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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 492 — Gathering the Materials

Chapter 492: Gathering the Materials

After all, Zhang Yang was not a mere Gray-Silver Tier tanker. He had a full set of Violet-Platinum Tier equipment! Furthermore, those were not some random pieces of Violet-Platinum equipment, cobbled up together into one set! Zhang Yang had a complete set of equipment! How would it be possible for a mere Elite Tier monster to suppress him!

Zhang Yang began to use his ‘Supporting Attacks’. He smashed his shield against the monster aggressively! Although the body mass of the White Back Rhino was huge, the system of the game does not differentiate the toughness of the monster based on its appearance. Only the numbers corresponding to the statistics and attributes would be taken into calculation. Therefore, when Zhang Yang bashed his shield against the monster, the Level 130 Elite Tier monster felt like it was hit by a train, because Zhang Yang’s Strength was much higher than its own. As Zhang Yang’s ‘Supporting Attacks’ kept staggering it, it could not even use normal attacks on him!

Zhang Yang did not even need to use his {Block}. That way, he could reserve his {Block} for the rhino’s {Battering Horn}, which would no longer harm him. Zhang Yang blocked all the skill attacks of the monster with his {Block}, one after another. The damage output of two persons and a Serpent was really outstanding. In about just a minute, the huge ‘fellow’ had collapsed right in front of Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang quickly went up to the dead body of the monster and began to cut the rhino’s horn off, and then he placed the ‘huge and thick’ horn in his inventory.

Moving on.

So Zhang Yang started ‘poaching’, and continued to slay as many rhinos as he could. He would always remember to cut the horns off, as that was his initial objective, which was to collect the [Rhino Horns]. Fortunately for him, the area had a large number of White Back Rhinos. He merely took four hours to collect all 200 [Rhino Horms]. Then, he quickly rode atop Whitey Jr. and departed for his next destination --- the Venomous Swarm.

It was a forbidden, hostile land that would give people the creeps. Unidentified grayish gas gushed out from the swarm, clouding the air, making the entire place very eerie. The moment Zhang Yang set foot into the shroud, he was inflicted with a ‘Poisoned’ status.

[Poison Shroud]: Inflicts 2,000 Nature Damage to the target every 3 seconds. Lasts until the target leaves the effective area of the {Poison Shroud}.

His damage absorption could now absorb a total damage of 2,228, and with another 20% of his damage immunity, he would absorb anything that did less than 2,785 points of damage! Meanwhile, Felice had over 4,000 magic resistance points in her Dragon-hawk From. This {Poison Shroud} could cause 1 damage on her every second. It practically did nothing to her at all!

Other players would only be committing suicide in this swamp. But, the ‘Poison Effect’ of the place barely even bothered Zhang Yang and Felice. It was as if the two of them were casually walk in their own garden, behind their house, and of course, Whitey Jr. was strolling along, just as comfortably!

Zhang Yang let out the little [Herb Foraging Familiar]. The little familiar gobbled up the 1,000 gold coins and went off into the woods to work Zhang Yang had no idea at all if [Lycium Stem] was considered as a kind of [Herb] or not. But since there was no harm in trying, why not let the little familiar go out for a walk and work at the same time? This was still a Level 100 map after all. The little guy just might bring back a large number of valuable and rare [Herbs] from this Level 100 map!

Zhang Yang also happened to be a practicing Herbalist. So, he activated his skill {Herb Search} to locate available [Herbs] in the area. All available [Herbs] within an area of 100 meters would show up on his map, with him as the center point of it. However, after entering the Level 100 map, his map would only show the location of the [Herbs] available in the area, but no longer showed the names and details of the [Herbs]. Zhang Yang would have to go closer and use his skill - {Observe} in order to read the details and attributes of the [Herbs].

Soon after, Zhang Yang began to see a flashing dot on his map. Before he could get down from Whitey Jr., the flashing dot of light had suddenly disappeared. Zhang Yang understood immediately. That was the [Herb Foraging Familiar] doing its work, as promised. So, Zhang Yang turned towards another direction, as he wanted to avoid clashing into the ‘working field’ that his [Herb Foraging Familiar] covered.

In no time at all, Zhang Yang found another new flashing dot on his map. So, he quickly patted Whitey Jr. and went towards it. When he arrived at the location, he only saw a weird-looking plant by the upside of the swamp. The stem of the plant was pitch black in colour, and a pale-blue flower bloomed right on top of the stem.

