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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 494 — Two Skill Books on the House!

Chapter 494: Two Skill Books on the House!

This was the crucial 10% stage. Anusuba was beginning to get extremely agitated! Its entire body began to radiate in a bloody red, glowing light. The boss looked as if it had just taken a dip in a blood tub! The two glowing eyes of the boss started releasing chilly vapors. The foul stench from its mouth grew even stronger, suffocating Zhang Yang to the point that he almost smashed his face into the ground!

Still, this Tiger King was actually is brave enough to stick its penis into a female dragon! Now that it looked like it’s on heat for mating, its entire body was smoking! The movement speed of the Tiger King was boosted so extensively that Felice was no longer capable of kiting it anymore. Whenever she landed on the ground, the boss would suddenly phase through the air, appearing in front of Felice. right after releasing a {Frost Arrow}, followed by a violent chomp of its jaws! Its movements were so fast that Felice was not able to react in time! With just a few attacks, it had already brought Felice critically close to death!

Zhang Yang was shocked, but quickly recovered when he understood the situation that they were now in. Without any hesitation, he quickly took a bottle of [Power Potion (Grade 10 Transmutation)] and activated his {Chaotic Dance of Electric Current}, followed by his super Skill {Dance of the Heaven and Earth}!



The boss was instantly inflicted with a series of high value damage! The Tiger King was so terrified by the bombardment of those Skills that the hair all round its body were stood up on end, causing it to look like a hedgedog!

"Rawgh!" Anusuba turned around swiftly and chomped down on Zhang Yang.


An extremely high value of damage was inflicted on Zhang Yang! One single hit from the boss had taken away one-fifth of Zhang Yang’s HP!

Never, ever trifle with a berserking boss!

Zhang Yang found no reason to hold back anymore, so he activated his {Rearm} - followed by his {Shield Wall}. Now, all of his skills were no longer on cool down period. Time to earn a living!

10 seconds later, he activated more of his emergency skills! A second activation of {Dance of the Heaven and Earth}, followed by a second {Chaotic Dance of Electric Current}, and together with the assaults from Whitey, about 400,000 HP of the boss was reduced. Finally, Zhang Yang managed to hook over the aggro of the boss onto him. A battered Felice came down to the ground, joining in the fight, no longer having to worry about herself.

{Shield Wall} had been activated, {Berserker’s Heal} was also activated, followed by his {Last Vigor}! Zhang Yang even activated his [Heart of the Death Knight] just to stay alive. His HP bar was decreasing at an insane rate!

Fortunately for him, there was not much HP left on the boss. Furthermore, Felice had transformed herself into her Humanoid Form and had activated her {Dragon's Spear Barrage} and stunned the boss for 2 seconds long! That gave Zhang Yang a 2-second gap to breathe and finally, he managed to slay the Tiger King before his HP was reduced to zero!


Zhang Yang let out a breath of relief. But actually, even if he really had died just now, he could still transform himself into a zombie, as he had already taken a [Zombie Potion] before he had set out to search for the Tiger King. Then, he would still have 30 seconds more to slay the boss! But, he would not have gotten any experience points if he were to slay the boss as a zombie. Furthermore, the durability of his equipment would drop by 10% after he dies. Repairing his equipment would require quite a substantial amount of money!

After taking [Snacks] together with Felice to heal up their HP bars, Zhang Yang turned to the Winged Tiger Cub to check on it. What he saw was the little cub tearing flesh and munching on the dead deer. It was enjoying the meal as if nothing had happened just now. It did not seem to care about the death of the Tiger King.

Well, these type of [Flying Mounts] had limited Intelligence, unlike the Battle Companions who had actual ‘Independent’ personalities and thoughts of their own. Furthermore, if one were to look at things realistically, this was still a cub, so it could be excused for not understanding everything that had just happened before it. The only thing that it cared about was its stomach!

Zhang Yang got back on his feet and he took up his [Sword of Purging Devourer], prepared to ‘harvest’ the [Tiger’s Penis].

