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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 493 — Tiger King Anusuba

Chapter 493: Tiger King Anusuba

The tiger was magnificent in every manner, except for one thing. Its size. The thing was the same size as a tiny kitten!

Zhang Yang could not help but begin doubting. There is that age-old saying - size does not matter. Yet, how would that middle-aged uncle accept something of this size?

But wait, this was not the Tiger King related to his questline! It was a [Flying Mount]!

[Winged Tiger Cub] (Violet-Platinum Flying Mount)

Level: 0

HP: 50

Note: Can be sealed.

A Violet-Platinum [Flying Mount]! If it already looked like this as a cub, how would it be as an adult?! A white tiger! A rare specimen indeed! People are going to swoon over this mount!

Zhang Yang held off the urge to take out his own [Sealing Leash], and sent a voice message over to Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er, "When are you guys going to wrap it up?"

"Hehe, what’s wrong Silly Yu, you miss me already?" Witchy Snow began to tease Zhang Yang as usual.

"Well, we’re about to complete it! Just give us more time to slay one more boss! We will be able to turn in the quest after that!" at least Wei Yan Er got straight to the point.

Zhang Yang laughed out loud and said, "I just discovered a Violet-Platinum [Flying Mount]. I’m giving you 30 minutes to come over here now! If you cannot make it, then I shall use my own [Sealing Leash] on it and take it for myself!"

"No! No! Don’t you dare do that!" Wei Yan Er immediately lost it and screamed, "Wait for me, you must! Humph! Stinky noob tank! If you dare snatch away my [Flying Mount], I will kill you! And then I’ll kill you more!"

"Silly Yu, you are indeed really lucky. You actually found another [Flying Mount]! And a Violet-Platinum Tier [Flying Mount] at that!!"

Being the first to enter the Chaos Realm, of course, Zhang Yang would be able to take it all. Everything here was still original and untouched. These were ‘virgin lands’. Nothing in this realm have been tainted or touched by any player! Furthermore, Zhang Yang had been wandering around the Chaos Realm for almost 20 days! All things considered, it was a rather reasonable rate at encountering a [Flying Mount] in the entirety of the Chaos Realm!

Zhang Yang nodded as he said, "Hurry up, then. I don’t think there’s anyone else around here yet, but it’s not yours till you get it!"

The two ladies nodded and they quickly proceeded with their quest. Now that they were already Level 98, as long as they complete their Main Story Quest, then they should be able to claim the reward and reach Level 100 to enter the Chaos Realm. Furthermore, Zhang Yang simply needed to activate his [Party Summon Order] to get the two ladies over to his location immediately.

Although this little tiger cub was one Tier higher than Whitey Jr., it would merely be the case of having more DPS on his personal gang of companions. The gains were almost negligible. Handing it over to Wei Yan Er and Han Ying Xue would be a huge jump in power, however! After all, the Chaos Realm was just too vast, and the topography of the map was extremely complex. Without a [Flying Mount], players would be facing endless obstacles.


Zhang Yang was getting bored, getting into a staring contest with the cub, while waiting for the ladies to arrive while keeping an eye on the Winged Tiger Cub, when he suddenly heard a thunderous roar that shook the heaven. Then, a fearsome looking tiger, which was the size of a small mountain, appeared right in front of the Winged Tiger Cub. This ferocious looking tiger dropped the prey that was in its mouth, a musk deer, onto the ground the moment it saw the Winged Tiger Cub!

The Winged Tiger Cub immediately let out a joyous mew and ran at the small mountain with a purr. On the other hand, the huge tiger stood proudly with its chest raised up. The two large eyes of the tiger were focused on the Winged Tiger Cub like two large lanterns, emitting out a green glow, turning knees of onlookers into jelly.

[Tiger King Anusuba] (Violet-Platinum, Beast)

Level: 128

HP: 12,800,000

Defense: 3,300

Melee Attack: 18,739 - 20,739

Magic Attack: 10,731 - 12,731


[Tear]: Tears into the target, inflicting 100% Melee Attack of Physical Damage, chance of dealing Double Damage.

[Pounce]: Pounces on the target, interrupting the attack or spell chanting of the target, stuns target for 3 seconds. Range: 30 meters.

