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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 488 — Boy? Or Girl?

Chapter 488: Boy? Or Girl?

After flying for half an hour, Zhang Yang arrived at the airspace of the Psychedelic Valley. He then descended down towards the earth surface and found himself in the middle of a beautiful flourishing valley that was filled with life. The rivers were clean, the trees were growing thickly in the forest, and the animals were thriving. There were even rabbits among other small critters, playing around in a small flower bush. It was like Eden. However, even in the most peaceful of environments, danger could exist in many ways. Just when one of the little rabbit was happy hopping around a tree, the root shot out and grabbed the little rabbit. The tree’s truck cracked open a mouth and swallowed it whole.

Felice was a young, growing girl. She was attracted to small cute animal, just like any other girl around. As she was happily following the rabbit, she was heavily startled by the tree’s action. The little girl was not a calm little girl. She immediately morphed into her Dragonhawk form and blasted the tree with her {Fire Missile}.

The carnivorous tree was hidden all too well in plain sight. Before it attacked, Zhang Yang had not noticed it at all! Normally, if an entity is a monster, a name tag would be placed on its character. This carnivorous tree looked and behaved just like every other harmless tree in the forest. The system would reveal the name tag, only when the carnivorous tree starts to attack.

[Psychedelic Carnivorous Tree] (Normal, Elemental Being)

Level: 125

HP: 19,400

Defense: 100

Melee Attack: 5,598 - 6,598


[Engulf]: Swallows a target whole and digests it in its trunk. Deals 3,000 natural damage every second. Lasts for 3 seconds. When the skill is in effect, the target will be immobilized and cannot engage in any movement. Instant cast. Range: Melee Range.

[Tree Bark]: Immune to all Natural type damage.


Felice blasted the tree for 20,122 Fire damage, which had immolated the entire tree, causing it to be killed in one shot.

After the tree died, it dropped a piece of [Solid Wood] which could be used for construction purposes. Zhang Yang smirked and took the wood. Territories required many materials in order to level up. Each consecutive Leveling would require even more materials. Many of the materials required cannot be purchased from NPCs, and players would have to farm them from monsters.

Zhang Yang left the flying serpent to roam around the airspace 10 meters above them, while he and Felice would move on the ground to search for the Psychedelic deer.

Ssh Shh!

Without warning, one tree uprooted itself and started hurling its massive vines towards the flying serpent. The vines were simply too fast. There were just too many of them, and Zhang Yang had no idea on how to block all the attacks, even with his god-like blocking technique. With haste, the vines wrapped around the flying serpent and forcefully pulled the serpent towards itself. This time, an evil face appeared on the trunk of the tree. A wide crack appeared and spread open, revealing a disgusting mouth-like opening. The tree being pulled the serpent and Zhang Yang closer to its mouth!

[Psychedelic Elite Carnivorous Tree] (Elite, Elemental Being)

Level: 125

HP: 1,250,000

Defense: 1,300

Melee Attack: 8,381 - 10,381


[Engulf]: Swallows a target whole and digests in its trunk. Deals 5,000 natural damage every second. Last for 5 seconds. During the skill is in effect, the target will be immobilized and cannot engage in any movement. Instant cast. Range: Melee Range.

[Tree Bark]: Immune to all Natural type damage.

Elite tiered monsters are in another league compared to the normal tier monsters. Even though they possessed the same skill, the damage and effort of the skill differed from each other.

"BROTHER--!" Felice screamed in horror as she saw how her beloved Zhang Yang was about to be swallowed whole by the monster. She descended down from the sky like a rocket and morphed into her human form in mid-air. She spun the spear on top of her head as quickly as a helicopter’s blade and slashed it downwards to attack the tree.



The stun effect was in place, and the carnivorous tree turned limp. The vines that had entrapped the serpent and Zhang Yang loosened up. The serpent quickly wriggled out of the wooden vines and managed to get itself back into the airspace. Mad with rage, the serpent spat its venom attack on the monster. A large "Immune" text popped out when the venom attack landed. The serpent was not like a Battle Companion, for they did not possess enough sentience and knowledge to understand the mechanism. When the serpent noticed its attack had done nothing to the tree, it sucked in a long breath and spat more venom instead.

"Haha! Dumb snake!" Zhang Yang lightly bashed the flying serpent’s head and laughed. This was one of the weaknesses of a spell-type battle mount. In a scenario where the monster has magic immunity, the battle mount could not deal any damage at all! Zhang Yang laughed and called out, "Felice is much better than you!"

Instead of a cute smile, Felice sulked instead. "Big brother…how could you compare me with a stupid animal…?"

"Sorry! My bad! My bad!" said Zhang Yang almost immediately. He then quickly lunged himself at the carnivorous tree and slashed away.