Tsk ---

After seeing how ‘magnificent’ the Tiger King’s [Tiger Penis] is, Zhang Yang could not help but cry out of embarrassment. Well, as people say, to fall just slightly behind the best was still better than the worst. But, to compare a human’s proportions to a beast’s, of course, there would be a shockingly huge difference! It’s like comparing your tiny little penis with some penis from another dimension! This [Tiger Penis] looked like a freaking Nuclear Warhead compared to a human penis! No wonder the Tiger King was able to ‘finish things up’ inside the female dragon!

After putting the bloody penis in his Inventory, Zhang Yang turned on his voice communication device and ask, "Witchy Snow, little brat, how long more do you ladies need?"

"We’re almost there! Almost there!" Han Ying Xue replied hastily.

Anusuba had dropped a total of 3 equipment. One was a pair of blue-green greaves, another was a crimson red ring, and last but not least, a pair of completely white cloth boots. Other than that, the boss had also dropped two [Skill Books]! That came as a pleasant surprise to Zhang Yang.

The greaves and the rings were both Level 120 Yellow-Gold equipment, so Zhang Yang placed them into his inventory straight away. As for the pair of cloth boots, he took some time to look at its attributes. It was a pretty decent item.

[Enigmatic Prophet's Boots] (Violet-Platinum, Cloth Armor)

Defense: +16

Vitality: +423

Intelligence: +274

Spirit: +121

Equip: Increases damage and healing effects by 2%.

Equip: Increases Maximum Mana Points by 540 points.


Required Level: 120

Special: - 20 Required Levels.

A once-in-a-blue moon rarity!

The best thing about this pair of boots were not its attributes, but the Special that reduces the required level by 20!

Upon entering the Chaos Realm, the level gap for maps were getting wider, like the Dayu Rainforest, which is a grinding map for Level 110 - 140. So, it would be so inappropriate for a bunch of Level 110 players to actually wait at least 9 to 10 months, while they grind themselves up to Level 140 in order to equip the Level 140 equipment that they had acquired from slaying Level 140 monsters and bosses! That would be a mental torture for the players!

Therefore, some equipment with these types of Specials would drop occasionally. Most of the time, the Special would have a reduced ‘20 Required Levels’ so that players could get to them slightly earlier. Of course, such equipment would be rare.

For instance, these [Enigmatic Prophet's Boots] would be one of the Rare equipment that had such Specials on them! As for the two other equipment, they did not have such Specials on them. So, players would have to wait until they reach Level 120 before they can equip them.

Such Rare equipment with such specialties would usually be sold at sky high prices! If a Violet-Platinum equipment without such a Special could be sold at the price of 100,000 gold, then a Violet-Platinum equipment with the said Special could sold at three times the gold!

Well, the main reason would be, after players reach Level 100, they would require at least 10 days to Level up once. So the Special would allow the players to equip the Rare equipment - 200 days earlier than anticipated, which would greatly help the players!

So, after he passes this equipment over to Han Ying Xue, the healing capability of that witch would be heavily upgraded. Also, when she completes the quests for the [Milkmaid Deity Inheritance (S-Tier)], then she would become the true Queen of Healers of the entire world!

Zhang Yang continued to look at the remaining loot on the ground. He moved on to the two [Skill Books]. One of the [Skill Books] had a golden, hardcover, while the other one had a violet hardcover. He smiled vaguely and said, "Felice, which skill do you think I should learn?"

"The skill on the violet one!" Felice immediately responded without having the need to think.


"Violet-Platinum Tier is better than Yellow-Gold Tier!" Felice told Zhang Yang her reason.

Zhang Yang frowned, intrigued, for little lady did have a dry sense of humor! He laughed and picked up the [Skill Book] with the violet hardcover to have a closer look.

[Skill Book: Molten Armor]

Use: Teaches you {Molten Armor}

Required Class: None

Required Level: 100

A skill that required no classes? Zhang Yang could vaguely remember that he had heard about such a skill before, but he could not recall where and when he had heard about it. Without thinking any further about it, he immediately learned the skill.

