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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 489 — A Vixen Orc?!

Chapter 489: A Vixen Orc?!

His strength clearly demonstrated before every orc present and they submissively made way for him. That was what power could do in the orcish society. Not politics, not money, but by fists of fury. Whoever who wields the biggest stick shall be treated with utmost respect. As the saying goes, the strong prey on the weak.

Zhang Yang ventured into the deepest section of the orcs’ lair.

The Cavern of Lava and Amber was unsurprisingly huge, considering the average height of the orcs which surpassed 10 meters when standing upright. The ceiling of the cave loomed 40 meters above the ground, providing sufficient space to move in comfort. Despite being in a cave, its interior was well-lit with shards of white stalactites that hung down a few inches from the ceiling. The stalactites were filled with glowing white, non-florescent liquid, giving off a warm light that was easy on the eyes. Although they did not provide the lighting of modern-day bulbs, Zhang Yang could view his surroundings and walk easily, without the need to squint his eyes.

After walking far enough to be out of the range where news of his strength had spread, he was challenged again by random orcs who wanted Felice as his dinner. They would only crumble before Zhang Yang, who found no need to draw his sword.

The cavern was ancient and was filled with many mineral deposits around the ground and the walls of the cavern system. There were many rare and high-leveled metal ores like Platinum and Magnesium which were needed to raise the Level of his territory to Level 4. It was a pity that Zhang Yang had the Herb Foraging Familiar instead of the Mineral Foraging Familiar. Zhang Yang could only stare at the precious metals as he walked past them since he could not engage in any actions that would break off his camouflage.

The concentration of minerals that spawned here could rival that of a Mining Cave! However, being the lair of high leveled orcs, the monsters here were at least Level 120 Elite tier monsters. It would be a challenge to occupy this place perpetually. Professional miners would never reach a higher level than other players due to their specialized roles. It would be impossible for them to defeat the Level 120 Elite tier orc inhabitants of the cave. If a large number of players was sortied to handle the problem, the expenses would not be covered by the earnings of the miners here. That was why, even when many players had already reached Level 150 in Zhang Yang’s previous life, the place was never occupied by any groups of players or guilds.

Zhang Yang continued on his venture and encountered a massive female orc that had appeared out of nowhere.

"Food! Good!" Her voice was so deep that anyone could have mistaken her for a male. It was not just that alone, her appearance was bigger than Zhang Yang by one or two meters. Her chest was grotesquely huge, covered only by a thin layer of fur pelt. The muscles in both of her arms and chest were bursting with power! Imagine being choked by those…

The female orc glared at Zhang Yang and bellowed arrogantly, "Shorty! Give me that piece of meat!"

Zhang Yang grunted in annoyance and swung his fist at the female orc.

"You dare to hit me!? Why would you not listen to me! In that case, I shall make you listen to me!" The female orc bellowed ragingly and hurled its spiked club at Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang did not take out his sword and shield, as his character was currently in the shape of an orc. Although he had grown much larger, the sword and the shield remained the same. In his hands, the sword was like a toothpick and the shield was like a maple leaf. How could he hold a toothpick up and a leaf as a sword and a shield?

Zhang Yang held nothing back at all, guiding his fist into the face of the female orc. He pulled his fist back and sent it off again, wasting no time. His continuous punches came like lightning, with almost no intervals between. After one punch landed, another landed on her face. And another one after that. Zhang Yang was like Ip Man doing his consecutive chain punches, too fast to even see. She took so many hits that she lost her balance and fell to the ground. The punches were all Supporting Attacks. The attack interval of a Supporting Attack is fully determined by the user’s own dexterity and agility. Thanks to his training, Zhang Yang could punch 7 strikes in a second. To him, it was not as fast, but it was enough to send his enemy to the ground.


With swollen eyes that were bulging out of their sockets, the female orc did not get up. Instead, she went on all fours and begged for her life.

"I yield! I yield!" said the female orc, as she spat out a couple of broken teeth and a pool of saliva, mixed with her own blood.

Zhang Yang could not equip his sword and was only able to deal Supporting Attacks. The damage dealt to the monster were all superficial. Zhang Yang scoffed, blew air to his fist, looked away arrogantly, and left the female orc be.

"Wait! Shorty! At least, share the little human with me! At most, I’ll be in bed with you for one night!" said the female orc, disgruntled. She got up to her feet and winked at him. Zhang Yang saw how she had posed herself suggestively, and that wink so disgusting that it had almost forced Zhang Yang to display yesterday’s semi-digested dinner to the world.

A vixen! A female orc vixen!?

Never in his life was there ever such a savage entity that would rely on seduction to get what it wants. No wonder they say that Love is blind. Well…true love, that is…

Zhang Yang forced himself to swallow the disgust and ignore the "hot chick" that was selling off her body for a good meal, and continued on his way.

"Hey! I must say, shorty…I am the most beautiful orc around here. Other orcs have been begging to have a night with me, and I would be demanding 3 good meals! You’re not too tall for my taste, but you have the strength that suits me. I’ll give you one last chance. I’ll have you know that chances like this do not come around often!" said the self-proclaimed beauty queen.

Zhang Yang groaned painfully. He cringed and spun around to give her a good round house kick to the head. Now that he had released his annoyance and anger, he turned back and walked away. Just as he took his first step, his felt a tight grip on his other leg. He turned down and saw the female orc hugging his left leg with both of her hands. Zhang Yang grunted and forcefully shook his leg free, but the female orc was holding on tightly!