The poor Snow-Scale Wind Serpent blinked its green little eyes and stared incredulously at Felice for a moment. If it could open its mount and talk, it would be saying, "Please… You morph into a big-*ss bird thing and pew pew your fire missiles! You are spitting red fire while I spit green poison! We’re just the same! Who are you calling stupid! You dumb chick!"

"Aurgh…" the carnivorous tree groaned and flung out more vines to entrap Zhang Yang. Even though the properties had explained that it was a melee type monster, its vine could reach out as far as 50 meters away! It’s even further than a regular ranged attack! Furthermore, the vines it projects out could reach as many as a thousand! Zhang Yang could barely defend himself with {Block} and other defensive maneuvers, but the flying serpent he was on would take the hit and will be trapped by the vine attack! It would just be the same as taking the attack himself!

What a troublesome monster!

Zhang Yang believed that if Wei Yan Er or Lost Dream, and other players who had super-charged attack skills would still lose to this tree if they did not resort to their ulti skills. Or perhaps they could not even defeat one without ultis!

Fortunately, even if the vine attacks could not be properly blocked, the attacks would still factor in the target’s defense and damage reduction passives. The attack done on Zhang Yang was only over 3,000, which was considered as cats claw to him.

Felice, in her Dragonhawk form had been attacking the tree with many blasts of {Fire Missiles}. Even though the tree was immune to Natural damage, it was exceptionally susceptible to Fire type attacks. Each of Felice’s attack could deal around 30,000 to 40,000 damage! If Zhang Yang had not reacted quickly to control the aggro of the monster, Felice would have been the first on its aggro list.

After a messy trading of attacks, the carnivorous tree was finally burnt into a crisp, and dropped seven counts of [Solid Wood] which made Zhang Yang happy, though for only a second. Even after the tree was reduced down to a burst block of trunk, the flying serpent was still mad at it and continued to spit more venom on its crispy wooden corpse. Zhang Yang laughed and patted the serpent’s head, saying, "Enough with the spitting! Look at the ground! Geezz. How am I supposed to pick up the wood with all your saliva on it!"

Suddenly, Zhang Yang remembered something. "I haven’t given you a proper name yet, have I? Hm…since the white bear is called Whitey, I shall call you Whitey Jr!"

Whitey Jr. blinked and stared at Zhang Yang, and did not react in any way at all. It’s hard to tell whether or not the serpent liked the name!

Zhang Yang moved on and finally found himself a Psychedelic Deer!

The Psychedelic Deer was just a normal monster. Felice could easily kill the poor deer with one single blast of {Fire Missile}. However, Zhang Yang had done this quest before in his past life and he knew one annoying detail about it. Only the male Psychedelic deer would drop their fur! If Zhang Yang simply goes about killing every deer he sees, all of the Psychedelic deer would run away and hide when the kill count reaches a certain number! If that happens, the respawn duration would reach as high as 2 to 3 days long! Zhang Yang would never wait that long just to farm for 5 counts of fur!

He turned to Felice and said, "Felice, could you fly over there and checked the gender of the deer out for me?"

Felice gave Zhang Yang a poker face and remained quiet.

Battle Companion were not servants, they did not need to obey every single command from a player. If they felt that something was wrong, they can choose to deny the command. If the players choose to forcefully make the Battle Companion obey him or her, it could break the contract and the Battle Companion might even choose to leave the player.

Felice would not listen and obey such a disgraceful command, and Zhang Yang had to do it himself.

Zhang Yang went prone on the ground and crawled over to the Psychedelic Deer. The deer was as tall as a regular size human, and could easily be spotted from a good distance. When it heard Zhang Yang crawling over, it whipped its head up and jumped to its hooves to charge towards him.


Zhang Yang quickly got up to his feet and defended himself with his shield. He lifted the shield upwards and forcefully bashed the deer away. At his current Strength value, he could easily knock away the deer without moving a budge. The poor deer fell off its feet and landed on its back.

Zhang Yang immediately ran up, and grabbed the hind legs, spreading them apart!

Psychedelic Deer: "…"

Zhang Yang: "…"

"It’s a girl." Said Zhang Yang as he quickly released the deer and ran back. Zhang Yang returned to the flying serpent and shot into the sky, leaving the furious female deer stomping the ground in anger.

Please, forgive me for my sins!

Zhang Yang felt like he was a pervert old uncle that runs around a park to trick little girls into doing some crazy, unspeakable sheet with them! That was a man tricking another, but Zhang Yang just had to spread the legs of a female deer! How shameful would it be if someone had recorded the scene and distributed it throughout China!

Felice, who had been watching from the sidelines since the beginning, was rolling on the floor, laughing her lungs out. After a round of persuading, Felice had finally caved in and agreed to check on the gender of the deer they encountered. The two of them continued their sexual harassment journey and left many traumatized victims in their wake. If the deer could speak, the entire valley would have been screaming with cries of help like "THERE’S A PERVERT AROUND!!"