He used his {Observe} to take a closer look at the plant. This was the [Wolfberry Flower] that he had been looking for, all the while!


The moment Zhang Yang got down from Whitey Jr., a weird-looking monster suddenly emerged out of the pond nearby and charged right at him! This creature had the head of a snake, the body of a turtle, and the tail of a deer along with four legs and claws of a leopard! Apparently, this monster was guarding the [Wolfberry Flower]. The moment it revealed itself, the monster opened it’s mouth wide and attempted to bite Zhang Yang.

[Turtle-Snake Chimera]

Level: 125

HP: 1,250,000

Defense: 1,300

Melee Attack: 5,598 - 6,598


[Poison Infection]: A certain rate of inflicting poison effect on its current target. The target would be inflicted with an additional 2,000 Nature Damage every 15 seconds. The effect can be stacked up to 5 times.


Zhang Yang quickly raised up his shield and activated his {Block}. The Turtle-Snake Chimera bit into the solid shield and almost lost it’s teeth! Zhang Yang laughed out loud and began to swing his sword at the Turtle-Snake Chimera.

This monster did not only know how to bite. The four sharp claws were also its weapons. It would raise up it’s claws and slash at Zhang Yang at random times, giving Zhang Yang no time to predict and guard against it’s claw attacks! In just a brief moment, Zhang Yang was already inflicted with five layers of {Poison Infection}! Unfortunately for the monster, five layers of {Poison Infection} could only damage Zhang Yang by 10,000 damage, and it only damaged Zhang Yang once every 3 seconds. So every time the effect of {Poison Infection} kicked in, Zhang Yang was only inflicted with 2,000 damage, which was not even enough to break through his defense!

"Hahaha! Noob tank! My cousin and I received a Main Story Quest! We would get a reward of +2 Levels when we complete the quest! So, right after this quest, we would be able to enter the Chaos Realm! Finally!" Just when Zhang Yang was in the heat of battling the Turtle-Snake Chimera, he suddenly received a voice message from the little brat Wei yan Er.

He smiled to himself, saying, "How could you go behind my back and take a Main Story Quest without me! You wound me!"

"Can’t help it, we already got the quest after cousin sister saved a perverted old man from death. We tried to do a Quest Share with the others but the system did not allow us to do so! So, noob tank! You must look for two [Flying Mounts] for me and my cousin, as soon as possible!" Wei Yan Er squeaked shrilly.

Zhang Yang frowned and he said, "It’s not so easy to find one [Flying Mount]. And you want two? There are a large number of [Mounts] on the ground though. Why don’t I help you change for a better one?"

"You liar! How else did you get a [Flying Mount] so soon upon entering the Chaos Realm!" Wei Yan Er snarled.

That was really pure luck! Luck does not come every day!

Zhang Yang shook his head resignedly and said, "Alright, I will try to find two fine [Flying Mounts] for you and your cousin."

After he agreed, the little brat Wei Yan Er was finally contented. Then, she hung up and went straight to her Main Story Quest.

Zhang Yang started scolding himself silently. Based on the speed of regular leveling up, the second player should only be able to enter the Chaos Realm in about 10 days more or so! But Zhang Yang had forgotten to take into account the Main Story Quests, the Hidden Quests that would reward players with additional levels! There might already be other players in the Chaos Realm by now!

The real ‘World War’ was about to explode!

After a series of aggressive fighting, the Turtle-Snake Chimera was finally slain and it went limp before Zhang Yang’s sword. The monster dropped a few pieces of [Snake Meat] and [Level 5 Turtle Shells]. The [Snake Meat] could be used as an ingredient for cooking, while the [Turtle Shell] was one of the materials required to make a Defensive Armor piece. So, any player with the profession of Tailoring, Leather Work, or Smithing could make use of them.

Currently, only Zhang Yang had managed to acquire a [Level 5 Turtle Shell]. If Zhang Yang took it back to The Little Merchandise Shop, there would definitely be a bunch of crafting type players swarming around his shop, fighting for the materials!

After clearing the monster from that area, Zhang Yang picked up the [Wolfberry Flower] and succeeded in collecting his first [Wolfberry Flower Stem], bringing him closer to getting his quest done. Surely the NPC would be getting closer to restoring the former glory of his dick!

Getting back on Whitey Jr., Zhang Yang proceeded forward. He slew many Turtle-Snake Chimerae, collected many [Wolfberry Flower Stem] and quite a number of [Level 5 Turtle Shells]. He was earning another small fortune here!