[Metallic Slash]: Uses the tail to whip on the target, inflicting 100% Melee Attack of Physical Damage to all targets within the effective range of the {Metallic Slash}.

[Frost Arrow]: Sends a Frost Attack towards the target, inflicting 150% Magic Attack in the form of Frost Damage. Instant activation. Cool Down: 2 seconds. Range: 3 - 40 meters.

[Berserk]: When HP is reduced to 10%, Anusuba will obtain the Strength of ‘Berserk’! Additional 50% damage and additional 200% Movement Speed.

Note: The Conqueror of the Blood Mist Camp, the one and only King! According to legend, Anusuba had once forced itself upon a wounded female dragon!

After reading the side note of the boss, Zhang Yang could not help but frown. No wonder Meka wanted its [Tiger Penis] so badly! This ferociously looking tiger had actually forced itself upon a female dragon! The organ responsible for it must have some serious power! Obviously, the little cub over there was the ‘end product’ of it’s brave deed for ‘getting on top’ of the female dragon! What a lewd, hard-boiled beast!

Zhang Yang began to estimate the approximate attack power of the Tiger King, as his ‘Supporting Attack’ loses its effectiveness against a boss. He would only be able to rely on his {Block} in order defend himself. The normal attack of the boss would still damage him by approximately 11,700 after taking into account the Damage Immunity effect of his equipment, and the boss would attack once in every 2 seconds. Even by activating {Block} once every 6 seconds to block the damage done by the boss, the DPS of the boss from only its normal attacks would still be about 3,900 damage.

Other than just its normal attacks, the boss also had other skills like {Tear} and {Metallic Whip}, which increases it’s DPS by up to 5,000 damage! Furthermore, Zhang Yang only had a total HP of 141,200 the moment he mounts Whitey. That would mean, that he had to go head on with the boss for 30 seconds!

To take down this boss without any backup at all, Zhang Yang would have to work together with Felice with perfect timing.

Although the boss also had a ranged attack, it only had a maximum range of 40 meters. Felice could definitely grab hold of the boss’s aggro and fly up further into the sky, out of range. As long the boss is not a flying type, then she should be able to kite the boss around, theoretically.

According to the game’s system, if the target with the highest aggro is not within the range of attack, then the monster would attack the next highest until the original target gets within range. This makes it possible for two players to play tag with the boss.

However, it wouldn’t be that easy and simple to kite a boss.This boss had ranged attacks! If Zhang Yang puts too much distance between himself and the boss, the boss would automatically send {Frost Arrows} flying towards Zhang Yang from afar! More importantly, Zhang Yang’s {Block} was ineffective against Magic Attacks like {Frost Arrow}! So, he had to maintain a distance that was not too close that it would swipe at him and devastate his HP, nor one that was so far that it would immediately launch a {Frost Arrow} after it turns around from Felice!

After making some calculations, Zhang Yang finally came up with an idea on how to battle the boss. To battle a boss that requires him to move around so much, the Mythical Turtle would not be an ideal choice. So, he decided to go all out with Whitey. He patted Whitey and said, "My friend, let’s do this! Felice, attack from midair!"

"Alright, big brother!" Felice nodded as she began to transform into her Dragonhawk Form.

Whitey let out an intimidating roar as it charged towards the Tiger King. The aggro range of Anusuba was vast, it had already detected the approach of Whitey about 30 meters from it. After detecting that it’s territory had been encroached on, it let out a thunderous roar, opening up it’s mouth, and frost began to form right in front of it’s mouth! The frost formed into a shape of an arrow which flew towards Whitey.

Zhang Yang laughed, abruptly dismounting Whitey!


The {Frost Arrow} went smack into Whitey. Although the (Frost Arrow} dispersed into frosty air as it crashed into Whitey, making Whitey shake its fur like a wet dog, the attack had only damaged Whitey by less then 2,000 damage.

--- {Icy Built}, 90% damage immunity to all Frost type attacks!

Unfortunately, {Icy Built} would only activates when Whitey is being mounted. Or else, Zhang Yang could have mounted Whitey to gain this effect as well! By then, he would have become unstoppable against the boss!