The number of female deer in this valley were too many to count. 30 minutes since their first victim, Zhang Yang had only managed to kill 3 male deer and obtain their fur. From a "dirty" perspective, those three "dudes" had a sea of hundreds of female doe to copulate! What a time to be alive! No wonder the number of male deer were so little, perhaps all of them were already "worn" out from the number of doe around!

Zhang Yang suddenly recalled the 6 female vixens in his office and felt a sudden chill down his spine. If he had not had such a strong will to resist their temptations, Zhang Yang would have already been swallowed whole by the six horny vixens! Zhang Yang Jr. might be rendered completely useless by the end of the day!

After close to an hour of hunting and harassing, Zhang Yang finally collected 5 counts of Deer fur. He then quickly made his way back to Gululu’s straw house, all the while trying to make himself forget that he had ever done this deer harassing…thing…

Along the way back, Zhang Yang had a more leisure experience, farming the [Inscribed Cloths]. Zhang Yang had no need to target a specific monster or gender, and only killed any humanoid monster that was available along the route to Gululu’s house. Just halfway through the journey, Zhang Yang had already amassed more than 1,000 [Inscribed Cloth]. Zhang Yang zoomed into the air and reached Gululu’s straw house in just one hour.

Zhang Yang entered the house and found Gululu tinkering with something on the table. When he saw Zhang Yang entering the room, he quickly grabbed a white cloth on the side and hid it from view hastily. Angry and annoyed, Gululu stood up and yelled, "Could you at least knock the door!"

Zhang Yang shrugged. "What door?"

Gululu sighed heavily. There was a door, but it was already destroyed by Zhang Yang when he first came to his house. Gululu walked out of his seat and used his body to block the item from Zhang Yang’s line of sight. "Why are you back so early?"

"Meh. All the things that you asked for? I got them." Zhang Yang unloaded his inventory and placed the items that he had asked for on the table.

"Not bad, for a human! Hm…This is good…This is great! With this, I can finally enter the—" Gululu bit his own tongue to stop himself from saying anything more. Pretending that it had not happened, Gululu examined the items on the table.

"Alright. Leave me alone. I need complete silence to focus on my work!" said Gululu, as he shoved Zhang Yang out of the house.

Zhang Yang already knew that the NPC was a big cheater. The materials he gathered was more than enough to make 3 [Cloak of the Orcs]! The dwarf had cheated him of his materials and had even refused to let Zhang Yang observe the crafting process. Perhaps, he was trying to use the extra materials to do something else…?

Zhang Yang had merely waited outside the house for a while when Gululu stomped out and threw a large piece of fabric at Zhang Yang. "Take it and leave! Do not let me see you again! I’ll have you know that I chipped in my own materials to craft this for you!"

‘Ding! You have completed the quest: Making the Cloak of the Orcs!’

‘Ding! You have obtained an item: Clock of the Orcs!’

What a shame that the quest had not given any experience points!

The quest was a repeatable quest. As long as a player could hand over the three materials in their correct amounts, Gululu would craft out the [Cloak of the Orcs] again. However, since the NPC would consume all materials, even if it was enough to make two cloaks, the trade had to be precise, or the NPC would silently keep the materials to himself.

Zhang Yang rode on the flying serpent and came to the Cavern of Lave and Amber. Zhang Yang put on the [Cloak of the Orc] and his character was turned into a huge, 10-meter-tall male orc, wearing only a piece of small loincloth like a Japanese sumo wrestler.

"Haha! Big brother is so shameless!" cried Felice as she blushed.

"Laugh? Haha! I’ll grab you!" said Zhang Yang as he gently lifted Felice and put her on his shoulder. He then paced quickly into the caverns.

The form he took just then was extremely huge and heavy. Each of his steps was so heavy that his lightest footsteps already shook the ground.

"Ho. Food! Good Food! Me eat!" cried one of the Man-Earing Orcs when it saw Felice on Zhang Yang’s shoulder. It rushed towards Zhang Yang with both its hands outstretched.


Zhang Yang greeted the incoming orc with a high-five to his face. The orc was blown off his feet and was sent flying till he smashed strongly, face-first into the cavern wall.

"Hahaha! You funny! He strong! Haha!" the orcs around the cavern laughed barbarically.

Among the orcs, it was a culture for them to respect the strong. When they see something they want, they would take it without question. Naturally, if they faced an overpowering foe, they would respect the stronger one and give up.

That was why Zhang Yang had wanted to display his strength when one of the orcs wanted to attack him for Felice. The orc that was "high-fived" to the face sulked angrily and sneaked away with a shameful expression.

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