One hour later, the [Herb Foraging Familiar] had returned to him with quite a number of [Herbs]. Zhang Yang took a look and realized that there were no signs of any [Wolfberry Flower Stem]. Although the Profession skill {Herb Search} could locate and indicate the location of [Wolfberry Flowers] on the player’s map, this type of flower was a specific quest item, and no such [Herb] existed in the entire game for general usage. That was why the [Herb Foraging Familiar] could not locate any of the [Wolfberry Flowers].

Well, it’s logical if one stayed calm and thought about it. If the [Wolfberry Flower] really was a type of [Herb], then only Herbalists could pick them up. If that was true, wouldn’t this particular quest be too unreasonable? Wouldn’t players have to remove their initial Profession Skills, and switch to being a Herbalist in order to be able to pick up the [Wolfberry Flowers] for the sole purpose of this quest?

Two hours later, Zhang Yang had collected a total of 50 [Wolfberry Flower Stems]. He had finally collected enough of the second material for the quest. Only the [Tiger Penis] has yet to be collected!

The Serpent was soaring through the sky as they made haste for Blood Mist Camp. After about half an hour of flying, Zhang Yang had finally arrived at this god forsaken terrifying land, where the name was self-explanatory.

The Blood Mist Camp was the lair of bandits. Among them aren’t just the human, there are also orcs, dwarfs and even elves! These living beings ended up here because they had done terible things, things that are never to be forgotten and forgiven! So they are basically devils in fleshes that seek refugees in Blood Mist Camp.

But that is not Zhang Yang’s destination. What Zhang Yang seek is that Tiger King around that area!

As the entire area is covered in trees, Zhang Yang was forced to land, unsummon Whitey Jr. and summon Whitey out. Then, he rode on Whitey, across the thickset jungle, searching for the Tiger King.

"Leave your woman and your gold, then we shall consider sparing your life!"

Suddenly, Zhang Yang heard a loud voice and three bandits revealed themselves, leaping out from the bushes beside him. They blocked the path before Zhang Yang. Then, two more bandits jumped right out and block the path right behind Zhang Yang, cutting his escape route.

"Just shut the f*ck up! We kill the man and take the woman back to warm our beds!" another bandit was getting impatient. So he took up his mace and swung it at Zhang Yang’s head.

Right before the mace was able to reach Zhang Yang, Felice raised up her lance very quickly and pierced the chest of that bandit. As she pulled her lance out from the bandit, fresh blood oozed out right from the hole. With a closer look, Zhang Yang could see that the lance had actually left a large hole, right in the middle of the bandit’s chest! Poor bandit, he could not even react! He could only stare at Zhang Yang and Felice with he eyes wide open before he collapsed onto the ground.

--- how could a mere bandit match the power of Felice?

The remaining 4 bandits were shocked to see their ‘comrade’ died right in front of their eyes, but they drew their weapons in anger, nevertheless! They began to launch their assaults towards Zhang Yang and Felice. Other than monsters with higher intelligence, normal monsters would act according to the aggro system of the game. They will not flee to save themselves, even if they knew that they were grossly outmatched.

So Zhang Yang and Felice worked together and fought back. Without much problem, they took the 4 bandits out as if they were just breathing! Zhang Yang managed to pick up some coins and a few [Inscribed Cloth] from the dead bandits. There was another black piece of [Order]. Zhang Yang took a look at the description and realized that the [Order] was actually an item that would trigger a quest! But, Zhang Yang’s current priority was to locate and obtain the God of War Inheritance. So he had no time spare for insignificant quests. Therefore, he placed the [Order] right into his inventory. If he ever finds time to spare, he would probably go about finishing it. If not, then he would simply throw the piece away later.

The jungle was full of bandits lurking around in every corner. Zhang Yang had already encountered another group of bandits after walking for a brief moment. Although these bandits did not pose any threat to him at all, it was still highly annoying to be stopped in your tracks like that!

But, when he walked into another territory, nothing came out to him for the next three minutes! Nothing! No monsters, nor bandits jumped out at Zhang Yang!

In an instant, Zhang Yang realized that he was either out of the bandits’ turf, or he had already stepped into the territory of the ferocious Tiger King that he had been looking for. That would be why the bandits dared not ambush him in this area!

The answer to his question was revealed a brief while after he walked for a short distance. There were a couple of large rocks right in front of him. A tiger with a snowy-white body was resting on top of one of the rocks. This tiger was not a normal tiger. It had a pair of golden wings on it’s back!

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