to block all players from Japan-Korea region. Unless Zhang Yang manages to gather all players from China to join his fight in keeping them back. Zhang Yang wanted to capture the territory simply to annoy the players there. He wanted to slow their progress down a little, and deny them their teleportation points, making them take the long route each time they had to travel to the Chaos Realm.

Regardless of their methods, the territory would most like spend more of its time smoking and on fire, than standing with the regality of a territory. Still, without a [Territory Conquest Order], no one could claim the territory. They could force their way through and damage the territory as much as they could, but the players from Japan-Korea region would never be able to use the Teleportation points.

However, even if someone were able to get their hands on a [Territory Conquest Order], the fight would be between two guilds. In a guild vs guild fight, Zhang Yang and his Lone Desert Smoke would never lose to anyone!

Corner someone to a wall, and they would have nothing to move but front. Players of Japan-Korea region might even mobilize their strongest players and attack the castle with a [Territory Conquest Order]. Even though Lone Desert Smoke was strong, but without the use of the Forbidden Scroll, they might lose to the strongest alliances from another region!

That was why Zhang Yang decided to add a few magic cannons to the castle wall.

After one comes another, and just when the Emerald Kingdom was taken down by White Jade Kingdom, Serena had started another Kingdom War with the next kingdom, the Black Dragon Kingdom.

Similar to the war from before, players could earn Merit points by killing NPC troops or enemy players. Besides White Jade Kingdom, Emerald Kingdom, and Black Dragon Kingdom, players from other major cities could freely support the kingdom of their choice. Since Emerald Kingdom had already been assimilated by White Jade, they had no other choice but to support White Jade.

Right then, Zhang Yang had no use of Merit points, and he would not have joined the battle if he was not able to defeat the boss like Moucander. However, surprisingly, Zhang Yang was instantly killed when he had used {Shadow of the Void} to get close to the boss fight. The developers might have already found out about his exploitation and had decided to remove the loophole. Then again, it was good enough that the system had not confiscated the Ascended axe, and the S-class Inheritance Fragment from Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang knew better than to be angered about it, and dared not voice his complaints, fearing that they might actually confiscate them!

In the end, Zhang Yang decided to skip the next war and the following wars, since he had already obtained the title "The Challenger". Since he had no use for Merit points, and nothing to gain from risking his life to kill the boss, Zhang Yang left the city wars entirely to spend his time on something more productive.

With the Meteor Sword in the hands of Queen Serena, war was nothing but a playground for her. After Black Dragon Kingdom, she had even managed to conquer Blood Moon Kingdom, Crimson Sky Kingdom, and the other 5 cities, and had formed the first United Kingdom of China! (In-Game, not the UK in real life).

This did not even happen in his past life!

After conquering the entire of China’s region, the Queen was not satisfied with her conquest, and had readied her army to enter the Chaos Realm! Zhang Yang had mixed feelings about the changes that he had brought into this world.

Just when Serena had united China, Zhang Yang had started his search for the God of War Inheritance.

He remembered the words of the North America player from his previous life. Something about the first God of War Inheritance Fragment coming from the Flatlands of the Man Eating Monster. Coincidentally, the required materials to break the second seal for the Sword of Purging Devourer were [Zinc Alloys] which were available in the Flatlands of the Man Eating Monster. However, the priority was the God of War Inheritance, and the quest to break the sword’s seal would come second.

Zhang Yang summoned the flying serpent and soared into the sky to travel to the Flatlands of the Man-Eating Monster. The map in the Chaos Realm was so vast and huge! The Wilderness of Dubaiya was already four times the size of the Ten Barren Sea! To travel from Morning Town to the Flatlands of the Man-Eating Monster had taken him close to one whole day!

The name, Flatlands of the Man-Eating Monster was aptly given, as the place was roaming with Man-Eating Orcs measuring up to 10 meters in height, similar to the ones Zhang Yang had faced before. Even though the society of the orcs was primitive, they were naturally born with the instincts of warriors and hunters. As soon Zhang Yang entered the borders of the Flatlands of the Man-Eating Monster, he was nearly shot down from the sky by a flying boulder. It was an orc that had fired the rocky projectile. As it picked up another boulder from the ground, saliva was oozing out from the corners of his mouth, as he stared at Zhang Yang.

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