"Mmm~~ You’re the strongest orc that I have ever seen in my life! Please! Take me! I’m in love with you! Please, take me! I promise that I’ll never sleep with another orc in my life, ever again!" said the female orc in ecstasy as she crawled to Zhang Yang and hugged Zhang Yang’s leg with her hands and feet.

Love? Love my butt!

Zhang Yang let out some cold sweat and decided to punch some common sense into the female orc’s head. After a good amount of beating, the female orc finally loosened her grip, allowing Zhang Yang to wriggled away. The moment Zhang Yang got back his legs, he jumped to his feet and sprinted like Usain Bolt.

Being strong had never been such a nuisance before!

"Teehee! Big brother is such a captivating man, that no matter what form you take, there will always be girls flocking to you!" said Felice smugly.

Zhang Yang cringed and frowned. While he was having the time of his life, the little girl had thought that he was an omnipotent god!

After shaking off the sex-crazy female orc, Zhang Yang searched around the cavern and went in deeper. After a great deal of searching, Zhang Yang finally stumbled across the aforementioned Iron Fanged White Wolf. Unlike the green name tagged orcs around, the Iron Fanged White Wolf had a red colored name tag which meant that they would immediately attack Zhang Yang if he walks into their aggro range.

Even though Felice is capable of killing the normal tier wolves with one clean blast, Zhang Yang’s camouflage would immediately be dispelled the moment Zhang Yang is engaged in a fight. It would be a bad idea, since he had already infiltrated deep into the enemy’s lair. Unless he uses {Burrow} to run away, he would be surrounded by a large number of Elite tier orcs and be beaten to death!

After evading the Iron Fanged White Wolf, Zhang Yang moved around the cavern and took a longer route to reach the deepest and darkest section of the entire system of the cavern. The cave that he arrived at was as large as a football field. To think that the God of War Fragment would be hidden in this place, it would take Zhang Yang a great deal of time to search for it! Although it was not comparable to searching for a needle in a haystack, it was not that simple as well. It’s just a matter of time and the level of patience that one has.

The cave was the orc race’s sacred ground. The entrance of the cave was heavily guarded by over 20 orcs and four Iron Fanged White Wolves. The problem was that the wolves were constantly on high alert, not providing any chance for him to sneak past! Zhang Yang could fight his way in, but there were 20 and more elite orcs, and one of them was a Violet-Platinum boss! Zhang Yang did not dare do it.

Technically, he could, by getting himself killed again and again. When players revive at a spot, they could choose to revive anywhere, 30 meters away from their bodies. Hence, even though they would be killed instantly after reviving, they could progress slowly by respawning 30 meters forward each time. It might consume a lot of time, but it should be possible to reach the end of the cavern.

This strategy can only be applied if the place is not a dungeon-based instance. In a proper dungeon, after a player dies, they can only revive at the entrance of the dungeon and would have to run physically to their bodies. Zhang Yang did not need to do anything so tedious, as he had {Burrow} and {Shadow of the Void} to sneak past the enemy guards.

Since he had no idea on what was hidden in the cave, Zhang Yang decided to use {Burrow}. {Shadow of the Void} would remove all living entities in his vision, whereas with{Burrow}, Zhang Yang could still observe anything above the ground. If there are monsters inside the cave, things could end badly for him.

Zhang Yang returned Felice to his inventory and activated {Burrow}. The ground beneath his feet turned into liquid form, allowing Zhang Yang to sink in like a submarine. Zhang Yang sunk 20 meters into the ground and walked underneath the feet of the monsters and into the cave. Luckily, there were no monsters inside the cave and after walking away from the cave entrance, Zhang Yang resurfaced on the ground and brought out Felice back to the world as they started their journey to search for the God of War Inheritance Fragment.

Only after entering, did Zhang Yang understand why the orcs were guarding this place. There were many giant-sized coffins inside the cave, scattered all over the area. In his previous life, Zhang Yang had only managed to complete a few quests in this place to purchase a few skill books and recipes from the Reputation merchant there. Never once had he ventured this deep into the cave to stumble across this sacred ground.

It looks like Zhang Yang would be grave-robbing once again. With great force, both Zhang Yang and Felice opened the cases of each coffin and practically rummaged the contents inside for the Inheritance Fragment.

As time went on, Zhang Yang took 10 hours or so to have searched only 25% of the total coffins in the area. The only silver lining was that it was a sacred ground. There would not be a single monster inside there to interrupt them. Even though Zhang Yang was no longer disguised by the [Cloak of the Orcs,] he had no fear of being discovered.

24 hours later, Zhang Yang was losing patience.

Luckily, only the first pieces of Inheritance Fragments are the hardest to find. With the first piece acquired, it would serve as something like a GPS, guiding players to other Inheritance Fragments. However, those would merely be the pre-requisite quests. After gathering all the fragments, Zhang Yang would have to complete another series of quest to obtain the God of War Inheritance.

Zhang Yang logged out a few times for his biological needs and workout routine. He occasionally had fun with Wei Yan Er, and even teased Han Ying Xue along the way. Two days had passed, and Zhang Yang had almost turned over every coffin in the cave, making no progress whatsoever.

Was the…the American pig trolling the world, making up a tall tale about his Inheritance? If that was the case, he would conquer the territory for the North America region, kill that f*cker, and camp around his body for 3 days and 3 nights!

Just when he was about to throw a fit, Zhang Yang notice a shadow moving around the entrance. It slunk around to a corner of the cave. It squatted on the ground and got busy with something.

Zhang Yang moved in closer without making any noise, and realized that it was the dwarf, Gululu!

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