[Molten Armor] (Level 1): Forms an armor of flames around you. When you are attacked, the fire armor will reflect Fire Damage equivalent to the caster’s level back at the attacker. Lasts until the skill is automatically canceled. The Fire Damage reflected will increase, based on the level of the Skill. The Fire Damage would be doubled for every additional Skill level.

Zhang Yang was currently Level 103, so he would be able to reflect 103 Fire Damage back to the enemies whenever he is struck. Although the damage wasn’t particularly high, it was still a Passive Skill! It . It won’t affect the attack interval and shared cooldown of Zhang Yang either. It would really be a waste to not accept this ‘free’ passive damage reflect ability!

It would only get better when Zhang Yang is being surrounded by a group of monsters, he would be able to inflict 103 Fire Damage back at all of the monsters attacking him, without the need to even move a finger! Well, as the reflecting Fire Damage accumulates over time, the total damage that is reflected back at the monsters would be surprisingly good as well! Furthermore, when Zhang Yang improves this skill up to Level 10, he would be able to reflect 1,030 Fire Damage back at his enemies whenever he is struck, making him even more powerful!

There was no harm at all in getting more Skills, as there were no limits. The game said nothing about it. Best learn the skill before anything else.

After that, Zhang Yang picked up another [Skill Book] to have a look.

[Skill Book: Frost Strike]

Use: Teaches you {Frost Strike}.

Required Class: Warrior, Knight, Thief.

Required Level: 100

Another Skill Book that he qualified for! Naturally, Zhang Yang learned the Skill without thinking.

[Frost Strike]: Unleashes a single, powerful Melee Attack onto the target, inflicting 100% Melee Attack of Frost Damage and 100% additional Magic Damage, freezing the target for 10 seconds. The target would not be able to do anything or move within the 10 seconds. This freezing effect would also take effect on Boss type monsters. However, there is certain rate that the freezing effect would fail to initiate. Requirement: Melee Weapon. Cost: 50 Rage Points. Cooldown: 1 minute.

Zhang Yang lost his words for awhile. A Melee Attack that has Frost Damage, with an additional Magic Attack? Judging by those percentages, this Skill would already be a game-breaker! Furthermore, this Skill could actually ‘freeze’ targets, which was as good as ‘Stunning’! And it actually worked on bosses!

Well, damn! Zhang Yang was really getting along now!

He could not help himself but laugh on his own. Felice felt a little uncomfortable looking at Zhang Yang laughing all by himself. She worriedly muttered, "Big brother, you really look silly!"

Although Han Ying Xue had informed him that they were almost done, nobody should ever take the words of the witch seriously. Zhang Yang waited until he was so bored, that he ‘seduced’ Felice, in a way, into playing Scissors, paper, stone with him. The winner would receive a kiss.

Unexpectedly, the little lady agreed! By the end of it, she had kissed Zhang Yang so many times that his face was full of her pink kiss marks! Zhang Yang could not help but to sigh. The game developer had made this girl so lively!

2 hours later, Zhang Yang had finally received a joyful voice message from Wei Yan Er, "Noob tank, summon us over now! Quickly!"

Zhang Yang activated his [Party Summon Order], and with a shoof, the two ladies finally appeared beside Zhang Yang.

Now that both of them are finally Level 100, Zhang Yang could finally summon them in the Chaos Realm with his [Party Summon Order]. The moment the little brat appeared, she jumped and down, looking left and right, like an impatient monkey asking for its treat, "Noob tank, where is my [Flying Mount]?"

Zhang Yang pointed straight towards the direction of the little Winged Tiger Cub which had just finished it’s delicious meal. It was resting on a large rock with its belly facing the sky, having its belly tanned under the sun, "There!"

The little brat immediately let out a cheer as she took out her [Sealing Lease] straight from her inventory and threw it at the little cub.

Even though she failed several times, but her luck was considered pretty good, as she did not even have to make ten attempts at it. Now, she only needed to level up this beastly little cub, and she would become much stronger than ever!

Wei Yan Er decided to grind up the level of her new [Flying Mount] in that area, and she also dragged Han Ying Xue along to accompany her as well. As Zhang Yang had nothing else to do, he passed the [Enigmatic Prophet's Boots] over to Han Ying Xue before he departed back to Meka for the quest rewards.