Zhang Yang flung a {Spear of Obliteration} at the boss, followed with a {Charge}, colliding heavily into the boss. (Non-lethal skills do not activate the universal cool down period)

With a flick of the [Sword of Purging Devourer], Zhang Yang struck the boss! But, because normal attacks would be reduced by the Defense points of the monster or the boss, Zhang Yang had only inflicted the boss with a damage of 2,909 points.

Anusuba could not endure the pain, as it let out a thunderous roar. It chomped its mouth down at Zhang Yang. With it’s mouth wide opened, a strong stench hit Zhang Yang in the face like a Mack Truck.

"What the f*ck!" Zhang Yang almost lost consciousness as he ‘tasted’ the smell straight up from the mouth, "Which immoral game designer thought of making everything so realistic?! Do they want players to actually die?!"

Well, evidently, a Tanker must not only excel in getting himself a powerful set of equipment, or to excel at evasive maneuvers, or to have perfect timing of skills, a Tanker must also be able to endure hell in all shapes and sizes! Zhang Yang believed that 7 out of 10 Tankers would have fled from the stench! None of them would have been able to unleash even half of their potential with that stench bothering them!

Felice giggled at his predicament. Her damage output was consistent, as she launched {Fire Missile} after {Fire Missile}, charring the great tiger!

After smacking 5 layers of {Cripple Defense} onto the boss, Zhang Yang started getting to work, channeling his damage output onto the boss at his fullest. Whitey had joined in on the ‘party,’ as it slashed the boss with its powerful, sharp claws.

As calculated, under the combination of normal attacks and the {Metallic Slashes} of the boss, the HP bar of Zhang Yang was already at the bottom after a mere 40 seconds! He had lasted a few seconds longer than expected, because he had taken a bottle of [Healing Potion (Grade 7 Transmutation)]. After he lost a certain amount of his HP, he dismounted Whitey and let Whitey activate it’s {Wild Recovery} to recover 50% of its HP. Then, he got back onto Whitey to regain another 20,000 HP!

After activating all of his life-saving Skills, the {Berserker’s Heal}, the {Shield Wall} and the {Last Vigor}, Zhang Yang managed to hold on for another 2 minutes.

At that moment, all of his life-saving Skills were still under cool down! So, he quickly activated {Shadow of the Void} to disengage from the boss battle. He ran to one corner and started taking his [Snacks] to heal himself up. Felice came straight down from the air and transformed back into her Humanoid Form. She activated her {Absolute Defense} and started an epic slugfest with the boss!

After Zhang Yang healed himself all up, he immediately rejoined the battle.

With activation of {Absolute Defense}, Felice acquired a 99% damage immunity, making her almost invincible! Unfazed, she held her ground against the much larger boss, not even bothering to defend herself from its strikes. She activated her {Blazing Dragon's Spear} and {Dragon's Spear Barrage} repeatedly, inflicting the Tiger King with massive amount of damage! It was so infuriating for the boss that it kept roaring towards the sky in rage!

Another 2 minutes passed, and the {Absolute Defense} of Felice was over. Felice quickly transformed back to her Dragonhawk Form and flew back into the air, keeping a distance in between herself and the boss. Although she was struck by two {Frost Arrows} as she regained distance, it wasn’t really much, considering the fact that she had hundreds of thousands of HP.

Having no means of reaching Felice, the Tiger King immediately turned towards its secondary target, Zhang Yang, and began to attack him!

At the same time, the cool down periods of Zhang Yang’s {Berserker’s Heal} and {Shield Wall} were over. Zhang Yang could now focus on going all out on the boss for another 2 minutes!

6 minutes passed, and the HP bar of the Tiger King was now only 50%! But Zhang Yang only had one last shot on his {Rearm}! At that moment, Felice began to cooperate with Zhang Yang in kiting the boss around as she kept coming down into the aggro range of the boss, luring the boss over her, before she got back out from the aggro range of the boss again and sent the boss back to Zhang Yang. The process was repeated multiple times, making the boss look like an idiot, giving Zhang Yang some time to breathe properly and wait out for the cool down period of his Skills.

At this stage of the battle, their DPS had started dropping. The two of them kited the boss around, like two kids playing with a kitten, for tens of minutes! Finally, they managed to reduce the HP bar of the boss down to 10%.

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