But before he could even get close to Shuhada Lake, he was already ambushed by the snipers of Snowflake Castle. So, it took him more than 2 hours to break his way through before he finally landed on the side of the little cottage of Meka.

"Er… have you… collected all three materials?" Meka looked at the face of Zhang Yang, full of hope. Well, this was about his penis after all. It was something Zhang Yang could empathize with.

As Zhang Yang took the three materials out from his inventory, he wondered to himself that if he ever quits 'God’s Miracle' in the future, would he end up an old medic in the military, treating infertility?

"There is hope! There is hope after all!" Meka looked over the materials with gratitude, as tears dropped down across his cheeks.

‘Ding! You have completed a quest: Heal the Recurring 'Problem'. Acquired 500,000 experience points!’

Meka was already running into his little cottage, as he babbled on, "Young man, I need to concoct a potion and save my peni… urgh… to clear the poison out of my body! So while I am at it, I must not get any disturbance. So, please keep watch over the door for me and let nothing get in my way at restoring my peni… eherm! My former glory!"

‘Ding! Meka has a quest for you: Not to be disturbed. Will you accept it?’

What to do? Of course, he would accept it!

[Not to be disturbed] (Difficulty: A-rank)

Description: Meka is currently concocting a potion to cure himself from the poison he claims to be in his body system. The potion will be able to bring back his peni… eherm! Clear the poison from his body! But, concocting the potion requires time and Meka must not be disturbed at all. Or else, the process would be interrupted, and unforeseen circumstances would arise! Warrior, guard the door and let no one enter the little cottage!

Completion: Protect Meka while he is concocting the potion to cure himself 0/1

So the difficulty for this quest was A-rank. Zhang Yang would have to prepare for a rough ride ahead!

The ground suddenly began to tremble.

Suddenly, Zhang Yang heard the galloping sound of the horses over from the direction of the rainforest, approaching his location at a high speed. In just tens of seconds, he could already see hundreds of white, handsome horses approaching from the distance. Female knights sat atop each of the horses, their hips angled with a mix of sexiness and grace! Their ornate, finely crafted, shining plate armors exposed a great deal of flesh at the all-too-important, juiciest areas, and each of the women was a coquettish beauty in her own right.

[Snowflake Castle Knights] (Elite, Humanoid(Female))

Level: 125

HP: 1,250,000

Defense: 1,300

Melee Attack: 8,381 - 10,381


[Soar]: Dive bombs at a target, inflicting 100% Melee Attack of Physical Damage. Can interrupt the chanting progress of the target.

Note: Snowflake Castle Knight Corps, they are extremely powerful combatants!

Zhang Yang took a deep breath. These were not just extremely powerful combatants, they were ridiculously powerful, terrifying enemies! Hundreds of elite Tiered monsters stood right before his eyes! Fortunately, these female Knights were all Melee type monsters. Or else, Zhang Yang would have to lay down his arms, wash his neck nicely and prepare himself for the Knights to chop his head off!

He started backing off, until his back was against the surface of the door that he was supposed to guard, and quickly contacted Han Ying Xue and said, "Witchy Snow! Come over here and heal your big brother!"

As Felice has been calling him ‘big brother’ for the past few days, Zhang Yang had accidentally used the word ‘big brother’ on Han Ying Xue without realizing it.

Han Ying Xue humphed and said, "Dummy, do you really think that your qualified be my ‘brother’?"

Zhang Yang could not help but laugh sleazily as he said suggestively, "I’m afraid that you might even call me something better than that, over and over again, when we ‘repeat’ that thing!"

In such regards, he had an abundance of experience. Before Yu Li had tasted the pleasure of the activity, she looked just like a decent teacher. But after being ravaged by Zhang Yang aggressively, she was left screaming like a little b*tch!

"Bust tart! You’re going to die!" Han Ying Xue was not as pure as the little brat Wei Yan Er, so of course, she got the point immediately. She immediately turned red and scolded Zhang Yang.


A stream of white light appeared. Han Ying Xue had activated her [Lover's Charm] appearing beside Zhang Yang.

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